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July Gray Nov 2020
I wrote a poem into the wind
Improvisational melody
And promptly forgot it
I think the wind kept it
um you might have noticed I changed my gender. This is a kinda new thing, and I can't promise it'll never change again. (but then, changing is kinda the point, genderFluid)
but yeah. :)
Jieun Feb 2020
"promises are meant to be broken"
it is not meant to be broken
it has BEEN broken

it has been broken because you weren't honest
it has been broken, because you didn't cared
didn't care enough to fulfill it
don't you know how that's really unfair?

People make excuses for the promises they cant keep
so they decided to blame it on fate
when really, they're the ones who we have to hate

promises aren't meant to be broken
we aren't suppose to forget
because someone out there is hoping for it...

promises are meant to be kept...
Our days roll away like dropped coins.
Individual moments are continually lost,
Often never to be reflected upon again.
But the epochs of a full life remain,
Safeguarded by the cushions of our couch,
Waiting for when we are in need of a treat.
Ruheen Oct 2019
I talk to myself

So I can think to myself,
And so I think to myself,

What a horrible world.

'But why does it seem so pretty?'

Because beauty is the best disguise
For something so ugly inside.

The horrors of this world are a well-kept secret.
They are, aren't they?
It's the horror within the beauty can harm us the most.
Even more than just the horror alone.
Irene J Sep 2019
where should I hide
my love.

while I'm dying for
you to notice me,

you said that it
better to be kept

rather ruin the beauty
of what it is now.
Chris Aug 2019
Tank of green
Liquid steam
Bubbles rise
Growing wise.

All this pain
That I feel
There's no gain
From this deal.

Wired tubes
Sticking out
Glowing cubes
Left no doubt.
Who else ready for this area 51 raid?
Lady Ravenhill Apr 2019
Thin fingers tending
Creeping ivy overhead
Holding life inside
©LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 96
Tabbitha Erceg Apr 2019

He said-
If you tell,
It will ruin my life.
So I stayed silent-
And let it ruin mine.

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