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aspen wilde Jun 2020
i'm sick
everything's so tight, closed off, heart clenching,
disembodied, bruises, strangled,
detonating, beautiful, strenuous,
driven down, hole, black,
peaceful, floral, dead,
fragmented, eternal, fluid.

and i'm invisible
only seen before the light
glowing thought the night
strangled by the white
appearing to the slight
4:48- credit to Sarah Kane's beautifully erratic play, provoking these emotions to come alive in my thoughts
monique ezeh Jan 2020
I think I think too much.

In my head, there are links
Between the things that I think  
That shouldn’t quite touch.

I’m drifting through time and space,
Erratically bouncing surface to surface  
In search of a purpose for the cacophony inside my head.

I wonder if it needs to make sense
or if I should just
Accept the immense presence of all this nonsense.
Fritzi Melendez Jan 2018
She took a form,
of whispers in slightly silent sounds.
A sad and helpless woman,
soft spoken, and slightly broken.

Last night I saw her.
My body went numb,
and quickly into the cold.
She held my nose and my mouth closed.

Her wet, long hair brushes against my cheek.
Quickly realizing the wetness is the blood on her own.
Intense bleeding scratches below her eyes,
and her eyes with an iris in disguise.

I hear her again.
The whispers, the loud silence.
Turning more harsh as I began to struggle loose.
The cacophony of noise and air pressure in my ears, her grip imitated a noose.

I can't breathe,
it's starting to hurt.
She won't let go and I can't move.
I claw at the side of my beds, and this she disapproves.

W A K E  T H E  *******  U P  .

She yells,
and I quickly jolt awake.
Panic mode ensues,
and my mind's bulb has burned my sanity's fuse.

I go erratic,
and I feel like I'm losing my mind.
She took a form,
from my mind's dark thunderstorm.


and I don't know how to escape from Her.
I saw and felt and heard Her yell at me last night. It scared me to the point where I felt sick and began to feel my chest hurt.
I'm a dreamer
and a lover
An aspiring achiever
seeking perfection in the imperfect
Anything can be done within the threshold of imagination
Imagination breaks the chains,
Creates and illuminates.
It can be the very thing to break you out of the mundane cycles of life.
What is imagination?
The best explanation
It's a thing,
A force?
All I can tell you is that it's unique to each of us.
It adds the flare to our character,
Inspires us to do things only we would do.
If you can think it,
You can do it.
So why limit what you can do,
When you can already think it?
You just have to act.
If you don't, you'll continue to suffer.
That thorn in your side,
That guilt in your heart,
That anxiousness on your mind.
You can dream of a world without them.
The thought is only the first step.
You must act to embrace the brighter future.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Expressed in ones and oughts,
Identions into my mind and life,
An aviary of my erratic  thoughts.
Your thoughts shape and mold your life to who you are.
Contoured Oct 2017
In an alternate world,
Everything was fine.
I could love them all,
The attention was mine.

The problem is,
That world doesn't exist.
I live in reality,
Directly in the midst.

My mind is erratic,
I can't take much more.
My heart is numb,
And my conscience sore.

For all these problems,
I am the host.
We've all made mistakes,
But I've made the most.
Xyns Jul 2017
I'm the ***** with the addictive personality
And erratic mentality
Constantly escaping reality
Causing my ****** up morality
I feel like an animal; you've committed *******.
Kate Willis Apr 2016
When I went to the park today
I heard the birds singing
and the water moving-
ever so softly against the wind.
The squirrels,
their erratic tails and fur
bounded across trees and
ate nuts as they stared
at the funny looking squirrels below them.
The ones with the shorts and the shirts on,
and the ones with the long hair colored so strangely.
Those squirrels didn’t quite look like squirrels at all.
They drove strange boats and paddled in the water,
and a couple of those strange squirrels
seemed to have large furry companions
that definitely didn’t look like squirrels.
And yet whenever they come near
they act like they know the squirrels
they take photos and videos
and make memes, funny pictures
and snapchat videos of them.
But they aren’t.
They aren’t squirrels at all.
They’re humans,
yet some think they are squirrels.
I went to the state park, Strouds, today, and saw a bunch of squirrels that kept staring at people. Decided to write a poem about them.
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