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Nina Sep 18
I am still patiently waiting
for the day to come
where I wake up
and smile
kinda sad idk recouvering
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
every day
They do happen
All around us
Do you want to see miracles?
Open our eyes  
To the rainbow colors of  Light
Creating playful rhymes
Pros and songs
With joyful gratitude
Set your heart free to Love
As the sun shines
as songs of birds filling the air.
As pebbles of sand
Without number.
Miracles are. 
(now read the lines from the bottom up).
The journey from pain to increased joy and peace has been filled with the little and large miracles of life,   It seemed when the need arose it was met in ways, I did not imagine (synchronicities, gut feelings, hunches, dreams, visions, guardian angels, message through an unaware friend, etc). May of the answers were small. Some took  time. Yet over the course of my life all that I have asked for has come into my life. I am grateful for the assistance we receive from ancestors, and others on the other side of the veil.
Seanathon Aug 30
Through the rivers and the rain
   My emotions seep

No matter how far I reach
   How quiet I be
      Or how fervently I wish
      For this condensated heart to dry

Beneath stars and moonlight vain
   I stay
      Locked in the garden of perpetual being
         Without your warmth of certain meaning

And when the new morning comes
   With the quiet thought
      I realize what I had always ought

That I cannot seem to make you mine
   Regardless of the place or time
Johnny walker Aug 16
Oh I never thought I would lose her never saw myself without her never thought I'd be left her all alone but sadly someone decided this would be
that I should left on my own
Oh but this life there Is no justice to how cruel It can be never showed me any mercy In my hours of need and never once answered
But Its not broken my spirits
not weakened my fight for survival for I still have my sweethearts undying love and that we always had for each other that will never
And If I never get to love again In this life then the time I had with Helen will be enough and I'll be carried through the rest of my days on memories of my
she was all and everything to me but I'm not letting her go for I love her so Helen and I were meant to be our love was planed
out through
Lillian May Aug 6
wouldn't you know it but I
oh I
a little girl wouldn't know it either would I?
no no but I think I feel it
or rather I feel my thinks
can't decipher any of it but a wink
and my thinks think
shouldn't I know it myself?
but nay I keep it all tucked on a very rather pretty little shelf
my thinks didn't label my feels so
im learning the things I didn't know I didn't know
a mystery
even to little me
so how should I be able to answer how do you be?
and I stand here on the edge or the brink
for I can hardly barely breathe as its all coming at me
give me just a moment
to breathe in my feels and my thinks
and perhaps the moment after the moment I'll be
just a little bit more free
lots of **** being thrown my way in the last week. finding out a lot about myself, and finding out things I didn't know I didn't know
Johnny walker Jul 28
The first time I lay down
with my lady a smile so
wide came upon my face something I hadn't had In years most of my life  before
Helen had been built on sadness and
The first time I woke In the
morning snuggled In to my
wife I felt save from the world wrapped In the warmth of her body scent of her perfume unforgettable this was to
Life Is  so unfair that leaves loved ones all alone their
happiness suddenly taken away at the loss of a loved
one who has given so much In there life
Sometime so easily forgotten
but with Helen I promised this wouldn't ever happen she lives on through my poetry and true stories of
our life spent
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