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Zoe Mae Sep 5
Yesterday I went to the county fair
I hadn't been in years
And I swear after half an hour
I was almost in tears
The pizza was soggy
Hot dogs just awful
And since when did fried dough taste like falafel?
The rides took the whole day to get on
But once you finally made it
they were 2 minutes long
It was hot and sweaty and I saw lots of puke
I guess that was a bonus
but certainly no fluke
The cows were still cows
waving their ***** in the air
So I played some games, ran out of money
And left without the giant bear
julius Sep 2
threading my fingers through your pink hair
warm silence rises out of open mouths
rose skin and water lilies float above water
Ryan Aug 24
monetize and institutionalize
is the way to gain the modern prize

marriage isn't affirmation of love
it's a 10-grand headache
as the IRS sits above

funerals aren't celebrations of one's life
they're ways for the fat cats
to profit off your strife

churches aren't for learning about god
some pastors make six figures
now isn't that odd?

you wonder why you're in so much pain
grasping at straws attempting to stay sane

unclench your palms from those useless umbrellas
go outside, and dance in the rain
the title has been, and will forever be—my username on this site. this one hits deep for me. am i content with the way i articulated it? maybe, maybe not. perhaps i'll go walk in the next rain shower and afterwards head back to the drawing board
Zoe Mae Aug 23
The Earth is scarred
by our constant digging
The moon likens her blemishes to cheap tattoos, but he'd never tell her so
She's still spectacular, even swathed in gray
We may have robbed her of her innocence, but she's still the jewel of the Milky Way
Offensive and beautiful
mark soltero Aug 7
please fix what's broken inside me
i've tried a hundred times
and i can't seem to make it right
there's nothing inside me that shines anymore

i killed off yesterday
so there wouldn't be today
yet i woke up again this morning
FunSlower Aug 4
10 times in 10 years is nowhere near enough.
Though these sounds I’ve found,
They’re quite renowned.
They call me on my bluff.

I could call him humble gleaner,
With a will to stand in quicksand.
He knows I get the shakes.
But a minute with him and I’m ready to swim.
He knows I’ve got what it takes.
I should call her Thumbelina,
With the fastest hands in the land.
She’s there with me when I wake.
Through whimsical words and unwavering plans,
We can laugh at every mistake.

Embrace this place. Self pity is never pretty.
He’s so calming, she’s so witty.
So pick up your feet and own their city.
There’s nowhere to hide.
Swallow that pride.
Recall their wise words.
It’s high time to glide.
Aspen Jul 21
Was I just a puppet to you?
A simple pawn to your game?
Was my heart just your playground or the targets in your shooter's range?
Were those "dates" just a way to keep me blind from all your *******?
Was I just a simple flask for your little experiment?

You put on quite the show, you were quite the actress
You made "I love you" sound believable
Oh, how sad that this play had to end in a tragedy
Now the curtains close even though I thought the show was going to go on for eternity
I really thought that you were going to choose me
But our love was just a fantasy

I'm still in denial, seems like it's been a while
Even though it's only been 2 days
I'm losing sleep, I'm not eating
My whole body's shaking from this heartbreak

I want to stay but I'm losing faith
From the way you played my heartstrings
The hope that I was the one is gone
I guess I can congratulate you and say "well done"
You stabbed my trust with your thorns
You trampled my roses that I grew for you
I'm walking away, I'm not your toy
Go find someone else, go have fun with your new boy
So, I am taking this creative writing class and they said "write about anything". So I decided to write about how my best friend led me on for about two years. She kept on acting as though she liked me even though she didn't and I ended up catching feelings for her. She got a boyfriend two days ago and I feel like she played with my feelings. I'm still trying to determine whether or not to stay friends with her because we had such a beautiful friendship, but she hurt me. Anyway, sorry for the long rant and for people who are going through this...your not alone and you deserve so much better
Deep deep within
Way deep down
Deep inside
Deep sunrise
Deep sunshine
Deep deep night
Deep deep moonlight
Lighting my sky
Next to you sunlight
Deep deep within
Way deep down
Deep inside
A song everlasting
A song for you and me
Deep deep moonshine
Shining down
Next to you
You and me in deep deep love

I scream I shout
I know what I'm talking about
Them eyes an smiles
The warmth
Our family
Music to the ears
The music of our life
We look past
We dont look back
Buried next to you is where I wanna be
Married next to you when I sleep
I'm one lucky man
I thank god gave me you
That's why I know
That's why I believe
Proof of a bigger plan
I'm one lucky man

Rocks skip hearts beat
Seconds tic tock
There goes the clock
Another day gone
Lifes short yards are long
Beers stay cold
When the cig is lit
I **** sure know
Thank God for the time I'm given
This life I'm living
Months turn to years
Next thing you know
You missed it

Take a second soak it all in
Stop stare reminisce
Witness this blessing
If you're tired stressed or sick
If you're fed ready an rich
Just look
I still cant believe
This must be a dream....

Take my hand let's go on a journey
First let's walk an talk
Heres a coffee
Pay attention
I hate "hate"
I hate death
But that's not what I fear
I fear this wont sound right
When I share my heart soul and beliefs
When I tell you right now it's you and me
This coffee good
But me an you are better
Us together
Hold on grab tight
Let's run the fields
**** a coffee
Waking up your man
Laughing loving and enjoying
It's what we will have
If this dream passes us by...
Free to Love
The loneliness consumes,
Devours and eats my thoughts,
Even before they can take their first breath of life,
Even before they can become their true self.
Why do I feel this hollowness within me?
That lack of the person I can call mine.
I think the better question I should ask myself is,
Can I call myself mine?
Or am I just existing on other people's borrowed time?
Do I even know myself?
Do I even have the conviction to do something which will make me proud of myself?
I think you are asking the right questions.
It's not about being with someone,
It never is.
It's always about being with yourself, whatever that is.
Define yourself, work on it.
Maybe it's not something you like,
Then change. There is always a choice.
Just don't stop. Just Keep moving.
People come and go, and mostly go.
You have you. And you don't go anywhere without that you.
toleomato Jul 9
Boredom is the enemy of
To love
is to mould the other's
for better or worse.
We cannot get away
with a passionate
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