stargirl 16h

i would follow you up the highest mountains
and submerge myself in the waters of all the seven seas
i would follow you without a doubt in my mind,
without a care in the world; crawling on my knees
i would follow you through thick and thin
wholeheartedly through your vices and virtues
i would give in to you, truly i would
painting my skin in blacks and blues
i would follow you to the crevices of this world
as i wait for the secrets in your eyes to become untold
i would follow you through the miseries of your soul
to unravel, unfurl; in your arms i will unfold
i would follow you until you see the light
but it's the end of the line
i'll keep you from your terrors and frights
i'll keep you from bruises and bites
and i follow you now and forever more
until my soul is weak and i am nevermore
it's the end of the line
you keep me from sleeping at night
you keep me from closing my eyes
just don't let me go

It snowed last night
I’m tired
I’d like to close my eyes for a while
Will you drive?
I don’t want to sleep anymore
I want to work
But I don’t know why I can’t
Am I lying to myself?
Am I motivated?
Why don’t I want to do this?
What happened?
Darling, have I lost the passion?
It’s a snowy day
Darling, have I lost the love?
It’s a slow day
It must be me

I did the laundry last night
Took me twice as long as it usually does
My room is a mess
My hair is wet
But I don’t want to tend to it
Let it knot
I don’t know why I can’t
What’s stopping me from functioning?
My routine is so messed up
I’ve been sleeping till 2 in the afternoon
When I usually wake up at 7am
It’s a snow day
Darling, I have no purpose
It’s a slow day
Darling, I have no interest
It must be me

This poem is hard to write
I want to stop right here
But I’m gonna finish it
Because I have to do something
I can’t lose myself like this
I don’t care if it ain’t good enough

I like to write down little notes
Keep them in my back pocket
I’m all alone at the front
The bell rings
But no one comes in
It’s a snowy day
It’s a slow day
It must be me
Why is this me?

The newspaper has been torn
And written on
In blue pen
But the crossword is incomplete
And I don’t know how to solve it
But the crossword is incomplete
And I’d like to feel tears
But they won’t come
How did I get here?
I’d like to cry
I’d like for someone to scream inside my head
I’d like to get back
But it’s quite
They must’ve given up

Something is wrong
Am I gone?

Avaleen 1d

Beauty is never born out of beautiful places
For if so, how could its worth be appreciated
The rarity of a beauty pure has few faces

Like a thorn stricken rose full of majestic graces
And a phoenix birthed from the ash of the vacated
Beauty is never born out of beautiful places

The glamour of the vast dark heavenly spaces
And the distant voices of the annihilated
The rarity of a beauty pure has few faces

Do not think once that glamour doesn’t have cruel traces
But like a paper petal plucked, its dead corpse bated
Beauty is never born out of beautiful places

So take caution when beauty comes and embraces
Don’t hold on too tight for it is much overstated
The rarity of beauty pure has few faces

So take beauty back to its beginning bases
When out of suffering rose beauty fabricated
Beauty is never born out of beautiful places
The rarity of beauty pure has few faces

Is there something I could've done
Is there anyway I could've won
To change the results
Was it ever my fault
So close yet so far
So close to unlocking the door
To that place we'd always dreamed of
To that place we call could have

But now I fall apart
Shards of glass inside my heart
Deep in my core
Oh, I'd never felt this before
Deep in my core
So once again, I fall apart

Did you think this was a game
You fooled me twice and I took all the shame
You never said hello, only goodbye
And left me wondering why
Wished I could go on
But really I just wanna be gone
From you and from this place
And that's just great
You be you, I'll be me
At least now I'm free

Too horny,
Not too funny,
But actually thorny.
Call one your bunny,
But run after money.
Perversion is yummy,
Only for the dummy.

My HP Poem #874
©Atul Kaushal

Wait wait and waiting
All hope seems like they're fading
It's just me and the night
And this thought wondering why
All through the night
All through the night

I'm not asleep but not entirely awake
But what difference does it make
Whether you're drunk or you're sober
Doesn't change the fact it's over
I turned to my right hoping to see you under the covers
But you weren't there
Right, you were never there
Not anymore
I guess it's fair, but I just can't bear
Losing you so suddenly
I can't sleep
And I need you here with me
Be there for me
Even if I was never there for you

I guess that's true
And I'm sorry for that
You never realized what you had
Until it's gone just like that

And now you're gone gone gone away
Even before I got to say
That I love you, baby
And it's driving me crazy
All these regrets
Why can't I forget
It's messing with my head
Why is life always so cruel
Especially to angels like you
But there's nothing I can do

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