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Eva 7d
You expect me to be terrified,
sweat pouring down the sides of my forehead.
Would there really be a difference if I die?
Taunt me with your threats,
Hold a gun to my head-
see if I care.
A virus lives quietly
Until one day it appears
As suddenly as a madman
Raging in the desert
In quest of methamphetamine.
Or an outlaw on *****,
Shooting up streets
And striking people down.
It has no origin we can see,
No place that it calls home,
But ravages civilizations
And adopts their clothing,
Wears their armour
And steals their ships,
Like the Sea Peoples
Of ancient times.
Feared even by god-like Pharaohs,
The kings of Knossos and
The Mycenaean warlords.
It attacks the very essence
Of its victims, becoming like them.
Walking through their streets,
Dancing as they do and
Welcomed into their houses—
Hiding in plain sight.
It drifts down as they sleep,
And bonds with their cells at night.
I was writing a poem about the mysterious Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age, who ravaged empires and people all over the Mediterranean. As I wrote, I noticed parallels between the current pandemic and previous ones; the virus must hijack others' cells in order to reproduce, as if wearing them like a costume!
Heyaless May 8
She has those striking eyes of an Owl .

She observes, Her stare intense yet clam .
She can see through illusion , thrive beyond illusion .
She can see true self of others , their weakness , their strengths .

Do not scared with her stare but ,
Fear her wisdom , spoken by silence !
The more she sees ,the less she sound .

Her defense is her colours
She can blend into the surroundings ,
She's a nemesis
Difficult to spot even if visible .

If you are a threat to her territory
Better watch your back from her talons .
You surely don't want to be her prey

She is intense .
She will mantle you ,
Not to protect but to finish you off ,
Without leaving any trace behind .

Her keen hearing sense , you cannot escape .
She can hear you scuffling from outrun .
She can sense your decoy ,
Even if you're buried in snow .

So tell me how you will veil those eyes which can see through dark .
This poem is a indirect description of my unconscious self which is actually conscious but hidden from the world .
Grey Apr 22
The threat has gone away,
but still the fear stays..
Don't feel this way anymore, but might as well post anyway.
Mikey Kania Mar 6
the rivers of shades
provide water for the forgotten

who have been isolated
from all living in order to

you'll find their silhouettes
behind curtains, in flickering, a

for the living to look closer
in ice-packed letters forever

you give it all back to me?
i need me my caring, my huggings

stay away from me i wouldn't cope
i would grab a thick rope but ya know i

everything counts no detachments
attachment: the rivers of shades approaching

we can't get away from them they
are here now and they will stay

depictions of endless loopholes
children adults and groups
into rivers of shades:

the last curtain
the last candle
the last silhouette

"we can't get away from them"
you say looking at me but "no sweat
we'll be good baby" i'm echoing as we

become a combination of wolf & lioness
from one unit into one fluid

last echoes voices and shades
but the rivers remain
but the rivers remain
Today is a serious day. A girl I'm very close to threatened to take her own life. What the... Fortunately, she didn't. God bless you

Much Love Mikey.
Liz Feb 2
Today I cut my own hair
Locked in my room
Drowned in despair
My eyes are more green today

Today I cut my own hair
I'm always so tired
But sleep can't compare
Cause the noise sneaks through the door

Today I cut my own hair
I notice patterns in myself
Yet I can never prepare
For the lingering threat of the dark
Sarah Jan 19
A moment
Fear struck, along with adrenaline
I hardly recall the steps I took
The words I spoke
The frantic way I looked,
But once the adrenaline faded away
Fear was left alone,
And it started devouring my soul
Audrey Oct 2019
Where did you go? Nice to see you.
Thought you moved! Couldn't reach you.
Why'd you delete _?

the viper's fangs
rest in my throat
growing bitter roots
of venom

pixels that
once brought light
now impend my fall
my slaying. by the viper

my name number face
hidden by disgrace
a viper bit me thrice
i must hide for my life
for if I'm bit again
end will be my strife

everyone I know
is a pawn
in it's sick game
stored in a chest
for when it finds me

It's just a viper.
says the one
who hasn't been bit

here I lay
hiding in a spot
so good
that I won't know
when the viper dies

forever hiding
is better then
getting bit. again.
Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
Adeyemo-Solomon Aug 2019
I remember on shattered ashes
And the frigidity of the musky noon
Rumbling gently on our scale-like frame

Whilst the lonely light evanesced in the dark alley
For the ***** of truth it proclaimed
Alike Elymas, bitter cecity we had stroked

No tinge of light could be sensed
To ken the changes of good and evil
Evil and evil sprouted
Resonating for all to embrace.
The poem evinces the failure of a group of people to proclaim the truth. The poet tells us about how they enjoyed the past moments while the present and the future represents the reverse. They allowed fear to becloud their sense of proper reasoning and judgement thereby making their abode the chagrin of the alliens.
love is a threat to everything
we think we know about ourselves
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