Can't stand me today.
I've got Monsters in my head.
Voices that want me dead
Standing on a sky rise,
their screams make me think,
I can fly.
Consequence aside.
Don't care if I die.

Clouded cold and dark.
My thoughts are broken.
Lost in rain, drenched and shaking.
I need to let go of this pain.
A hot rock, I hold in my hands.
Bleeding and yet,
still I'm gripping.

Words so heavy I can't stand.
Anger so loud I can't hear.
Bobbing around in my head,
Crying, screaming, and threatened.
Running is all I want to do,
With pain so deep I can't breath.
Trying to say what I need  to say,
losing my words to yours.
Nothing it seems is worth trying, when I'm wrong , til your wrong.
Mirror full of lies, my head full of garbage.
I know when I quit, no one will know.
I know when I choose,
I'll let this life go.

Dark days escapist

I don't want many ties that unwind

I don't want to feel the omnivorous shade of blue over and over again

I want to be your Save By The Bell

That doesn't stop after four seasons

Giving you a million reasons

To love life more than before

I found you perched up in my heart

Don't squander the beauty

You have a deep ingenuity

That entices me like the victim I am

So helpless yet so assertive

You're too grand and I'm unsure if I deserve it

I aspire to be one and done

To the honeymoon

To the gravestones

Be the whiteness that's in our transient bones

When the doubt creeps in

Remember I pray to God every day that you'd be mine

And that you're always feeling jolly and fine

It's for real this time

It always has been.

angie 3d

the cat purred
to the girl who
sat by the wall
and looked at
the cat, who
stalked away

the car ran
over the cat
and the girl
who had witnessed
did not know
what to do


Sam 4d



who are you

there is no reconciliation between the 2

"Our Heavenly Father Jehovah. May your name be forever sanctified. May your Kingdom come, and your Will be done on Earth as it has already passed in Heaven"

Every night I slept
          in the hope that
        tomorrow will come
           with a new day
          with a new hope.
        It starts with a feeling
              inside my soul
      that tomorrow sun will be rise
          with more brighter.
      A peace comes in my mind
            with such ease,
       when I thought
     tomorrow will come
     and I got a chance
         to prove myself,
    to challenge myself,
    and to strengthen myself.
    After every darknight
      after every storm
    their is a day
      which will come
      with a new hope,
      with a new chance
         to shiner yourself...

zebra 5d

a black and white
photograph of her
posed demure and topless
smoking a thin panatela
in a silver and ivory baroque studded cigarette holder
she looking off elegantly aloof
with soft sienna eyes
tender feet brushing legs
under tables of flowing wine
Maxes Opera House Cafe
with miles of smiles
and pink fizz giggles
lips that talk in kisses
and a voice like fondled blooms

that was thirty years ago

dark edges of anger
like knives through walls and hearts
cold touch-less nights
caressed by shadows cast
the bodies alchemy, deranged
silences punctuate arguments,
make up sex, vanquished,
souls bleached in the kiln of war
rattled moons
brittle hides
abandons dance
we've both gone our own way
and running out of patience
yet at the core
an irreducible bond
by history and memory
we cleave to whats left of life
and each other
last grasp in retrograde
soft sienna eyes


I don't want to think about it...
Falling in and out.
I have a lot of love for you
I don't want it to burn out.

I never want to forget
the feelings you've made me feel.
The way I can't stop smiling
when you're done laughing
or squeezing my hand...

How I feel as you kiss me
or when you're just sitting nearby...
I don't want to stop feeing warm and bubbly
the thought makes me want to hide.

Zan Balmore Apr 20

This is how we go
how it goes where
it goes, why, though?
Why, though?

Could be any reason.
Smoke all day.
Could be, could be.
Weed keeps thought
coming open on it
honest in a beautiful
way. Could be any
reason. Then what of
the stressed breath
exhalation, my others?
What of the imprint
apathy? I alone live in
fear, with so many
fearful near. It must be
most of us but if it's only
some, then where's the
map to you, lonely? Puff
and cough and deliver
words we want in ear at
the close of any day. I
could picture myself dying
every night, go from dance
to stand to sit, to bone from
clay to sand from grasping
in embrace with you.

This is how we go
how it goes where
it goes, why, though?
Why, though?

Could be any reason.
Could be, could be.

Jennifer Weiss Apr 19

Your presence is perfection.
I'm happy to be here again.
When my mind was clouded and distant,
I couldn't feel you on my skin.
I'm so thankful for these moments,
you remind me of the life you put me in.
The very breath of Heaven,
living inside my skin.
Take my thoughts,
Take my heart,
and make them like You again.

you are so very close, Lord.
Ysabela Apr 18

Allah and Jesus said it,
"less knowledge, less dificulties", hell even Shakespeare said it, "Ignorance is bliss."

But havent you heard that the world is groaning?
The rain is not for kissing, the heat is not a season, the cold is not for hot diabetes (chocolate) and soft (murdered) wool bodies can swim in

Yet still i am an unappreciative, discontented bastard
Did you know God saves the best for last?
He gave me the moon for light in this somber world
I talk to her every night with the monsters under my bed.

They get along pretty well, makes me happy
She disappears in day,
Sometimes full, most of the time half there
The monsters susurrate, talks behind her back
"She's not as beautiful as she was."

But she scintillates my dull life,
My abstruse anima,
"She's someone else's too", they would say
She's even the Sun's! .... god even Pluto's!

I want the moon to fall in love with me, hard
I want her to pluck out daisies for me, only to tell her im allergic
I want her to cook me dinner, watch it gets cold from waiting
The candle in the middle of the dinner table flickering for life
I want to pick my clothes up and sneak out before she wakes up after ive used her mouth, her fingers

I want to cut her heart out, stab it until it spills the colors of sunset over my lonely nights
But i want the moon to fall in love with me, soft

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