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Daylight 4U2C May 18
I feel like I'm spiraling weightlessly through space,
trying my best, to not lose face.
And at the end of the day, I'm deep in the ocean,
sitting on the shore, without any motion.
I don't feel restless-


-nor at peace.

I try to avoid it-
but it's like-

-it's me.

I'm the beast.

Because I'm trapped in this skin.

This weird-

thick coat of paint.

And I can't peel it off because there is just NO WHERE


-to tear.

So I keep swirling slowly through space.
Just watching.
Feeling like,
I'm an alien,
just watching,
through the windowed eyes of a creature, that I opened the blinds,
to understand..
And I got so caught up in their story, or
whatever world this was,
so mystified by what there was to see and feel,
I forgot how to close the blinds or walk away.
My feet are glued to the floor
and my eyes are glued to the window-
of their eyes.

I know


this 'thing-'

-it's not me.

I wasn't supposed to look out this window.
I just-

I'm supposed to know,
that I am not the only alien,
looking through a window,
floating through space;
sitting alone at the ocean floor with water shifting and swaying my hair and clothes all around,
just trying to understand and relate without breaking anything,
or making this poor, defenseless and confused human,


I continue in this journey of flow and forward,
a drift-feeling,
as though they all are real.
And I AM the only alien that accidentally just took a human under my control.

Some days I'm a water fountain,
and some days I've gone dry as drought.
Some days I'm warm and feeling,
some days I'm just empty and without.
All days I'm never-ending-thinking
too concerned with all that is.
I should be proud to think so deep
but sometimes I just crave the fizz.
I want to think,
but without fear.
I want to love,
but not to tear.
I want to dream,
but not to forget.
I want to be brave,
but without the regret.
I know there's more-
so I'll just say...
this too shall pass..
so I can't fray.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Nevertheless my heart still spins
It drifts and flows on with the winds.
feel free to use this as a poem excerpt if you want to make a poem from it
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
I've found a sparkle among the dark.
Like glitter in the eyes of a fairy, hymn, "hark!"

"The light hath found beneath the sidewalk so taken. None glimpse down; thus this light hath them shaken."

My aching and longing are living no more,
I finally find what I've been longing for.

A bridge is not needed,
The distance not far.

I need no train, bus, nor car.
To be where you are.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Let them know that this world is so much larger than us, and time, too sparse to recollect.
Let them know that we are a glowing society and there will be times we dim, and we just balance on the rim, but we decide the feelings in our hearts and that makes us who we are.
Let them know that we can go back to the moments-
back to the feelings that made us alive or destroyed us inside,
in sight by the picture on the wall.
Let them know the power it holds by the ones who behold it and the ones who bestow.
Let them know.

Oh, let them know that these days are our best and the rest will be hard, because we must decide what fashion we will stride,
and that instant to decide if we will survive or die hard.
Let them know of the dark, when we used to struggle for a picture, our lungs would be rusted and eyes would contrast but the picture perfect memory would forever last.
Let them know we alone can make the change we hope to see, and end our fortunes of calamity in this society.
Let them know we are better off different and normal is out, because if we were all normal we’d be robots without a doubt.
Let them know these memories may one day die,
but the feelings will still have you smile and cry.
Let them know.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Can't you wait til morning,
to caw like old bird do?
Shrill- as nail to glass,
or look like you, just aren't you?
Can't you just stay quiet,
and blend-
nor fight the waves?
We are all just fishes,
but you're the one that strays.
And if you could you'd help us,
but- oh- how thin you grow,
can't you see, you hurt us?
How is it, you don't know,
that our pain flames the brightest,
and you'll NEVER be the meat.
Can't you just stop cawing,
and float, with the harsh night sea?
Can't you just stop crying-
for what will never be-...?
She stares at the horizon, a saddened sort of day. Like a crying heart- somber, without words to say. "Is this the world beyond the line? But, I will still sit. The mocking birds will scratch and cry, but I will not run away. I will sit. And I will contemplate. For this is what I was given -a picture- of such bliss." She tilts her head and ruffles her feathers, as the cold breeze passes by. "This is what I was given- wings to cross the sky. But as I crossed and crossed I found, you never feel it fully. The best of beauty, comes from 'dreaming' of it truly. To think, it is much bigger than I could ever dream. For once you have been there, it won't be as great as it may seem. And once you've done it all- well-- what would be left? Nothing to aspire. Nothing to fill despairing depth. This is how I fly. I am soaring right now here. Just staring at the horizon- and dreaming of what cheer, to swim in puddles deep- of orange and yellow shine- to break myself free- and take back my soul full-time.

And to dream
so openly-

is the craziest-

the freest-

...way to be...
Your words- they mesh
Too cruel to understand
And in your hand I shrivel.
Clever girl,
prove me wrong.
Is this your way of scaring me?
Why can't they hear me?
People so dear to me.
Why can't they see me?
People so free- to me.
What is it that I am missing?
What is it that I need?
What is it that my old soul couldn't breed?
Why do birds seem so free--

on a spool
My wings are sewn to me.
Is this what I swore I'd be?

Not today, just not right now.
To hear them clear as light.
But do they ever take a break?!
No never, day or night.
Ticking away like a clock, rushing like a second hand.
Do you ever take a break from clicking at me, my old friend.
Not today, no not right now.
Just hearing clear as light.
Not today, my old friend-
please- just not tonight.
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