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Open your heart
Let go of fear
no wasted thoughts
if others care
To dance and play
Or paint and sing
your heart is filled
The joy it brings
This beauty is
what matters most
No more nightmares
And haunting ghosts
A big mistake
in life to make
To foolishly
For granted take
True value much
Like currency
Eyes often shut
And can not see
Our family, friends
Those who are close
The ones we love
And cherish most
With them time spent
Cannot be faked
These moments are
What memories make
And that is what
Life's all about
It's not that hard
To figure out
Sure you can build
Mountains of toys
Aquire things
And find some joy
But what you feel
Will quickly leave
You'll cry in pain
As you bereave
Yet sadder still
You never knew
What matters most
A love that's true
Cause shiny things
May make you smile
That only lasts
A little while
An instant fix
Is what you sought
An instant fix
Is what you got
Like getting high
It did feel good
But not the way
That true love could
It's lacking depth
Was empty, shallow
Sent down stream
Without a paddle
Love does not
Only exist
Inside the arms
Or lover's kiss
In any place
It can be found
With open eyes
You'll look around
A subtle smile
A stranger gives
Can be the light
So someone lives
Of course much less
Dramatic still
Small gesture or
Act of good will
When reaching out
With open heart
And open mind
Great way to start
Just stay the course
And follow through
Cause what you'll find
Surprise to you
The love and all
The kindness shown
To others gift
But returned home
The happiness
you freely delt
Inside you swelled
Makes your heart melt
Written: September 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
drops of rain battering my glass window
the harmonious sounds of changing seasons
the billowing clouds,
the windswept leaves,
and the darkened cobblestone walkways
somewhere far from wishes and washes of light waves crashing  - --- curves and shores
at moonlight and rough waves,  i sea you float by hummmming,
soothing, swooning, 1920's jazz blues and melodic piano - maybe sad show tunes.
down in the dark, past depths you sea.
i stay down here
im a monster. afraid
but  i can breathe in depths that be.

i've learned to live though.
its actually quite peaceful
not a sound.. not a swim.
just me. floating . and at peace.
I've found restful nights in my solitude. knowing that you're afloat. somewhere. drifting. down below or up high. idk
not too far though.
you'll get your fur wet.

one night, i met the god of the sea and he asked me if i could have anything what it would be.
well i thought long and hard.
and said

"i wish that no matter where i go, where i float,
how far from sea to sea, that lion on the blue.. her love and heart.  and her stars think of me."

that no matter how many leagues in the sky and sea.
that she looks down at the water - up at the moon. and hums her tunes, thinking one day, that she looks down at me. wondering what love lyes in the darkness that be .
that this krusty krab remains her bearer to be.
a monster to some
but no matter how ugly.
remembers every hum and song she's uttered for the sea
its actually quite peaceful
not a sound.. not a swim.
just me. floating
away but never far. that feeling. that be.
I do not like green eggs and ham
They're nothing more than a simple scam
I will not try them on my feet
I will not bite them in my sheets
I dare not taste them in my grave
I'd rather die then let them save
The part of me strung up on rope
A simple meal shan't give me hope
That further times are not a sham
There is no peace in green eggs and ham

I will not try them in the dark
In my corner I am monarch
I rule my lands without your meal
An empty land where I do not feel
Your passion for a simple dinner
I'd rather die a lossless winner
I will not try your green eggs and ham
It is not truly who I am

I think thoughtless without a choice
A meal for one without a voice
Who am I to deny such a cause
An empty life without applause
Locked in cage I can not see
Why a meal should set me free
From burden I live in denial
Tell me Sam, what is your trial?
Why should I try your odd dish?
It could never grant me my sole wish

To abandon all that I hold dear
And take my life from me without fear
Do not pester me, Sam-I-Am
I insist that you scram
I shall lie here hungry and wish for solace
In belief that I am all but flawless
I fulfill the prophecy of who I am
I know not who the living damned,
But I know I do not like green eggs and ham
A bit of an experiment.
Ilion gray Sep 11
While we were lying in my living room

Naked on the blue couch, listening to lightning attacking

The stellar clouds
I learned,

how the hearts of men are only a piece of space
clutched by skin,
wading through darkness.

