I'm that girl.
The one who never talks.
The one who sits in the corner.
The one who just leaves and walks.
The one who is creepy.
The one no one sits by.
I'm great at pushing people away.
Even when I want them to stay.
So yeah I'm that girl that would
Take my life away.
Caused no one bothered to
Break down my walls and tell me
I'm needed today.
fika 1d
you spend your life acquiring
and soon your soul is sold
Mike D 2d
The gift of life is fundamentally
the most common thing we share

Yet, to each person
it is completely unique
Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved.
Maxx 3d
step into my shop of horrors
shack of nightmares not yet had
take in the aberrant, appalling aesthetic
i have dead sun flower
sundries that smell
of tangerine
i have the idol of
severed head and
exposed breast
i sell milk moon shell and
ghost scrolls
student loans
buy my dreadful wares
and, please:

come again
Kit 2d
Love is
Love is a
conscious decision
What does love mean to you?
I don't know how close i can get to you
Without wandering away from myself.
Honey your hands are my home, your lips are my heaven. I am a fallen angel. You are so much like him i am scared you will banish me too.
Madeon Feb 16
The easiest is to get
The most difficult - to learn to belong.
her lips
first kiss
we hope
still swollen
we really sucked
her mouth

you ever kissed
I have no shame.
I have no reputation.
And this is how I feel.
"I stared.
I squinted.
I died inside.
I have no life."
I have Family.
I have Friends.
I have people who care.
I have a home.
I have a heart.
That is all I need.
who feels the same
sindy Feb 14
You can't stab and apologie,
You can't say bad words and take them back,
You can't make me say something and then say you are sorry to force me,
You can't make me believe you are perfect and then take it all back,
You can't say you are sorry when it's too late.
You can't, that's it.
When a woman get hurt by her husband, she often says that she knew the relation was bad since the beginning and she did not get out early enough. Don't make the same mistake
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