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It has been almost a month
A month since my heart has been broken
Broken in a million pieces
Pieces of me still love you
You where the only one that I could talk to
To you I said everything I want to talk about
About that day I had, but not that one
One day of my life has never been so bad
So bad that it broke me in two
Two people made one, you and I
I will never forget you
You where *are the love of my life
Life we where shearing together
Together we were happy
Happy like that I'll never be again
Again I hate my life
Life that I resented so much
So much that I wanted to die
Die, was the only thing I could think about, until I met you
You were the one that saved me from death
Death is what I think about again
Again I am in that ****** place in my head
Head first I went into that relation
Relations are supposed to last
Last month you broke my heart
My heart will never be the same again
Again I want to die
When trust is broken, shattered
I pick up the pieces
Melt them with the fires of my hurt
I recreate the destruction
After so long, the fire is extinguished
I can't be hurt by you
Trust stays, on the floor
I leave the pieces as you left them
Jessica 5d
How do you let go of something
that you could only love pieces of
but still loved just as ferociously
as if you were to love the whole?

It’s like trying to let go of something whole
when you only held a few pieces of it to begin with.
Jessica 6d
As I lay in a tangle of sheets,
hands clutched over heart
as if shielding it from a dagger
that had already been stuck inside of it,

I marveled at how easy it was
for him to break me and my heart once and for all
when all I ever did
was give over my broken pieces

to make him whole.
someday, years from now
when you are waiting for her to come home
and your mind drifts to thoughts of me
and you like to think that I'm wandering aimlessly
drawing maps out of the past hoping they'll lead you back to me
you should know I've found a new resting place in the stability of someone else
I show him every scar and the stories behind them
and he smothers them in a kindness that cleanses every record of you
I left your memories with my shoes at his doorstep
and I stopped missing you when he welcomed the parts of me
I always had to hide from you
Jenn 7d
why do I keep looking for unhappiness
why do I look for things to upset me
am I broken
how do I fix me
how do I mend the pieces that you made
without cutting my hands open
carole Dec 10
And when you finally let me go,
Will there be burns where your hands use to be?
Will I crumble to pieces without you holding me?
Or will my wings finally have enough space to spread?
c Dec 3
My body is a museum
I am full of ancient ruins
Pieces of my past
I am fragile, beautiful
Tainted by time
You can look,
But please don’t touch
Vanessa Dec 3
We are born afraid
Of the shattered pieces that come
Maybe we are supposed to break
For the gold cracks of light
to shine through us.
Xylos Nov 30
Colours have faded
off the walls
but the walls remain.

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