Ramsha 1d

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.

It's funny, you can be in bed with soft, warm sheets
While there's a fire going on right up the street.
On that corner, there's a man begging for cash
While some kids drive by who don't appreciate what they have
They stop by a burger joint to get a bite to eat
While the kid flipping burgers is working towards a dream
See that boy has been working seven nights a week
At the end of the night, he asks for a raise
But the manager knows he's stuck in a maze
Shaking his head no, this world just doesn't pay
Building you up just enough to never reach the end
With all the money in the bank and not a dollar to spend.

It's funny, you wake up and lace up your shoes
While a kid down at the park is playing the blues,
A man on that park bench suffers from the real blues
Just from picking up his morning paper and reading the news
He gets so sick of the rat race, he goes home,
And prepares for a rigged game of Russian roulette
But right before he puts that barrel to the side of his head
His phone rings, and has a good chat with old friend
In that one call he puts dead, his plan to be dead,
Goes to a clinic and gets help instead.

It's funny, while I was writing or as you were reading
The man in the next room could bleeding
Shouting for help, you didn't hear his call
Focused on all for one, amigos, we need to be one for all
If no one is listening, I'm just talking to the walls

She came to him after 10 am
Sitting at the foot of his desk
She put her secrets to rest

"Is there any way to push past this cracked road?"
He chuckled, "Most likely, No"
So she broke down, like an old motor

She never likes to cry
But her dam was cracked
and emotions flooded her desert eyes.

"Tell me, child, what causes you pain?"
"I have troublesome tied to my name"
And she told him her struggles
How the only way out was a road of troubles
She couldn't promise to do well
But she intended good
And she said "I have to do bad things"
Which he understood

He looked in the desert storm that was her eyes
And his constant question was
"How could a child so open keep so many things inside?"
With so much potential her biggest issue was mental
But even geniuses lose battles against the mind.

She told him her back was against a wall
With only one way out
but that way was nasty, with a broken bridge
Persuading to jump with empty promises
With hopes, you can reach the other side
He smiled, "If there's no other way, we'll climb."

It may be bad but you don't have to go down that path
RenzoAndy May 14

How come i can be this longing
Bare with me if you mind to sing
Telling you now not mean to cling
Just letting my mine been digging

Only to you be bring closer in you
Only for you be true closure of you
Never been told these will making us
None told as growing deeper as cause

Tonight what i feel isn't for me only
You will see what i can feel with folly
You can laugh as you can see free in me
This is what will shown for you and me

Be missing of you bring star faded
Being with you star glowing as beaded
So glown sparked me, cant even close...
Won't Close my eyes for just second pose

I need to see you.

Breath in throat. Breathe child breathe. Keep reminding myself this is just memory.  Nor more reality.........

Seems like yesterday when you drove by. Nothing special nothing earned on that hot day.  As every story of hot day  that's  were my story of you begins.                                                          

Water. Yes.  For your radiator. Handing you the jug was tomorrow never seen. Oh, but I skip so much already to talk about are midnight escapes.
Wyatt R Apr 19

Let's love each other
when love for ourselves
gets dry and runs out.
Unconditional, okay?
It's a promise.

Let's love each other the most.
hkr Apr 10

there was a rainbow
after the rain came that day
filled my glass halfway
since he drank from it. fuck him,
he knew i was near empty.

yet another thing i wrote for class.
Rose Nao Mar 20

i’m all about him,
i wouldn’t dare cross the line.
i can’t stop thinking about him,
he’s running through my head.
i can’t look at him
without crying.
because i hate worrying about the future
when everything to be sad about
is happening now.
but it’s alright and it’s okay,
i’ll be just fine without him.
in fact i’ll be better than fine,
i’ll be great.
it’s all about him,
if it wasn’t i’d be excellent.
but the thing is,
everything is,
about him.

it's all about him
April Mar 19

My favorite color is blue,
not just because it's the color of your eyes,
but because my love for you grew,
I wish that it's be the last color I see when I die.
I love you,
my dear sister,
And I hope you love me too.

Its my words...

feelings never i'v got before...

feelings never i'v felt to any one...

as i'm feeling now to you....

just when i think about you...

just when i see you...

even when i write to you...

at the time when my words hugs your eyes...

it sails so deeply into your eyeball...

to sneak away with no choice...

escape from me to travel there to you...

there into your heart...

to live to the closest veins into your heart...

to hug every blood's drop which flow out from your heart...

to keep living inside you wherever you go...

even into your dream...

in spite of the space between us....


as i told you....

never felt before...

never got like those feelings to any one...

as i'm feeling now about you...

and that's why, i'm writing to you...

writing with every new morning...

only to you....

hazem al...

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