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Abby Sep 2018
Please, have mercy!
You are all my children,
Whom I've given birth to and nourished
Until you were strong enough to hurt me,
And even after that,
Because I still love you
Even though you've forgotten me.
Please, have mercy!
I promise to keep caring for you,
And I promise to be there for you,
And I promise to suffice all of your needs,
But please, don't mistreat me,
Don't mistreat your mother,
Don't pollute her water,
Don't pollute her air,
Don't pollute her roads,
Don't cut her forests,
Don't **** her animals,
Don't sterilize her earth,
Don't mute her song,
Don't do to her what she's never done to you.
I'm your mother,
And I ask for forgiveness
If I've ever hurt you,
But please, my dear children,
Have mercy on me!
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
There was an Oak tree in Kampala,
Whose leaves were always blossomed in color;
and its life was dumped to the dogs
When they cut it down for timber and logs
That ornamental Oak tree in Kampala.
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
Of what purpose are wings to a caged bird?
Of what use is the light of dawn when her voice is hardly heard
and albeit sweet, alone she can't make the dawn a chorus?
of what use are her claws without moist and wormy soils to scratch
what's the point of waking early with no worms to catch?
of what use are her eyes when she can't watch
the big blue sky, of what use are thick canopies where she won't nest?
why does she sing? Is it a melody, is it a dirge?
Does she need a cage mate with whom she's forced to merge
while her bone and blood mate wanders somewhere in search
of the one who left him before their first eggs could hatch?
Of what help is, to a caged bird, a friend?
Is it just to share the agony that won't end
or help hurtfully peck the little bars that won't bend?
To a caged bird of what purpose are feathers,
one that suffers a cold heart courtesy of iron tethers?
why should she be warm when she misses comfort of her home
the comfort of intricately weaved grass and loving family
the warmth radiated when living with her own species happily?
Does a caged bird need loyalty when there are bars to enforce,
those charmingly curved to ensure her freedom's loss?
Tell me...
Of what purpose are wings to a caged bird?
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
I peer at the world
And all I see is
possible impossibilities
fictional realities
counterfeit originality
impotent functionality
locomotive staticity,
and rigid elasticity
beside Beastie humanity...*

I look at the world
and all there's
are peaceful wars
Less Mores
widely locked doors
criminal laws
a stinking rose
and fragrant "choos"
I look at the world
and sadly I see all those...
I even see stepped on toes
on sand-less shores...
Tobias Schuster Jun 2016
Nature such a beautiful thing;
Such a sea of tranquility.
But alas it could not last,
For man came along
And broke the peace
And took all things beautiful.
Why do this?
Why destroy?
We do not know but do we care?
Does it bother us at all?
We must unite and save nature
And restore it to what it once was.
To give back what we have taken
And restore it to the piece it once knew.
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
was here before us...
leave it,
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2015
A world we found naturally beautiful and green
We've painted a variety of taunting colours
So that its bloated with colors to the brim
And there's barely  any green to see, alas!

We found the world ****** raw and pure
Peacefully enjoying and willing to share
***** and infected her with ails we can't cure
And in return world stopped to care

Now we fight each other everyday that goes by
We build neat roads and she sends quakes
To reveal truth hidden beneath the roofs of our lies
She kills the flowers of our hypocrisy by storms and by flakes

We exist at crossroads and all we do is feign remorse
We nail the world, only to find ourselves on that very cross
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
"Snail was right here"
**** said creating much fear
In the little dear
I love this style so much, cause I love nature and it favors the animation of nature and bring out the actual plea against It's destruction
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Brightly basking but
Bothering big beautiful
Buzzing bumble bees
can't remember how the BBBBBB sounds are called
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
At some point wanted
To raise a white Flag 'cause
She was much haunted
Hehe, It's getting tougher, couldn't entirely rhyme it
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