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Un-imagining threat loops
Positive outlook
Louise May 22
in the blink of an eye i noticed
you were holding a knife.
the cold metal was glistening
in the palm of your left hand.

i saw it for just a second
but that second was enough
to bring all those memories
i tried so hard to forget
back into my head.

wishing i had turned around,
i walked away as fast as i could.
my heart was beating really fast,
i could feel my throat closing up.
my lungs were burning with fear,
so ******* desperate for a little air.

wide eyes and a racing mind,
shaking legs and sweating hands.
the flashbacks made it impossible
for me to walk by and stay calm
like i was taught by my parents.

i couldn’t pretend nothing was
wrong at all, like i hadn’t seen
a ******* thing. because i am
not blind and you’re not dumb.

- i didn’t see your face, but it haunts me.
Hunter Green May 1
I’m slipping, I’m falling,
On my way down I see you threatening my standing.
I don’t know why I put up my defenses,
Like I’m at risk of losing my pretenses.
I can’t celebrate, a stone wall rises before I can appreciate.
I punch the brick to distract my mind.
So I can’t think about the intricate truth.
My hands go numb while handling what I find,
But my mind won’t let you go when my failures are proof.
Ray Dunn Apr 19
the threat of God constantly
looming over-head
is nothing when next to
the monster under-bead.
Im so tired and I’ve dont nothing literally all day ugh
“Will you love the glimmer of dew that shines from the point of my shovel as I bury your body in the forest on the mainland?”
He says as he demands that I terminate the only thing I know I’ve ever loved
-forced abortion
Jenna Mar 4
Safe from all harm
embraced in one arm

You will always be by my side
wiping away your tears you have cried

That man cannot hurt you now
you snatched my heart somehow

Oh, baby do not fret
you should not regret
he may be upset
I will warn him with a threat
Rue Mar 3
Water turns to ice
and yet, it dissolves
for an immense price
that we try to solve.

The heat upon our skin
ignite fires of anger
but, we never know when
to find any answers.

Many tell deceptions
for their own gain.
But, what they forget
is the sight of perception
with the never ending pain
of lies, for that, is the truest threat.
Sad Boy Feb 10
Your friend wanted to beat my friend with a bat
What do you think about that?
Your friend wanted to hit my friend with a bat! ***** that’s ghetto, **** that!
What do you think about that?
What do you
What do you think about that?
Guys leave me a comment saying how you feel about that and make sure you follow me thanks love ya
Captain Trips Jan 27
It *****, y'know,
life & ****.
Everything *****,


But I guess
that's what makes it
good too,


It seems that
is the enemy
of emotion.

Or at least


it is.
Turgut Berk Nov 2018
I need no one
Except myself;
No one can threaten me,
As I escape myself
Why do they try it?
Why do they compete
When I run away from them?
No one knows it,
As I struggle with myself.
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