I Delve into time
and I watch, and
wonder, though I knew
that it would end,

Why I  couldn’t stop
loving you
will haunt everything you left in the house,

till nothing is forgotten.
Colt Sep 11
When monsters fall in love, do they leave their ways behind them?
or terrorize towns hand in hand?
Do they still open tops of buildings like giant jars of jam
with giddy smiles striking fear for miles around them?
Will they still pick planes from the sky? Or just the crust from their lover's cloudy eyes?
Do their mangled hearts become manicured?
With razor claws brushing wretched jaws,
will children hear them making out in closets?
Will they huff and puff at armies, or yell sweet nothings to pass the time?
Their passion would be fascinating, making love while making masses fear their wrath.
And maybe if we're lucky, we'll see two monsters in the park--
with lipless mouths and fighting tongues--
showing us a love so stark, it would be a first to be given hope
by such vile a folk.
For there's a chance for all of us, if even monsters fall in love.
trf Sep 11
we danced in the streets as the days were long
only recess and reckoning while water crept in
this city of dead, our place, where the stench lives
and bodies float, lying above the crypt's graves  

hurricane red absinthe & hand grenades
slugging the gulf like a shooter's brigade
a forecast shifts, flooding any escape
so we fire our motors with boats on em.
nola luvs u



assimilate consume be faithful true true-hearted devoted increase and multiply
Micah Sep 10
While the world turns world day by day I'm  never reaping the benefits of today and always keeping the dogs at bay but never finding the needle in my hay.
Who is supposed to stop this madness this never ending supply of badness this unethical devouring of my sadness this always leaving the bar ladless?
I don't get to choose who I get to bruise or who gets to accuse me of losing my cool and filling the cup way too full and making myself look like a fool, always looking for a back door slightly ajar and from afar I see it, the escape, the oh so very jake  ending and if I can just make it over this lake, this never ending water of raw emotion, the ever reaching rivers of depression, my own floodgates pouring out to meet out in the middle and DROWWWWWWWWWN MEEEEEEEEE but I can just reach I see the waters touch the beach and I know that I'll be safe I just have to make it to the bank and I do, and the waters start receding, I've never felt more fleeting I open up in greeting as I wave my hands in meeting and it all makes sense, I can finally see the end. I can let myself relax. I don't have to rush to the finish line, I don't have to be oh so Devine, I don't have to know how to define all of these feelings, I can just tell them all I'm fine.
Ilion gray Sep 10
I don’t want to be a ghost in the darkest
Spaces of your universe,
where there was never any light,
And the chasm is teeming with loveless
Vengeful demons
..nothing returns
I do not belong there.....

I don’t want to haunt you

Nor do I want you to haunt me

Unless we are buried side by side

Beneath a 60 year old willow tree

That rises instead of weeps

As if the leaves were reaching
Out to catch raindrops,
own my conversations,

I have excavated the apartment
for  every
Scent of you
I use yours and our sons
clothes for sheets,
Otherwise I would never sleep...
I would die
Just from pure emptiness.
      I would live!
Forever...only if I could
sleep quietly beside
your two souls

I would listen to the language your body


I would only hold you

while you sleep,

I would never wake up

I will refuse to breathe
Dying before you leave…
To live eternally in that dream..
I no longer want to be

Only  a “being”

Being human comes with too many amendments and clauses

Too many excuses written in our dna

I do not remember when I came.

Humans only live once..

A being,
can begin again..

So tonight
and til time indefinite,

I am nameless...

Until you name me,

You can only name me ,
If you miss me,

I will die nameless…

Until you lift me….
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