Kuvar 27m
We've been decieved  
To worship a Trojan horse
Thinking it is all that matters
The brainy relationship so to say
Between sits and desks
against an innovative innocent board
Trolling Man’s Allegation against ignorance
Depends on statistical ratios
That Trojan horse I refuse to worship
Her name  “Cumulative Grade Point Average
I have loved
for the sake of


for the sake
of me
of you
of everything
just to enjoy
the feeling

s   p   a   c   e   d  
every      o   n   c  e

in          a

w     h    i   l    e
zahra wang Mar 10
we humans have such a need to be loved
afraid of being
left for granted

and i am no different
i want to feel the rush
butterflies in my stomach
wing against my hair
hands against his heart
heart intertwined with my soul

you may ask why
am i so enamoured with this
idea of love

perhaps it is so i do not feel lonely
for i have been (lonely) for a while now
even when i am surrounded by people
there is no one
not really
not anyone who connects with my soul

or perhaps  i just want to feel more put together
after all
everyone thinks you’re so much happier when you have a significant other

or perhaps i just want someone to hold hands with
someone to kiss

i’m not fooling anyone, am i?
the reason i am so enamoured with the idea of love
is because i am obsessed with the notion that someone else can fix me up
heal the void in my heart
clear the window to my soul
but we all know band aids don't fix bullet holes
Me Díaz Mar 9
I told you I loved you
In my mother tongue

M•(e). Díaz
It's always meant so much more that way...
she'd watched him.
first from a distance
then up close.....

now, she'd talked to him even.
She had fought for him.

I did not get your name.....
then, she walked away.
Seanathon Dec 2017
The water with its honest breath
And the inevitability therein
Will always waiver with the tides
And bring such truth back to me
Like a tempest, with ebb, it begins
From a day long past. When I couldn't post.
Genesee Mar 3
Sometimes I wonder if you'll end up hurting me emotionally like all the other's did before you
Maybe it will be silent but fast or be dragged out to the point where my heart is broken
I'm feeling like I'm in a daze that I never truly can escape from
Or someone else might take you away from me
Either way, just close my heart in a glass case and if worse comes to worse and you find yourself wanting to break it into bigger pieces than the ocean
Then take the last days of our love and make me feel loved and dare I say cherished one last time
But be sure to give me closure don't open the door and slam it in my face without telling me why
I beg of you please don't make me cry about how much I regret letting you into the point of no return
Don't make me associate your name with salty wet tears
And wishing I had never let you in
Mike D Mar 1
Darkness falls
Fairy grass
The height of streets
And time will pass
A guitar string
A reminder past
Answers to questions
You shouldn’t ask

Wake, sleep
Cry and laugh
Sailing vessels
With a tall, tall mast
Southern winds
Playful sass
Etiquette and class

Impudent face
Repugnant shack
Dripping drops
Shoes that ‘clack’
Gravitational pull
An aching back
I jump about
In my potato sack

Job well done
Completed task
Going too slow
Moving too fast
Nostalgic views
Memory past
Aging hands
Rough and cracked

Infectious laughter
Friendly chat
For this and that
Time again
Confidently apt
Forward leaning
Stumbling back

Cavernous bottom
Infinity’s laugh
Mirrored views
Unbreakable trap
Oscillated dreams
The devil’s whack
Stand and fight
Upon attack

Endless pieces
Of broken glass
On Icarus’ wings
I plot my path
Upside down
Behind the mask
New beginnings
Nightmare’s once had

Time again
Shuttering task
Sparkling glean
Presents wrapped
Golden treasure
Encased in black
Here at last
Written: February 18, 2017

All rights reserved
Johnny Noir Mar 1
I have a Barbie doll that is so cheap & slutty
she's wearing a belly chain like the cheapest
blonde stripper/hooker on the beat up strip;
seems she struck up a thing w/ a Hans Solo
I found but he's holding a laser pistol &
has articulated wrists; so I get that at first sight
he's thinking who's this nasty little piece
of white trash  w/ the nice ass of pink
molded plastic; he's got hard slick backed hair
& he's wearing that stiff Star Wars outfit cuz
god forbid they give a male doll a decent wardrobe;
so he's no metrosexual & I guess technically
he's a movie star; he does look like a young Harrison
Ford; Barbie on the other hand has long slender limbs
& hard fake tits that look real except
she has no nipples which I've heard can happen
& a thin wasp-waisted torso; long out of whatever
clothes she had on as if she's been wandering
back alleys dizzy & naked; I know that happens
but it's never a good story exactly; I'd already
stripped her naked
& dripped hot wax
all over her perfect little butt so now it's covered
in clear solidified drips of viscous wax;
it looks nastier than its sounds; wax on plastic: ouch...
so I had been thinking about polishing her up; u know
giving her a Barbie Spa day to make up for abusing &
mistreating her; treating her like a toy I can just set
on the shelf & forget about; I've lost so many gfs
that way but me & Barbie we're not serious;
I mean she's my property but u know I understand
she's got needs & we're two different...well, I set
Hans Solo beside her on the shelf & next I see
he's on his knees with his pants down sniffing
at her dirty butt; I'm thinking not a good look
but when I pick him up to move him
he winds up behind Barbie with his pants
down; his left hand's tangled in her hair
and his right's holding the gun to her head;
I figured she's had worse & left them to it;
they're still there & I haven't forgotten
I still owe her that Spa Day
subconscious growling: bitch u made me do it! Why'd u have to wear that! I couldn't help myself! It's ur own fault. get up, bitch...into the back of the car. u wanna go to jail? get to it or we'll taze ur ass & leave u here  in a hot puddle of ur own piss & u won't say shit to anybody...that's a good bitch
pour me out
poor little boy
who was reading
private box stalker

sorry fella
ain't me

my teeth
have shed
but an slither

that could never let you in

he fell off his bar stool
we stuck my nipple

his baby kicked me

well this was his brothers
fella was drinking

we lifted up my skirt
tucked my panties to the side
be able
to think
the rest

this write
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