I'm pretty sure it'd take forever, to tell you all the places that I've been
I swear to god, I'd live forever, if my soul could last until then

A hollow guess
Sinking fast
Never more than a misstep
I never really thought that we'd last

A stupid joke
Badly told
Whatever helps
Best find something to hold

Something to stand on

I'm pretty sure it'd take forever, to tell you all the places that I've been
But I swear to god, I'd live forever, if my soul could last until then

A hollow frame
Hung by a silver chord
Slowly played
Over the last open door

My final day
To make a change
Emotions fade
Even as I feel them more

I seldom speak


I've found out that I'm too fucking bored

It would take me forever, to tell you all the places that I've been
You know I'd live forever, if my soul could last until then

If you did see me
Its on me
A mistake
To say the least

Please don't stop to question
If anyone
Really loves me

The Lonely Bard Jun 2016

There's a lot more to life,
A lot more than just love.

My HP Poem #1092
©Atul Kaushal

The trust is the love
It comes from believing
If anybody burns to anyone
When couldn’t stir afar no one
It’s called love
Then do you have?

The care is the love
It depends on serving
If somebody turns to anyone
When heart feels like a stone
It’s called love
Then do you have?

The faith is the love
It clicks every nerve
If somebody gets bored alone
When mind calls up to the bone
It’s called love
Then do you have?

The need is the love
It always looks alive
If somebody seems a good one
When sense feels like a hone
It’s called love
Then do you have?

The love looks the time
It doesn’t believe mime
If someone roves with one
When some feeling is done
It gets closer the love
Then do you have?

The love looks for prime
It doesn’t ask for a dime
If someone's faith has gone
Even the love also has done
It breaks with the love
So what do you have?

The apart interrupts the love
And doubt cracks up relation
Truly think, what do you have?
What’s it, has real or will fashion?

I can feel my heart dying
it's pulse weakens
as I lay in this,

My life -
I understand
to be man,
I must kill my heart
raise it like a Mayan god
and give into the grey
it can end no other way -
I am a dog, not a man.

Currently we judge,
Looking at angles to win
Just to please your own mind.

We throw insults and we fight,
We ignite fuel to our fingers
Tapping away like it's a race for popularity.

The world spins and spins,
Yet nothing really changes
Because we just keep spinning.

But it's as if we have weaved
Ourselves into a ditch of
Despairing linear paths.

As we watch, we listen, we observe
And try to become something else,
Something we're not supposed to be.

Just to let everyone know
That you watch the same things,
That you do the same things.

But then after it all we realise
As we grow older and as we mature,
We merely did nothing for ourselves.

We just followed the same road,
We followed the same destiny
And we lose ourselves in our journey.

At the end of it all we start to notice
We have taken the wrong path,
And the other roads are too far away.

So we turn into the side-roads,
Which lead to nothing but plagued floors
Broken doors and empty souls.

Mobiles have taken love out of sex,
Generations have missed out
How it feels to actually be connected.

You make love and your phone rings,
People stop to answer like your moments
Aren't precious enough with loved ones.

We eat meals at restaurants
With our families and friends,
All I see is arched necks and fiery fingers.

I wish I was in a time when we spoke
To one another about our days,
Not about a video that has gone viral.

I wish that as I grow and my children
Will walk amongst the earth I have,
It won't suck them into inevitable fates.

I don't want them to be another
White sheep hopping the same fence,
Like the rest of this miserable world.

Systems have taken individualism
Out of individuals and get labelled weird,
They give us titles like "OCD, ADHD".

I'm not either, and I don't actually have
A label to my name, yet I feel I should
I feel why shouldn't I?

After all I like to think different,
I like to think one day we will see
The clear glass in front of us.

But most of all, I truly hope one day,
We can become a better world
Instead of repetition in characters.

Just some quick thoughts I had on my brain. But this type of thing doesn't get spoken about enough. This may "offend" some, but I only speak in truths. My heart can only love so much until it gets stretched beyond its limit.

Knowingly she had ditched me,
Reported I have to the police,
I have been trying to move on,
Purple hues of her are forgotten,
Impress me she did as my empress.

Issues of my own stand unresolved,
Some issues of loneliness are queer.

Thankfully I am still sane,
How hollow is my life now,
Ending another stage of my life.

Decanting are all the memories,
Effectless was my every effort,
Fake had been the promises,
Added all of the sweetness,
Ultimately I am alone,
Left me in my sadness,
Talking to myself I'm now,
End of life I'm speculating,
Ringing are her last words now.

My HP Poem #1634
©Atul Kaushal

i keep seeing shapes when i close my eyes
falling through my own disguise
i wish so bad i could recognise
my own eyes

in the mirror i just look sicker than last week
try and speak to my mind
say its fine
laugh it off
sarcastic prick

look around life is beaitiufyk
open your eyes you’ll realise you’re fine
but its lie I’m lying on my bed 6am
and its purple specks in the air
or just my head cus its my brain that makes this picture
looking looking at a screen on a screen in my head
i dont understand it but you don’t need to
but i need to

or i need you to make forget
and be more grounded
its the artificial lights messing with my eyes
or the k in my brain i don’t know
but its buzzing and its flashing
am i sick?
just a static it’ll fix
just a glitch
don’t think about it too deeply
you’ll get fixed on the idea
that you have a superpower

it looks like a tv screen
i promise you it doesn’t look real to me
its a scary nightmare maze that my mind can’t holds gaze
you could deffo say its crazy
get scared going down that road stop urself before you djalksjdlkasd

hallucination rolling off my eyelid in ur living room

is swear i know that guy its you

stay silent even this poem is ccreating fear....
dont speak about the devil

I'm young-
So I sing of youth
Every niceness is beloved
So I would like to be nice.

I'm young-
I dream of new earth
Every success is glad
So I'd like to get success.

I'm young-
So I sing of courage
Every mind is insatiable
So I'd like to be boundless.

I'm young-
So I do afar voyage
Every mission is impossible
So I’d like to be braveness.

I'm young-
So I sing of the morning
Every spring is blooming
So I’d like to get freshness.

I'm young-
So I sing for shining
Every new day is grooming
So I would like to be endless.

I'm young-
So I break with the dark
Every light is a blessing
So I’d like to be gorgeous.

I'm young-
So I do like the spark
Every win is cheering
So I’d like to be victorious.

I'm young-
So I do try up to the bone
Every wish is like an ocean
So I’d like to be audacious.

I'm young-
So I love everyone
Every caste is human
So I’d like to be gracious.

I'm young-
So I do love you
Every love is pure
So I’d like to be sweet lover.

I'm young-
So I do ask you
Every relation looks future
So I would like to be closer.

Will run

The sky is the heart of you
The sun is the skilled of you
The moon is the face of you
But I'm nothing to you...

The moonlight is your beauty
The sunlight is yours smile
The stars are yours smell
But I'm nothing to you...

The galaxies are yours emotion
The cosmos are yours love
The clouds are your fun
The rain is your shy skin
But I'm nothing to you...

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