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you can
pick me apart
piece by piece.

I promise you
that I can
handle the pain.

experiment on me,
sedate me,
cut me open
and study me.
I can take it.

all I ask is that
when you put me
back together again,
please leave my trauma
out on the operating table.
Nina Oct 11
You will break me
Again and again
And i will come back running to you
Loving you
With all my broken pieces
Kerli Tulva Sep 13
You shatter the windows
and hold your hands
under the falling pieces
of my cracked heart.

How does it feel to feel
the millions of fragments
from every unlike window
of the once glowed heart.

How does it feel to feel
the pieces glowing now
to look at the reflection
of past, present and love.
I’d told myself that you’re a lover of modest tastes
yet being yours always cost me peace of mind and now
I just want to eat a piece of sweet potato pie in peace
without life constantly trying to **** me off because
my heart was b.r.o.k.e.n into a thousand pieces when you
left me coz you said I stink at love like
horse **** and it felt like a bullet from a 9mm pis_tol
which is funny coz I told me lies that true love never hurts
but every time you lie it feels like my heart is getting piercings
still you will be the one to piece it back together coz our
lives are tangled and we’re {trapped in this pod like peas}
you get me and I get you we’re our own little
species even though I’m an Aries and you are
a Pisces
All those P's. LOL
alexis Aug 27
my body’s missing pieces,
and i don’t know
how to fix it,
or fill it
without your embrace.
27 août 2020
5:27 pm
LaCayla Aug 19
I want to help,
talk to me,
I can help you.

Depression rates are increasing,
Will you be the next victim?

Depression can cause you to feel
or unwanted

Depression can tear you into a trillion little pieces
and scatter you all over the floor

Others don't help clean up,
Instead, they walk all over you,
they push you to the side,
hide you in a

They tell you that you're trash,
you tell the mirror.

They tell you no one wants you,
You tell the mirror.

They tell you that you are nothing,
you tell the mirror.

They tell you that you are nothing,
you tell the razor.

They tell you that you are worthless,
you tell the red stained water.

They tell you that you are nothing,
you tell the doctor.

They tell your mom that they were so so close to you,
you tell God it's a lie...

Depression is hurting
our souls,
our hearts,
our physical bodies.
Are you next?

Talking helps.

Talking hurts.

Talking is overwhelming.

But you have to do it.

Pick up the scrapes,

glue them together,

find peace with yourself.

Understand that you have to want to be helped in order for ANYONE to help you.

Understand that you can be glued back together.

Yes, there are scars, but they show others what you have
gone through,
dealt with,

You can survive,
because right now, you are still here reading this poem.
Terra Levez Aug 19
Put the Broken Things together
And see the bigger picture
Things that were once
Hoped to be a whole again
Something made together
But now I carry it alone
Or do u carry some of the Broken Pieces too?
Do you look down at your hands when the sharp edges cut?
Like glass it used to shine, tempered in fire, made on the sands of distant beaches
Now I look through those Broken Pieces
I see blood on my hands
For when people who you thought would never leave. And they left with your bond like broken glass in your palms
Sophia Aug 18
I spent a lot of time
Trying to fix you,
But I never realized
That you were breaking me.

While I was putting
Your pieces back together,
You were ripping mine apart.
But by the time
I realized it,

It was too late.
Raina Aug 16
Even broken pieces can be melded together with enough kindness and love.
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