ella Sep 12

While having everything cooked up, on the stove, we're dancing and laughing to Frank Sinatra, our favorite musician.
You pull my arm lightly to give me a spin, collecting memories.
I start to smell the sour burning and rush back to the stove and giggle while filling up our plates up.
We head to the back patio, that includes the oceans view.
The sun is setting, with vibrant reds and oranges, the ocean whispering waves against the shore, like a gentle hushing sound as if someone were putting a baby to sleep.
After eating, we end up talking and laughing in each others arms for hours, like we always do.
It's so calming, nothing else is needed.

Leland 23h

upon a hill with the birch and pine
into the shade of north mountain rain
past the foot-marks and berry bushes
i tear into the frame of what makes me.

i dig holes into dim reflections
and use and fuse the self shut.

tongue can taste the ripping of wounds
the sour and gluttonous spite
my greedy mouth chews and chews.
teeth tear the rusty bearings lose

and i sink in the swell of the sea
where the stinging is most.

I’m afraid of anything
I’m afraid of something
I’m afraid of breathing
I’m afraid of clothing
I’m afraid of everything
I’m afraid of being afraid

i fear, fear itself

I looked to the sky that day while seated on my bed
"While it was raining"
Only to realize i missed some one special
"While it was raining"
I recall my self surrounded by many ideas
"While it was raining"

For she speaks with soft sweetness like  birds in the early summer
Her heart is a soft pillow, her arms a shelter of comfort
Her beauty second to nothing, she is tidy as a candy shop

A girl that i have seen but never touched but my wish is for her to know that

If only i could give her my eyes as a mirror, I would show her the hidden beauty that she can’t see with her eyes
If only she did understand that living without her is like having no history, no present, no future
All the these thoughts flooded my mind

"While it was raining"

dedicated to rainfall, rainfall is love of nature i comes as a kiss of the sky to the earth

Let's play a game
You will count to ten
At the end of it
Find me if you can

I'll hide in a place
I think you can't find me
But peek-a-boo!
You know exactly how I think

Count once more
It's my turn
I hear your heart racing
Found you in an instant

Lets go again
One last round!
Don't you peek
Don't you cheat

Because this time round
I'm not playing
And you are not allowed...
...To watch me leave

But I wish differently...

This world of black and white
filled with words bursting of colors
I hear things,
wind chimes swaying softly
in the warm, night breeze
the sound of pure bliss
yet there are still
the beautiful soft words, of
a young soul, drawing inspiration
from heartache
and a very quiet pain.

Babit 6d

Your eyes tell me to kiss you
So I come to you and say kiss me,
You don't say yes
But you don't say no,
And I get lost in the body language.
I thought I knew how to read it,
Or perhaps understand mutual attraction,
But the wine says otherwise
So I say kiss me again.
Yet you tell me you're not ready
For I haven't said you're beautiful enough,
I don't say another phrase,
Nor do I try a different approach,
I remain true to what I read from you,
Towards me,
I might be wrong,
It wouldn't be the first time
I daresay neither the last.

On the news,
in the papers,
lack of goodwill,
no real charity,
real world problems smudged
with distraction.
Will it ever change?

I have refrained from watching the news, and reading articles that seem much too negative for my taste, and ignoring the real issues at hand. Instead I try to keep busy, doing good in this world, even if just a little change I bring.
Arlene Corwin Sep 18

Just Peachy

Sitting in the bath eating a peach,
Out of reach shampoo and things.
I use my fingers.
Conditioner smushed * into hair,
I wait for gunk to work.
Head dunked an inch below the water
And still chewing, crunch intensified a thousand fold.
Damp pad and all,  I hold the pad in front of me and write.
That’s what I call exciting!

I get dafter by the day –
Hanging-from-the-rafters thing
I fling all trivia aside.
Riding time on high.
I’m ridin’ high* on time;
Strategies unplanned.

smush; my own word, meaning a mixture of smash/knead/crush/massage/rub/knead
**See Cole Porter

Just Peachy 9.18.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Baths II;
Arlene Corwin

On getting sillier and sillier
Kierra Sep 18

Society is evil
And terribly hollow.
We are lost today
And forgotten tomorrow.

In a world of hate
and artificial love,
the most aware
see no savior above.

You cannot argue,
for I have seen
the deadly epitome
of Reality.

Slaves to Society
may hold us down;
but they will never
deafen our sound.

We have been broken
too many times;
so with tortured hearts,
forever we will fight.

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