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aL 12h
Days have gone cold
But my only desire could not differ
Circle of life is now making me dizzy
A thought of you inside is not helping
Quite comfortable but
I'm just stuck in your a puzzle
On and on and on
Will forever roam in your maze
Trying to find your heart on your sleeve
Or at least a bit of glimpse
To your eyes that may open your soul
But darling dear uses her brain
And I know I could not compete

You could end my crave for you,
By just a word and I'll be released.
Set me free
Naoki B 2d
A fatal error in the back of my mind
The anxious moments they never fall behind
So I receed to the walls, the safe confines
But to hide from fears, a life defined
So what do I do, do I stay behind these lines
And wait for time to just rip my mind
Or walk through fire while burning inside
Daksh 2d
Stars, hearts and anything beautiful
Are when seen close
Burning, broken, and fragile

Anything that's beautiful dear
Is destructive
Like Flowers and spikes
You and me

It's not what you are dear
It's what you choose to be
And when you are broken beautifully
I'll come close
To sacrifice myself
It’s funny how we cave away, rot, and decay
But the beauty that stands, is held in the other hand
We love to hate what we create or we fall in our own grave
We try to be wise and not give into disguise
However sly ones with a grin can trick you from within
Never do we have the right plan for escape or a veil of protection, like a cape
But we do learn from our mistake
The beauty of this play
Is it’s actually more like a game
It’s your choice if you’d like to play or stay away
In the end we all cave away, rot, and decay
But the beauty that stands is played by the hidden hand, this game can end
No more “play-pretend”
©Jessica Stull
When you put pride aside
Naoki B 3d
Reality isn’t yours to rip apart
And turns out you’re living a fairy tale
Trying to fix and lie just for wounds to scar
Yet your mind is just too frail
And the world around you it will swallow
You whole and you won’t taste stale
For you’ll survive or die alone
That’s the only life you’ll tell
ValBee 3d
it's funny how society,
creates a box of mockery,
you're thin, you're thick,
you're curly, you're sleek,
all of us scrutinized
with a measuring  stick
of the standards brought
by the noble and the great,
don't do this, don't do that,
do this, do that
that's your purpose
and nothing else to add
"think outside the box",
now you know where that came from,
like being righteous
and normal is a ******* fandom,
say this, not that,
be this, not that,
always walk the line,
always be on time,
kiss this kind of guy,
marry a woman,
all these bandwagon,
all these rules,
we are all forced into a mold,
cutting all our edges,
cutting the things that make us great..
Bryce 4d
There is nobody to leave you in the sands,
Where you leave yourself and the range of thoughts flows freely,
And the 20 mules are stuffed in some museum--their final gift

There is no place to clean your wounds
Just sand to stunt the bleeding

The Paiute, drunk off cactus and smoking themselves into oblivion

They understood that the desert has no need for sadness
the desert IS sadness.

Searching for what? Food? It's all spiked and scared of you out here--
No love on this plane, just in the shape of things

The nick of *****

The bleed of seed

The dream

eF Dec 8
I wish that I could go back,
Erase the pain I felt.
Everyday seems like a mission,
With the cards that I’ve been dealt.
We all live in pain baby,
Just admit it for yourself.
Despite my current attitude,
That’s hanging on the shelf.
Um yeah.
alone Dec 7
You shall be perfect
You shall be made beauty
Your blood shall be a composition
A composition of perfection
It would be easier if blood came in more colours
But it doesn’t so you will have to do
You shall be made fabulous
Take your place
Face the crowd
And bleed for them
This is your purpose
And you will perform
Lest you die a far more agonizing death
But that would not be beautiful
Wouldn’t you agree?
It’s not the pain that kills
Nor the wounds
But the beauty of the performance
They will dance
They will scream
They will die
And the curtain will fall
i spent 16 minutes listening to League of Legends' Jhin's voice lines and this is the first thing that leaves my fingers XD
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