fika 18h
you spend your life acquiring
and soon your soul is sold
JoshuaX 1d
Sad nights i cry myself to sleep
Depression and anxiety
Are feelings that i keep
I just feel empty
Nobody was there for me
Is it better
To end this life
Close my eyes
Darkness feels the same
I feed myself with lies
Loneliness is my companion
It feels normal to be alone
Always searchin for a home.
Maps 1d
I'll be your lost cause,
I'll be your prison walls-
That separate you from your course.

I'll be your relevant irrelevance
And you will never know,
I'll be,
The malice spec through which you glance.

I'll be your you devil
I I'll be-
The relevance to your God.
Your hate!
Your ennui to lost love.

I'll be that feeling you wonder what I am,
Why do you wonder what I'm?
That obnoxious smile,
So fake and so foul.

But don't worry,
Unlike Isis:
I'll not be the venerated and the despised.
Nor will I be your first and your last.
Not everything but all of the things
G 1d
Look I know it sounds harsh, but see it from my perspective. Actually don’t. Because my perpective is your perspective but let’s make something very clear. Just because we share the same pigment doesn’t mean we share the same ideas.

Ironic. I know. The idea that I’m not a fascist fuck is weird, but I’d like to hope it’s true. So let’s go through the step by step build your basic redneck racist asshole pack.

1. “Make America great again” this one needs no fucking explanation.

2. “All lives matter” again, self explanatory.

3. “White privilege doesn’t exsist” oh, I’m sorry you take for granted the fact that you don’t get shot at traffic stops or become physically ill when your the only one in the room

But see it’s not only the extemeists that are dangerous, it’s the common, staring for a second locking your doors at the sight, not walking down the same alley at night, asking invasive questions, making “jokes” racism that’s dangerous.

Just because you don’t think it’s wrong.
Doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Your a racist asshole. And you don’t realize it.
But then again so am I. Even when you think you understand, remember that you don’t.

So do the world a favor and stop and think. You can’t change your pigment but you can change your damn attitude.

Hatred anywhere is hatred everywhere. So advert your eyes from her face, she literally just wants to eat dinner too, and shut the fuck up about who’s lives matter because the real truth is if you hate the way you do, then yours is the one that doesn’t.
I tried to be,
What connects.

She choose to be
What clauses.

Nothing mattered.

In unison
We pointed destiny,
A Scapegoat.
Genre: Love
Theme: Farewell to Feburary Air
Nazanin 2d
Every morning a huge "so what" hits me dead
I also tried waking up from the other side of the bed
But it was no use, since its all in my head.

Every night i sleep like there is no tomorrow
Tired, full and empty from any sorrow
Its me alone drowning in silence
A little peace is all im asking to borrow
I hate mornings, they are a zipped version of the whole night and nightmares
You have to capture it
While its still alive
This unspoken poetry
That lives inside of me


I want to see you
Nestle it like a
Newborn baby
Wrap it around your tongue
And taste it

After it escapes to enter the pen
From digestion
To clocked
It aides us all
Birth your §oul to me
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