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If Mika is just like her mother
The world is a better place,
If Mika looks like her mother
Then surely, she has a beautiful face;
And if Mika learns from her mother
Perhaps she'll live in a state of grace.
sergiodib Feb 23
LDL fat clots
push through poetic veins,
during an anesthetic dream,
haunted by ischemic demons;
conveying enzymatic sensations which,
reach the heart,
to spear it with a Frame of Thorns;

in a final frantic crack,
unleashed by a heart attack.
A small man with a big smell
when his seldom washed clothes were drying after rain.
Stubble chin, fish eye, loose lip
but always ready for0 the tankard's rim,                                    
especially if you were buying.

One of the dark ones, relics of the Bronze Age,
whose ancestors had thrown their seed,
thin grain upon the small and bitter acres that he worked.

Only the rocks grow well in the fields of the grey hills!

At first I thought him diminished,
crushed by the land itself,
it's possession a cancer devouring
and defeat an old coat lashed round his middle with wire.

But drunk once, on a market day,
lowing and jammed like stalled beasts
into the FARMERS bar, he stumbled,
hugged me close to steady himself
and roared out loud to the heedless herd,
with arm outstretched, ******* to the world,
"****** you boys! I am still here!

Nobody heard but me,
whose ear was riven by that yell
and sprayed with rich spittle.

True though, despite the braggadocio of beer,
with the grain of him deep and compacted
like the rocks he fought, he did endure.
here's a memory of a man i knew for a while when living and working in the far west of Cornwall
Every day for the rest of my life,
You'd be the elixir of my life.
I know it sounds
Like a fantasy life.
To have someone love you,
Without no strife.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I love you,
And you are my life.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I loved you.
I'd make you my wife.
"you can take a man out of the village but can't take the village out of the man" unknown

you wake up everyday,
feeling owned, controlled, limited and unfulfilled.
with a big desire in your heart,
an aching in your mind,
to find your spot.

the mystery of who you are,
who you want to be,
and who you can be.
you choose your aspirations,
because your strong mind won't relent,
won't let fear pick a life for you,
exploring it you ask,
is it the past that you are afraid of?
or the unknown future that you face?
what keeps you still in bed?

you know you have always wanted to break free,
free from feeling empty,
confused, unknown, potentious but untapped,
waiting for love and acceptance.....
the standards set 1000 years and more before you,
yet your family and society expects you to live by them,
keeping you in a viscous circle of fear,
day in and day out.

so what is it that you are truly afraid of?
the you that is undiscovered,
your strength without fear,
your courage to be,
your reign without looking away from who you are.

it is time
Marmaelady Jan 28
I can name what it’s not:
Not the likes
Not the fame
Not the power
Not the money
Not the knowledge
Not the pleasure
Not anything else
I can name what it is:
Your smile
Your voice
Your laugh
Your jokes
Your warm touch
The feeling of home
The safety and comfort to be
That is what happiness is to me.
Happiness? It’s simple.
CAL Jan 26
all i remember is her eyeshadow
and scars
slit wrists
upper arms
they were thick white bands
like bracelets
against her fake tan
her hair would fall out
fried from bleach
black and brown
i only remember her late nights
just her and i
and her sticky bones
just her and i
until i stopped answering the phone

i don't remember what her voice sounded like
or her favorite color
i don't remember her lullabyes
her sort of green eyes
or how it sounded when she laughed
i don't remember what it was like to hug her
to let her brush my hair
i don't remember the last time i told her i loved her
i can't remember the last she was there

i see her in my own crosshatches
and full plates
i see her in a box of maches
and twisted strands of cigarette smoke in the night

i can't get rid of this prophecy
this is what she made me to be
i don't remember enough of her
but, i swear that she loved me
i don't like having regrets
but in her memory lies my biggest one yet
Khoi Jan 31
heed natures call
hear souls fall
wired for sound.
Yenson Dec 2020
The lilies will dance all night
the thimbles not quite so much
for thimble do get tired and the strength
moreover they have errands to run
they've got to go pick on a niga
its the cancel culture in acute action
on the contract to cancel and check
check this, check that, check it all around
check that crow, check that Raven
no oats for mating is not allowed
and how they talk of love and write of love
the cold blooded kind of love
in and out thank you ma'am
exploded in ninety seconds that's the limit
got things to do, got things to distract us
get a crow and clip its wings
that better fun than dancing around
its the Leninist manifesto for us
we've got the gifts that keeps on giving
we are the tops in Europe, we are super
come join the party and our revolution
come love and have fun but not that one
we have cancel him out without reprieve
but you know what mates
I do not miss being disallowed at your party
I ain't crying hurting or pining
hurray to the great unwashed
hurray to the slimes with gifts
but no thank you
SUPER gonorrhoea is on the rise as the highly infectious and drug-resistant bug may become untreatable. Untreated, super gonorrhoea can lead to a five-fold increase of *** transmission and eye infections that may lead to blindness.
The CDC reports infections have increased by 63% since 2014, and up to five million people in the US could be infected with gonorrhoea in 10 years.

The UK has the highest gonorrhoea rate in Europe, and there could be more than 420,000 new cases every year by 2030.“Such a situation can fuel emergence of resistance in gonorrhea including gonorrhea superbug (super gonorrhoea) or gonorrhoea with high level resistance to current antibiotics recommended to treat it.”

They added: “Resistant strains in gonorrhoea continue to be a critical challenge to STI prevention and control efforts.”
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