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J 11h
Clenched broken glass
cut deeper, which takes
a longer time to heal.

So let the jagged pieces loose.
Let it slip between your fingers.
Let it fall into its place.

Let it go.
Let it go.
venn Oct 6
I don't remember the day we first met
I don't remember the time or the place
or what you were wearing
or what the very first thing you said to me was

Honestly, it's difficult to imagine you
speaking to me at all, because, well,
that would require me not giving off an aura of distaste
to everyone in my general vicinity,
due to my extreme distrust of people in general

Knowing me, we probably didn't even speak
until I grew used to seeing your face day after day,
became accustomed to your presence

It's likely I knew your name before I said a word to you,
as I am an introvert with a side of social anxiety,
and it's always been a bit difficult for me to "make friends"

Even after the first words we spoke to each other
transformed into our first conversation,
as pitiful of an excuse for one as it may have been,
there was nothing spectacularly romantic about it

It was just passing remarks littered with wit,
sarcasm, and largely inappropriate humor

 I don't remember when you became so important to me.

No matter how much I wrack my brain,
clawing meticulously through every memory I can reach
in my largely disorganized mind,
it's impossible for me to pinpoint that one moment,
the instant in time that changed everything

What I do remember is the way every inch of your face
reddens when you laugh,
that contagious grin spreading across your cheeks
as if you had just heard the funniest thing in the world

I remember how it feels when I'm the one causing that smile,
that rush of accomplishment I get when I can make you happy,
even for just a moment

Those little things, however insignificant they may seem,
are stuck with me,
ingrained into my brain like the stain of spilt grape juice
on a once-pure white shirt,
imprinted into my soul like an unexpected fissure in a landscape

They torture me, day and night,
and you would expect by the way I describe these feelings
that I want them to go away,
that I want to remove the stain you've made on my life,
stitch my landscape back together
and act as though you hadn’t cracked me open,
and maybe, once upon a time, I would have,
but now?
I never want them to go away

As much as it pains me to feel this way,
and as much as I sometimes despise being so attached to you,
undeniably and irrevocably reliant on your existence in my world,
you've made me feel ways that, a few years ago,
I didn’t think were possible

Not long ago, I wasn't even sure if being happy with myself
was possible,
much less feeling anything close to whatever this may be,
because I haven't quite figured it out yet

 All I know is that I care about you,
no matter how much or how little that may mean
I care in ways that I probably shouldn't

I want to protect you, keep you safe from harm,
and when I can't, it hurts

It physically hurts me to see you endure any kind of suffering,
and yet I know you have to, every single day,
because you've told me so

I've sewn together the shreds of you,
the real you, that you've shown me,
and as short and fleeting as those glimpses may have been,
I only want to see more

I want to know who you really are, behind the mask,
behind the walls of the impenetrable stone fortress
that you've built for yourself

You like caging your heart in your chest to protect it from harm,
I know that all too well,
but I want to put the pieces of you back together,
and even if I can't,
I will hold the shards of your soul with my bare hands
and keep you close to me

No matter how long it takes,
no matter how painful it is,
no matter how much I bleed,
I'll do it for you

 Most people sweep broken things into a dustpan
and toss them in a trash bag,
tying them up and leaving them on the side of the road
with all of the other discarded and damaged items
that once had a purpose,
but I'm not one of those people

I keep every broken thing I've ever come across,
if I can hold on long enough,
whether it be pieces of someone else or pieces of myself

With you, though, I think it's both.

You remind me of the way I used to be,
and the way I am now

Maybe that's why I care so much.

I know what it's like to have a mask.

I understand how it feels to have to protect yourself
from your own family,
because even they find ways to hurt you,
even when they try not to,
even when they don't

You know that, though, or at least,
you may have come to that conclusion,
because I've offered shreds of myself to you, too,
the suffering I've had to endure

You know, but I want you to understand why,
why I allowed you to see the pieces of me that
I rarely show anyone.

Because I understand what it's like, and at the end of the day,
we're not that different

After all, we’re both in pieces.

We’ve lost so much of ourselves,
and even though we’ve tried to keep the fragments together,
losing them was inevitable for us

There’s not enough left to restore us completely.

We would have to search to the ends of the Earth
to even come close to making ourselves whole again,
and even then, it wouldn’t be enough

But maybe we don’t have to.

Maybe we only need to look right in front of us,
because, together,
we have enough to make something extraordinary
Shane Rowe Oct 5
I always miss her when she's gone
I try to tell her when she's near
She thinks she's getting in the way
Of getting rid of all my fears
She doesn't know she keeps me sane
When the rain is pouring out
The sound of banging in my chest
Means she's drowning out the sound

I even miss her when she's here
Under the covers with our hands
Clasped together like we're lost
And we're afraid to let it end

I always miss her cos I'm tired
Of feeling too much again
But feeling nothing causes rips
In my heart that has been worn
So I'll miss her less and less
And maybe then I'll get to be
Strong enough to see,
That she also misses me
Sparkyxox Oct 5
Be strong, my dear.
The dangers of the world.
Words sting sharp and accurate.
Wolves bite, tigers growl.
Ice breaks like the crystals of a heart.
Shattered pieces, scattered around.
Pick them up, my dear,
one by one.
Mend them together,
with the power of love,
be strong.
a poem dedicated to a friend who's going through hard times. i love you x
c Oct 2
I pick up
The broken pieces
And do my best to fit them back
Where they used to go.
They seem
So ready
To fall out again.
I glance at my reflection
Wondering why
I don’t recognize myself.
Maybe it’s not
The mirror
That’s broken.
"Why don't you pursue her?", the moon asked.

"Because", the philosopher replied "she has given pieces of her heart to so many men. Her heart is all over the place."

After a long pause, the philosopher added, "I don't want just a piece. I want it whole."
sky Sep 27
I’d let you tear my heart to pieces
if it meant you could love me
for even a second
and I wouldn't regret it.
Amanda Sep 25
Why do you keep saying you will change?
What's the mud that has you stuck?
Found a way to dodge problems,
Not every fall can be ducked.

Not even listening anymore,
Wrong it may be,
Devilish creatures boring holes inside
Carving out sweetness and sensitivity.

The lies you told to my face start to fade
But a crumpled shell of truth still lingers
And looks how I thought it would,
I have yet to unwrap myself from your fingers.

My heart is broken in more pieces than yours,
Do not let love be the reason you try,
Help me understand why you will not do it for yourself,
But will if it is for you and I?
You can't make someone change but you can be a reason to change.
cait-cait Sep 25
disconnected ,
my torso has been torn from my legs
and i lay in pieces, separated
miles apart ,,

wires, like silver veins,
stem from plants
and flowers,
little golden ropes .
a noose around a garden pot ,
a robot without its head

they always say that love is blind ,
but i think love
must be cruel —
for she dressed me in red and then
left me to die,

and you know..
a tea kettle who boils
also screams ...
heard about that suicidal artist who handcuffed himself to a tree and then died. That’s what love is like. Maybe I’m just reading too many depressing things lately.
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