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Kaleigh lynn Nov 28
we all say perfection isn't real
as we rip apart young girls and shove magazines in there faces
and tell them this is what you should be.
perfection isn't real but try going vegan or maybe just stop
perfection isn't real but hide those stretch marks so the world doesn't see.
perfection isn't real but you could really use some acne cream.
perfection isn't real maybe your just not good enough for
If perfection isnt real then what standard is everyone trying to
why are we degrading young teens ?why are we degrading mankind with a expectation no one can reach?
why let wrists bleed longer that life expectancy
just admit perfection is real and is a
this goes out to all living not only women
tears after tears
those may equal pearls
what will you lose?
my dear was gone

one will not be returned
if your tears as the rains
but they wipe the sad
and decrease the burden

over your heart that was loaded
tears may show how you love
the root of it at your heart
make you get deep deep

as the pearl downed at the well
sad but you don't have any hand
to help aexcept pary to your ***
loosing our dears make us sad. ut tears make it less loaded.
adorating Nov 23
i thought i know myself
well enough
i thought i know what
i want,
and what i need
i thought i can make
myself choose
between those two
until being alone
does not bring me
any peace
and lonely it is
what i feel
you moved really slow
when I needed you to move fast
you took your time
I can’t blame you for that
I cherished everything you told me
So my heart wouldn’t rot
You left me quickly
Then you left me to rot
Sometimes circumstances are away beyond our control.  
The hardest thing is not known
How to step back
Seanathon Sep 17
From where to draw
From which new well?
The night forever never tells

With no ear there
To hear the silence
But to speak another, break the spell

No mind to see what's in the night
Unless the dark is spoken till
The dawn it breaks another dream

With morning come a settled well

Deep to draw
Deep to dwell
A person's thoughts at night... A person's thoughts at night.
Sara Kellie Sep 12
I can't believe I bought them.
Is this the top scoop?
I've entered a raffle for
pea & ham soup.
I can't even eat it,
I'm vegetarian you see.
Won't you just change it to
tomato for me?

I don't mind the peas,
It's the ham that's no good.
They slaughter those piggies
screaming, covered in blood.
Eyes bulging, their throats cut.
It's really not nice.
There's so much more to choose from,
not just cakes made of rice.

Have you seen how they nugget,
crispy goujons and breast?
They've found faeces and gristle
in a food safety test.
So don't think that these people
have your interests at best.
Look it up, do your research
and I'll give it a rest!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Stop eating animals!
shima Sep 11
the world was too small
the frog thought inside the well


the frog jumped outside and thought
the world was too big
Phi Kenzie Sep 1
I have a,


I'm unsure what to call it.

yet receiving water
Wyatt Aug 29
Your lies
feel more sincere
than their truths.
Your knives
give more comfort
than their hugs.
Your sight
gives me shivers
I cannot shake.
Your eyes
take me higher
than any drug may.

You hurt me well.
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