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flamingogirl Oct 2020
I am intoxicated by you.
The smell of your clothing,
The taste of your lips,
The feel of your hair,
The structure of your face,
Everything about you
Overwhelms my senses
And makes me
Pull you in tighter
And bring you in close.
I cannot stop
Wrapping myself in
Your arms.
You intoxicate me.
Timely wrapped
To make a word wrap

Saves a thought
From a word drought

Survival from the swamp
No word ever goes damp
A thought to survive in a swamp of many
Has to be timely worded

I enjoy writing about thoughts, purely words :)
The Foodie One May 2020
I feel entrapped
in this shell
wrapping me around

It covers
- envelops -
every part of me;

But, inside
I still
© 04/05/20
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Saw it unfold before my very eyes

But it happened too quickly for me to wrap my life back up into the neat little box it was packed in
Pandora doesn't go back into the box
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
When the eternal night
once again wraps up the sun
the Moon opens the window
to the forever countless stars!
PrernaK Mar 2019
In the light, we laugh
under the moon, we gleam.

lying on the dry grass
of an unknown field.
we talk about how
on a cold mountain
one day,
we'll wrap our arms
around each other
humming the songs
of our summery dreams.

How I write thinking of my lover's face.
Karmen Oct 2018
writing comes like lightning
I'm fighting this writing
tired of wanting to explain things out
I feel more like im drowning
cause knowing you aren't all right
got me staying up every night .
its night out, all alone out
tryna block these thoughts out
pause the flashback of the last call we had
the feelings that flowed out
your heart out to reveal
hit me like lightening
some sort of frightening beauty
it has me sinking
not knowing how I should be thinking
ive wanted this for a long while now ,
and not ever receiving was little pleasing
so excuse me for shrieking
this apology wasn't anything I thought id be getting
you've made me drown  more than known
sinking further in a world of fucken dumb love
you are what I hate when I love , love when I hate
does that even make sense
you make me be better then okay
not many are lucky to say
I know you don't believe me
but it is your world, im lucky to be living in it
your world and lucky I had a chance to be in it.
year gone now I don't know what to say
im not better off , im a disaster since we fell off
life just feels wrong and its taking me on
im trying to stay strong
wish you would only call
then I could keep on
not move on cause I hold onto your flame strong
I know its dumb
but ima be here even if it takes forver long
cause I meant it when I said
ill always be here
even not near
you got me on my feet
can even be a buttdial without a speak
youll have me at my peak
quick away  from weak
just think
you could assist me from this lightning steak
cause im almost knocked out off my feet
waiting to take leave
if we never get to speak
so please
message me when you read
and tell me I better chill before you leave
or you know what I mean at least
too much feel to put words for all that's gone on
K Balachandran May 2018
cosy sleep under wraps,
listening rain’s symphony;
life in half a dream!
I once
assembled a
joint with
tourniquet in
a flash
that caper
with anesthetic
there still
struck awhile
in fiasco
when dovetail
would matter
with adhesive
that shined
this local
area with
avocado mince
a cookie
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