frankie 5h
you lean in
give me that look that says “my god i can’t believe you’re alive”, you make me feel worth something
we kiss, you deepen it, light and gentle is never enough
hands run all over, trying to find where x marks the spot
strike gold, get lucky
we stop, i like you.
i go over again, only two days apart
the story repeats
i like you, you lust me
you think i’m pretty, a nice statement piece
a treasure locked behind closed doors, just another plastic participation trophy in the open
i know i’ll see you running around with some other girl, and i’ll still be here convincing myself that i’m over it
A speck of hope
Is that what that is?
Are my shackles getting removed?
Can I be free from this prison cell?
Can I spread my ragged wings and fly?
Will the voice stop echoing?
Will the voices be tamed?
What does this mean for us?
Now that I see the key is being turned...
I’m left to wonder:
What lies beyond the door?
pennies on the screen
diamonds in the ground

deep under and down ticking down

pennies on the screen
down ticking down
deep under
they found diamonds in the ground

light going out
where baby stars surround
the dim star devoured the young planet
death star's got to eat

a refill of fear
then off the rails again
second hand smoke
would be a great improvement
Shame Shame Shame
She promised me that she would always be there with me
and she does what she promised

Her memories never let me feel her absence.
Life has lost it's meaning
Just like virginity
People have turned to entertain only those who have got their backs
Just like gay sex and sodomy
People are forced to do things out of their will
Just like an injection given to a toddler
We have turned to find pleasure on other people's pain
Just like watching slavery porn
We have turned a blind eye on everything happening around us
Instead we have chosen to suck happiness and satisfaction from other people's struggle
Just like banging prostitutes and hookers
Everyday we choose to lead people astray
Just like watching Tom and Jerry and making people believe that a mouse can fight a cat
Sometimes people cry for help
We feel their pain
But we choose to enjoy it
Just like listening to Michael Jackson's last songs alive
Instead of creating a ladder
We have chosen to create a slide and watch people fall back to poverty
Just like in an amusement park
We have let attitude to rule this world
We see, we feel
But we never act
Everything is in front of us
Just like the body of nowadays' female teens

But I believe you are capable of making a change
trf 4d
Tides move in swiftly
when the moon has to let us know
how powerful she is
and her phosphercsecent glow

Howling songs in the distance
like southern cicadas do
asking her to forgive us
holding hands next to you

I was born down south
I was raised by the heat
Cornbread in my mouth
I crave a country beat
When I go to the river
And the levy breaks
Don’t blame me
for all the mess we create

Southern cicadas
you sing lullabies
Like Mother Nature
You overwhelm the skies
But in the morning
And three cups of coffee
The only rhythm is my heart beating trepidatiously
I was awake drifting towards the boundaries of dreams
I was still awake when fragmental phosphenes
broke through my closed eyes replacing
the black with cracked computer screen
pale green horizontal lines

Half sleep held my body captive
to this digitized dream like simulation
crossing the threshold of stimulation overload
my screams turned to ones & zeros of a noiseless code

I resetted to black, then it begin
      again &

The tossing & turning of my humanity
unplugged me back to reality

I think
The terror doesn't come from being in a dream, but believing that you are awake the whole time, that each false awakening is real and maybe you are not dreaming at all, just losing your grip on what reality is.
When I'm asking why
you love me
I'm really asking
why the wind blows

at this point.

The only answer
you couldn't explain;
How can your sun still shine
in the midst of my rain?
These unsaid things
are better off said,
because you forgave me
for everything but to you

I couldn't allow the same.

A patience for distress
I'll never understand;
A slow burning candle
in a sea of darkness..

My small light of hope

dancing in the wind.
How is this possible?
The one thing I can explain -
the reason you love me,
those answers must be the same.
Siri couldn't tell me either.
Nothing's ever good enough
Everything sucks
I'm not good enough
I suck
I want to die
You don't want to be around me
Rather be with him
Or him
Or him
I asked you why
Told me I wasn't a tool
What do you take me for
A fool
Told me it wasn't me, it is you
But I don't belive
I don't want to breathe
I just want to leave
You in the past
Because you hurt
And I blame it all on you because I'm a jerk
Clearly this isn't worth
This is what you wanted right? I'm giving up.
goodtea 6d
She is
His only victim
And therefore she is
Both the strongest and
Weakest link in the room
The power to
Hold or to
Destroy her family
Rests on her
To destroy with the truth
Or to hold with her silence.
maybe it is time for some destruction.
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