Bryce Jun 27
Gliding deftly along the city street
rolling quick and constantly
onward to some unknown scene,
some backward park in the nighttime
smoke curling from these
parted lips, moist and inviting
calling me somewhere I've never seen.

New day, new night
new feelings, rage and delight
fill me with your hilarious entropy,
knock my quarks into the next century,
will you please?

Now I'm smoking the pipe and all at once I am free
between you and me, this smoke is thicker and sticks
like glue,
wispy and dreamy and the world spins and calls Toltec
telephone company can't pay me for all those calls collected
and rendered obsolete
Sun god dead as that silly calendar meme

and Imma tell you
these ladies in the picnic table
buried alive for boxed lunch and god's brunch
Jesus fucking Christ
and a indelible roster of good guys,
to which we all must strive to live and die
never moving forward
chasing our tails like a sick dog
under the jasmine runner between the decades-old tanbark
imported from overseas
dead trees
dead canine
and oh isn't it just divine?

You see it, pretty lady.
I can see it hiding behind your eyes
the things you don't tell the others because you're afraid
if they found out,
you'd be crucified.

Well honey I hate to inform,
With KGB efficiency that these love-a-dumbs
aint Methuselah,
they'll be dead!
long before your flood of tears tears me from the land
ballistas me across the great expanse to some strange Ararat
of the eastern seaboard,
or maybe wash me deep along the 80
into the desert sands and tiles
on a leaky cell phone screen
desperately trying to dial home on low battery,
realizing all this was one big deferred dream,
baking in the sun and shriveling
oh well, back to the grindstone-- all those lies plucked your nose,
gotta cut it back to size,
'else your soul it'll outgrow

Don't worry honey bee
It hasn't happened to me,
and We know with calcuable mathematical truth
that it'll never happen to you.
I held onto you
for as long as I could
It doesn’t last long
When you live in the hood

Came from the sticks
I came from the woods
Rolling stoned
Down the backroads
Of these backwoods
Rolling up backwoods
Bumping Rolling Stones
I never was that good

Of keeping within reach
Of the ones closest to me
Sometimes feel
Like I wish I didn’t have to
Feel at all

Had a ball
It didn’t last too long
Xanax and Adderall
Falling down the hall

But you were always there
To pick me up
Mister J Jun 21
This is it
The end of the line
This is us
At our last goodbye

Its been fun
Its been wild
This roller coaster ride
Of being in each other's lives

I felt the pain
I felt the pleasure
I've seen all the colors
And even all the gloom

We had flown to the highest heaven
Yet had fallen to the deepest hell
We used to hold each other tight
But have now drifted far apart

I'm not good at goodbyes
I guess you aren't too
'Cause even when we're far apart
You still miss me, and I, you

But now here I am bleeding out
Pulling my legs away from you
Pushing your hands away from me
Realizing a truth that brings pain to me

Love is not always the answer
That our thirsty hearts must seek
'Cause even if we are desperate for it
Its not always what we need

A final kiss to seal the deal
A last embrace just for one final feel
So long, dear love, the one my life seeks
But the love that wasn't supposed to be what it needs
Hey. Thanks for reading.
Feel free react to the piece.

Joshua Nai Jun 10
Please help the hurt, the broken, the shattered the sick.
Please don't leave them, ignore them and crush them to smithereens.
Even a weakly burning wick, I pray please don't quench it. There's still some life left in that weak frame of a body.
Please don't break even the weakest branch, they're fragile, please handle with care.

Even the "fortunate" ones, give something.
Do something.
Don't just sit down all day being sad for the people who are hurting.
Get up and do something.
They will continue to rot, to wither if someone doesn't come and give them a hug, a smile, to know that someone cares for them.
Loves them despite their weaknesses.
Who loves them despite being outcast of society.
i hate that.

"outcast" of society.
just my thoughts.
and a part of it was actually inspired by a Bible verse!
Isaiah 42:3
a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice.
How to describe this feeling ?
What name does it go by?
Does it even have a name?

