a mother and her child
a man and his dog
two longtime friends
out drinking at the hole in the wall
four classmates
cramming for exams together

does my love
have to
have a
million dollar
and a team of
or does it
have to
be a

does it come from a shared interest
does it come from unequal concerns

why can my love be a cats head in my hand
why can my love be a fish breaking the lake's surface
why cant it just be left alone and accepted

a tide that always comes in?
a sun that always rises?

coming forth
at 3:30

based on the relationship with my father, the relationship with my lover, the relationship with my best friend, the relationship with my dog, the relationship with my mother
Hari DR 1d

I am not who you want
I am not who you seek,
Do not let me wait,
For a love that is bleak,
I know my eyes don’t sparkle,
Like the stars in the night,
Nor the spring of emotions,
That keeps your life a light.

You don’t need to look back,
My heart can still breathe,
Do not even dare peek,
If it will eventually bleed,
Fly to the sun, the moon, the stars,
Dare not wish for my weary arms,
Leave me as I am, broken in grief,
I promise, this pace, will be brief.

Slap me with the truth and I will say you indeed loved me. Drown me in lies and I'll curse your existence. Or maybe---I'm just in denial, that love is indeed cruel or I am just unlucky. (I am not putting words in your mouth--just tell me you don't like me)

Sometimes---we just don't like pain---do you know your defense mechanism in love?
Audora 2d

The moon is hiding in
her  hair

The ocean is why I wish to create
Look at the depths
Feel the weight
When you’re lying on the bottom reef
The pressure is immaculate
And you cannot wait
To taste the newness of each breath
Surrounded by salt
And the slow falling sand
Like the snow of the sea
So the freshness in your eyes cannot wait
To be both above and then below again
And that is why I wish to create
Like the ocean sands which are underneath
And not like the hot sands beneath our feet

Both in the sand and of it. But only when it's cool. My preference.
Arlene Corwin Sep 10

I woke up thinking about this.

         A Thought About Loyalty

I’ve been thinking about loyalty:
A many-sided world of nuances,
The subtle differences.
We all know it means faithfulness,
A sticking-to devotedly.
Unfurled it shows its nasty sides,
The negatives that worry me:
Allegiance and adherence -
-Ism’s steel prepared to go to war
Against all criticizers,
-Isms’ others
Carving up the brotherhood
Of man.
Not for nothing
That a missile system drawn
To sense and intercept an enemy:
Is named the Patriot:
A system to annihilate.

I worry ‘bout obedience,
Compliance and submissiveness.
I like reliability, dependability,
Dedication if it’s not perverted
Duty, if it leads to thought,
A moral sense,
An ethic that agrees with life;
Loyalty without the strife.
Loyalty to think about.

A Thought About Loyalty 9.10.2017
Nature In & Of Reality; Out Times, Out Culture II;
Arlene Corwin

Loyalty . what is it?  Good and bad, as always

The Simplest Of Poems

Everyone is born
With their own
Don’t mourn,
Forlorn and shorn
Of trust.
Inheritance and circumstance
Does what it must,
There being no coincidence.
Stay on the fence
Of faith;
Youth’s health and breath,
Wealth’s stealth and death
Will have its ways.
There being almost nothing more to say:
Let intuition guide your days –
It is the easiest of ways.

The Simplest Of Poems 9.9.2017
Definitely Didactic; Revelations Big & Small;
Arlene Corwin

Simple but not easy: life is.
Madeon Sep 8

There is nothing easier
than to complicate everything!

Saint Titus Sep 5

Not overly vocal, but the thoughts are unending
Self described pretentious, thoroughly fermenting
Fuck showing up for class, the course is unnecessary
Carrying bodies is better anyway

Throwing someone else's life away
Half measures lead to pain
I used to have options, how'd it get so late

Copious rhyme schemes, and not a single one calls to me
Fuck it, I'd rather be free anyway
Nothing really to say, other than I hate myself
Taking a pass on happiness for shits and giggles

The struggle might be real for other people
But tell me why I should help
I'm pretty busy with my misery
And people look the same to me
I swear I've seen what there is to see already

Not all sinners want salvation
Not all saints deserve their faith
I'm a bit sick of constant elation
Motion to let the jury sit in

I want them to hear before they judge me
Love to me is just another disease
Even the sight might be enough
To disrupt my digestive process

Shut me right the fuck up
See if I care

Just some thoughts. If I don't take anything serious, why should you?
Giacomo Sep 3

This is a shadow
full of colors
forty in total
That is trying to
bring this light , into an end
But this heart always dream of you
You're the night, and the day
The moonshine and the last dream
the last poem
The perfect girl...
But I ended it all...
When I become greedy.

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