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stargazer Nov 2019
the problem is
i care
too much
not caring
The world is so brutal today
People don't respect anything
The politicians lie to our face
Nothing seems to ever change

My expectations aren't that high
Don't be rude or tell me lies
Be kind to each other in life
Obey the same laws we comply

Gunfire rings out in our schools
Lives these days have no value
Another mass shooting on the news
Thoughts and prayers will not do

Politicians line there pockets today
They no longer work for the people
Making millions to look the other way
They hide behind the church steeple

Let's take what's real here tonight
Just fire up the amplifiers
And bring up all the lights
Right now, everything's alright

Corporations pollute our air
Dump waste into our waterways
More money so they don't care
We the people are who pays

Don't drink and don't smoke
That's what they always say
Tax us so much we are broke
Pollution will **** us anyway

Billions spent on foriegn wars
While Veterans sleep in the streets
Ask for help they shut the door
Welcome home now struggle to eat

Our bridges keep falling down
It's a battle to stay on our feet
Tent cities for homeless in town
D.C thinks we want everything free

So, I'll take what's real here tonight
Just crank up the amplifiers
And bring up all the lights
Right now, everything's alright

Let's just bring up the lights
And take what's real tonight
Just turn up the amplifiers
Tomorrow we'll restart the fight

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
sunshine Dec 2019
he came crawling

like they always do

when he's drunk

her lipstick shade stuck

to match the lies

he's ignoring the calls

breaking my nails

eating away at me

I'm not a club girl

but he's tattooed

where my heart used to be
another year without
the lies or drugs
or even you

It is simple
Problem is inconsequential
Until problem is solution
And we count how long it take
Count me to five
This ain't your home
Sudipta Maity Sep 2019
I put my fingure on you profile bar
to see you clear and have you more closer.
That the only thing every time I do.
yesterday's tulip still in the garden.

When the account blink online
I press my side button
and go for a sleep.
It's now a Enstine relativity,
that you are busy
with someone's chat or in my dream.

It's almost full -
text in form of draft.
Unspoken word with immature love.
I wish to format my brain
with full of your picture and smile.
But the backup is store in my heart
Not in my pendrive.
You have me in your contact list
I have tag you in my all poem.
I am waiting for a morning to pickup
that yesterday's tulip still in garden.
When we connect to our loving one by only social media
hannah Sep 2019
This was supposed to be the year
That things came together
But so far I've only succeeded
At watching my world fall apart
This is quite frankly the most chaotic year yet. Why? I thought this couldn't get worse. But it did. Somehow, it did.
Chris Aug 2019
My brain is fried
Over easy
My brain cells died
Makes me queasy.

This nausea
Is giving me
New empty thoughts
Of hollow dreams.

Writing this now
I'm asking how
I've been endowed
With useless talent.
Esther L Krenzin Jun 2019
Don't go looking
for bread from an
starving man
when he cant even feed himself.

Esther L. Krenzin
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