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Daylight 4U2C May 10
I belong inside a seed capsule
Planted in the ground
My body in the fetal
Besides the water, bugs, and soil- no sound.
I belong there,  where my arms will spread
As branches fled the ground.
The dirt will fly around
And a shadow, grace my plain
I belong in the ocean
Where the waves wash over me
Softly pushing a warm force on my back-
Like a pat.
To say "It's okay.  It's okay." until I believe.
I belong deep deep down in the black
The blackest blue there is.
In the fetal position.
I belong behind glass walls in a cube in a world only I recognize,
Where people walk outside and glance only slightly with their careless eyes.
Where I scream like mercy me!
Where I yell past the tearing of voice box and beyond my gasps until there is just a silent hiss from my mouth.
And no views my way,  because is all just a warped, fuzzy mumble.  A few ears might point my way,  but they pass by still today.
I belong there.
Throwing glass bottles at the glass wall-
Yet unable to shatter the walls I'm within,
No matter how much shattering I hear inside them.
I belong.
Yet I don't.
Yet unheard.
I just want to be a bird.
Free to see the world.
Free to fly.
Free to fall and not die,
As I spread my arms and catch the wind, then start my way again.
Free to run away.
Free to stray and be.. Okay.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 27
It started all by falling,
falling for the spell,
Winter's cold hearts frozen,
brought us closer still.
Then by the time I sprang,
into their golden arms,
my heart was dried a summer fried,
and changed by no alarms.
I never knew their colors-
could shift so sudden,
If only I could have,
but I was left as white as snow.
Then by the blossom of this truth,
I spent last summer in my youth.

Now seasons,
they have taught me well,
that all things come and go.
One would think,
by all this time,
they would already know.
But we are all still learning,
catching up to our own time.
And the more we think we've learned it all,
the more we have to prime.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
I cannot lie.
I cannot lie.
I met the eye of poogley-pie
In my dreams.
I thought I'd die.
Oh how could I-
Oh how could I-
Have met the eye of poogley-pie.
It stared at me,
It glared at me,
It looked me up and down.
I nervously thought it followed me when I went into town.
They say the eye of poogley-pie does not take prisoners yet-!
I haven't fainted,
nor hit my head,
so how much more living can I get?
I cannot lie.
I cannot lie.
The eye- I saw it blink.
It was a man with a soft nice hand,
he sent me flowers...I think.
This poogley-pie,
is a sweet, kind guy.
It's hard to believe those who meet him soon die.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
...Let's put it this way:...
Burning building,
collapsed in it's fate,
deep under ocean;
ill-knowledge learned too late.
I wouldn't tell a soul.
You'd be last to know.
I swear not let it show.
And without saying goodbye,
I'd just go.
I'd just lift off.
It's the land I choose to trough.
rolled into your eyes,
clear blue skies,
dreaming of this person here,
is a fear,
realization to persevere,
never ever telling dear.
If I found to be,
my enemy.
The red in me,
burning fire here to see.
The heart of mine,
gone black to thee,
Nothing left to keep it in,
If scratched it's way out of my skin.
If lost the mask and soon be shown,
Finally the truth me be known.
My heart is tainted,
What is that cause?
I shalt not tell,
Fear all be lost.
Shall I peep,
My life to ****,
No reversal for this spell.
Long story. Its not suicidal. Just a long story.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
No, the doctors not in,
so feel that skin,
it might begin
to squirm,
to breath,
to shrink;
sink beneath
you stomach and crawl around.
The doctors not in,
so feel that skin
crawl and fall if you feel it at all.
He will be here soon to close your wound,
So don't fear my dear,
Just quiver til noon.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2016
neon skies and walk- bys how hard to remember thise faces. forgotten people, and they leave ni traces. How unfair we dont have the ability to carry ourselves and all of them. how cruel we can fall too far buf onlt fly so high. And if we try to hard we are plucked right out the sky. How sad to see someone fight so hard for their wings to simply die. But it wont stop you from trying. You'll still keep others feom dying. You'll wipe their teara when your friends are crying. Youll shine brighter than the sun so when they see the dark they know where to run. How kind you are to be the one, who knows when a smile-chain has begun. If i could be greater and better and grand, Id help you out. Someday- Ill give you a hand.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2016
My heart
it goes a pitter-pat
When you
you look at me like that
I feel
your warmth that radiates
Your some-
someone I cannot hate
But You,
are shyer than sky blue
are beautiful and true
Do I deserve You?
Do I deserve you?
I don't think it's true,
So what do I do?
I'm probably going to continue it or something
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