Let's do tests
On Frankensteins body
& be fearless
Let's cut up body's
Like Jennifer did
Let's make it scary
For all the kids
Halloween's around the corner
Like that horror show man
It's time to warn her
About the monsters under her bed

Sing, sing with the birds
as the time goes.

Love with sorrow,
hold me as I dig a hole,
down deeper to the soul.

See me cry,
hold me right,
kisses goodbye.
It's ok it's all alright.

CDs 3d

Too long we strive,
        yet not to thrive
                            ... patient
            forgetful ...
                            ... many towers
                                are filled with
                                dust, of which ...
                                we cannot depend on.

I'm lucky that I'm an Arab girl.
It's darkness that, I'm a girl in this Arab community
Yes, it's my family and local community.

Please, don't get me wrong
It’s the not really right traditions that chained us,
here in my family and community.
They all say, we're open minded,
But they're not, really no.
They all say, girls are not oppressed,
But they are.
They all say that no one infanticides girls anymore.
But it still happens, even if it's not literally.

We’re still being bullied here in Arab community.
So that's why I'm going to say these bad things-

It's sad enough that I'm single,
I am unmarried, 39 years old!
I have no husband, no kids,
I'm not an Arab girl now, and I’m an Arab woman.

I have never seen the hunter lion in my jungle of sin.
I cannot even play with myself
I just do something around
because I should to keep saving my virginity
If I want to get married ever.
Truly I'm still virgin.

I know it’s a sin, a great sin!
But just I don’t like this backdated community,
these traditional rules and over rules
these just belong to family pride.
Does it  support our religion?
Even does it like civil society?

Truly, it’s not fair, it’s inequitable to me!
I want reality, I want to get free!
I want to be happy, I want fair!
I want truth, I respect my religion.
That’s why I want my rights!

Marriage between cousins has been part of the culture here in my societies for centuries,
largely as a means of securing relationships between tribes
and preserving family wealth.
My parents are both first cousins.
Maybe I have to get married a close relative.
The society expected it and it is still common here.

Nowadays, my family allowed to get married from others families.
But, here in my society has some family status,
Level-1 there are some families are there and level-5 like these.
Level-5 cannot married from level-1 or others in some family
Level-1 can marry from level-1 to 3.
Level-3 can marry from level-3 to 1.
But evel-4 and 5 can marry from each other only.
It is like that from past family tradition not for wealth shit.

I am from level-3.
Some guys came to my parent but they’re not my family type
and some are not my level
I have some close relatives but they’re not good guys.
My parent doesn't like them.
That’s why I’m still single.

I got back from supermarket and maybe I will go to the mountain tomorrow
Yeah my country becomes green in these mountain
But other gulf country they very hot.
No I can't driving, I will go with my father or my brothers.

I have had a relationship with an Arab guy
we had met each other at my university when I was 23.
We had been talking over phone and a social media.
And it’s hidden from our families.
But he cheated on me,
He did not come to my parent,
and he did not discuss about marries.

Hell, he wanted to see my looks and something like shit.
That’s not good for me and my family. It’ unreligious.
If my parents knew, I was wrong
maybe they will kill me with him.
Talking to someone is not allowed here
I can talk to only people who I know.

Some Arab girls are get married British citizen
But depends on girl’s family, will accept or not
and other thing is religion.
The girls were studying their only
No levels for them

I know a girl who has just completed high school.
She will go to England to study
and she is looking for someone to get marry…
Because she’s lose her virginity in 13.
Her parents know it all.
They don’t want to kill her.
Hell for her that close relative.

How I will be married and I am not virgin!
If I make love before marries or do something like shit
Then my husband will tell that I am not good
The community will talk about me
And my parents will not talk to me.
They will slap me
All bad thing will happen to me
I will be neglected.
And I have to go back to my family

After all,
my family will kill me.
Maybe other punishment also, like these
Not going out of house
No phones
Not talking to people, friends
And relatives
Not even married in life.

I have to stay alone at home
And no one will talk to me if I am alive
Then I should to go out of house forever
Really, a girl live alone after this bad thing,
Yeah, can do work, but It is impossible here.

I know Arab girls have to war at my first night
and their weapons are their virginity!
That’s why I’m still virgin.
Sigh, I’m about 39.

Just Culture Imagery of An Arab Community
Sorry, i put it.
Lure Pot Oct 10

Where is my mind?
What looks like its kind?
Where is my heart?
What looks like its hurt?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

Where is my loving thing?
What looks like its feeling?
Where is my emotion?
What looks like its passion?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

Where are my dreams?
What look like my thoughts?
Why is my beginning?
What is my learning?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

Where is my school?
What is class schedule?
Who is my learning buddy?
What is my case study?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

What is my daily work?
How to do it mark?
Where is my house?
Who is my spouse?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

Where is my colorful life?
How does work its fife?
Where is my end?
What for I boned?
It’s all about you
Because I love you…

Lure Pot Oct 3

It's been a long day for me
I'm going to bed now, it's very late
I'm tired, I stayed up long enough
to put my ex work clothes on to dry.

My health isn't good
It’s going down day by day
from doing everything
I did not even do anything recent with ex-love!

I try to take care of myself
I can't promise that, it's just hard
It's just hard when I run a house alone
I have no choice nobody else will do it
I don't get a day off, I just get more stuff to do.

That's all about myself I have right now to say
Sure, I’ll tell about my hurt next time
That is if I'm not busy.

Sorry I'm going to bed, my eyes are even ready to go to sleep.

Story of someone
Chris Oct 3

The darkest of days can have the brightest of nights,

if you look towards the stars and reflect on your life.

The loves that you've grown and the joys that they bloom.

Hugging your mother, and feeling safe like the womb.

The adventures of youth, oh so simple and blissful.

And the first week of spring, hearing singing birds whistle.

The landscape of time with it's summits and peaks,

is ripe for exploring 'til the heart cannot speak.

Times may seem dark but look straight ahead.

'Cause things will get brighter once this day is dead

I love you
Kriti Gupta Oct 2

Why is it
that when a boy writes his feelings
you praise every heartbeat

But when I mention fondness
you break each part of me

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