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Chris Aug 8
Tank of green
Liquid steam
Bubbles rise
Growing wise.

All this pain
That I feel
There's no gain
From this deal.

Wired tubes
Sticking out
Glowing cubes
Left no doubt.
Who else ready for this area 51 raid?
The tears I cried when I
said goodbye to Helen my sweetheart on her journey away from this
and on
to next the tears never had
a chance to dry before they'd start falling all over again falling
rain for I thought how could I live without her for so much of my life she had been the only thing In my life all I could
was to keep her dream alive
In doing so this would keep
me alive a purpose
my now empty life the day I stop writing will be the day  that I give up on
Johnny walker May 30
Each kiss she gave to me every smile just glance
from Helen's beautiful
eyes that told all but sadly she want tell
But there want be another
for how can the be for I've my time for the love that she gave to me as wife mother and lover for I had It
But she was taken from me
and there want be another for she was the one there are times I have to admit I felt cheated robbed of the love
of my
But the bravery the fight as she tried to cling on to life that on numerous previous close encounters with
the bravery and true fighting spirit she showed to us all had seen her through all those times
In our hearts we knew her her strength had been drained to the point she had no fight and the will to continue had
The last time I sat by her Hospital bed holding her hand she
looked at me with those still beautiful eyes that never once lost there sparkle of youth
she simply said I can't do this no more there was no need for me to ask what did she mean the poor girl had
the will to want to fight any more no strength did she have and with the last Christmas tree by her bed
that she'd ever
for Helen accepted the walk to the beautiful light on so many accations before she had started to the
walk then I'd call her back she would turn around and walk back
me but this time I was told by the Doctors she wouldn't make It so this time I had to  let her continue her walk to the light for I couldn't call her back
So many times Helen had encountered close encounter with death but this time there would be no coming back from the beautiful light she walked to
Thin fingers tending
Creeping ivy overhead
Holding life inside
©LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 96

He said-
If you tell,
It will ruin my life.
So I stayed silent-
And let it ruin mine.

Zell Oct 2018
As my heart kept losing over my brain,
I am rather more tempted to feign.
To act as if i do not feel much,
Though sometimes i long for your touch.

But be still, my dear.
Through time you'll finally hear.
For these words to which my lips are sealed,
Are feelings need not stay forever concealed.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
Maria Etre Sep 2018
I want to keep
the version
of you
with the
moon & the stars
Autumn Lewis May 2018
Dedication , strength , and  perseverance is what we were told
"To help create productive members of society through the youth we will mold"
They would P.T us and "smoke us" and then after that during the winter they would ask , "Are you still cold?"
I trained and kept quite most of the time
The academy help set for me a paradigm
The seconds felt like days the days then turned to months and by then it was gone
I miss the days from talking to the others or to listening to "outside music" like "Hit the Quan"
The main factor that drove me to the highest rank was proving everyone wrong
It made me ready for the uncertainty and strong
I knew I could do it and I still can I knew this all along
Helene Marie Apr 2018
shared smiles
showed secrets
that neither of us
we were keeping
Scarlet M Jan 2018
aren't made
be kept,
to be
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