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You really don't have the time
To waste time

Khoi Oct 8
No more hugs for thugs

big bad wolves
thick prison bricks

huffing and puffing?
Luiz Sep 28
v e

i                                       s

              walk            i
six feet

Luiz Sep 17
deadlier than walking into
the quarantine room
at the county hospital

without your mask on!
[Offical Full Poetry]

Thought, I had lost me
when I hadn't got this goal.
Maybe a part in me had become
somebody that I had needed to
                                             meet too.  

It was sentimental although
they said: "you will breakthrough!"

There were sharp stones on the track,
thorns could bleed me really bad.

Some said walk away, some said
don't even hesitate in this room.

I got pretty occupied with the world,
more than I need, (more than we need).

There is no turn for backwards now
because all we can have is now.

How precious is 'now' that you won't
have this moment in another 'now'.

Why are you wasting your tears while you
can evaluate these golden hours to shine?

Therefore you don't have to impress or prove
anything to them, Some will still be 'wow!'

The moment will end, will stay in the past,
another "now" will come till every
"now" of you ends.

Now is remarkably precious, use it wisely;
before it gets late to complete all your amends.

Don't afraid to die because 'death' isn't disappearing
it's changing your vehicle to get to another land.

Don't rush your life to become old or get what you want;
the process is where you can still decide.

Decide what you want to add to your vehicle   
the lands you can live forever, heaven or hell.

If you use your days flawlessly in the best,
you may have better 'now's in heaven forever.

© Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
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Mark Parker Sep 15
Woe be to the lady of seasons!
Persephone and Demeter argue.
As neither can forgive dear family,
we are lost! We are sunk! Polar icecaps
melt to the tension of their bickering.

Poseidon’s domain increases ever more!
His power does drive our beaches and shores
higher! Higher! Higher ever more!
I’ve lived my life in a fancy with the Greek gods. Just recently, they erupt when I write.
Esther Sep 4
i noticed
on our way back to the bus stop
you offered to carry my bag
it felt like a weight lifted off my chest

i guess
you're a flawless angel
having hit hell's rock bottom
i don't want to stain you like a bottle of wine

i swear
when you said you wanted to kiss me on the cheek
before i stepped on the bus
i could've loved you then

i'm caught in the middle
you saw me right through
wanting a new start
yet struggling to let go.
let's see where this goes, joe
August Aug 30
i can't erase
what's been inked into my heart
without ripping out
the thing that keeps me alive.
Satvik gupta Aug 24
Time is the money that i need for my investment .
money money i need that

nas got that
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