And that you were an infant.
I shall appear from your mouth
And I would pop before you knew.
For my dear Pooh Bear.

My HP Poem #1709
©Atul Kaushal
Aa Harvey Apr 25
Kawehi : Part Four

I breathe in your music to me whole;
I’m letting go of falling away.
Poptastic!  No such thing as plastic inside my heart-shaped soul.
I fill it with your songs and my reality is now a happier place.

Help me; I’m locked up on the inside.
Help me; to let love complete me and show me what I have lost.
Help me; I need to find my heart a home in which it can happily reside.
You help me, get me closer to God.

Time drifts away as I listen to your sounds;
Funky dancer, pink guitar; leave me here to fall.
I cannot be lifted because I am happy to stay down,
But listening to Kawehi raises my heart and I can rise once more.

I see a Sia Chandelier song by Kawehi,
As I stay here watching YouTube;
1,2,3 and I am silenced, by your silence…
Speechless you leave me because I am lost inside of your light.
Beauty sounds like you; in a woman with a guitar I could confide.

Secretly, love does not like me,
But with a woman like you I could try once more;
Unfortunately, there are no others like you, for you are unique.
An empty wish; a lying dream.  All I have is worth nought;
But I can listen to you whenever I want to, so I can still find peace.

Iamkawehi.  You are somebody that I would like to know;
But we have never met and we never will, I guess.
Still here I sit with a smile on my face at home,
Because if love sounds like this,
Then hopefully I can find my own music-minded muse to kiss.

Real garage music; connect the numbered dots.
I am happy ever after I have found this place to be happy.
I could write you a thousand poems so easily,
But I just can’t write a song;
So I experience music through your eyes and I love what I see.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
TheseRoots Mar 21
I don't know when I'm not home
This love I give, does not go
Where you are and here I stay
Nothing will make this love go away
I can't be alone, all by myself
This pain I have, you have not felt
As much as I pop, it does not stray
But my heart strings you pull have started to fray.
Another one, My saplings
Poem posted Mar 20
a \portal

what is it like to be so empty, no real creative edge
what is it like to not be special

you name yourself after ancestral cheese. first given is such a bore like many other girls. what's it like to be a commoner and flip-flop your position to gain an empty pen? you have no idea of your transparency. you fuck a guy twice your age, with an aging neck that spews old written garbage. battered is the brass sconce that adorns cobweb candles you burn for your saggy lover. oh yes, i am sure your penning is superb. tell me, you're an artist, or so you think you are.... how again will you save white women with your mop dyed red? wait, is it, jennifer, michelle, tracy, lisa, melissa...whatever your dull given name is? he likes them to dye their hair in the red. disgusting. not natural.
Update....well fucking well. Brittany Nelson knows her real name is boring just like her fake, empty soul. Bre Fauxpas the shit head.☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
mint Jan 6
choppy music consistent in my ears
water boiling in my chest
the steam makes my eyes water
the bubbles pop to the rhythm of a song
a reminder of how much the skin around my neck hurts when i think of you
mjad Nov 2017
everything moves too fast
the shelter of this bubble
is not slow enough
needles poking and prodding
it's about to pop
Alex Nov 2017
a bottle.
Have you ever
filled a bottle with
Pop so much that it over
flows and sprays everywhere?
Put that into an emotion. I am a bottle. Filled with emotions that
threaten to be spoken, Thoughts that when I try to speak all I taste is fizz. Pointless. When you shake the bottle, you're ruining the way I carefully avoid eye contact and cautiously choose certain words. Ask me what's wrong and you're now opening the bottle. Get ready,
I am going to explode.
Late night or early morning thoughts..

I tried making it into a pop bottle shape.. Lmao
Snap,Crackle, and Pop!

Lifting a spoonful of nutrition out of my cereal bowl

I swallow a moment’s fuel

To rush through a moment

Due to situation’s Blows.

The horn sounds the time when you must prepare

to run this “rat race”

or lose the prizes as you are left behind

due to taking a turtle’s pace.

Everyone is competing to finish above everyone else

in this world of life to the success of passing the finish line.

In life’s race

Life follows the clock which measures moments and breaths of life

just as quick

as the “snap ,crackle, and pop!”

To which your milk doused corn cereal sounds

Start again with each bite full which  you spoon

Fuel for just one quick moment

until in life

Our breaths shall stop.
Nickolas Niles Oct 2017
You were always the Courtney to this Cobain,
Drugged and messed up like the rest.  
Drugged and messed up to me at least,
Or maybe to someone else and you at best.
With empty sorrows in our stomachs,
Twisting all around.
Nothing in our souls to be cherished,
Or left to be found.
Left here now for you hungry for more…
Waiting for nothing…nothing else more…
So Love to this Kurt where are you when I’m hurt…
Somewhere away from me to be one.
Yet like a disease stuck right inside,
Damaging…left away for me to be done.
Do you even think of me when I’m in pain,
All the memories running over again?
So sick and twisted I wish all gone,
Slowly and surely fading left…
And none left on…and none..left on.
In Dealing with a heated and reckless past love in comparison to pop culture's classic tale of of time.
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