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What's the point of telling stories
If no-one is around to hear them?

What's the point of being alive
If everyone else is dead?
what is the point?
foam signatures
remained on the shoreline
telling of wave flow
zebra Dec 2020
he watched her excitedly
eat **** shaped food
especially eclairs
as she languidly tongued
the white buttercream
from the sides of her mouth

thinking of her
his masturbations
powered the lights
of the Catskills

it wasn't just his profession
it was his obsession

just another horney
borsht belt gynecologist
Poetic T May 2020
I live for a world without,
on imaginary friends..

Because at the moment,

Twelve Thousand gods fight
        for ******* of your will...

To be hateful and **** for them...

I used to believe in the tooth fairy,
             and Santa...

But the reality is some mother *******
                grow the **** up.....

I read fairy tales but I don't,
                     ****, hate..
Morality of fallen morals
      in imaginary words..

People need to recognise,
      that every story is just
a third hand view..

Rewrote from the reflections of
           that time.

But some are sheep and some
      are wolves...

But the wolves never feed,
    just try to prune the wool
over others eyes to let them howl
                                     at the moon..
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2020
Chasing a score
looking for more
poor sucker
looking for love in a drug called time
tick tock goes the clock
egos drop, hearts melt
as she played the cards she was dealt
scars on her body from tight belts
looking for veins to hide her pain
needle in, needle out as she inhales in hell
deep breath lungs pop, low air she don't care  
feeling low to get high
getting high with an emotion called love
to only find out that it never existed in others or drugs  
feeling betrayed, her wrist she slayed
wanting a quick exit
only to end up committing accidents
failing at life and failing at death
feeling worthless, hurt, depressed and more stressed  
living with pain drove her insane
asylums kicking her out, nobody could figure her out
deep emotions she started spitting out
a victim of time and love, confused and abused
all this because she was chasing a score
onlylovepoetry Apr 2019
don’t kiss and tell,

do kiss, go crazy, let passion rule, give in, take out,

kiss but don’t tell

the real telling is in the kissing
where your heart gives way,
avalanches into frenzied chain of signal fires,
smoked, clouded eyes, with only one exception made;

the shining, sheer veil see-through when
the other is on the room and the  green spring coverlet felled,
all to see the glow, see all the the blush,
the pretense, aversion skins natural makeup, a liberty beacon

laughing, how it cannot be hid for what’s inside
climbs so fast, blushes blue blood redder, the inside reaction reagent,
the weakening composure, the intense beating from heart to head,
the joyous tearing, the silent swearing, the stupid grinning,
the step skipping, the happy dance springing  spontaneous,
no control, might as well just let it go biology in chemistry class

all these tells that you have kissed beyond reason,
these hidden kisses might as well be on
billboards on the highway into town,
a P.A. announcement in high school,
a hearty button attached to your backpack,
the incessant text checking, all dogs nighttime barking all day

go ahead kiss and tell
go ahead tell and kiss harder,
in the kisses, a million tellings
every body part red swelling,
the tearing of every body part,
concentric circles extended from a pebbled heart

9:01am wed Apr 24

P.S. another way of knowing
is the signaling typology of the hugging variety,
which if the hugs maitresse don’t do it herself,
soon enough, I’ll just do myself,
cause how you hug is more than
merely everything, it two comets crashing,
smithereens becoming a new galaxy...
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
the night told me,
what the sun couldn't
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I feel safe
telling you all of

BIGGEST worries,
d a r k e s t  memories.

Because I know that you
will love me
no matter what.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
Stop .
Stop telling yourself
that you
are bad.
Stop telling yourself
that you will always be
Stop telling yourself
that you ****.
Stop telling yourself that you
are bad luck.
Just stop.
Start telling yourself
that you are
Start telling yourself
that something great you can create.
Start telling yourself
that you are enough.
This is because
you can
love .
And everyone can love, all you need to do is try.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
When people ask me how it is going
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what I want to do
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me where to go
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what to do
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask me what I like
I'll tell them I am fine

When people ask witch way to go
I'll tell them I am fine

I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am a lie
I'll tell them life is a lie
I'll tell them there is nothing to live for
I'll tell them it's all a lie

I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am fine
I'll tell them I am lie
I'll tell them I am a fine lie
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