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Simon Soane Jan 13
When we both declared dehydrated
you gave us in an instant
your last radiator warmed Sprite;
oh how like you
to quench,
and share,
and be bright.
Qais Alalami Jan 9
And as effortlessly as that,
You had me cracked
You chipped away at my cold exterior
Dodging shards of ice until I was no longer hard
My frozen heart exposed to the warmth of your hands slowly melting away with the steady breeze of your breath
Incapsulated in the prison of your knuckles
Only for you to drop my heart in search of another
Another that’s slightly warmer
Slightly more hospitable
And slightly more lovable than I am.
I guess my coldness could freeze everything, except your love for me.
In a minute,
I'm a *** smirk.
A shiny fang to show.
This pleasure, bundled
into nerves,
will decompose.

There isn't one chance.
Not one savior.
it still takes
its molasses-sweet-***-time.

I won't pray.
I won't wait.
As I am
& I shall be
the anti-divine.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.


In a minute,
I'm a lost eye.
A stab wound, deep & old.
This sadness, bound
in my synapses,
wants me to know:

There is no escape.
No dissuasion.
it wrestles
my ill logos for control.

I won't pray.
I won't pray.
As I am
& I shall be
funny chemicals.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
................. maybe....................   
I'm                                    out
       but   you   popped
                  into my
I'm maybe out....
Will Bittner Nov 2018
Hamilton tickets...
Body parts you don't need?
I can sell an arm...
It's a haiku. Deal with it.
Locked in the bubble
Disordered in stigma, afloat in carbonated herds
Not a needle to pop the process
Adrift in smokes of amber
The brain stem of my bubble is the wand from which I breathe imagination
Even when out, the dreams stay awake
Stick to and formulate the fundamental
Thoughts are always right until challenged
Swivel without a movement
The kinetics of the mindful pop with spark
Inside the bubble

The transparency of thoughts are not limited to this sphere
It may drip onto paper
Or seep into laughter
Grow alongside other bubbles of it's flock
Or pop in the array of the wand
Sound yourself as if solid
Buoyant, rising
Denser than lead, the physics of a stigma
None can see in my bubble
But a simple pop of my pencil can show the world how imagination simmers
Let it be. .... (Acrostic)
Let it be.
Every time you wonder
That there may not be a ***.

I would let it be, let it be ,let it be
The task is yours to solve ,let it be

By assuming you have *** spirit within you.
Eventually you will solve it , let it be. !!!  
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
The Beatles lyrics are most profound so let it be.
name Oct 2018
Pop culture infects me
it erects me
wrecks me..?

Pop culture is a pivot table.
Trivia pop trivia..
Music pop music..

Pop culture is a pivot point.
A flexible memory joint.
The timeline expanding...
and divided by 10.
defining decades...
This, to me, is weird to comprehend.

 yet drilled in like an adrenaline marker in your thought
*A fetish object spot.

Brings comfort to the masses
and my desire for language classes

     I'm sorry. Everything about me
you see as wrong, I
see as inescapable.

     Truth be told,
I have never wanted to escape
a thing   but you.


     I just don't buy into your Yeshua.


     I wear the tattoo of the sulfur cross.
And I wear it well.
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