Mirza 11m

Turning from reality into a dream,
You will be silently dying inside.
I do not have the heart to hurt you ever,
You will commit there your own suicide.

Notwithstanding the pains you continually gave,
I tried to save you, I tried to keep
If you'd been a bit more free and savvy,
We would have developed at least friendship...

There will be a funeral lingering for years,
But 'the meaning of life' won't oppress again
And past was ruined by wrath and angers
So, there is nothing left behind to regain.

You care about future ignoring the now,
You believe time buries all bad theories
Past is more permanent than future, somehow
As one day future will be past in memories

We can still build a nice memory of past
Which we can carry to future to hold on to,
Even if you withhold everything from me,
I'll cling to my blazing, fervent impromptu

In life, always think twice and make the right decision once.

Written by
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
{2000 ~ 2017)

as humans please always take your time and think out your decisions not a soul in the world can rush your thought process.
Dharker 5d

Stranger things
are me
Making Everything
I see
from you

We are strangers
with no true
sense of time

Day dream of stranger things
than me
like you

Strange to you is strange to me

Happy, happy April Fool’s Day,
Make it a good one
Search terms searching the night away
I have gone too far away

Nothing to breathe
Pleasure and the fume
Fists of a clock
Entering a dark room

When you were younger, you sort of looked like
Lou Reed looked when he was young
Maybe not up close, I was too far away
It was too hard to see
You were all I could see
That's just who you were to me

So many, so meaningless
I could not ever make you exist
I should have kept it zipped
But I turned the vocals up just a little bit

I should have been more kind
But not to you,
I should not have lacked so much in empathy
For all those suffering around me
I should have kept them better company
But it was too hard to see
You were all I could see

Good, good things happen to bad people,
To cruel and unusual people

There is good news, even for bad people
Bad people are never alone

Dumb fathers many children
L’Wren Scott never had any of her own

Seven million, so many, so meaningless
Too many pay too much for this
High prices for good feelings that just don't exist

Do not go back to visit on a day
You have nothing to do or on a day
You have other things to do

Leave it where it is
It is in its place

Haunted in empty fairgrounds
Canary not coming back from the coal mine

Missed connection disconnecting

Better keep the past in the past
Lowly places built in place
Of torn down places
Aishah 6d

life is a
roller coaster
I did not
to ride on

If you'd love me, then tell me soon
because love is shy like the moon
it can hide
under the clouds or go away soon.

If you feel me ever; don't be shy
just tell me
not to others
because your feelings can make me
feel you better
not by others.

If you're confused in a relationship
and you can't share
your feelings with me
then it will bring you too tears
so don't be afraid
come to me right now
and share with me
your adorable feelings with no fears.

I want to be happy too
with your love
but you're still unknown to me
I would love you too
so you're most welcome to me.

halsey Dec 8

I wanted to breathe your air
and you became my wind

kas Dec 8

and suddenly time stops
after weeks and weeks of moving too fast
the stillness makes my head spin
or maybe you make my head spin
because there you are
a friend of a friend
standing in the living room
had it been my living room
i'd have asked you to leave
our history was crashing around
inside of my skull
a ricocheting bullet i didn't know how to stop
as it were
all i could do was stand there
statue still in the doorway
frozen in time
your silhouette blurred against
the afternoon sunlight streaming in
through the window
and i stared for moment after long moment
needing you to be someone else
and just like in all my bad dreams
when i scrounged up the courage to greet you
your face fell into an expressionless mask
our eyes barely met
your irises the same shade
as the coffee that holds my eyes open every morning
and nothing fell from your mouth
i tried hard not to feel anything
i know you were as terrified as me

Are you ready for a surprise?
i'm back again (was i ever really gone?)
You never expected to see me (or did you)
Well…… here i am.

But how have you been?
You are probably tired of me popping up everywhere
But i don’t really think i am able to leave.
Well maybe for a little bit.

You don’t hate me right?
I don’t think i’m a bad person.
Annoying maybe but not bad.
But i guess that's in how you see it.

Wait. i’m not the surprise,
that’s something else.
I know you don’t like surprises or anything
but you may or may not like this one.
or not.
i guess that's on how you see it.

I don’t even really know if you know me or not.
I don’t know if i know myself.
I guess a surprise from a possible stranger would be weird
I almost don’t want to tell you anymore.

You got this far i might as well tell you.

You ready?


I love this spark of insanity that is called my mind.
Do any of you lovely people readint=g this would like to help me out?
i want to try something cool.
i would like you to make a video of you reading this poem. It can have you or a friend, or art, or your own video!
Or not. Its just an idea.
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