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So many heartbreaking stories shared on this site
much pain and suffering
but we all have something
In common we all read and write poetry

We share our poems our stories that give all amazing Insperation through each others words we spread love amongst each other help advice others so much In

Something so special on this site to encourage people to believe In themselves and
to write what they believe no matter what, so much love that sadly the rest of the world Is lacking

Finding poetry was the best thing ever did and through poetry writing gained so many friends throughout the world a wonderful tribute to Hello Poetry
A tribute to Hello Poetry for helping so many people through out the world to come together through poetry writing so a very big thank you to It's founders bless you
Weather isn't too good today
Seems like heaven's in tears
Not because I'm broken
Or it broke along watching me
Once again another being would metaphorize it with her grief
Please pray
for the loss of my uncle.
The way he
was horrible.
Drug for him were always
a struggle.
And now
his parents have to
put together
the death puzzle.
Please pray
for my grandparents,
and for all those
who need to deal with losing loved ones
Please pray for my grandparents and for my family. The loss of my father's brother, my uncle, came unexpectedly.
feeling the sunrise pour over me like gold
dancing on the walls and shattering through the glass
all I ever wanted to do is hold you
but I keep missing you and you slip through my fingers
and I cry diamonds for you
kaleidoscope of emotions in a rainbow spectrum
that's how I feel about you
so stop running away and let me tell you it's okay
the world trying to drain us of our life
hooking our brains up to futuristic machines
reading our fortunes and dissolving our humanity
but all I ever wanted to do is hold you
I keep missing you and you always slip past me
I wanna sit and be painted in the sunrise
the shadow of your arms around me
holding me down when my imagination gets the best of me
but you're still never here
burn down the rollercoaster I keep feeling for you
get up and paint my own sunrise
one where you're still here beside me
im not crying
i dont want to cry
im just trying to figure you out

Johnny walker Feb 10
Sometimes I have taken a step back to the past year to the shear Impact that the loss of my sweetheart has had on
me and how deeply It's affected me

And my life alone so far I suppose In truth I've crawled back Into my shell to try and shelter myself on such a devastating Impact

Has had on my life to date times when a part of me wants to move on trying create a new beginning but
In truth, Helen was so strong In

But more Importantly still has now such a powerful Influence on my life and decisions In the way that's good for

But also does give a purpose to help me through the loneliness the more difficult days since her passing just an amazing love for each other that
In the reality

I know could never be equalled by any other the need to hold on to her memory Is so Important even though gone Helen still has a grip on my

Through me she survives In my dreams and memories that will be sufficient to see me through to the end of
Thoughts if how I'll deal with the loss of  Helen sometimes love has the strength to carry the one left behind through to the be end of days
There were times In my life I believe I could have done so much better If not for the curse of

That I've suffered on of all my life but believed I could have done so much better particularly In my

For I knew my wife to be from when she was just a kid and because of depression I missed out on an opportunity to marry a girl of sixteen

This girl called Helen who much later In years became my wife but because of depression I was robbed of the chance to marry her at sweet sixteen

For she was even more beautiful then and those of you who suffer depression you'll know just what I mean, for once you have It  depression never fully go away
Curse of depression never ever leaves comes and goes It robbed so much of my youth
and a chance to have had so many more years with my wife
It's been
a long day,
but it's finally come
to an end.
The only thing that got
me though
was thinking about
Seanathon Jan 23
All along
I’ve been looking through
The stained, the pure
The meaning of clear

With a surreal light
Which bends the prism
And frees me from physical
Prison cell

And all along I’ve been looking through
The edge of iron and steel
The wood, the window
The highest ideal
My Window - How appropriate
Born like other
I also have Mother
i am teacher
i am teacher
some call me call teacher
Some call me cheater
Do u know I also am sweeter....
Some call me weird
But to make your son best
i always tried
To imped evils
from the side of devils....
I saved your sibling from waste
I am the Teacher I never Haste
I never Fuss what money I get
I give u my life and U BET !!!
I nourish your son
When you yourself shun...
Still you treat me like a best !!!!
You Slaughter my Heart and Cook your feast !!
Still never mind
Teacher  preacher
CM Lee Jan 21
What’s said is said, what’s done is done
I wish I could tell you there are still days in the sun
But you pulled the trigger and I jumped the gun
And just like that you and I were gone

We tried to save what was already dead
We didn’t realize we already pulled the thread
What’s left of us is nothing but regret
What once was white, has now turned to red

It was beautiful, it was better than summer
What we had together, I will cherish forever
I know we ended, I know it’s all for the better
But I’ll still miss the times we spent together

I’ll always remember each afternoon
The sunset and the breeze each day of June
The song that we always rewind from that album
Somehow I feel these memories won’t leave anytime soon

I miss you but I won’t chase after you
After all, we both know what we had is through
No turning back, let’s leave without any clue
To where you’re headed, I’ll hope to never find you
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