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Bright and cheery as the sunlit gleam off the seasoned leaves
With peaks as high as the surrounding sound
And yet as approachable as the dawn which streams
Into the Meadow of the long lost wood
Where every childhood memory can be found
Pure is the light which envelopes these scenes
And pouring out is the heartfullness of each and every noted sound
Latifah Jan 25
no longer
into you
the way
I used to be
no longer feel
the way
I used to feel
whenever you're near.
Äŧül Dec 2018
Back at a time
I met with a serious accident
No major bones fractured
Just intracranial injuries
The impact
Continues even now

Now in my PhD
I read a lot of scientific stuff
Memorize little
Reproduce lesser
Get myself
Even lesser marks

7th of May in 2010
Was the date unfortunate
On which I met
With the accident
Rode myself
Into The Oblivion
My HP Poem #1726
©Atul Kaushal

As a dear friend you care for me
Sure as the air I breathe
To love me anymore than this
Not sure if I believe
Each day anew the Sun will rise
But nighttime hides away
Thus, your love and affection
If here, will never stay

Was given Cinderella's ball
Before midnight's last strike
Must scurry from the pageantry
Else, face a certain fright
Extravagance would disappear
Revealing to the Prince
Her true self in the deepest way
The pains that made her wince

Afraid once she was vulnerable
Find out was all a lie
A ****** that would pierce through her heart
With certainty she'd die
Truth though, if given that moment
Each flaw the Prince could see
Each one a part of Cinderella;
Part of her beauty

Suddenly, she understood
She did not have to hide
What was closed off long time ago
And buried deep inside
Still with some fear, her heart she gave
And with a lightning strike
Fulfilled with happiness and love
And stepped into the light
I was toiling over the structure of this poem. I often like short succinct lines but almost every even and odd line are paired and could easily make four, four-line stanzas each with 7 iambs. Curious what others might think. Any comments are appreciated.  

Written: November 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Heptameter format]
Julian Caleb Oct 2018
As I lay silently onto this room –
A dulcet wistful moment comes to mind,
Over a love I can’t depart behind.

‘Twas a spot where it used to be my home,
Those old priceless times where I always roam.

A glimpse of your face so beauteous and kind,
Love unequaled and never will I find.

I evoke those restless nights in my room,
And to think of your fairness endlessly.

No matter how the years elapsed and untwine,
Still, I reminisced and loved your beauty.

Just your name! My heart reacts in a bind!

This poem’s made to refresh your memory,
To ease the solitude, and unwind.
Elizabeth Zenk Oct 2018
Death is

You knew
I wrote this as my heart screamed in pain.
I found this poem from months ago while looking for the truth I left behind.
FallenAngel33 Oct 2018
(Y)our eyes hold the stars at night
(O)ut or everything your smile I miss
(U)sually I kind of forget you but I remember now

(W)e did almost everything together
(E)very day we talked
(R)andom phone calls were the best
(E)very good memory I made with you

(M)emories made under starry skies
(Y)ears of laughs, tears, and smiles

(B)reathing had become a struggle
(R)ight now I’m shaking
(E)yes closed tightly
(A)ches deep within my chest
(K)eys given that lead to hearts
(I)nside my hearts in pieces
(N)othing is left ok
(G)oing on is getting harder

(P)ieces cut me almost like glass
(O)utside I don’t show anything
(I)snide my hearts in pieces
(N)othing left standing in my way
(T)oday I will end my pain
Read and put together to first letter of every line.

October 23, 2018
Maria Land Oct 2018
My mind is so full of clever tricks and I believe them to be real, so I give up and it's bullshut! I can't be your hero please don't put that heavy burden on me, it's flattering but surely not fair.
Please decode my mind even though I don't explain or share, I stare!
Seanathon Oct 2018
May rivers flow into streams
And stray in whatever direction they need
In order to reach the inevitable sea
To all those that have passed me by. I wish you well. I wish you peace. I wish for you the inevitable sea, in which we all must swim. Forgive, yes, but also flow away from me.
lmnsinner Aug 2018
he gulps me into peaces

led to his bed.
eyes kissed and asked to
come and go to where I
dream and imagine
but do not think.  

he gulps me into pieces.  
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god.  

and when he sees I am at last
in peaceful,  

god could but desires not to answer
all who call out to him.

thus the human invented:
an imperfect messenger,
a version of his image
that answers you in
pieces of peace,
as best as a
human can.
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