Breathe life into my soul,
Animate me like a doll,
Use those strings as you wish,
Move me around on a whim.

Display this tale for the audience,
It is quite hale, what a rowdy dance.

Bitter tasting, spilt alcohol,
Dropping you like etanol.
Like an unfinished stitch,
leaves you with an itch.

Look at the display this doll shows,
What a laughing stock it sows.

Far from me to judge,
but you are quite the fudge.
It is time to take over,
this show's over.

Now the attention is on me,
audience wide-eyed so it must be.
I will now take what is fine,
Your soul is forfeit, just like mine.
I hear his whisper in the middle of the night
He softly calls my name

Lurking in the velvet shadows
drawing me closer to his heated madness

His incessant call
fills me with a haunting chill

The faint memory of his last visit
still in the dark recesses of my mind

Do I dare respond?

Once again my mind starts slipping
into this vast abyss

My exhausted body longs for him
yet my mind is terrified

His call is relentless
To escape him is impossible

Breathing in the midnight coolness
I am helpless to his tenacity

His icy touch
drives me to the point of insanity

My fear and hunger for him collide
causing great inner turmoil

Dare I answer him?

My sanity melting into his bloodied bed
as he reads my every thought

His lustful trap has long been set
I am his prisoner with no hope of escape

My heart shivers in his darkness
His ecstasy beyond all imagination

His eyes are set upon my skin
My throbbing throat, he will not be denied

Shall I bring him forth?

The terror and excruciating pain
dissolving into the hungry blackness

I am his wanted prey
No longer able to protect myself

His breath upon my cheek
I welcome him

His fingers locked in my raven hair
The sweet taste of his first kiss

Tasting his tongue with great trepidation
My lips craving so much more

He takes me like a demon
writhing in pure delight

My screams turning to the softest of moans
as he takes me deeper into his night

My sun kissed skin meeting his paled flesh
He cools my heated brow

My midnight lover unstoppable
Staying until the break of dawn

Receding to the shadows once more
He leaves me in his empty bed

and all I can crave him that much more.....
Tell me true
god please tell me why
soldiers and civilians
chemically to die

Syrian the children
dying now and then
bombs let go not knowing
who where or when

We see the footage on TV
aghast and so surprised
nothing being done to salve
the poison tears
they cry
How in ferking hell have we slipped backwards into things that should have never been created? Just think what horrors these monsters will create with CRISPR (Rampage{the movie} may have been a joke, until something like it happens) :|
Gnarled around
Your rotten core
Flesh and blood
Disintegrating gore

Shambling along
A decaying corpse
Eyes closed tight
Now they no longer work

Each tread endured
Drains your dirty soul
Never once worthy
Never once whole

Your thoughts run so filthy
For that you've always been guilty

So chant along
To the darkness that is night
The darkness that permeates
This stagnant life

Your on a desolate road
To your own destruction
Never able to exist
Without deaths seduction

Stripped of flesh
With every person you encounter
No sense of self worth
So your soul they devour
Your surrender to their torture
Gives them all of your power

Hang your head and take what's due
You know you deserve it
And know it's for you

Savouring the pain
That's stripping you bare
It's all you understand
A demonic affair
Demons possess you
In this unholy lair
Always together
As your life they snared.
Death comes knocking at my door,
My footsteps echo on the floor.
Because of time, I know it's him;
Who else would knock at 4 AM?

Opportunity comes a'knocking,
Watching, waiting, sulking, stalking.
The clock is ticking, ticking, ticking,
Time's conniving, tricking, tricking.

I tilt my head and listen near,
His breaths outside still reach my ear.
He's come to taunt me, nothing more,
To flirt with me behind my door.

