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I'm something hard to see,
your something far too free.
I'm twisted up in wicked love,
Your mystified by wistful lies.
I beg and plead that you love me,
you cry and moan to go back home.
No, not just yet my flower girl,
not just yet my queen.
You beg to bed to dream.
I watch you cry and feel a warmth,
yes, now you feel just as me.
To break our bones is nothing,
when lost is all we be.
So smell you flower I picked from home,
to give you a smile once more,
or cry on dear,
for I do fear,
the loss up there will hurt your core.
Above in home,
is where they roam,
the wicked ones with hope.
Below is warm,
and honest love,
the ones you hate all lie above.
Now, smell you flower,
smile or cry.
Yell your woes oft to the sky,
either way,
together we stay,
until we reach- our dying day.
idk persephone?
Daylight 4U2C Jan 24
This is not madness.
Calm down, for this is only fear.
This is fear of the unknown,
fear of someday being on your alone,
fear of what you are,
fear of what you could become,
fear of what will stop you,
and so you choose to run.
This is not madness.
Calm down, for this is rage.
Rage for what has done you so wrong,
rage you kept contained,
rage for the mistakes you made back long,
rage for the inability to make time change.
This is not madness.
Calm down, for this is pain.
pain for others.
pain for you.
pain for the past,
pain when pain isn't through.
This isn't madness.
Calm down, this is joy.
Joy for yourself, not a selfish cold ploy.
Joy for others, even if it seem untrue.
They deserve your joy,
… but so do you …
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
A river has flood me,
with the world's lost dreams.
The last breaths of love.
The loneliest of screams.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
Let me cry and leave me be.
Won't you just not bother me?
I gave my spine and soul and dreams.
I gave my everything it seems.
But never have you had enough,
old monster, teach me to be rough.
Take me while I'm squishy.
I'm empty,
yet still not sharp.
I'm crying,
yet not a harp.
I'm broken,
but I'm not gold-dust.
I'm nothing,
but still I must-
exist by the waves,
crash by the night,
hide by the day,
or in a fright I fight.
This is my hell,
my bright red tunnel.
I don't remember what led me to this hole,
but it pulled me down and let me go.
The bright red lights that flash and blind.
The tunnels tight and the dirt unkind.
The only thing that calms my mind-
when the fountain falls,
and holds me tight,
to bear this tunnel-
through tonight.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
I kind of hate everybody,
probably hate you too,
cause everybody lies to me.
I don't know what to do.
Yell at me, cause I won't open,
yell at me, to close.
I'm a bad guy
a mad guy,
a crazy little show,
spinning like ferris wheel,
and I don't even know.
But I'm the broken car,
look like the rest, but just not right.
Can't you let me be, though?
I don't want to fight.
Not tonight.. please, at least not tonight.
Watching from the top,
at me dancing alone.
Dance like no ones watching,
but I'm not on my own.
They watch me like a celebrity,
judge my every move.
They just don't get the dances flow;
it doesn't match my groove.
Flawed and mistaken,
over-dramatic and confused.
I could have walked away,
but I never have refused.
So fire away your comments,
and hate,
and beady eyes,
I must be asking for it,
and saying stop as some coy disguise.
Just please not tonight.
Let me go for just today.
I've had enough of dancing,
so please take the spotlight away.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
You don't know me.
Don't know who I am,
or where I come from.
You don't know me,
beyond my blues and grays and greens.
You might know my favorite color, or show,
but not what to me, it means.
You don't know my story.
You can't see my heart.
You aren't in my brain.
So dear god don't you start-!
Please clip this off here,
and just leave me be..
If you don't give a ****-
then stop barking at my tree!
I'll give you my ears,
like Vincent Van Gogh.
I'll give you whatever.
but I won't let you know,
whats inside,
or what happened,
I know you don't care.
I know you won't stay.
I know you won't like me,
or understand.
You'll just criticize me.
You can't hold my hand.
I might be alone,
for the rest of my life.
I might be like a child.
My future full of stife.
I might be a maniac,
or a monster to you,
no matter how hard I try,
and no matter what I do.
So give me a break.
Stop asking for more.
Stop yelling at me,
or knocking at my door.
You don't seem to get it,
and you never will.
No matter how hard I scream,
no matter how shrill-!
I beg of you please,
after all we did,
don't open pandora-

Just close the lid.

Be okay with the fact,
you can't handle the truth.
Be alright with knowing,
it won't be something you get.
No one ever might,
so please...

Just forget-.

Just forget-!
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
A poet without words is probably dangerous
Puzzled mind
Stoic face
Not leaving a trace.
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