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Madness whispering loudly
Floating on winds scented breath, I can hear it's seductive call
Blindly leading me down mazes within my uncharted mind
Sanity has misplaced my blue print to a glittered life
In my broken heart it no longer reside

Hatred combat ready, It's fully armed to the teeth
Speaking in oppressive tongues
It craves for me to greedily taste and admit defeat
Chiseling relentlessly at my positivity
my cool resolve alone withstanding the heat
The air around me is toxic and choking  
I'm still grasping to breathe

emotions screaming to break free
it no longer wants to suffer in silence
even it's prayer is cloaked within a plea
waiting for this clouded smoke to dissipate
so finally the world pictured i can truly see.
Madness consumes the idle minds
lets not be blind
we all have those days
when we questioning if we living right
just don't give up the fight
never back down to any strife
if the clouds is all that you see
then lets get creative
and cut this thoughts with a knife.
Making ripples in the pond
Swimming in the shallows
Swept off by the waves, into the deep sea
and back to the shore
Buoyant forces keep afloat
Hope is the float
Takes you deep, into the shallows and back to the shore
Soaring high into the skies
Float into the zero gravity door
Back to the ground
On two feet
Undying faith in self
Abstract thoughts
When your slowly sinking life consistantly smells of propane
You endeavour to silently drown out the crashing waves
Dodging firery and deadly sparks
Knowing any minute it can go up in flames

Poisened with fight we lose all of your paralyzing fear
A progression of a genius mind
We  evolve and become fire eaters
Until we have fear scared and in tears

You move with armed confidence
Even your words has some bite
Slowly eating all negativity
Then still sleeping soundly at night

This life can never drown us or keep us down
We Borne in a state of fight
Screaming at the world
I believe this to  be our battle cry
To let the world know our hidden might.
With the first breath we take, we on a journey to die,
The fight of life not easy
Even the best find the rocking of the boat queasy  
So don't lose your balance
That fire in you, feed it
Give it wings, live every second
Like we were never rejected.

Life we have a stake in it
She dances with her best dress on even when everyone is standing still,
She speaks her mind even when everyone tells her to be quite,
She has a dream even when everyone is looking for a man,
And that doesn’t make her less of a woman.
He cries when he is broken,
He shows his feelings even when everyone is acting tough,
He has a dream even when everyone is looking for a woman,
And that doesn’t make him less of a man.
They sing even when they don’t know the words,
They laugh even when life gets hard,
They love even when the world is full of hate,
Because that doesn’t make them less of a human.
There is a riot inside my body
My heart against my brain
Fighting over you.
Don’t promise me something you won’t keep
My body can’t take another civil war.
Surrounded by broken promises when all you had to do was to stay
Purple, blue, orange and red these colors of feelings that I won’t be feeling anymore
Because my heart is in flames and my mind is in control.
There is a riot inside my body
A war that no one can win.
Alexis 5d
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
i sit in a chair
far too firm
and lie on a bed
far too soft

i shovel food into my mouth
far too cold
and take a shot
far too warm

i think of the future
far too fast
and dwell in the past
far too slow

where are you, middle bear?
my life is not a light switch
please let me find you.
Who is a good person to know?
Each has a path to follow,
I do good things for others, you see,
Remaining kind  and so friendly,
Hearts do need folk to look after,
Souls need peace and laughter!
My path is that of a bard, as well,
Who is good and really swell?
I am being modest, what the hell!
Feedback welcome.
I, giraffe, stand long and tall,
Am I the tallest of you all?
I have such a long elegant neck,
I see above the crowds, by heck,
I can tower over you all,
I, giraffe, stand long and tall.
Feedback welcome.
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