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Its nothing,
I know.
But its too much,
Though I wont show.
Im butterflies swirling in a storm.
Only visible are the fake smiles my lips form.
Help me,
But I dont know how.
Leave me,
Its nothing new now.
when stress and overthinking overtake you from the inside, even though you know its all ok. and nobody notices because you dont let them. even though you want to, you cant.
You know the girl who always says shes fine,
Even though no one really asks.
Whos at your side, after you have left hers.
The one who wont, cant, even gently step on your heart,
When you are shattering hers.
Shes not okay.
She hasnt been, for a long, long time.
It’s like the only time I can see outside of this hole
Is when I’m trying to make sure others don’t see
That I’m digging it deeper
And falling
Until I can’t get out
At least these drops of water are falling all around me,
Instead of from me.
How do you find yourself,
When every part of you thats lost,
Might have never even been there to begin with?
A reminder,
that even those of us who soar above the rest,
can sometimes fall to the ground,
in a drop of full of pain.
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