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abi Apr 15
It is officially silly season
where there is no time for reason
and anyone can get away with treason
but even you can admit to falling to pieces

only seen from afar
you are like a shooting star
and if I get too close I'm left with a scar

I hope I'm not you're secret
but if I am would you keep it

so take my broken pieces and please make them cohesive
I found a
Piece of a
And it
In my
If it fits
Serendipity Jan 7
God is 1000 pieces of shattered glass
begging to be put together,
inside you see your reflection
and wonder why is God's so much better.
Let's see, let me check this  correctly.. So your saying you don't get me.
You don't get the creativity.
Ink to pad tapestry.
Designed words of dressed abilities.
The way words portray, feelings, thoughts emotional say.
Ahh I can slip into them like lingerie.
You need words put simply rather easily in your described way.
Well they can be worn like a pair of  comfy shoes, or come with wings of expressions.
You don't want any worded thoughts of cuteness. No challenged reasonings.
Come on and try it. My words scoop them onto a spoon. Sprinkle them across the tongue.
Allow flavors to be measured drizzled with fun.
Chew on  their newness. In fullness.  
Their  stunning liked bites makes  your sharp teeth.
That are able to reach then flow oh so deep.
Have a seat,
allow me to season your mind roused with words like music under feet.
Don't retreat
Don't claim verbal defeat.
The minds willing to listen.
Spiritual ease smiling oh  so nicety. How do you say!
What's that,  love how you sway, eyes glow with laughter after laughter.
Line after line.
Words love when its
Cute and flirty poetry find.
Read me, metaphorically.
Mind and bodied lyrical I be.
Richly diversely gently staged  so cleverly.

S.A.M H.E.R_Poetry 2023
SANA Dec 2023
how to heal the broken parts of the soul
that keep breaking on daily basis
how is that "nothing is so broken that can't be fixed"
while all I feel is feel broken with every ounce of air i breath..
Phia Oct 2023
I gave you
A piece of me
Under the impression
That you
Would put a piece of you
Back in its place.
But time and time again,
I am left wanting.
And alone
With nothing left
To give
Getting some feelings out. I am so sick of people leaving. I can’t do it anymore
ag Aug 2023
I always write every thoughts and every words that would come up in my head on any of my blank pages.

But this time, I stopped writing my thoughts and had not touched my blank pages anymore.

Because, I’m afraid I’ll write about you again.
Madeleine Aug 2023
My Child
I give to you in pieces
So you are not overwhelmed
By all that I have for you
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Holding broken pieces of past in the palms of my outstretched hands
Reasons evade me
I sit here struggling to understand
The edges dig deep
Causing tender skin to seep scarlet drops
Taking Tylenol to pummel pain until it finally stops
I'm ready to give up life and dive headfirst into my grave
It is difficult for me but I must admit my soul is far too gone to save
The devil stole it from my bones and doesn't plan on giving it back
Without it polished surface falters and slowly begins to crack
Just a glimpse into my depressing life
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