I want to run, to back away,
but fear has frozen me in place.
Fear and footsteps, time and lore;
Death comes knocking at my door.
Can it be?
Those selfish eyes still hold my desire.
They capture my need, and quench my thirst.
How can that be?
As I linger in the shadows,
I capture the sense of her presence, taunting me.
She's beside me.
Knowing I can't escape her longing stare.
I flinch as I sense a tug.
I notice I'm moving away from those deep, dark eyes.
I reach for her, knowing what she holds is the key to my Pandora's box.
I'm awake.
I see nothing more than my own heart upon my sleeve.
I feel no more, as I get up and look in the mirror.
She's right there, looking right at me.
Her crooked smile gives it away, and I realize what is real.
The true demon... Is me.
Michael Myers
please don’t get me!
I know it’s your special day
But please let me be!
I haven’t broken any horror rules
Please focus on the usual fools!

Why are you looking at me like that?

Oh shit.
My bad.
I knew something wasn’t right.
But to be fair -
Silent dudes in masks
look way similar in this light.

Well shoot this is so embarrassing.

I guess you can get back to chasing...
And I apologize for the error - JASON!

(can I at least get a head start?)
A little horror humor for Friday the 13th.  It is actually a true story that when I was much younger I couldn’t ever remember which was which!
At the end of the corridor
the ceiling light had burned out
one of 6 on this floor
this made the last 10 feet extremely dark
until ones' eyes adjusted
and when the remaining light
slowly allowed her to see shapes
she noticed the still shadow
she wanted to use the stairwell at this end
as the elevator had been jumpy
and in her mind,
she paused and considered what could make this shadow
other than her silly imagination
and as she continued to focus
the shadow became clear,
it was that of a man
tall and broad
and as she watched
he turned, ever so slightly
and began to move towards her
no window, no furniture nearby to cause this oddity
her inclination to find explanation
quickly dissolved
and fear was now the emotion that guided her
that led her to the elevator without a thought to look back
the sign screamed in large red letters
now she had to look
and there he was
in the lighted area now
the shadow standing out like black on white
and he was looking at her
no eyes, no face
but she knew he was looking at her
she ran to the other end of the 8th floor corridor
damning her insomnia along the way
opened the stairwell door and glanced ever so quickly
he was within 5 feet of the door
her scream echoed up to the 12th and down to the 1st floor lobby
loud enough for the single front desk agent to hear
followed by the sound of her body thud against the 1st floor stairwell concrete
first bouncing off several of the metal handrails on its way down
"Obvious suicide" said the first investigator on the scene to the hotel manager
"No signs of a struggle"
"But why would such a beautiful young lady like this want to take her own life?"
the manager queried
"That is not for you nor I to understand, my friend.
Only the shadows know"
oldie - not really a poem...more of a really short story...I hope you can indulge me
There is no escape from yourself once you turn seven shades of blue

You can scream at death and brush away the leaves but your grave will always have a body that decieves even after being filled with sawdust and glue

Bound to anger and rebellion you struggled to let anyone in
Bindings so tight, fingers turned black like that night
Screaming, crying, attempted flailing
You tried so hard to not give up the fight
You succumbed to the blight

Your mom couldn't even recognize the cold leather bound over these bones that are told to be you
Malnutrition claimed stake to the body
Amphetamines numbed the mind and caused leishons to start rotting

No escape in death
No escaping breath
Hollowed head from a chest filled with meth

Your life shrunk, grew diseased and immature
Beaten senseless and tied to the headboard
Did you suffer? No one can say for sure

Buried with little more than the foegiviness of a closed casket and the permanantness of an abused life
The only memento you'll carry on is the form fitted ligature marks and consciousness derived of strife
Ryan Apr 8
With what could have been...but will never be
With what will become...I will never be
I will live with my consequences
I will suffer in silence
Her chamber door...
I’ll watch as she sleeps
Her sheets wet from sweat
My dear Lenore...
With the pitch black at my back
I’ll look to the past to fix my future
Forever on...
Who am I to you? We’ll just ignore
Sleep now child the one I most adore
I wish to stop you from aging
Keep you at twelve I must implore
Your nieve movements pale skin so perfect
On this winter night your the one I adorn
With a swift slit of the wrist
My wish can come true
To have you to keep you to hold you my Lenore
Your hand in mine I’ll smile while I realize I’ve become so much more...
It’s not done yet
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