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Today was my graduation
There’s one every school year
The money spent
On knowledge
Where they tell me
Money can’t buy wisdom  
Then  tell us all
No graduation this fall
We’ve all been given digital passes
To go work in
Maybe a mall
They tell me I’m too caught up
My heads way up in the clouds
And then they give me
a virtual Hat toss
Hurrah to our 2020 graduates
Bless us all.
Class of 2020 ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Ginger R Sep 6
A repeating line of patterns of something deeper then memory
It's the motion of waves of wonder of maybe something like pain
A wanting to lessen to soften to gently lay my head down
It's not what's happening now
This feels unfinished, but I suppose most things do.
Abandoned in the middle of the blasted field,
its arms shredded, legs battered,
the chair exists in broken splendor
catching the best of the speckled light
dancing in the quivering shadows.
Lines of the seated father stain the backrest,
motherly molds are left behind in the seat foam,
the relentless kicks, tattoos of children’s feet
bruise the red velvet of the front rail.

At dawn, pulses of light run along its rails
dispersing all shadows to the wet ground.
At the speed of forgetfulness
two robins alight on this storm orphan,
widow, widower, this sole survivor,
with twigs to build a new stick home.
Faizel Farzee Aug 18
Morning sun awoken slumber
Now a nightmare truly begins
Dreams becoming the hunted
Obstacles daily in-cumbered

Pushing through treacherous hurdles
Morning sun awoken slumber
Shedding all unwarranted burdens
whispering failures a cumber

Self worth in a constant wonder
Searching for all the fading stars
Morning sun awoken slumber
All failure singed within memoirs

To learn from all life's mistakes
Not to be another number
Happiness at times we must fake
Morning sun awoken slumber
Sometimes dreams can be out of reach
do we give up?
run and flee?
We knuckle down, we fake a smile
we take the negativity and make it kneel
the trick is never give up in life
even if that is how it makes us feel.
its okay i'm hurting
i'm getting somewhere,
searching for what i lost
missing from my stomach,
a blank void aching
seeking its creator
in a world that they destroyed
the image of the human walking
i wanted you to be my hero
the mirror is my only saviour,
you showed me the reflection &
guided me in that direction
that's why its been less hard
to not fall back
into the abyss
when you know of true bliss
w/o the external other
it's all okay, it's all okay
i'm getting there soon
w/ the moon in my palm
as time heals every wound...
you know one
cant lie
like i don't
miss your touch
like i don't
think of you til my sleep
but its my time to reconnect
come back fresh on the scene
cleaner than i've ever been
im learning how to love
myself through me
not through someone else
not through you &
i love it
knowing you're there for me helps
god sent me an angel
that told me about you
told me you're good to me &
the one to heal my eye
though i was confused
it wasn't what i thought it was
but it was true to the message
of the heaven sent angel
that told me about you...
piper m Jun 23
I saw you glide around the basketball court today like the floor was made of freshly polished glass.
You didn't falter once.
You slid as easily as ball bearings across an endless marble table.
Circling & spinning & swaying & twirling.
Your dress was polka dot.
It whipped sharply in the wind.
I watched you skate until you rolled away, onto a gravel path.
Although your absence was as silent as the drifting of your blades,
As the sky went dark, I really wished you would have stayed.
For the most beautiful girl in the world, wherever you are.
Capriccio Jun 3
Fight Like It's Over
Fight Like Your Losses
Will Always Be Your Wins

Forgive Yourself
For The Pain
Do Not Refrain
You Fight Like It's Over

Solemnly Swear That You
Will Make This
Worth While
So Fight Like It's Over
Her lips, soft like that of cotton candy as it subtly embraces my name. Her voice, like a beautiful musically composed orchestra of pure delight.
Her hair, red as the sands of mars cascading under the dancing moonlight.
As i look at the stars this night,
Assurance i got from the moon, our union shines just as bright.
Trying to eliminate being to abstract
All i know is i love you forever,  this is fact
these words i write, for your love they fight
i'm the happiest when in my arms, you fall asleep at night.
Faizel Farzee May 16
I stare deeply into my truthful mirror.
The reflection of what you left me as leering back at me.
I don't realise who this is
This creature broken and unknown,
He's face I've never seen.

I remember your eyes,
The light I once saw in them,
Blown out by the wind of your lies.
Replaced by a cold abyss,
It looked straight through my pride,
From them I cannot hide.
This virus you left me with.

Your heart has been frozen...

In my soul it reside.
Speaking to my demons
Within them daily I confide.
You left all the good in me deceased.
Even the memory of happiness has died.
The only solace
Is for me to cry
Like Rivers of anesthesia
My hatred with dry.
My demons subside.
Once again I'll put my heart on loves merry go round.
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