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Gloomy cloaked figure lurking in the dead of night,

Could hath sworn I saw him wielding a knife.

Is he the vile notorious killer,

Who came to be known as Jack the Ripper?
I spit,
my tongue,
right out,
on the,
cold tile floor,
I couldn’t taste it.
You stared at me,
and it,
practically disgusted.
“I thought,
that was gum,”
you said,
basically out of breath.
I would have,
but shrugged,
He had wandered into the jungle,  
And it was getting very late at night,  
He couldn’t find his way out again,  
And there was just nobody else in sight.  

“Oh no! I’m completely lost”, he thought
And quickly his panic started to rise,  
But he knew he had to keep quite calm,  
Or he would surely pay a deadly price.  

An hour later, having stumbled,  
Through thorns and bushes as he blindly trekked,  
He suddenly felt an eerie silence  
That made all the hair rise on his neck.  

It was then he saw the bright green light,  
Floating high in the tree tops on one side,  
Which seemed to beckon silently to him,  
While his mounting fear he tried to hide.  

The small light was shining steadily,    
and he felt a very strange calmness,  
spreading throughout his entire body  
and then he lost his fear of the darkness.  

Slowly the floating light moved on ahead,  
He followed it as if in a trance,    
And after some ten minutes had gone by  
He suddenly found a trail by chance.  

The green light kept guiding him forward,  
And the narrow path was getting smoother,  
Soon he was out and his sense of dread  
of being lost was gone altogether.  

He searched all over for the spirit glow,  
But the strange light was completely gone,
He was sound and safe and happy now,  
He felt as if a new life had been born.
A semi-factual poem in a Malaysian jungle
Finn Jul 9
When the screaming ends
the flesh seared away by the blinding white light
many eyes opening wide in colors yet unseen
eyelids peeling back and shriveling
cursed to forever look and see everything
burning hot metal sloughing the charred remains of flesh and bone
teeth acidily dripping from the writhing form
and as the ashen wings sprout
and all noise ceases
you pick up a feather
hearing the chorus and choir
and wonder if this is the epitome
of beauty
boi is back again but this time I've got a new prescription and a doctor's encouragement to take a psych test woo
anyway, eldritch angel thoughts again. them Biblically accurate angel pictures just....stick with ya huh
Hades 12
Grrrr! I am the Nemosaur!
Nemosaur *******.
Gonna eat you alive and **** the marrow from your bones.
I'll bight off your toes like munching sweets.
**** your brain outa your skull, slowly.
Bit by bit you cease to exist.
Eaten alive by the Nemosaur.
What bit next?
Vertebrae squash time till your two feet tall, a ****** dwarf meal.
All mine!
Nemosaur is hungry.
Slowly I cut into your fat belly and drink milky white fat.
Then I uncoil your intestines bit by bit, I can taste your last meal.
Now the insides.
Rantings of a Damaged Mind
By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler
I am the Final Girl
Tell Mom and Dad in Heaven
that I Made It
and it was epic

though sometimes
I’m not so sure
that it’s over

little rumblings appear in the distance
peripheral glitches
strange things follow me
in daylight
they seem to know who I am
where I’m going
but I am quick
I have had the last laugh
I was ‘the one that got away’

never was there a clean solid ending
like after the high school prom
never did I hold a sword in hand
while the credits rolled in darkness
but all the same
I think that I’ve won
but will I remain victorious?

I can still feel about me
at times
a certain dread
that waits close at hand
I know that I
was a missed opportunity
but there are advantages
in being underestimated
and of that I am thankful

sometimes dumb but deliberate flies
think that they are spiders
and old gray mice may fancy themselves
how they linger, entranced
dazzled by luminescence (how I shine!)
and circle back again
one time more
when they shouldn’t
they take too long and are lost,
it works every time

I wanted you to know
Mom and Dad in Heaven
that my salvation
was like a soft ripple
gently pushed to shore
safety of a sort
after much ado
fighting on all sides, relentless
everyone a daemon
maybe even you? can’t help but wonder...
I was surprised to find out
just how casual
could be my destruction
how assured how confident
how very ordinary
how little it takes to break a person
I’ve seen it time and time again
(why, life itself!)

