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carole 1d
One day,
I allowed myself to let go.
I was no longer a label.
I was no longer a dancer.
I was no longer beautiful.
I was no longer a poet.
I was no longer a woman.
I was no longer black.
I just was.
Star BG 2d
I AM...
the one the world has been waiting for.
A sage carrying wisdom so others
find their own portal of light.

I AM...
the you in me, and me in you.
A savant who shares thread of ***
inside creative vortex.

I AM...
eternal borrowing human costume to dance.
An avatar traveler, from distant galaxies.
Here to celebrate inside energies of love.
One of three I Am poems.
Inspired byRJ and Lori Jones McCaffery  Thanks
Star BG 2d
I am that I am.
An avatar of compassion.
The distant traveler inside human form.

Who am I...
A sage on mission of dream.
A warrior of light.
A spark of The Divine.
The sacred one who pulsates with song.

I am that I am.
An Avatar for peace and joy.  
The grand vessel wrapped in sacred light.

Who am I...
much more than human.
A navigator of stars.
A creative being who sings with grace.    
The one inside eternal quest to free soul.

I am that I am.
An avatar of love and light.
A seeker with gifts to share with world.
A mirror of everything.
The one who bows toward all.
And star-seed here to aid humanity

Who be you? Who be you?
inspired by  RJ and Lori Jones McCaffery
One of three poems
Bryce 3d

finally the winds have subsided
the grasses are no longer golden brown

The world is growing in joy!

I can feel my heart burn, the blood of love leaking upon the planks
But it is safe, it is home
It is the lapping shores of the familiar stones
No violent black rock of dreams to stop me from ascending the cliffs
finding solid ground
growing food and making love to the true beauty of it all

And the islands at the edge of the world
Anatolia, the dreams of a new kingdom
One where I was the man I was
Calyps, though kind,
Was a beautiful temptress and had nothing good to say
Just figments and dreams, illusory
She would never make me king.

So here I am friends!
I, your friend
Your crown and solemn head
Please, I ask with faith--
Give me this place to stay.
Casper 6d
She is indeed
More than I took her for,
I think her grace
Will shortly
Turn into silence.
Go on,
Prepare for what is done.
I pray thee,
I am not ready yet.
I know my duty,
But my her death
Not be planted
In my memory
Just yet.
And through the hills and down to the valley to find a place to nest
the warblers,
the songbirds,
and the wrens alike.
Feathered avians here and there with a song they’ve known since childhood.
They chirp and they flutter,
but I shriek and sputter.
They tweet and call,
but I cackle and fall.
When face to face with flocks of gorgeous birds and their equally breathtaking tunes,
I’m often left to wonder
why I turned out so grim.
Was it the way I was born?
The nest I grew up in?
Or was I never supposed to be
the agile, effortless creature
everyone wished me to be?
I am an ****, revolting, thing
and that explains why nobody loves me.
How could anyone love a beast like me?
a cognitive dissonance
a mental static
an emotional monsoon
an undistinguishable amalgamation of uncertainty and ambiguity
the subdued symphony of my severing sanity
plays a deafening, intrusive beat
in the background of my life’s outrageous orchestra.  
i’ll never escape my own hellish purgatory,
my mind.
my mind.
Bryce Nov 29
On the blue river
Boats pass lazy in the sun
I rest in the shade.
the hapless cries of my long-lost self
i’ve left so far in the past.
the unsightly girl,
who couldn’t stand up.
the pitiful love-struck gear,
turning round and round without a care in the world,
little did she know that within the upcoming years she’d begin to finally question her place in this infinite machine.
this infinitely,
never ending,
she is the contraption’s gear
Charlene Nov 28
Growing up in a family of five. 3 boys 2 girls.
    I'm sibling #4. 3 older 1 younger.
We're we close I don't think so.
   Having an older brother so mean and cold, I remember how I hated him I was only 11 years old.
    A little sister 6 years younger oh how I adored her so.
She grew up started to smoke and drink all of a sudden I became her worst enemy. Year's and years of fights and tears. I made it a point not to go home at night.
    When my brother wasn't being mean and hitting us he was locked up . And now many many years later with a kid of my own he's home to stay and that makes all okay.
     My,sister is now clean and sober she got her bachelors degree and I'm dispose to be cheerful and happy.
    A beautiful mother yes that's what we do have she always wants the family to get together. Although I say I will be there but something always enters my heart and I'm a no show. What can it be cause I'm still sad and hurt . It'll be a year and I don't see or hear from them. I know in my heart I don't really know them . And I know I don't like them . Although I do love them.
What should I do.?
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