Eyes follow you around the room,
from the painting on the wall.
Hairs stand erect upon your neck,
and shivers rack you to the core.

The fixed smile holds a tension,
malevolent with its twisted grin.
A face thats sinister and beguiling,
inviting your soul to come right in.

A heavy gold guilt frame of wood
draws the eyes to the picture viewed.
Return you gaze upon the face,
and you see the eyes have moved.

A tear of blood runs down the cheek,
from the stare of a vacant chiller.
But familiarity is breeding contempt,
for the portrait is really a mirror.

© Pagan Paul (21/09/17)


my body suddenly jolts to an awoken state,
hands balling, head throbbing,
chest frantically rising and falling.
my eyes creep to the side of my face
to read "3:26AM"
remaining within a flashing, red state.
i fearfully gaze into my ceiling,
blazing into my chest is a
terror-like feeling.
my body trembling in discomfort,
over myself i have no power,
it's the time between three and four
known as the Devil's Hour.

At 8:56pm my life would be changed forever more
When the German soldiers knocked upon my door
I would be taken to who knows where
These German soldiers did not seem to care

Outside a truck was waiting on this cold winter's night
Hundreds of Jews  huddled together was not a pretty sight
Each of us speaking not knowing what to do
Looking for an answer and looking for a clue

Then what seemed forever we arrived at our destination
We all got off at Auschwitz station
More trucks and soldiers greeted us there
Again the soldiers did not seem to care

The history books will show what fate had in store
At 8.56pm my life would be changed forever more

The horrors of being a Jew in WW2

I got involved in a fight at Cradley Heath
Resulted in losing my two front teeth
Then another fight and a loss of my left eye
Got into a argument on the high street at Ross - on-Wye

A bus accident followed and I lost both feet
I was running for a bus at Birmingham New Street
After this it was the time I lost my hair
It happened in Scotland I think it was in Ayr

My next body part to lose was my dear old willy
Caused by a jealous Welsh husband at Caerphilly
I was talking too much in the town of Louth
Yep you've guessed it I lost my lips and mouth

Please don't pity me I still have my heart and brain
Actually that's a lie as today I got hit by a train

The day just got worse ....

what happened to the girl in the park
they found her bound and ripped apart
the town erupted then, in the dark
and ran down the old man pushing his cart
someone to blame, no murder marked:
smiling, dripping crimson
children stood in the park

Franco Anz Sep 8

in and out between
                                 kaleidoscopes of subway dawn
like an earwig looks for deadwood,

with warm, black static--
                                        colonies of regret
settle, strung-out in a nod
                                           on Irving & Clark.

Insatiable itch--stale skin festers,
irradiated in Heroin;
                                   I want to scratch
out the white
                      from my bones.

Ren117 Sep 7

Squishing busy ants
Her finger stained red
She'd much rather sleep
Than count all the dead

Ren117 Sep 7

As night approaches
And as darkness falls
I keep my eyes wide open

For my fears inside
Of the things that hide
And what now may have woken

I've always closed my eyes to perceive my arcane side
Pushed all disorder aside so it no longer has to hide

The journey it takes me on is never calm and sweet
It's full of horror and shadows so chillingly complete

Games of merciless mischief and screams of tortured souls
It makes my interest peak when i of my fantasies take hold

And this blood that drips in oh so many ways
Drips splatters and pools and keeps my manic gaze

I run my finger through the gore and to my lips i taste
Musn't let any drop miss my mouth and go to waste

Next on my list is torture so entertaining
Your limbs i'll stretch till it is squeals you are making

Then to your soft pink belly i'll take a sharp blade
Till all your bloody hot insides are on the table neatly splayed

As you gape at me with terror in your eyes
I carve out your heart for my victory prize

Now that i have set your worthless heart free
I sit in your blood and laugh with maniacal glee
Joyful in the knowledge that your adorable heart you gave to me

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