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Sudipta Maity Sep 11
I put my fingure on you profile bar
to see you clear and have you more closer.
That the only thing every time I do.
yesterday's tulip still in the garden.

When the account blink online
I press my side button
and go for a sleep.
It's now a Enstine relativity,
that you are busy
with someone's chat or in my dream.

It's almost full -
text in form of draft.
Unspoken word with immature love.
I wish to format my brain
with full of your picture and smile.
But the backup is store in my heart
Not in my pendrive.
You have me in your contact list
I have tag you in my all poem.
I am waiting for a morning to pickup
that yesterday's tulip still in garden.
When we connect to our loving one by only social media
This was supposed to be the year
That things came together
But so far I've only succeeded
At watching my world fall apart
This is quite frankly the most chaotic year yet. Why? I thought this couldn't get worse. But it did. Somehow, it did.
Chris Aug 14
My brain is fried
Over easy
My brain cells died
Makes me queasy.

This nausea
Is giving me
New empty thoughts
Of hollow dreams.

Writing this now
I'm asking how
I've been endowed
With useless talent.
Don't go looking
for bread from an
starving man
when he cant even feed himself.

Esther L. Krenzin
Johnny walker Jun 17
Helen can't come back for that I accept so I'm content
to remain In this lonely place for some but not me for at leased I'm
of life troubles that no longer touch or hurt me for I no longer belong or even care for world and I don't
No longer the struggles In
life that once bothered me
for I have an acceptance to what will be will
for nothing I do will ever change that of what's Is destined to be so I take the what's left me and make the best of the rest of my
What's left when the ire goes?
What's left when the turmoil turns?

Brightness chest. Return to breath.
Empty, to the full line, eyes up for the sky.

Doubling over, over with the shut door.
Over with the blockade.

What's left when the spite goes?
What's left when the part departs:

The empty art, the necroheart?
The busted love emulator?

in the aftermath.
I'm left. And I know
now, I'm allowed.
I'm allowed.
I'm left,
You know who you are.
You're allowed.
We're out here.
We're all over.
Hold fast.

PMc Apr 4
I am powerfully drawn toward and yet must remain cautions
one false word out of context is ruination
of my career, my life
wrong word – bad time – didn’t mean it
out of context - will all add up

I am weary and need to be held
2019 social media kangaroo-court will tag me
an “inappropriate predator”
my physical person has need that cannot be
expressed as or when I want

I am lost in spirit hoping to find some direction
time was when I could free-spirit my way
through just about anything
my years have found me, I recognize my own shadow,
the spirit has since left

I am torn between heart and head
strong enough in both as in body with rational ability
to decide between the two
knowing that one decision will have consequences
for the other - and others

I am alone with my thoughts undecided
your hair bundled to one side an invitation to caress,
converse and be loved
yet I want no part of my bad things happening
to your good people
Attraction of any kind can have downside.  Not that bad things are happening to people but I knew that if action was taken / not taken and either us were to "act on our feelings", consequences would ensue.
swaggmaster Mar 5
im halfway between wanting to die
and wanting to drink more beer

which is the worse to fear?

something that will leave you dry
or something that will make you fly
and sometimes you just have to let them go,
not because you are  not strong enough to fight for them,
but because they wont even try to win you
i had to let you go because i was tired, tired of everything ...i just couldnt take it anymore..........
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