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Let's meet to dance ...

let's meet sweetheart ...
to dance together ...
a sweet soft dance ...
at our passion's stage ...
while bodies hugged ...
and eyes ...
into one other ...
dancing ...
with hearts beats ...
our hearts ...
as our bodies do...
while we thinking ...
with no one ...
caring about nothing ...
just only ...
about you ...
and me ...
to feel all happiness ...
as we are dancing ...
at our heaven's stage ...

let's meet sweetheart ...
to see the bright sweet lights ...
into one other's eye ...
while we dancing ...
and never stop ...
what we do ...

come sweetheart ...
dance me ...
and keep do ...
until the sun rise ...
with it's smile ...

hazem al ...
Oh God, here they come
thirty to fifty wild boars
I’m quite stunned
so I slam the door
and look for my gun
which isn’t there anymore
the liberals took it away
not because of bullets sprayed on concert days
but to make me gay
which is why I hid my AK.

Thirty to fifty wild boars are attacking
while my children are in the yard
I can already see their bodies stacking
without an assault rifle to guard
so I find the weapon I’ve hidden
and say to the swine good riddance
the assault rifle made the difference
it’s not just a recreational interest.

Wild boars have only killed four people in US history
because they’ve been plotting
so to me it’s no mystery
these wild boars I’m spotting
Are terrorists
that share a fist
with liberal wrists
so I must defend my country
with assault rifle hunting.

These razorbacks
find ways to smack
those who firepower lack
leaving destruction in their tracks
their leader is wearing black
he’s the harbinger of doom
wielding a scythe
like a broom
to show me eternal night
in my tomb.

My armor piercing rounds
defeat the rotund hounds
their bodies fall to the ground
my family is safe and sound
but that’s not enough
my survival was luck
I go to the government for change
to get weapons in a deadlier range
because my assault rifle can **** thirty to fifty wild boars
but what if I’m attacked by thirty to fifty more?
Regina 5d
their lungs, their lives were cindered....burn pits afire,
our troops came home, can't breathe
Katie 6d
Is the only reason we’re holding onto this relationship because we are scared to be Lonely?
InkHarted May 15
I ran towards the door
not so they could let me inside
I pushed through the crowd
not so i could buy
I thew a coin to the wishing-well
not because it was a transaction
I said nice things to my reflection
not for him to  reply
I ran towards the door
not so they could let me inside
I wanted to feel the option
to be kissed by lips
not the curb of the pavement
I hoped I knelt I prayed
I never asked for a reality
just the right to dream
for a reason to live isn't needed
when i can make a million reasons not to die
And I think we were meant to be,
In every life
But this one.
Regina May 11
mortgage was half paid
punched the clock
global virus roared
When you look at someone’s eyes what do you really see?
Does it depend on our ability to love such person?
Do we have to involve love or hate?
What about eyes we have not seen so close to us?
Is it a window of opportunity to our souls
To expand our expectations?
If we had a choice not to look at those eyes
With such a desperate need for knowledge
Could we?
A look at someone’s eyes can tell us many, many things that could open or close windows that could be beneficial or hurtful to us. Please be aware! Perhaps is the last decision you could make that will either start a lifetime or end one.
It gets better, it just does.

You meet him and he teaches you to heal.
He teaches you that, regardless of what she has done, you are beautifully kind.

He rubbishes the critic she put in there.
He shows you the worth you did not see.
He demonstrates that we are in control of our own behaviour, and you are not accountable for hers.

He shows you what you can achieve and let’s you soar. And he does it with truthful pride. He shows you that you deserve more for yourself.

He loves you with all his heart and doesn’t let her smother your light. He teaches you how to stand up for yourself.

You are no damsel and he is no hero. He will show you how resilient you really are, you just can’t see for the trees.

So keep dancing. He won’t be long.

For once you fall in love with him, you fall in love with yourself.
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