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All this "love"
Is crushing me
Was supposed to post two days ago but this website is a disaster.
Bryce Sep 25
Even now,

The lone pine
Stretched its dry roots
And gentle,
the lime
Of rock,

This sky gives me no comfort,
A fallow plain
Empty of rain
Rolling winds across
the Firmament

And the needles whimper
In the autumn breeze
As a field of clouds churns
In the mountains
At the horizon

The day is lost here--
Where time comes and goes with
No witness,
For the ancient sea
Is but talc and bone

And in the distance,
The glimmer of a car window
Reflecting the sun.
I want you to be
My last dance
My last kiss
My last chance
My last wish
My last love
My last laugh
My last hug
My last half
My last start
My last end
My last heart
My last mend
My last day
My last night
My last way
My last right
My last
Be my last forever and ever...
Max Sep 22
What is "this"?

When it's actually "that"?
Abstract but I liked it
A Simillacrum Sep 15
Caught your long lost locks,
blonde through the silver fog,
flitting away or
could it have been toward?

Once, I would have thought
it's just a dream and not
real, warm flesh to flesh,
volcanic breath to breath.

Best not waste a good thing
in the face of your favorite catch.
A master of their craft
can't manipulate the longing pain.
Osiria Melody Sep 14
Starry skies bleeding blue and white
Wind rustles my hair, so uptight
Imagining our fates intertwine
Fall asleep under the night's eyes

Waking up to a rainy storm
You come along, all adorned
Getting me out from the rain
Asking me for my name

Life's never felt so complete
No one else can compete (for me)
You're the only winner to my heart
Nothing will tear us apart

Boy, you make me feel weightless (weightless)
Like a famous star on the red carpet
Floating so high up in fame
Cause everybody knows our names
Boy, you make me feel invincible
Everything that I do feels so powerful
Without you, I'd not know what to do

I felt so lonely
Didn't know how to smile
Till you came into my life

cheesy song written on 1/23/19.

If only...

if only,

if only,

if only.

But it's always

more than just that.

Faizel Farzee Sep 13
Dark is the Absence of light, laughter the absence of fright
  weakness the absence of might, day the absence of night
    Blindness the absence of sight, grounded the absence of flight

The absence of you, i would no longer write
You are my muse, without you, i'm just hopeless in life

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, This is not not true
i'll die within a second, if i cant breathe the essence of you
You the queen that i live for, if only you knew
infinite words can never conclude
failing to capture what i wish to imbue

You are the blood of my lifeline, i live on cloud nine
so please don't ever leave me, you are my prayer, my living shrine.

The absence of you, there will be no divine.

I will get stuck to our past lives , with the absence of time.

The absence of you, will surely, with conclusion
                           sever my life line.
The one i live for, die and cry for, the one i adore
she's the muse of muse, i love her,
down to broken  core
Seanathon Sep 9
To the side
With mindful eyes, lax
Like the smile which always wide
Comes back

Sitting beneath the old mailbox by the railroad tracks

Trying so hard not to forget
The words inscribed
Which you promised me
In the letter that never came
And why is that? Because I waited too long. LOL. Mr. Newman with the song. FTW.
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