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Address a letter to noone ever
And send it on it's way
Into the gloom of another well packed bag
To be carried out and then whisked away

Let your focus not fall on the other
Let the falsehood, the penmanship
And all of the subtle friendlessness
Be mailed into the distant future
Far far away

Just address a letter to no one ever
And alone forever you'll ever stay
Just here laughing at myself. Me and my redundant ways. Lolz
GulRukh Aug 3
Do you ever feel the noon breeze?
hot yet relaxing brings you to an ease
it unfold the memories inside my brain's deepest crease
mesmerizing breeze i am standing under a tree
Moringa Oleifra the mighty
on which sits a sparrow chirping in mystique
and another strange little bird with long black beak
chirping tooo-weeee-t
on the other branches two squerrals playing hide and seek
and there sits a crow alone on one peak
i am in whirl of memories of past year 2016
didn't i mention it's about a boy in his thirties
he talked ocean deep
but treated me like i am a feast
like he is a ringmaster and i am his beast
i can still feel the pain of that time when all the good is out of my reach
Why do i think of him now when i am in peace?
would he think of me like i did?
nah or may be
nostalgic or i might weep
my orange colored dress doesn't irritate me in this scorching noon
but thoughts of you did
i have to head back from this muzz
i am going back to my people who loves me
where i am allowed to refuse
where there is no abuse
i am returning to peace
goodbye noon breeze
When brain unfolds some harsh memories of the past
Kiui 13h
When will I realize that I wasn't the main character of a movie
That I have to make myself feel alright with a cup of smoothie

When will I realize I'm not a supporting character of a tv series
That I'm only important when people have queries

When will I realize I'm not a scenery nor a sound effect

When will I realize that I'm only a credit scene
The unattractive, full of words, boring, credit scene
The scene people will never pay any attention to
The scene where words are so small, you don't hear me crying
The scene where people say, "thank you for making this show"
But never really remembers the names

When will I learn to love myself as a credit
When will I learn to accept that a credit is just as important
Even though I'm boring, unattractive and unwanted
Anya 1d
To go
Or not to go
That is the question
whether tis noble in the mind
to suffer the slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune
or to take arms against
a sea of troubles
and by opposing end-

Okay guys that's enough.
Anyone recognize that?

Seriously though, should I go to the dance?

A part of me wants to
I'd get to see my friends
share experiences with them...

Another though,
Would rather stay at home
having more fun there

My mom told me I should go
try something new

But it isn't new
I went last year

It was great
But right now I'm feeling mildly invisible in my friend group

Maybe more effort is required?
To relate more with them?

But it's not due to malicious intent
Or anything


I have one best friend though
But we're kind of different
It's still easy and fun
between us

She doesn't go to the dances
She doesn't wear dresses
She'd rather play video games
Watch Scooby Do
Or read Agatha Christy

I have other friends too
But I don't talk to the ones I don't see everyday much

But I talk to a variety of people as well
At least,
I have people I can easily talk to

Should I go?
I probably won't be lonely
But I'd probably have at least some times
of Boredom


Maybe that's why I'm not going
I'm a coward


That isn't it
It's sort of
combined with a mild fear
But mostly I feel I'd have more fun at home


Somehow I seem to believe I'll have better friends in the future
Maybe not
I think I will though

Plus, at this age
at least in all the relationships I've had

Both sides
Are SUPER self-obsessed

(Me included)

Alright rant over
(Probably not)
(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?
Why would it be me?
Why would he hurt me?
He is my Father

Why would he get closer to me?
Why would he unbutton me and tell me not to shout?
and why did I not?
Why did I not tell Mom?

That her husband, my father is not the man he was once
Now, he craves for me, his product,
That he didn't do it just once
but more times that I have even lost count

I am hurt but can only speak to myself
For one word out, is hell
I am fearful not to speak, for he said
DO NOT DARE SAY ANYTHING, or you are gone {dead}

Mom, I am sorry but I each time you inquire,
"Are you feeling fine, Glory?"
I can only say "Yes Ma," a deceiving story;
I can only smile at you

For the man in front
Is not a man
but a beast who feasts
on his own kids.

