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Charu Sally May 18
Midnight hours & raindrops on the porch ;
accompanied by the wind chimes jingling ;
The sweet, sweet scent of rain on the pavement,
White curtains blowing in the wind, and the certain undefinable something that’s in the air.
That blankly stare as I move toward and stand on the edge of the balcony ;
Taking it all in as I Close my eyes &
feel the breeze,
The thunder it roars, and echos deep.
The fond remembrance of the feeling ensnared;
Just when I stumble upon petrichor ,
With all , that makes my hair blow behind and some on my face ,
Felt my feet above ground and my heart on my sleeve .
Suddenly a butterfly kiss that I can feel on my neck,
Like the cadence of your breaths upon my parched skin ;
while the grip of my hand gets tighter on the fence ,
the hot breath that I could feel as you go , tucking the lock of my hair behind the ear,
You reach for the few raindrops on your fingers and move the fingers sliding slowly from clavicle to my back ;
like the only territory of yours you’ve known,
which seems to send a refreshing chill to my spine,
For all the calmness you bring ;
The rhythm in my breath and grip of my hand,
Tells you as if this is what I have been longing for ;
You make it so enamoured , that I wouldn’t say no for ,
Feels Like we’re on the shore in the middle of the night ‬.
‪I kept my eyes closed as you ask me to ‬,
The voice that makes me go just as you want ,
‪You slightly reaching for my hand ‬& interlock yours with mine
And turn me around to you .
‪A smile that break upon my cheek ‬as I meet your eyes,
‪Whilst we just stand there and move closer to each other,
Like the sun that meets the moon;
Your permission was my demand there then,
And we went for a kiss ‬.
The taste on my fervent lips felt like a dream ;
This moment is so like a dream , yet it was
Sooner that I realised, I’m still laid on the bed while my hand rest on your side of the bed ,
It was my soul that was there & you came to.
We’re under the same sky but apart ,
But souls of ours would meet again just like moments ago ;
The moments that we’d give infinity ,
And to clouds our love , to rain again just like moments ago.
Arrive to leave

For all.
Vibrant chaos.
In agony.
Certain of.
Of waves.

Garrett Johnson & Eleesha Mayo.
Thanks for the words Eleesha.
It's walking around a lot.
Who i am ...

if you asking ...
who i am ...
i'm the pen ...
an arrested pen ...
sown in garden ...
in a heart's flowers ..
to pour my ink ...
and to irrigate ...
all rose with word ...
to let them all dance ...
with every new day ...
no matter ...
how long will be ...
the captor to flowers ...
just i matter ...
to give a happiness ...
and to pour my words ...
as a pleasant water ...
to the garden ...
where i'm there ...

i'm just a pen ...
i do dance ...
with my words ...
how ever my roses smile ...
while i'm penning my words ...

it's me sweetheart ...
the pen which create ...
only for you ...

hazem al ...
I cry
I laugh
Sometimes am forced to act like am okay
Even when things aren’t working my way

You refer to me as perfect
That you give me no space to cry
To me there is no chance of trying
I have to work like my life depends on it

Whenever I try to express my feelings
You say that am abnormal
You have forgotten that am human
And crying is just normal

You say that I have changed
Yeah that true
This is all because of this pain that you have inflicted in me
May be if you would have listened I would have been normal

Right now am indebted to the pain that you inflicted in me
Coz pain is like a loan
And no matter what I do I can never repay it
You’ve forgotten that am human
And crying is just normal
Serendipity Mar 24
Who am I?
But a collection of sounds in colors?
Of tastes in scents?
Of misery in delight?

I am nothing but the shadow
of good times
and there
lost files.
Serendipity Mar 24
I woke up to the sound
of moon on my skin
and velvet on my lips.

The scent of pine cones
will always
smell like
a memory I lost
long ago
of home.
Jayanta Mar 22
It is a call for ‘social isolation’
to make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Isolate the self and searching for self!

So, lock the gate from inside
And Lock the main door!
Confined myself at house!
Try to find myself in the space within!
Searching for the self!

Searching self in the gadgets of communication
Unable to find out the absolute self …
It is Relative!
Relative to space and time ….
At point becoming invisible!
Question arises
“Whether invisibility link to infinity?”

Now, it is started to rain,
Sound of raindrops on the rooftop
Remind me
‘you are not alone’!

In-between ponder on
  ‘Existence of infinity’
“An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite”……
“An infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist”!

‘Infinite cannot exist’,
Self is not infinite
It is miniscule!

“What is about sense of singularity
Individuality, or self-sameness?”
Is it there!

It is
Confronted with question of identity
In the world where flexibility expected
As virtue and
Accelerating change transfuses in society!

It is the call for ‘social isolation’
To make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Searching self and
Answering who am I?
Pondering with pandemic under incursions   of Covid19
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