The answers to my questions
Remain unanswered
But with absolute certainty I can tell you this

I never want to let this feeling go
I'm on this insane rollercoaster of happiness
And I never want to not have this feeling

Cloud 9 seems like childs play
Sky high is where I'm at
It's like being in love only a thousand times better

The sun and the stars are all in one frame
Both shining at their brightest
Someone tell me what this feeling is !

I take that back.
No one tell me.
No one utter a word.

For if I was to categorise this feeling
It would be sure to escape me
No one tell me.

Let me drown in this moment
In this feeling that is like no other
Allow me this one pleasure.

No need to name the feeling.
Just watch on by as I sink in it.
Grant me this one request.
Bryce Jun 2
I suppose
if I could metamorphose
Into a new skin
with wings
and a bigger brain

I would.

I contemplate
that this fate
may not be
the best for me.

And yet

I wait

I will grow
and cocooned in the modern american sheen
Dream of wings
miles away
from an airport or two
across the bay
they wave
from boys in areoplanes

I know
there is great green valleys for me
with deciduous trees
and anemones
and bears that ski
on their big fluffy bellies
in the shadow of some upthrust rockface

I beat
the drum of bloody life
and think the heavy drought of thought
and drink
the steaming heat of dreams

I knew
when I was a zygotic mass
imbibed with life
and stolen with soul

That I would be
The best damned butterfly
You'll ever see.
Bryce May 30
How many songs wrote never known?
How many crescendos
lost to the echo
of merciless Fortune's squealing tired tire?

How many words?
never perturbed
silt beneath the oceanic span
between here and fame's centurion?

How long until god thrusts them into day?
to trace glibly along the interstate
for some passing child to stumble upon
and resonate?

How many bodies
removed of soul
Riddled with bullet and dirt of metal
sank deep into the earth and turned to worms
and protozoa
and chirps
and birds
and grass
and bark
and leaves
and trees
and Pax

How many greats' fate
Do we forget in our mad scramble
and the many fateful decisions
To save
or burn
Their words
and hands
And let Destiny
or Jesus
or Allah
or Krishna
or Mahayana
Guide their thoughts
to greater heights

Of how much
Have we lost sight?
Genesee May 29
Playlists are songs that convey messages
some are as simple as I thought you’d like this
while others are more complex
dancing around a unanswered question
so to try to tell that particular person
you try to throw out hints left and right
only to realize that it truly never worked
And you should have told them in the moment
while everything was as sweet as flowers blooming in the springtime
But in another universe maybe I’d have enough courage to finally ask that one question
I was outspoken about a lot of things
My feelings were another subject to be discussed another day
I know how I am about certain things
The question that will never be uttered from my lips
I wish I had let you know sooner
rather than me overthinking in that moment
making it more complicated than it actually was
whenever I thought about asking you the question
that to me would be a big deal in terms of maybe being spontaneous
either that option or being a sap
looking into your hazel eyes
I froze up
out of nervousness
But I should’ve asked you
for if I had taken the chance
we would have created a special cliché moment
that in a couple years we would always remember
whenever the song would’ve played on the radio
Oh the missed opportunity to hold you in my arms
As we sway back and forth
mesmerized by each other
Following each other’s steps to the song
Twirling me around
The sweetness of your embrace
written around the time I had realizations
dealing with a missed chance
Jack P May 22
this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with a

high price of admission, that being the innate circumstances wherein his ego germinates and grows into two things at the same time: externally pleasant and internally grotesque.

this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with a

long stretch of beach lined with hospital beds, pyres alight to the God of False Flags and Falser Hope, long speeches and poor teachers getting too close to the water.

this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with a

difference of opinion - the trickle-down economics of not giving a fuck about anyone except one's inner sanctum, from the unrepresented in their little mud huts, to the shadow skulls with buzzing sinuses; Everything, Performing the Dance of the Hearse Driver.

this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with a

whimper, courtesy of yours truly
don't mention the war and all its nauseating irony, don't mention irony and all its nauseating truths, don't mention me and all my dumb words
Ramish May 21
I still reminisce about that night, that we stayed up
And laughed, joked, and loved each other one more time
i'm trying this new thing where i write 20 word poems, not too short, not too long
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