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Luna Craft Oct 1
Last night I dreamt there was a shooting in my town
At my old high school to be specific;
My and my father drove there, just to see if anyone I knew was dead
The officer was oddly cheerful
He smiled as he said just a few words.

"Only four died"

A handful, not even the double digits, such a small amount meant nothing
I asked for a list of the deceased
On it, I saw my own name
I watched as my father cried and the news vans left
This wasn't a big story, these were just a few lives
I few rounds of ammo, another kid turned killer
Another day for no questions just a body
This time it just happened to be mine
I may have outgrown my high school but not my fear
I'm in college now.

I know very well that does not make me safe
So as I wake up in another cold sweat I get ready for my day
Remembering Virginia Tech
Trying to remember the names
Not of the killer but of kids like me

Kids that died before their dreams ended
Kids that died when they left school bloody
Physically well but no longer safe

And only then do I remember the killer
I want to ask them if they are happy now
What did we do to kill your mind to the point at which you had to kill others?
And they'll respond simply

"Only four died"

They weren't even frontpage news.
I saw a Shooting star
and wished to help me
to make things right between us

But instead of falling on Earth
it goes up away from Earth
de Negre Sep 27
once present,
the shadows of the not-so-forgotten
the shadow of me
we'll be used as images
to display suffering
as two animals, (nearly the same seen
from the outside)
they are tied together
arguing, like children
about why such a thing
such a painting
of my shadow on the wall
would happen

the phones will know, they will chat
speaking amongst each other
talking about the new
this and the new that
i ask what is happening
before i am next
my shadow on the wall
along with my peers
the fellow pupils

this reality is a
chorus of voices shouting at
each other saying the same things
when none of them
(if they knew the answer)
can voice the truth
as another will agree
and the next
diluting the first point
in an idea known as

my shadow will be on the wall
each square inch
a blot, from each round
which will enter me.

the voice of mine is just another
in a small chorus
stuck in a small room
all yelling amongst
one another.

at least i've accepted
my reality.
the ultimate reality of fear from of death during a school shooting. quickie #2 is not as fun as #1 i apologize.
Shooting stars bloom in the womb of infinity,
whiz on the wings of the Thunderbirds,
a trail of fairy dust gracing their fiery tracks
as they sear through the gloom of the night skies.
I amble through the folds of the sullen clouds,
collecting the stars
as they wrap me in their cherubic dazzle.
The champagne flourish
of a Pink Diamond Star
flares up in my soul
livening me like the fireflies
that carry me on their blushing wings
as I saunter through the dusky skies
collecting the falling stars
to brighten up my dreary horizon!
Alyssa Adams Sep 12
funny, isn't it?
no one ever really thinks
about what happens
after a school shooting

someone has to wander
down each hall
and tear out stained carpet
darkened and then thrown out

someone has to clean the walls
spray down each brick
with disinfectant
cleansing away what remains

someone has to look through
old lockers
give jackets and folders
to parents

someone has to convince
everyone else
to come back tomorrow
that it's fine now

someone has to stay in bed

someone has to sit alone at lunch

someone has to have a substitute

someone has to reconsider
saying the pledge of allegiance
Peter Balkus Sep 3
Today has been a good day,
only few beggars
asked me for a change.
Nobody mugged me,
nobody robbed me,
nobody spat in my face,
nobody called me a piece of shit.
I haven't been stabbed,
I haven't been shot.
I'm still alive.

It's been a pretty good day,
hasn't it?
julianna Aug 27
I’m afraid
To go somewhere I have the right
I’m afraid
That someone will threaten my life
So many people have passed away
At the hand of another shooting
But at 16, should I be afraid
That the next one could be me?
I am heartbroken and terrified.
Peter Balkus Aug 26
Someone please take the gun from him,
before he kills
others or himself.

He isn't mad,
this gun is mad,
this gun can make him mad.

The problem is, nobody cares.

They only care,
when it's too late.
Brad post Aug 15
Last night I saw a shooting star,
and it made me think of you.
Brilliant white, and trailing light,
against a sky of purple blue.

I wonder if you saw it,
and if it made you think of me.
I wonder if you smiled,
as it burned, and ceased to be.

I wonder if you made a wish,
and what that wish could be.
I know it's wishful thinking,
but did it involve me?

Sorry, I know, I'm just wondering,
you probably missed it anyways.
I'll  still hold on to my wish though,
of long forgotten days...
In my homeroom class, we don't have a seating chart.
But I still sit as far away from the door as I can.
Subconsciously it's probably because of a school shooting.
I've been anticipating one to strike at my small high school for a couple years now.
It's probably because of a lock down we had a couple years ago when I was still in middle school.
There were armed men on campus.
We had to be silent for hours.
I was in choir at the time.
Over 100 of us were squeezed into a small space.
There were girls crying,
my best friend was holding my hand,
I was having an anxiety attack.
I was only thinking
"Please not today..."

I'm not surprised anymore.
When another school is in the news,
it's deeply upsetting
but not surprising.
It's all I've ever known.
The Columbine High School shooting happened in 2001.
I was born a year later.
I've never actually known peace in this country...
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