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Beings with trunks for ears, duct tape for eyes, and nozzles for digits…… Oh, what horror is this? I do not dream of the world anymore, just the rotten carcass of my amygdala. Suchasmall space to wade through…. so cold, yes? Coconuts falling down pants, with pinstriped sections separated by a ragged burlap fur. Googly eyes, slick and shiny, privy in decadence. A skinned raccoon goes soulless in splendour as it receives ******* from a malnourished Mickey Mouse. Corkscrews enter the ears.
Some nights you wake up when it’s still dark
to bat at the breath in your ear.
You beckon into the shadows, so stark,
but you cannot hear
the sound that enticed you to hark.

You turn over onto your side,
making an attempt to hide
from the sounds and sights of the night,
but it is an already lost fight.

So close by is the turning of a bolt,
so dangerous and frightening is the jolt
that runs down your back with the slimy, dead hand,
you cover your eyes and wish it to end.

The window is latched,
but the bones pop and the paint now scratched,
so the breeze carries your blanket off of your back.
The glass is open just a *****,
but something crawls closer, really to hack.

Long and morphed are the fingerprints,
but are lost in the blitz
of stained and runny, ******, walls,
and away he crawls.
1901, October 17, 2018

Tell me if you get the reference this is to!
It must be apparent to you by now
that my innocence has played itself dry
my true character has revealed itself
for I am nothing more than
an angel that hides her demons among the shadows

where once tender soul resided

I will tell you this my good man
I have buried my worldly virtues
deep within the cold dank earth
Lilith rises within me

it is at this precise moment
that my dark words knock upon your door
you must question yourself here

dare you tread
within nightmares and twisted games
or retreat to a lighted corner
to some well-imagined safe place
to keep the monster at bay

fear not my cold breath on your shoulder
as  I wrap you in sweet ebony sin
I promise you
no misery will ever be so beautiful

come dance with me in the shadows
and you will no longer hear
the infernal clock ticking in your head
forever demanding its due

make not a sound my handsome prince
as crimson lips inject tempting lies
dragging you to the blackest places of desire
where numb lips speak no words
idle hands do the devils business

nothing more than primal creatures

pale skin and beating heart entwined
my nyctophilia embraces you
vile words burn within your chest
the darkness quietly seeps

you long to confess your sins upon milky skin

below dark sullen sky
lying on unconsecrated ground
your chastity pierced by unholy canines

and now, the darkness you shall know well

be careful where you step, my grave is wide
I didn’t ask for this,
To be ****** into life,
Hurtled into consciousness,
Forced to exist.
I didn’t ask for this body
That isn’t mine,
Made up of parts
That don’t belong to me.
You gave me life,
But what is this gift
Without guidance?
A curse, it is!
Thrown into a world
That can only hate me,
Yet not taught why.
Forced to learn through pain,
Through suffering,
Through ****.
A monster not born,
But created
By you,
By torture,
By hatred,
By rage.
Brought to life as a child,
A huge, hideous, monstrous child.
Feared, despised, outcast.
I didn’t ask for this,
But you cursed me
With this life
Made from death,
So who’s really the monster?
I recently reread Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and have been thinking a LOT about it. I strongly relate to Victor's creation and I felt a strong urge to write about it.
Marcella Kay Oct 12
You inflicted your heart
With poison and hatred,
But every string you have woven
Into webs of destruction
And deceit.

You plagued your heart
And soul onto me,
I consumed by the disease
That you feed into me,
While it burns throughout my body.

Slowly but surely,
You are killing me,
By turning my darkest thoughts
Into nightmares
Of reality.

Truly, you don't see?
A home that is love and light
But immersing into ashes,
Then turns into a prison cell of horrors,
And it's an exile to ****.
Sabrina Oct 11
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what they called her.
She'd run around in her white gown,
thinking no one could touch her.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd heard.
As all the people around town tried to control her
Didn't even exist, but people could see her
Her non-existent heart wrenched as she watched people around her.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd seen.
Figured she'd put them all out of their misery,
Red splattering her gown,
As they bowed down like she were their queen.
She was the talk of town,
As she ran around
Now that she knew she could only be seen
By those who weren't sane in the brain
How cruel of this world to be so mean
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what they called her.
Her white gown turning brown from the dirt of the world around her
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
Just a ghost of what those who wanted help wanted.
A cruel reality-check,
They were all haunted.
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly,
That's what she'd been seen as
Her ghostly form
She showed no remorse
As she left them in the dirt
Pretty Dolly,
Pretty Dolly.
I don't know what this is tbh, figured it had a nice catch to it, so I wrote.
Amber Oct 10
As i first saw the beauty, i walked in. The garden flowers so fresh everything seems nice but the horror lays within, i sighed.

Oh the peacefulness as i strolled slow paced, not needing to look back but once i do i’m never coming back.

What happened, why is time passing away so fast, like we are running through a never ending garden filled with thorns.

Scraped my knee as i fell and i screamed for this to stop. Help me, please save me from this maze i can’t seem to figure out this place.  Guide me out or give me a map, i want to come out from this mess.


The rain pours down, i laid on the ground. No one there for me in this lonely town i cried... But no one seems to hear me, i cried... Someone please help me.
I've bled them dry,
How fine how fine,

For once in their eyes,
They now hold no life.

Nor apple seed bloom,
Nor mannequin beheld.

Always too soon,
to be put on the shelf.
Slowly the light fades in the midst of your troubles.
The sun rises on the brow of sorrows
The moon kisses the tears you cry all night to the stars.
Morning due blinds the eye of  the evil one.
You entered a gate that was strictly forbidden
Wrecked it forever trapping in a game of torrcher.
But I am strong as an ox I will fight on. gain, my strength .
I will find a way to make you pay.
Pikachu Oct 8
Hi my name is bella, I am five years old and I live in a house in the middle of the woods. I have two friends, but no one can see them they only come in the darkness so I always keep my room dark. My mom calls me crazy, but I know i'm not because I know there real, I can see them. When I go to school they stay home and look over my mom because she sick and it worries me. I made a fort in our basement so we can hang out after school, but when I got home they werent there and I was confused. I looked everywhere, but nothing. I heard my name and I saw them and I went over and well that was the day I ever saw my mom and the last day I was alive.
I hope you injoy my short story
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