I am bleeding broken teeth
Out on the driveway
My BMX buckled beside me
And the whole world in front of me

I am typing up scripts
To sell consumer goods
My empty lunch tin beside me
And a deadline in front of me

I am watching the curtain breath
Through the balcony door
My dog sits beside me
And the weekend in front of me

I am memory pushed through a straw
Into the shape of a man
My dreams beside me
As with the whole world around me
Included in I am... (Ja sam..)  exhibition www.kreativnikrk.com
I often sit beside myself
swinging between the two
of who ‘I am’,
and who ‘I am’ to you.

‘I am’ caught in the middle
with myself on either side
while there at the centre
it’s where, ‘I am’, I hide.

Balancing out the inbetweens
of me, myself, and I
there you’ll find me, right at the heart
of who ‘I am’ inside.
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved
Day May 3
(Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hm)
I’m looking at paradox and choice, like
“What is choice when you voice light?”, like
If I am consciousness and I’m living unconscious it seems as though it’s inevitable to feel destroyed right?
How can I operate this body and mind if I’m blind,
If I’m missing the menu? Seriously, how can you expect me to identify a sign in life?
I’m stuck in insanity, I’m doing the same shit over and over again,
Expecting different results, I’m Donkey on a coaster with friends,
Light says be calm, ego says we on, people say leave mom,
Pause, mom is a reference towards the feminine energy, it creates, the masculine manifest,
I’m talking omni, god, light, androgynous life;
This is something you can’t transgress because it doesn’t exist but do transgress, because it’s something Man possess,
Man as in mankind, which is both male and female,
Logic; being left brain idea; which means form, is why we believe in hell and punish ourselves, and why we hinder our “self” before we evolve,
Amigo told me have a “vision”, Padre dismissed me like the path was missing, nigga I’m tiptoeing, doing everything in my power; avoiding rash decisions,
And I recently just found out my path was missing because my half was splitting, that’s everything look…
I’mm juust trynna finnd myy “self”...
I understand that it’s destiny to experience this life,
The difficulty in I committing and finding a wife,
9 times out of 10 I see I before U,
Ask yourself: “Did I see I 9 times out of 10 because my focus was on locating the letter I 9 times before U?”
That’s crazy huh? Welcome to Mind,
Understand, this is because of the English language,
We have no linguistic forms which is why it’s difficult to decrypt the ancient,
They’re us, we documented this information in everything, you name it,
Of course through ignorance, which is the cause to the effect of us learning about the stories that were fabricated and famous;
It requires that verbs and action words be associated with nouns,
Because of this, there’s NO LINGUISTIC FORM to figure shit out,
We’re talking aboriginal, the beginning where archetypal concepts were pure,
This is why imaginations important, if you haven’t yet, please read my poem Einstein’s Recipe, because imagination is the cure; treat insanity, look,
All I’m saying is, use the muscle in your right brain,
Because these forms/ideas cannot be perceived by the senses,
Only pure reason alone,
If you want to discover home; yourself, and elsewhere you must relieve yourself from senses,
That means, let go of the material world, what has manifested to vision,
Turn your attention towards your inner eye to create a vision,
And understand thought and its position,
How it's the quantum world; creation, before decision,
The best description; it happens before you’re even aware it, listen,
That means you are experiencing reality from a different vision,
“Awareness” is what’s missin,
With it, we’re able to access our genius and learn how to  navigate reality,
At that point we’d conquer mortality,
It’s both religion and spirituality, a neutrality,
Theoretically speaking this would lead to physical, mental, and emotional totality,
Reincarnation isn’t a belief, it is law; and these universal  laws express modality,
We are the seeds of vitality,
Wake up, wake up, wake up, because the "sleep" you is killing me, killing us, killing everything man Imm juust saaying I neeed help…
I feel uncomfortable, talking about a being I never met,
Because I believe we would’ve married if she never left,
And it pained me when she came in dream,
Because this was a reality,
one that's not commonly seen to respect,
one that society deem as a strech to accept,
Yet, still, what I felt was very real,
This experience varied feel and real because this was a sense of knowing,
A sense I couldn’t detect,
I guess what I’m saying is that there’s no such thing as death,
Well, at least in my reality because I met her in a different way and feel equally blessed,
Trying to possess the ability to confess, to simply contest the I in invest,
Lady, save me,
Ii waant you annd noo onee else…
Imm juust saaying I neeed help…
I’mm juust trynna finnd myy “self”...
(Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hm)
hiraeth May 2
the milk is
       left untouched,
the cookies
      left uneaten,
                               "santa didn't come
                                     this time."
      left unopened,
      left unspoken,
                                "when will he
                                     be back?"
      left unspilled,
and sobs
      too quiet to hear.
love me :(
Lure Pot Apr 29
I am a child like you
I have a dream like you
I have a heart like you
I am mankind like you.
I have the right to live like you.
I have the right to freedom like you.

I want to play like you
I want to smile like you
I need to sleep like you
I need a morning like you.
I have the right to live like you.
I have the right to freedom like you.

Why is my path bloody?
Why do you blast my body?
Why does dark smoke swarm my sky?
Why do you grab my land, why?
I have the right to live like you.
I have the right to freedom like you.

You have no right to kill my dreams
You have no right to kill my parents
You have no right to kill my friends
You’re all killers; you're all heartless!
I have the right to live like you.
I have the right to freedom like you.

I want only justice
I want a smiley face
I want a peaceful place
I just want a little peace!
I have the right to live like you.
I have the right to freedom like you.
Yon Goyzih Apr 29
Do you play the piano,
As my hands start sinking low
I need a melody now
Because the keys I don’t know.

I woke up in the nighttime,
To thoughts I wish not to speak
And I wonder possibly
If you can provide to me
Some sort of relief.

I need a tonic,
A strong base note clear.
Loud please.
My ears are weak here.

I don’t want a major,
Or a minor chord chime.
I don’t need your sympathy
A symphony would be fine

Can you play me that melody
To the words I’ve forgotten
You know, “Dum dee da?”
No… This happens often.

Well, just play it.
What? No, whatever you want.
I’ll do it, I’ve had enough.

Do I play the piano?
Years ago, I guess I did.
But my hands don’t know the keys
So I close the keyboard lid.

Do you play the piano?
I ask myself again.
I stopped when?
Shadow Dragon Apr 28
Forming new



How to E S C A P E and be F A I R ?
Trace my corners with your fingers

Caress my curved spine

Kiss every inch of me

Spoil me with your love

And I shall spoil you with mine
E McNamara Apr 19
To be worthy of him,
All I had to do
Was nothing,
Because I am everything
The way I am.
Never change for someone else.
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