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julius Feb 2023
3 breaths
Too late
I kept doubting
Moving only in my mind
My body, my sad corpse
Knows only (ab)u(se)
Is it too late
To break free (me)
Come clean
Hurt me
With a bullet
To the chest
Cellphone flashlight
Morphine shadow
Opioid dreams
****** sheets
I can’t be what you
Or i
break your heart and my mind
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Waaater... wataaaa, waterrrr, running..
It represents healing and cleansing..
save(nurture) my nativity.. save my mentality save the soul in me.
My heart strings..
thoughtful gentle things.
My purest form it brings.
I can submerge in it all worldly activities..
hide me.. soak me, soak my actions..
cover reactions..
got some  water.. get ya some..
waterrrrrr, she's a wave of satisfaction. she's a mathematical a mystical rafter.
Shelter to seek after.
Water sets me free... water brushes.. water blows my knowledge.
It sustains my power...
Water is the mother of soul.
water cleanses makes us whole...
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh water..
drip drop waters what you got.
good what ya got..
It's everything...
Listen to It's.Water@soundcloud !!@It's.Water by SelinaRos3y
The poetry flow on water.. from birth to life surrounded in water, relaxing, hydrating and nourishing.. The water we need. To the symbolic spiritual supernatural Gift of water.. and the water we be.. The water of Life we need..
Odd Odyssey Poet Dec 2021
the chitter chatter,
of the day,

are conversations of-
sun and rain,

that greeted the ground of,
this splendid rainy day.
julius Sep 2021
threading my fingers through your pink hair
warm silence rises out of open mouths
rose skin and water lilies float above water
basil Aug 2021
maybe if i could show people
the poems i wrote about them
i wouldn't need to write them at all
basil Aug 2021
i wear a bracelet i made
with rainbow beads around letters that spell out
"g a t s b y"
because we're both gay as ****
and i think i'm funny

you asked me if there was a
"n i c k"
pointing to my wrist
and i just blushed as i realized what you meant

because i wish it was you
i want you to be the nick to my gatsby
**** ******* STOP MAKING ME LOVE YOU *******!!

hazem al jaber Aug 2021
It's your gift ...

would you accept a gift ...
it's a red gift ...
stay between a ribs ..
beats with a nicely music ...
it beats ...
sings as a song ...
with your name ...
it's there ...
inside me ...
would you ...
accept my heart ...

it's the heart ...
heart of me ...
hidden for all ...
no one can see ...
except you ...
and only it ...
belongs for you ...
because it's you ...
and only you  ...
who you deserve ...
this gift ...
which it ...
part of me ...

would you accept my heart ...

hazem al ...
David P Carroll Apr 2021
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for
The goodness in my life and
I cherish him in my heart
And I smile so bright
Praying to him every night
And he guide's me home
Safe and warm sheltered
From the evil coronavirus storm
And the lord Jesus Christ
Is my beautiful gift to our life
And all the blessings in my life
And his peace and love every day
And I am so very grateful today
To have the Lord Jesus Christ
In my heart every day.
Prayer 🙏🙏🌷🌷❣️
Thank You Fr Bill For Using My Prayer at church mass
julius Mar 2021
are fingers really tied
with red string?
and would you really listen
if i
tried to speak?

coughing up promises
i can never keep.
focusing on blue irises
that always weep.

not for me
and not for you
but for the scars
between us
a mushroom in a field of flowers
Bagoflemon Nov 2020
I was so tired and frayed.
    I wondered what moon you saw from that distant planet.
    Outer space caused a great famine
    Did you allow your lungs to love
    An ounce of it if any, love.

Define our love in a sentimental mood.
A gravitational pull that holds my hand.
    Exceptions where we let go to kiss the sun. We fall down around 12 to 1.
    Coming back, warm in our commotion of fantasies. We spoke our mind telepathically.

  You were so tired and frayed.
    You wondered what moon I saw from that distant planet.
    Outer space caused a great famine
    Did I allow my lungs to love
    An ounce of it if any, love?

Remember high tides in October?  dressed up lovers, bittersweet contour? two mirrors colliding.  
    We became a downward spiral till we couldn’t call ‘us’ anymore.
    No matter how much I see it, it’s just you and me but not the way it used to be.

We were so tired and frayed.
    We wondered what moon we saw from that distant planet of ours.
    Outer space caused a great famine in thought..
    ..The in-between which we could not meet made it hard.
    We loved with every crevice of our body but with the last drop there was nothing to breathe from.
An ounce of it if any.
This was based on past experience. It was through codependency and the miserable lack of communication , I could get a better understanding of what bittersweet viper bites feel like when it comes to love someone and let them go. For both of your betterment.
(we are adjusting and growing and learning together)
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