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Thou still undefiled woman of solitude,
Thou stray-child of tranquility and ****** duration,
War historian, who can relate openly
The milk-spilled more sweetly than the little dame:
What metals and cartridges shaped and haunt sound
Of mortals or divinities, or of both,
On-field or the vale of earth?
What sights are these? Sights a dame loathe?
What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?
What shout of chivalry? What wild ecstasy?

History be told: war is dreadful, but those unheard
Are more dreadful; so, furnace heart, be still;
Say no more to my sensual ear, least, endangered
My soul seeking sensual tone:
For the melodies coming beneath the trees,
Ever songs can those trees be bare;
Shy lovers, sharing a willing kiss,
Almost to the winning goal; do not grieve:
Share the bliss, it fade not as she with thee
Forever wilt thy love blossom, if only you yield!

Oh! Happy, gladly thrill that blood not shed,
With back at the past bading goodbye;
And, happy psalmist, unretired,
Melody sang melody anew;
For more happy love; peace we sang,
For ever warm and still; peace we sang,
For surviving babes and vigorous youth; peace we sang:
Passion and love beyond colour and skin
That drained the heart high-sorrowful tone,
Beauty is honest, honest beauty- that is all.
The vanities of war.
overwhelmed and breathless
in the way that makes you
tired of existing

until the realization
that i have not been
deep in the ocean

my feet are planted
in the sky
and it's only my head
under water
if i just keep walking

i'll be in the clouds
keep going, love. you can touch the stars.

Faizel Farzee May 16
I stare deeply into my truthful mirror.
The reflection of what you left me as leering back at me.
I don't realise who this is
This creature broken and unknown,
He's face I've never seen.

I remember your eyes,
The light I once saw in them,
Blown out by the wind of your lies.
Replaced by a cold abyss,
It looked straight through my pride,
From them I cannot hide.
This virus you left me with.

Your heart has been frozen...

In my soul it reside.
Speaking to my demons
Within them daily I confide.
You left all the good in me deceased.
Even the memory of happiness has died.
The only solace
Is for me to cry
Like Rivers of anesthesia
My hatred with dry.
My demons subside.
Once again I'll put my heart on loves merry go round.
a life told in
text messages

swallowed up
by distance and time

to see
the sun
relationships are hard to maintain in the quarantine. especially with my black thumb.

i love you, blue eyes. but our baby is dead. r.i.p georgie

Darsh Parekh May 13
Forgetting how you used to look at me,
Forgetting how close we used to be,
Forgetting how you used to smile towards me,
Because I know we won’t meet now like the waves of the sea.

I am forgetting you day by day,
I am forgetting how like kids we used to play,
I am forgetting the promises you made of forever to stay,
Because I know no long now you want to continue this way,
And it’s even getting easier for me day to day.

Forgetting how your perfume used to smell,
Forgetting all your secrets you used to tell,
Forgetting how unexpectedly you used to
hug me at times,
Because I know all this is over and you need to move on sometimes.

I am forgetting you day by day,
Memories occur in my mind each and every night,
It’s filled with so much of happiness and is so bright,
But it’s moving in the direction of darkness and  that’s alright.
                      -Darsh Parekh
Words' Worth May 11
If dreams are made
Of many hours of sleeping
Then, why do the seconds
I spend with you, feel like hours
As I gaze upon the ceiling
Thinking about the dreams
We have shared in this hideaway
Maybe, the thought of you
Keeps me wide awake and safe
Until I have your love
Then, can I circle in my dreams
Into an eternal repose
fiachra breac May 11
i can piece together scraps
and tie up old ribbon
and weave a new story

out of old memories
and new friends
and tales of true emotion

heartache, heartbreak,
when there’s just a little more
at stake

echoes of laughter and music,
deep sea and vast distance

dip and weave
move and shake
from many pieces,
one does a quilt make
july hearne May 10
unboard the windows
there is an expensive moment to come
when you finally figure out
the undoable has been done  

never fleeting, never free  
pay and pay but never repay

hope he was more than your hedberg ******
leading you on to childless and spinster

going going gone
all along you got it so wrong

dystopia ringing your doorbell daily
another package from amazon
****** censorship for all
aren't we all our own black swan

"oooh sadness
i have no more use for you"

sad trumpet of a lifetime
a state of standstill is a state of decline
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