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Zoe Mae Oct 2021
In prison, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are birthday cake,
and ramen noodles a succulent meal.
In prison, everyone's given shower shoes,
but pillows you have to steal.

In prison, the "beds" are worse than the floor,
the "blankets" giant SOS pads.
In prison, lice goes around like soup du jour,
and **** talk spreads like mad.

In prison, all you see is gray,
color only lives on your screen.
Now you're picturing us watching a 60-inch all day,
but it's only 13 by 13.

In prison, there's no such thing as steak, there's no such thing as meat.
Almost everything that resembles either is fake.
Real milk would be a real treat.

In prison, you still need money,
or you go to bed hungry each night.
It's seriously not funny.
Three small "meals"a day  
isn't right.

In prison, if you don't lock it down, another con will steal it.
There's more than enough desperation to go around,
and everyone can feel it.

In prison I was years ago.
I'm a different person today.
But the shame felt from being forced to bend over, spread my legs, and cough,
well that's never gone away.
I was in prison for 49 long days, and it was enough to scare me pretty much straight. I still know people who are locked up today. The majority of them are in for something related to alcohol, drugs, or psych issues. Many non-violent people that should be in rehab, which is where I should have been, are sitting in prison being punished for having a disease. They're not horrible people. Some people just don't get the breaks in life. I'm not saying no one deserves to be there, but in my mind, you have to have done some pretty bad **** to deserve that.
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
Said it was a hoax
Laughed at masks, refused vaccines
No sympathy here
I never stopped giving in
To the demands of a friend
Because I couldn't give up on them
Be the change, you want to see.
Esther L Krenzin Sep 2021
like a flower
straining for the sun
my petals are lifting
towards your warmth
If you pursue a flower
With the aim to pluck
You cannot appreciate the scent

I think I can say that
You cannot be a friend to her
If you think about possessing her beauty
God's Oracle Aug 2021
The Divine Power Of The Holy Lord Shall always endure Generation thru Generation
Forever in debt to his divine intervention
Utilizing the Omnipotent power of the Holy Spirit a convenient experimentation
Formulating on my next move thru Guidance & Meditation
Not relying on the Drugs no more to cope with my daily routine nor temptations
The Love of God an immense amount of exhilarating sensations
Driven by the Insurmountable number of random experiences that Life brings night and day with moments of clarification
A blissful state am left in reminiscence with feelings of joyful Associations
My Family and Friends now closer to me thanks to my new personification
I have made the commitment to remain sober thru the good or bad moments in Life
Now with a stronger demeanor and newer endeavors by planning carefully step by step my new beginning in this direction
God guiding and directing my Life thru the Mountains and Valleys of a new Journey in Life such a special occasion
To give him glory and honor and praise forevermore Hallelujah 🙏
Love you God
E Jun 2021
my body is a topic that trails the mouths of a family at dinner
it is the trail of saliva that leaves shortly after breaking a heated kiss
always leaving a bitter taste

but when did you taste me?
when did I crawl into your mouth full of cavities?

existing as I am cements chains in people's root canals
a topic for discussion
my life to debate
trans people being the forefront
it is so inconvenient and sinful
and yet its the flavor on their seething lips

kissing one another trailing more saliva
knowingly trading hate with ones mind and lips
integrating more citizens and normalizing their behavior

transphobia is the topic for discussion
Previously unreleased from February of 2021.
Demicci May 2021
Tears dropped as Niagara does,
Such pain she left
That it will never fade
as it felt.
Cold and shiver,
hot and warm
as her soul,
is her heart
My tears falls,
but I swear,
I will be a great man.
Thanks Ma'!
There will be no other women, whom bring tears to a man, as a mother does.
Because time does teach.
rgz Apr 2021
How to dress well (and that I'd rather dress comfortably.)
How to hide the laces in my shoes.
That it's apparently "learnt".
How to walk with a limp,
when to walk away.

How to look mean while avoiding eye contact.
Where to find the best coffee.
How to write a bad sonnet.
How to kiss the right way.
Where to find the wrong girls.

How to sing sad songs.
How to roll a decent joint.
How easily a wasted day
can become a wasted life.
How to hold my liquor,
when to hold my tongue,
not to hold my breath.

When enough is enough.
When enough is too much.
When to hold the door open.
How to set a deadline with no intention of adhering to it.
How to feel alone in a packed out club (and where to find the smoking bit).

That time heals nothing
but memories fade.
How long a piece of string is.
That no matter how bad a day you're having, tomorrow can always be worse.

Tomorrow can always be better.
How to keep going
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