Ramish 19h
I still reminisce about that night, that we stayed up
And laughed, joked, and loved each other one more time
i'm trying this new thing where i write 20 word poems, not too short, not too long
Strau 2d
You have just stabbed me right in chest...
But that's okay...
What? Do you really thought i would knee before you, huh?
I'll just "wear" a jacket and so nobody will ever see this...
Yeah... Maybe sometimes the jacket may get soaked with blood... but... but that's okay...
Or maybe sometimes the pain may seems unbearable... but... again... that's okay...
After all, who has never been stabbed?
That's... okay... really.

You have just broke my heart...
But that's okay...
What? Do you really thought i would sink into sadness, huh?
I'll just "wear" a smile and so nobody will ever notice this...
Yeah... Maybe sometimes that smile may begins to fade as the relity begins to weigh... but... but that's okay...
Or maybe sometimes, these feelings hurting me from inside may seems unbearable... but... again... that's okay...
After all, who never had a broken heart?
That's... okay... really.
Bryce 3d
Tube worms hellish creature
Centurion of pitch and isolation
No internal altimeter

Pressured to bake and cook life
Take energy from pressured light
Press and push and valve and close
Entrenched, in line to another world

A planet a dot, a dot a spot
a spot a rock, a rock a dot

Wiggle waggle struggle straggle
Life and death, dream and cot

It is hot down here
In passion of dream
and the brain can easily
Michael May 14
I believe in a number of things
Horses, gators, even mammals with wings
I believe that a bird and a rat, got cozy one night
and that became that
that as in bat
a bat became that
from the bed of a bird and a rat.
the bird saw the rat being chased by the cat
that they had in common, the cat was a brat
So they chatted and chatted, till the chat became flat
I haven't a bed, but I do have this mat, said the rat.
This mat will do, the bird said as she sat.
soon that became that
that as in a bat
a bat became that
from the bed of a bird and a rat.
I'm tired
Greg Jones May 14
You’re the only girl that truly ever saw me.
There’s no other girl that can replace you.
I admit that I was scared when you first asked me.
I know it felt like I betrayed you.
Take my heart, it’s ready.
You don’t have to walk away.
I promise that I’m not afraid, I mean it.
Take my heart.
I know that I have made mistakes,
But all of me is on display.

And you’re the one that sees me.
You’re the only one that sees me.
I just want you to see me.
Seanathon May 7
When his shoulders turn and all hope is falling, like an iron on steel, like the rain in May. There will be no tomorrow for the us which was, for the walk which couldn't be kept away.
This is a favorite of mine. Not a hopeless verse about breaking up. But an honest omission about how all things which are meant to end, simply will. It may not be in our time or our way, but we all live and learn for the next day.
eli Apr 27
sometimes its not words that make poetry
his eyes... his eyes are my favourite poem
eli Apr 27
and at that moment
i looked at you
and i froze
i looked at your dark brown eyes
and i didn't know how to speak
i looked at your smile
and i couldn't breathe
i heard your voice
and i was lost

i was lost in you
suddenly i didn't know where i was
or who was with me

i just knew i was there
with you
and thats all that mattered

it was all about you
sheila sharpe Apr 25
She is no Trophy wife
Older by far than Eve
She is as serene as we perceive
The newly crescent moon to be
Yet fecund with life and stored solar energy
She is often angry
Her temper quick to burn as lava
But paling swiftly to fertile ashes as it cools
Her fury volcanic in its suddenness
Making mortals into molten fools
We see her gentleness in deep pelucid pools
And yet, the sea, her hidden anger still betrays
And on her face the shifting desert sands swift show
The fickle aspects of her ways
But, yet, her face is warmed by sunshine
Her breath is warm with love upon all creatures
And even the air borne birds fulfil
their longed for freedom
Circling in her warm embrace
I wanted to express the idea of a Mother Earth - did it work?   Sheila at Kegworth
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