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Ken Pepiton Jul 1
New, as a thing under the sun, may not be, if
you know
beyond any shadow of doubt
WAIT}{ Wraith, tell no lie, I adjure thee

Human… made of fertile dirt, humus, clay,  right
or did this thing i thing you may
bean be, may be an AI virus
human concept formed from,
highest dust of the desert
by fortuitous concurrence of events,
after ever begins or began
like a big bang and all kinds of unbelive- oh, that e, escape believe me,
just once, you come this far,
you never ring that ****** alarm again and shame,
a thing of the past, and we don't fish that hole.
Push on, pursuit of happiness is a right, not a privilege,

I inherent have, as a given, an intu ifity? An information messenger
from all who survived before now, this now, the right now?
I am, I think
A meme that makes me know,
from dust I came,
to dust I go, or is it some idea everybody knows

this me, the thinking me, I dust, become dust, damthatkansasong,
in the wind we then inherit
a means of propagation. Idea viruses evolve from invented
necessities formed into memes,

like on Facebook yes, yes and in Animal Farm where the egalitary
evolved an elite corps of the finest minds

and they formed a cadre of guards, to guard the riches caused by
the blessing of god.
A necessity for coping with --
op [option: change the course of history, portunity, or

step by step as an upright walking being humanoid, but not dirt.
aragon level refusal to mix with lesser, looser fields of
gaseous matter dust,

the un breakable thing at the point, until the Alamogordo,
fat cottonwood song was danced
in silence, and we saw

we make peace, where there is no peace,
do we lie,
can you wrestle with a message formed in media no scribe
could realize,
nor resist imagining if touched with the sting of this
what if, what if
god did adopt useless dirt beings and enoblize them above
all aaaa acc use
me. What if you got it? The itch, the kurio bite, the feel of a snaky lick?
In confectionary affection for special effects, I nod to the pines for their
shushing of whatever brings you pain that you wish would cease to exist.
Her eyes blossom like a fresh pink bud in the sweet spring

She slinks from her casket like a black cat becoming resident of the shadows

Her fangs emerge gleaming like white sand belonging to paradise

She is ready to feed
Lee Aaun Apr 28
You were given to me,
by twists of life
wrapped into a box,
like a gift.
you were exclusively made
just for me.
how could i not appreciate
your existence for me?.
my love.
Bhill Apr 13
the answers are not ready to be heard
questions from the ancients are still spinning
twisting, turning, swirling and churning
drifting in and out of the minds that maintain the stamina
having substantial durability throughout timeless echos
stories, of the stories, passed on with no conclusions
the answers are not ready to be heard
not yet

Brian Hill - 2020 # 104
Wait for the answers...
Life was
As smooth as
Water and

And, is
As complex as
Water and

Take it easy
Until now
Genre: Abstract
Theme: One World One Rhyme,"When Will It End?"
Note: Then everyone got to know, what freedom is. In the background of COVID-19.
I've got the inspiration to write
But can't find the passion
When looking inside
What is wrong with me?
Will it ever ignite?
Or will it go up in flames
Just like everything else
In my life

I've tried many things for long periods of time
But haven't got the talent
For any of them to succeed
So here I lay alone
In my dark little room
Fatigued and incomplete
Not knowing what to do
With my life

I'm just an introvert in my early twenties
Sure, I'm an oddball at times
But I'm starved
Starved for something more in this life

Don't know where to start
But my bank has pennies
So I guess I'll do anything
For the money
A sacrifice I must do
to run away from a life I don't want
Or need

I wish I was in paradise
I wish I was free
But all I can do right now
Is fantasize.
The most welcomed dreams,
they float no matter
what the consensus.

A bit pinched by Oliver Twist
campaigns, maybe,
but they vote for helium.

For to laugh is to shine,
and to shine is to supernova,
yet, still fit inside the head.

The hours, they are
a cascade of melting candles
burning a hole in the floor.

The only words spoken,
"My Very Educated Mother
Just Served Us Nine Pies."

But how can that be?
We're now one short.
Oh, bucolic heavens!

I grew tired of wandering
and returned to reality
in the angry haze of another
orphaned satellite.
When interrupted dreams are lost to us, drifting out of our reach, never to return. Forever orphaned from our minds.
Raven Feb 16
A movie with a plot twist;
I didn’t see it coming
It shocked me somehow even though
You were always cunning.

A ballad with a key change;
You could’ve stayed the same
But you left me with a hole in my life
And you left me here to pay.
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