I fear for my own death to not come at this young age
Perhaps, I can tell only myself this tale
Till when he is of old
and the story can then be told.
The story I fear telling anyone, I have to keep my sounds in my silence
Open your heart
Let go of fear
no wasted thoughts
if others care
To dance and play
Or paint and sing
your heart is filled
The joy it brings
This beauty is
what matters most
No more nightmares
And haunting ghosts
A big mistake
in life to make
To foolishly
For granted take
True value much
Like currency
Eyes often shut
And can not see
Our family, friends
Those who are close
The ones we love
And cherish most
With them time spent
Cannot be faked
These moments are
What memories make
And that is what
Life's all about
It's not that hard
To figure out
Sure you can build
Mountains of toys
Aquire things
And find some joy
But what you feel
Will quickly leave
You'll cry in pain
As you bereave
Yet sadder still
You never knew
What matters most
A love that's true
Cause shiny things
May make you smile
That only lasts
A little while
An instant fix
Is what you sought
An instant fix
Is what you got
Like getting high
It did feel good
But not the way
That true love could
It's lacking depth
Was empty, shallow
Sent down stream
Without a paddle
Love does not
Only exist
Inside the arms
Or lover's kiss
In any place
It can be found
With open eyes
You'll look around
A subtle smile
A stranger gives
Can be the light
So someone lives
Of course much less
Dramatic still
Small gesture or
Act of good will
When reaching out
With open heart
And open mind
Great way to start
Just stay the course
And follow through
Cause what you'll find
Surprise to you
The love and all
The kindness shown
To others gift
But returned home
The happiness
you freely delt
Inside you swelled
Makes your heart melt
Written: September 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2015
be ever gentle to thy words
treat them, your tools, well,
cleansing and protecting,
wrapping them in cloths of chamois and moleskin
that they may be well conditioned and
pour forth with a temperament clear and viscous,
reflecting their high honors and a noble lineage,
they are well-intentioned to exist far longer
than your meager temporal life,
upon this ever hasty, ever perpetual, orbit

give them all respect, their fair due,
they are treasure immeasurable,
for which you have been granted guardianship,
custody received from others to be gifted onwards,
yours, but for the duration

so oft we trifle words,
expel them from the country of our body,
without passport and earnestness,
as if they were the cheapest of footnote filler,
day tourists, to be treated as leavings,
refuse for daily discardation,
barely noting their fast comings and faster disappearance,
but leaving not, a mark of distinction

more truffle than trifle,
find them in the dark forest of your life,
use them sparingly, just for soaring,
take them from the roots of your trees,
shave them with a paring knife,
counts them in bites and measure them in grams,
even in grains,
for words are the seasoning of our lives,
agent provacateurs that can modify the moment,
bringing out to the fore
the flavor of the underlying

speak them slow and distinct,
for they arrive slow to you,
a trickling of refugees for your sheltering,
harbor them as full companions,
protected by natural law,
provision them well,
prepared and ever ready for a quick departure,
moor them at the embarcadero,
for the next restless leg of endlessness,
which they themselves will inform you
will last longer than eternity,
long after there are no humans to speak them
Oct. 6, 2015
Manhattan Island
Tia 3d
I'm having the same fear again
But yet I don't wanna be comforted
I'm experiencing the same thing again
But yet I don't want you to see me uncollected

I'm having the same heavy breathings again
But yet I don't want you to know how I am unhealed
I'm having the same dreams again
But yet I don't want to tell you in those dreams you visited

I'm standing on the same spot again
But yet I don't want to inform you that even a little I didn't moved
I'm having ghosts of my feelings again
But yet I want to show you to forget is what I tried

It's bullshit!
Bullshit that I'm in the same mess
It's bullshit!
Bullshit that I'm in the same madness

It's bullshit!
Bullshit that I have the same tears!
It's bullshit!
Bullshit that now I'm looking for the same beer!

Do you know how?
How hard is it not to think of you?
Do you know how?
How I tried to tell my heart not to beat for you?

Do you know how?
How I'm trying to get you off my mind?
Do you know how?
How I'm doing my best not to see you in the crowd?

Do you know how?
How hard I tried to ignore the fact that I miss you?
Do you know how?
How it hurts to force myself not to love you.
When you're trying so hard but it's not enough to make the feelings disappear.
Head south on W Doubt Drive
0.2 mi

Turn right onto N Confused Court
0.8 mi

Slight left to stay on N Frustrated Fairway
1.0 mi

Turn right onto W Bullshit Rd
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Hell Hwy
0.5 mi

Turn right onto W Anger Ave
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Pain Place
1.6 mi

Turn right onto W Suffering St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Regret Road
1.1 mi

Turn right onto W Depression Drive
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N 68th St

N 68th St turns slightly left and becomes S Agony Ave
0.4 mi

Continue onto E Therapy Terrace

Slight right to stay on Self Forgiveness Blvd
0.4 mi

Turn right onto E Understanding Way
2.2 mi

Turn left onto Acceptance Alley
0.5 mi

Continue onto Lovers Lane
0.3 mi

Lovers Lane turns slightly right and becomes Peace Place
99,000,000 mi

You have arrived at your destination.
To get to heaven, you must first go through Hell!
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