English Jam Apr 21
Mountains on mountains erupt from the earth's chambers of burdened lava and collapse back into their hellish landscape just as quickly

Waves assault the beach in frenzied randomness, striking their mark upon the sand and washing it away in the same breath

Birds flail about, learning to sail the clouds while dolphins soar their vast expanse of golden sea

People in suits war with each other for bloody glory, sign a strip of paper agreeing to stop, then ignorantly carry on their violent pastiche

Far away, tucked behind his world of scattered phrases and pretentious works of art, the writer observes all this

I have stuff to do, but I ended up procrastinating and this was the result.
Bryce 1d
Art is opinion masquerading as truth.

When I draw a city, I am drawing the city of my dreams, just as the city that is does not exist.

Putting policy into words in the hopes of having yourself heard is not the point of the philosopher,

and is thus not the job of the penman.

When I attempt to make the world see, I manufacture my enemy. We should seek instead to illuminate gracefully, to speak the words beyond the void of flesh, and to touch emotions that swim with depth

It will get us nowhere to make art political, of which it is propaganda and employed many an artist in the past;

whose dreams of good deeds became hung in a museum for all the wrong reasons, leaving a remnant of an unforseen circumstance hanging dry on an empty tour-guide phonecall

Descriptive yet lies

Argue the dialectic of truth than the present purfume of lies that is fumigated from the salivary discharge of a cetaceous yearning of domination of thought, that leftover dream of God

That all things should be the same, that all minds should think that way-- if they were, we'd be done with the experiment.
Nothing's ever good enough
Everything sucks
I'm not good enough
I suck
I want to die
You don't want to be around me
Rather be with him
Or him
Or him
I asked you why
Told me I wasn't a tool
What do you take me for
A fool
Told me it wasn't me, it is you
But I don't belive
I don't want to breathe
I just want to leave
You in the past
Because you hurt
And I blame it all on you because I'm a jerk
Clearly this isn't worth
This is what you wanted right? I'm giving up.

raindrops waltz on the window glass
cold air blew from the inside fast

yellow street lights blur afar
farther, the dark blue twilight stars

but to be farthest from home

soft purr of the revving engine
asphalt wet from tears of heaven

silent music, or at least for me
i chose to listen with the notes empty

i had no choice

twelve-hour ride felt so fun
twelve hours back felt like one

slumber saves my heart and sanity
no dreams, but no reality

and there's no going back

closer, from where i was born
but the road to my soul, stretching horizon

neither alive nor dead nor shy
no joy, but no tears left to cry

'cause no corner of emotions left to pry

and there's no going back

i had no choice

but to be farthest from home.
looking back is realizing the impossibility of going back.

it was almost 1 year ago, cmc. we miss u in behalf of src.
Dear old self,

Looking back
I see you've suffered a lot
yet you kept going with all your pain
with every step you've taken
caused you more pain
Even your crowd became toxic
It did'nt stopped there
with a positive mind
you've entered multiple layers of mazes
you've abused drugs &
you just kept digging your own grave
repeating yourself
trying to unravel yourself
but nothing you did helped
even your words
became a cry for help, Soaring
words within words
you went on 365 days
completely unheard of
All your tears dried up
but you were still crying inside
continued suffering
you've forgotten how to heal
you've forgotten how to accept defeat
and still went in a circle of your self created WEB
inside you were in a shell
until your Hero saved you
when you really did'nt want it
because all you thought was
that you were useless
no one worth saving
but your Hero wasn't taking NO for answer
it wasn't easy rejecting a Hero you Hated
They had help of course
felt completely out numbered
you took their hand
you started to slowly Unravel
Everything about you went up to
100% motivation
I know these next steps will be harder
But I'm so excited genuinely
its so hard containing this Excitement inside
My Hero saved me by
Guiding me out of my self created destructed Maze
while I walked out with own 2 legs
This is how I've truly UNRAVELED Myself
& Started my Next Chapter!!
Even when you become a empty shell your hero's can see your suffering from the outside even when your too blind to see the reflection of your outer PAIN.
NEVER GIVE UP even when you want to.
its okay to be selfish, Be 100% yourself!!
By the time
This is through,
I'll be
Far from you,
But not the memory
Of every single thing
You've done to me.
See, I won't be free.

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say,
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.

By the time
You are mad,
I'll be
Looking back
Won'dring if you're coming
After me to do to me
What you do to me.
See, I won't be free

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.

By the time
You are through,
I'll be
Still trying to
Erase the scars of every single thing
You've done to me.
See, I won't be free.

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.
I just wrote this, tonight, in one sitting.
Don't judge too harshly.
I get dark when I am hungry.
Scars, we all have them. We all give them.
Bigotry is lethal.
When you let him left you in the death of light,
Alone and lifeless and in the edge of dying,
Yet you still beg him to do so.
Bigotry is merciless.
When you let him drown you in a pool of your own blood,
Choked and bruised,
He had no intention to mend you,
And you had no intention to stop him,
You still kissed his feet,
Worship his presence,
And sitting on your knee with his fingers looping your throat.
So tell me if bigotry is okay.
Because all i can see is you being dragged willingly to hell with him albeit you belong in heaven.
Don’t love excessively
Elizabethanne Jul 10
You will say thank you,
for loving me like a prayer.
Because you think the only way-
someone could love you was through divine intervention.
You, a girl who is not quite yet a women.
You still think you can make men out of monsters-
That you only must show love to get it in return.
You have not yet learned
That some monsters
Have given their souls a long time ago.
That the blood that they taste on their tongue
no longer tastes like rust,
It’s what keeps them alive.
And he keeps you because
You liken him to godly-
And he hasn’t felt that kind of reverence in a long time.

- he will will take the innocent you wear like a shield and break it down until there is nothing left, not even him.
Dathan Jul 9
I can't fall asleep in the dark
Staying up for hours, trying to catch my spark
Steady scheming in the night time hours
Discovering myself so that I might find

Real power

Real power in speech that devours
the gap dividing back then philosophies with now
Yours and ours
Sowing my seeds, plotting good deeds
Planting new identities, killing off the cowards
Demons lurking in my mind now dressed with flowers
I buried them when I realized my weakness was fearing them
Turning pain to beauty, love is our duty

Searching in real time
Connections, forging new directions, unifying what lies between the lines
similarities overtaking polarities between what's comfortable and what we think to be scary,
When in reality, in our hearts it's the very
Thing we all carry

Talkin love,
Virtues like these that can always rise above
Leaving our struggles for trust
Like the flight of two doves
Shedding the plight of the rough
Memories, trading in lonesome misery
For companionship high up in trees
Harmony, the birds and the bees
I can envision the same for you and me
Love is true power
i'm under general anesthesia
temporary coma knocks me asleep
i fear i will suffer from amnesia
instead, i manage to find something deep

death is a coma you never wake from
forever is a few seconds at best
you just have to live until you are numb
so we should except our eternal rest

i am neither scared nor content with death
for nothing truly matters in the end
running, running until i'm out of breath
running, running and through life, i descend

once i stop running i know it's too late
well, at least i know to cooperate
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