I believe there's piece left to carry,
to someone seeing those sorrows,
i love when people just follow you,
all the way to the end,
to love a dozen ways,

i never had anything just a talent that i build,
a skill that appreciate more then money,
sometimes i stare at the window,
thinking there's another life outside these boundaries,
we all call wall of life,
sometimes i think of greed on another nation,
chasing all those powers just to control people
for whatever cost,

it's self assured to be whore you are,
just all  you need is yourself,
don't worry things that come to you,
it will be naturally a reward that you can carry,

i wrote this song so that you can see how i feel,
a constant fakery happens around the world,
no matter how sincere you are your thoughts speaks to you,
i always think problem dissolve its own way,

i sing this song everyday in hopes to drown my  problems away,
i write poetry everyday so others can see how i been through,
an endless mental issues that i cant avoid,
so i reach others who felt the same as away as me,
to reach my cries that no one really cared,

i'm always thinking that no matter how many words i put,
no one can be this crazy just to write thousands of lines,
to realize how hard you worked each day,
but no one really heard your voice.

its everyday feeling i had.

I knew not what love is,
That was,
Before I had met you.

I knew not what caring is,
That was,
Before I did care for you.

I knew not what feeling is,
That was,
Until you kissed me.

I knew not what lust is,
That was,
Until I kissed you.

Yes, I have always missed you,
And now,
I don't feel like loving anyone else.

My HP Poem #1603
©Atul Kaushal

As for the moonlight,
I confess I barely noticed
there’s a light that’s in your eyes
and i cling to it to be safe.
I know the world keeps turning
only to remind us we are all obsolete
but in this moment, darling,
all i care about is one thing.

I long to tell you everything,
my words are dull and fumbling
so take my hand instead and teach me
to dance to our hearts beating.
I know I’m cliche, naive to say
I swear by God we were meant to find one another
So i shut my mouth, now show me how
To fall into feeling and not recover.

Giacomo 2d

When you love
Love is eternal
Eternal life will be
Life will be lust
And lust will die
With time...

Chan S 2d

Is it that big of a crime
To expect so much outta mankind
or am I just overreachin'?

I keep talkin and talkin'
and cryin and talkin'
but they all just think I'm preachin'

'Cuz I speak from the heart
as I have from the start
still all they can hear is a crazy

I know I ain't perfect
but I know I deserve it
I deserve my happy livin'

Ion want no happy endin'
I'm far too good for that.
I've always wanted the best

Now I'm tryna do what's right
since I been put to the test
but everyone keep on leavin'

I can't innerstand why
and it make me wanna cry
but I ain't got no time for that

'Cuz I know where I been
but iono where I'm goin'
just know I ain't eva goin' back.

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Cricket was started by the English,
They have a lot of spare money,
Too much more spare time,
But India has to work,
And cricket is the deterrent,
It restricts our national growth,
A trace of occupation by the English.

Cricket is such a wasteful expenditure of time and money for a developing nation like India.

Today the people of India need soccer, athletics, swimming, archery, shooting, basketball, volleyball and other sports.

Encourage Indian people to play other better sports.

My HP Poem #1598
©Atul Kaushal

We make history as we go
But we also create destruction,
We build sculptures clouds high,
Then find it so easy to knock down.

We rummage and do everything
Possible to find what we can't have,
Shouldn't have, don't need, just greed.

We fight because it's become normality
to brag about what you acquire,
Rather than to share what you have
So you've become a viper.

We walk past one another
As our palms cross paths,
And only dust falls slowly
Whilst our hands collide.

We don't want you to become
Another person to fall into the trap,
That modern society seems to be
Building and creating so cleverly.

Yet stupidly becoming blind
To it's own downpour,
So I wait for the day
As I pray,
We can all be together again.

Your face is happy
Smile is glad
You're not scary
Never ever sad.
Sweeting, you're beautiful.

Your eyes like stars
Hair is lank
Your voice is sweets
All down sank.
Sweeting, you're cheerful.

You're beauty queen
A little bit shy
You're like teen
Moon in the sky.
Sweeting, you're wonderful.

Asking you my heart
But you're so apart
I's waiting for you
Just wanted a view
Didn't feel my hurt
You hasn't time a few
However, I love you.

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