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Deep Feb 2022
I stood there well
But fell in a Well,
They pull me out
of the Well,
I stood there thinking;

Am I well?
Mose Nov 2021
Dropped my last quarter into the bottomless well.
All my secrets keep finding me at the surface.
My wishes must have too much weight.
I wait for the echo to let me know we reached rock bottom.
I’m a rising flower in the concrete cracks.
Life that continues to grow where it shouldn’t.
Yanamari Nov 2020
I've been pushing away eating a certain fruit
It's sweet and good for my well-being but
I've been questioning whether it's worth having it
After having valued it for a while
Once I questioned its worth
The fruit vanished
And I'm struck
Do my thoughts coincide with its disappearance?
Even if they did, the questions float around in the space left by the fruit
More prominent, more dominant than the momentary sweetness that may last on my tongue
Less fleeting and more familiar than the short-lasting nutrition
And yet neither can compare or compete the other
And so all I have left is to wait
And only time will show whether these thoughts will
Become more tangible than the fruit itself
SøułSurvivør Oct 2020
A chaste & lovely maiden
Loved a roughhewn sort of man
It was a strange attraction
The folk could never understand
But she lived in a great tower
In a foreign land.

The lad traversed the valleys
The tangled briars low
Great and craggy mountains
Replete with ice and snow
He knew that he must find her
But did not know where to go.

He questioned people far & wide
Of how to find the lass
Finally an old woman
Told him true at last
But guardians of gargoyles
Would let no one pass!

They would ask a riddle
That he would have to tell
What was found in plenty
At the bottom of a well
If he couldn't answer
They'd take him straight to hell!

The rough young man, he pondered
Yes, he was perplexed
He had no ready answer
Didn't know what to do next
He did not know the answer
And he was so sore vexed!

But a gentle voice he told him
Just like a tender kiss
What resides within a well
Is always a great wish.

So the lad, he faced his foe
So bold in his youth
His answer confounded them
Because it was the TRUTH.

He found the modest maiden
Straight away they wed
They had been kept apart
But had higher love instead!

The moral of this fable
Is the greatest wish in you


Catherine Jarvis
October 23, 2020
The fable is one of my favorites!
no truth login Sep 2020
someday we’ll meet/(the agenda)

in the flesh,
touch elbows,
staying masked
investigate each other’s

rock ‘n roll

no need
to start falling
in love

with you.

we been there,
we done that.

everybody knows,
old news!

p.s. yes babe, that’s the truth
Safana Aug 2020
Ring the Bell
Ring it, well
Ring the Bell
can see, a skell
from dry well
They sight it well
A wealthy kvell
spell it and yell,
Ring the Bell
And paupers
           yawningly mispell
           They can see not well
They said:
           Blood well instead farewell

Ring the Bell
Everyone is unwell
The tears is upwell
No tasty, they smell
All sadness are swell
And hungry is quell

Ring the Bell
          Difficulties swell
          No one to dwell
          For a bit on snell
          Uphill is upswell

Ring the bell
Ring it well!
Be alert and alert everyone to help those needy ones everywhere in this world.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2020
If an if ifies in time to make you
see a second pass
tict to tict
take the time to see the vision
trust your spirit to remind you

this ain't déjà vu,
this is new,
we really are feeling life in
mere words,
on a retina for a second
past any certain point,
any possible thing
one more time,
sequential as days, that's life,
one thing after another, then we die.
Pondering time flying, wishing all well
All energy comes from the same well
every whim wrought
whims not
while sitting on a fiery throne
or cast out onto frosted stone
buy or sell
It's drawn from the same well
close your eyes
what color is it?
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