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When people asked me about love
I think of you every moment every second
You are my stars that shines brightly above
But you’re not mine I reckoned

I like the way I make you laugh
It’s like a melody that touches my soul
It makes me want to pull you close
And kiss you where I didn’t need control

Your name is like a drug to me
It makes me feel high and giddy
But honey, we’re like some old romantic stories
We are destined to meet but not destined to be together

Maybe because that’s how I see things, about us
I was too delusional about you and me
Yeah delusional, that’s what i was
I am willing to take the blame

My love,  i wish you’re mine
Yet the way you look at her, i gave up.
Because it’s the same as how i look at you
Sadly we met at the wrong place, at the wrong time
I love you yet you love her.

Is it raining? Or my heart crying?
Honey i am falling apart, i am breaking
But I’ll be okay...
They say time heals everything

So before i let you go,
Before i say goodbye,
My love just promise me one thing,

“Please be happy”,

I love you, good bye.
Wow, I’ve been gone for so long since i started working i almost forgot to write poems, but here i am.

November 12, 2018
Seanathon 17h
You think I’m scared of you?
Oh timeless fear

Of your taste for light
Which gnaws at stars
And nether years?

Well I’m not

I’m indifferent

Staring without impudence
Into the moonlit eyes
On metal roofs
Where feet can fly

I need not hold or soil with soot
My hands to cup the sky
As is, as it wished

No, nameless fear
I fear you not

But to challenge me with ferociously
Just try and see
What becomes of truth

When you tell me I should be afraid of you
Just to terrify the mortal in me
Just try and bend my eyes away
From the first new sight of another day
And I’ll break your iron will in two
With my indifference

Try as you may
Your power holds no heavens over me

As a broken line of sight is free
From the abiding night which is stripped away

With dawn come every newborn day
And spit in it's eye.

The straw that broke the camel’s back.
The lethal blow that made his resilience *****.
Think, analyse the commensurate reaction to his fate;
Paralysed and desperate, in his own words.

‘Asphyxiated’ seems like such a clean word;
‘He died of asphyxiation,’ that’s what the articles wrote.
What about dying of starvation? Let me elaborate on this note –
I meant, dying from being starved of hope.
I hardly think one ‘asphyxiating’ does this justice.
How about ‘a sense of debilitating hopelessness’, instead?
Or maybe ‘hopelessness that feels like all-encompassing dread?’

Because that’s what all of Gaza feels right now.
How? How the **** did we get here?
Year after year, Palestinians die and suffer.
Fear after fear, they come alive, one after the other.
‘We’re dead, already’ –
How does reading something like that not make you feel unsteady?

So, what do you do after suffering like that?
Nothing, except for lying down flat on your bed,
Crying, watching everybody around you dying.
And then, when you can’t cry anymore,
When you realise your entire country was treated like an eye sore,
When you can’t take it anymore,
That’s when you lock the ******* door.
That’s when Asma broke through that door,
To find her prodigal son dead, collapsed on the floor.
I finished it; Mohanad, I hope I have done your soul justice.
Crego 1d
If you really cared
about me
you would’ve tried
to save me
from letting myself
slip away
Every day the sun rises,
And it kisses the sky with beautiful colors.
I wake every morning to these beautiful colors,
the deep reds and oranges emblaze the sky as if the clouds were on fire.
As I look at this horizon I admire it.
The sky shows the world in a different light,
In this moment currently as I stare at the horizon. All I can feel, all I can think about is how peaceful and calm the world is at this moment.
I often think about how it would feel like to be a cloud, not having much struggle,
I smile glad to be me and not a cloud because without struggling then how could I grow?
Yes, the world is full of anguish and pain but, not in this moment.
This moment is the moment where I can just be me.
The clouds do not judge, they don’t criticize the way I look or the way I dress the stuff I do I am human nothing more nothing less in this moment I am human.
The sky is a wondrous and mystical sight I am always trying to alter those around me to try and make the world how I want it to be.
This moment is what I want to be.
This moment is what I want my future to be.
This moment is what I want to look forward to every day of my life.
But now I must arise and start my day.
So, I say good bye to this sweet moment of bliss.
This is so tough. ~An Acrostic
This is so tough.
Having spent another lonely day
In living without my Darling girl.
Simply I have to say “I miss you Baby”

I can not care if my words fail to rhyme
See me as I walk around our favourite park

Sitting on the bench beside the lake
Oh I can hardly write for tears in my eyes

Tough as I am. I’m emotionally involved.
Oh people say that I’ll get over it sometime
Usually folk deal with death in many ways.
*** knows I did my best to keep you alive.
Heaven is your home .Wishing I could join you.

Written by Philip
November 11th 2018
Walking through the places where we used to go.
depression is something that haunts us all
from the way we look
to the way i see you
i cant see past my dark shadow
its always in front of me and he never leaves
i just cant breathe the air without gasping for breath and getting gasoline
There so much more
I know I could have
done, ashamed now
to admit, my only
excuse didn't have
the time
Something now far To
late, can't be repaired
for my darling has gone
away from life,regrets
I've quite a
Regrets I have will linger
on, playing around In my
head, messing with my
mind, should have made
more of Helen than I
I Loved Helen so many regrets mistakes to late to Im sorry she's
Your smile could bring me to death,
Too much for limited mortal breath
Wouldn't you open your weary world
Only in dream my chance isn't blurred
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