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Mark Wanless May 18
fine gold horizons
to destinations unknown
all is just as is
JA Perkins May 17
He cradled pieces
of poetry that
no longer
made much sense..

He tried to 
add a couple words,
or change a
misused tense..

But from metaphors
forgotten to a flow
that slowed to still,

the penman died
alone by hand
of that which
moved his quill..

Beautiful words
from a dying man -
had he lived and
loved at all.. 
but who will know or
care enough to brace
the penman's fall?
You write so beautifully -
Your mind must be a
terrible place
Mark Wanless Apr 17
math opinion
mind opinion yet is
opinion is
created by one
Mark Wanless Feb 4
a person at peace
suffers the sunset to be
whatever it is
ANTONIO Ainnoot Dec 2023
There’s nothing novel in my possession
simply a puzzle mind with a broad perspective
Replete with concepts and dozens of questions
Sometimes I wonder if time will confess to its intentions
Does more await of quasars remnant?
Because I see where the dots connected
I am receptive to the astral message hidden amongst the stars
Though if on this journey, were I ever to embark, I must leave the mind ajar
existential fog
Àŧùl Dec 2023
My cute young daughter named Shatakshi
Asks, "Daddy-daddy what's this thingy?"
I, the caring father, with a gasp
Reply, "It is a fire ant that you grasp
And you hold where it has its stingy!"
A limerick for my future daughter, Shatakshi.

Another humorous poem. Another limerick.

HP Poem #1210
©Atul Kaushal
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
In prison, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are birthday cake,
and ramen noodles a succulent meal.
In prison, everyone's given shower shoes,
but pillows you have to steal.

In prison, the "beds" are worse than the floor,
the "blankets" giant SOS pads.
In prison, lice goes around like soup du jour,
and **** talk spreads like mad.

In prison, all you see is gray,
color only lives on your screen.
Now you're picturing us watching a 60-inch all day,
but it's only 13 by 13.

In prison, there's no such thing as steak, there's no such thing as meat.
Almost everything that resembles either is fake.
Real milk would be a real treat.

In prison, you still need money,
or you go to bed hungry each night.
It's seriously not funny.
Three small "meals"a day  
isn't right.

In prison, if you don't lock it down, another con will steal it.
There's more than enough desperation to go around,
and everyone can feel it.

In prison I was years ago.
I'm a different person today.
But the shame felt from being forced to bend over, spread my legs, and cough,
well that's never gone away.
I was in prison for 49 long days, and it was enough to scare me pretty much straight. I still know people who are locked up today. The majority of them are in for something related to alcohol, drugs, or psych issues. Many non-violent people that should be in rehab, which is where I should have been, are sitting in prison being punished for having a disease. They're not horrible people. Some people just don't get the breaks in life. I'm not saying no one deserves to be there, but in my mind, you have to have done some pretty bad **** to deserve that.
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
Said it was a hoax
Laughed at masks, refused vaccines
No sympathy here
I never stopped giving in
To the demands of a friend
Because I couldn't give up on them
Be the change, you want to see.
Esther L Krenzin Sep 2021
like a flower
straining for the sun
my petals are lifting
towards your warmth
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