Nature is beautiful
I am not
this day is wonderful
but so hot.

This morning is bright
but I am old
this night is so quiet
but so cold.

The sun and the moon are true
but I'm a false poet
the wind is fresh and pure
I'm just dreaming a lot.


You took nothing
And yet everything from me
I asked for naught but you gave me life
And bleeding wounds scabbed
Scars on my soul with years past healed
I laughed
And lived
Like I hadn't been alive before
The stars lit for you and me

Everything is raw
There is no better word
Three minutes or three years
Could pass between thoughts of you
And I still regret everything

I did something wrong?
I turned you away?
Was the health of my mind scary
Did it make you run
From this burning inferno of my forested soul

I miss everything
And yet nothing
For you took me
And returned my broken pieces
But left the image of you

Shawn B 3d

Sometimes waking up hurts
Try sleeping all week
I slept a whole year once
Didn't get much done
Try Ten years
Less done

Waking up
and staying up
getting ready
and then doing something
I get more done

get up in the


I find if I get up in the morning and face a day it's better than sleeping all day. Most of the time, unless I had a bad week or something... ya. Get up and go, Think, Know (stuff, people, God), Be (someone), Do (something good, for you and others... or others and then you? But be prepared. that's what I'm telling myself).

we sit here and sesh our lives away
crack another can, fight over the last sip
satire is the topic of conversation when
the real issues are too deep to indulge
do we really know what we're doing?
probably not
but who really cares when
the smiles of your friends melt the world away
like butter in a pan
when this atmosphere is truly the only place
i'd ever want to be
in this moment
this life
away from pain and worldly woes
where cigarette smoking is a past time
meant for making memories far deeper
than the fear you feel when looking in the mirror
see a face that has felt so, so much
too much pain and uncertainty
for a collective soul as young as ours
we feel and breathe as a singular being
and that is what friendship is about

and i feel blessed to have finally found a place to call home.

pretty rough but oh well

I am just your friend
not personal or privet
I'm also a human being
not weather or climate!

I can't change myself
I am just me still
and I always will,
you just keep silent!

Don't worry about me
I wouldn't change you
I am not ignoring you
don't make me a client!

Don't make me a fool
I can understand you
so be quiet and cool
I just love your talent.

I don't feel so good
in this lousy mood
I'm not like that person
Friends, please be gentle!

I barely recognize myself anymore
When I was young I knew what I wanted when I grew up
Am I even growing anymore?
I feel stuck
I can't breathe here anymore
I've become too large for this small town
How will I get out without the brains or the talent to do it?
Am I here for a reason?
What is my life supposed to look like?
I feel like I've made a wrong turn in the universe
My heart is somewhere else and I can't find it
It left without saying goodbye
Where am I meant to end up?
How am I supposed to get there?
Why am I going through these things?
Do I even matter anymore?
Have I done all I can for this world and now am I just waiting for death?

Ninah Dau Jan 7

i still cannot paint you landscapes
for as most as i've tried.
beauty is, at times

nor can i sing for you properly
as my voice has an
uncanny habit of
falling flat

nor can i play songs for you
as my fingers tumble, tremble
at the thought of you
watching me

but i can brush the
knots out of your hair
and work the knots
out of your back
when your day has become
too much to bear

i've never been
good at much
but i will always be good
for you

gave her


Simon Jan 4

No matter how hard I try
No rhyme comes out
No matter how loud I shout
No one hears my voice
10 times I changed my style
10 times I got rejected
There's no way to ease it
I lack of any personality
Have you seen someone fail
With everything and everyone?
Of course not, You haven't seen me
Have you ever seen someone
So ugly, but boringly average?
I would share a photo
But I don't want to disgust you
Did you ever meet someone
Who lies so well, he lies himself?
I came to believe that I'm shy
And not a fucking narcissist
What do you do
When you can't blame others anymore
When you can't blame your family
When you can't blame an illness
When you can't blame your society
When you can't blame god or what not
When the only one to blame
Is yourself - I - for everything
Everything that ever went wrong
In my pitiful life
Is only my fault
There's no illness
There's no bully
There's only one problem
I am the problem

How do we solve this one?
There's only one solution


an animal i am
they call me man
kill in any my way
eat the foul
and a dessert with porn
an animal i am
disgust in others
not me
love is the turn to open doors
though consumed with hate
an animal i am
money, women
poulty, and beef
not one sits on my throne
while i eat
an animal i am

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