But here I am
calm yet concerned
I will not babysit
I will not enter that shack
I will not stop for gas
I will not drive shotgun
I will not take a swim
I will not ask for directions
I will not spend the weekend at the cottage
And I don’t want the doll
Not that party
Not that apartment
Not that country road
Not that doctor
Not that friend
Not that brother
Not that lover
Not that fool
Not anyone

I will not _
I will not _

I will not __

I’ve locked the door upon myself
and no phone will ring from within

Hey Mom and Dad in Heaven!
I made it!
I miss you guys!
I am the Final Girl
(and it was epic)
Safana Apr 6
The trumpet is gradually blowing.
It's neither awake nor asleep.
And the drum beat hit a bit.
And the whispering voice that you hear
Later, the bold roar of a wolf rises.
Far in the distance, a speechless child
Waving her hand to catch the green
Imagine this kind of dreaming.
Happening in the sense of reality
Moving toward the girl horrendously
But my tongue was quaking like a snake.
I don't know what to say to help.
Because of the hideousness of her face,
It was a call from the darkness.
My name is loudly mentioned periodically.

Take me away.
Take me away.
Take me away.

Dark smoke diffuses from an unknown space.
It covers almost everywhere in space.
I started coughing.
I think I will go to the grave. That is.
I am absolutely tethered to the rope and,
I'm being dragged somewhere like a hole.
I screamingly shouted 
Again and again,
And then, quite suddenly,

And then,
silence suddenly,
My eyes slowly begin to open
I am beneath a concrete canopy.
It's a stone chamber like a crypt.
Far from it, it's a ropeless,
a suspended bed draped in a red blanket

I am dragged heavily towards the bed's edge.
Suddenly, I am suspended between up and down.
And the man, with a horror face, woke from the bed
approaching my side, invoking Cyphe incantations.
He circled the ground with red blood.
His gaze was fixed on the roof. He is
Incanting with an unperceiveable word.

"wede demi yimit’u
  wede demi yimit’u
  wede demi yimit’u"

"demuni yimitu ina
gurorowoni yarik’u."

"o፣ widi yesī’oli āganiniti፣

weyi widi yesī’oli seyit’anati

weyi widi yekirīpiti seyit’ani"

He took his head and looked 
deeply into my sight, then a knife.
appeared in his hand. 
He approached where I am suspended.
All of a sudden, he came and stabbed the knife in the area of my chest.
I screamingly shouted again
and again and I woke up when
I realized it was my cat 
sitting on my chest.
ScaryGary Mar 17
don't be afraid Freddie
I am also a son of some maniacs

man, how times have changed

in the 80s it seemed like kids were the bad guys

so, how have you been since the death of dreaming?
ScaryGary Mar 16
He said he loves scary ****, so I took out a 7 inch buck knife, made in 1972, and I grabbed his wife by the scruff of her neck. I slowly cut his wife's throat from one ear, to the other. The sounds echoed in the modest home, and her blood sprayed all over his scared face. He died of a heart attack within minutes. At least he died doing something he loves...being scared...sorry he couldn't enjoy it longer
100% ****** uh oh better get geico
Lemon Jan 25
I'm tired of being someone.
Instead, I want to be something.

I want to be the creak in your floorboards at night; the time it takes for you to convince yourself it's just the house settling. Nothing is wrong.

I want to be the dogs barking in the lot across the street. What are they barking at? I cant see anything.

I want to be the howls outside your window, knocking to come inside. It's just the wind, just a tree branch, no one is awake this time of night.

Did you remember to lock the door?
I'm alive and really want to quit my job
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