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EpiPen 6d
Follow along ...
the porcelain doll fell from the wall
And when she cracked...
It all came back!
escaped in vapors
Seeping into the wooden floorboards
Like oozing wounds
And **** from sores...
Putrid the smell
Straight from hell
Now loose from its porcelain confines
The binding inscriptions
Are Your worst fears
Your deepest convictions
Your frightened tears
Dollie’s secrets and admissions
She heard your payers and your childish wishes
Also your sins you whispered into
Her tiny white ear
Yes she could hear
And you had forgotten
She know your true black heart was rotten
Scary Toys   This was written from an image prompt  try it!
hypnopunk Oct 6
it's a series of events
a noise inside an ear
it cannot be a person
because people aren't real
it's shapes and videography
shadows and distortion
found footage faces
blown out of proportion

less than a video game
less than an open field
it's been here for ages
it was well concealed
both constant and short-lived
both whole and in pieces
breathing in the grease
from the thoughts it releases

and it dwelt among us
tall and robed
surrounded by chilling mist
and it dwelt among us
lit by flashlights
held in a trembling clenched fist
we have sought it in the darkness
during startled sleepless nights
and now that we have found it
it stings, it burns, it bites
The boogey man is not a man,
But a monstrous cavity in the minds of the men.
Black corners and shaded wardrobes,
What deamon, boggle, hobgoblin the bedstead-dark holds?

Eyes are sticked on the darkness,
Noble nowhere: the wide pupil is seeing far less,
While the truth is under your nose:
Thousand lies' eyes lie upon you that no one knows now.

Spiders? Rat snakes? What's hidden there?
No one knows and no one cares by-chance you barely dare;
It's you and your mind - your demons
Who barely care - its self-destruction deepens itself.

Dark room, wardrobe and under-bed;
Darkness dwells in none of among them, but in your head.
Empty-headed pics of crassness,
Made by no boogey, but an ignorant's recklessness.

Put away your holy water;
No need for illusive Jinn-conjurer Gin-tonics.
Darkness knows one weapon: homage;
Nightmares can be killed only through the light of knowledge.

Black corners and shaded wardrobes,
What morbid poison, what fearful drug your brain cells hold?
Embrace no torch, no crucifix;
The thirst of knowledge dries out every grim-naughty pics.
Kai Sep 26
I came upon a man
weary now with age
with a deep cracked tan

He looked and told
of the old forest
that reflects ones soul

Is that why I walk
and only see eyes
that follow and stalk

Me through the trees
dark and sunken
as they peer at me
He was an old god. His knowledge was a warning.
Jo Organiza Sep 23
Paglalang ra daw sa'kong hunahuna,
Ang bugnaw na kakulba ni gakos sa'kong tutunlan,
Ako gayod kahibalo na naa sila sa atong kalibutan,
Sa hayag na bulan, ug sa bugnaw na mga dalan,
aduna'y tiguwang naghuwat kanako sa atbang,
siya kay niduol ug nangayo sa akong pangalan,
nisuway ko'g dagan, ug ako'y nakuratan; gikuptan,
'di kalihok ug 'di kadagan, wa nako kaibaw asa akong padulngan,
pero ingon sila, paglalang ra daw sa'kong hunahuna,
nag bulong sa akoa ang mga taligsik,
sa dihang nikusog ang dalugdog,
akong panit namugnaw, ug akong mga balahibo nitindog,
Ingon si mama,
limbong ra daw kini ug paglalang sa'kong hunahuna.
This balak revolves around the issue of kids that are strangled by their own minds, having no one to talk to at the end of the day.
Twitter: @JoRaika
Sophia Sep 22
I want roses to grow inside my lungs
Its okay if their thorns ***** my sides, and the blood pools inside my chest
Its okay so long as
I can ***** rose petals
And choke on their ever growing vines.
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