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i collect something at my hand
i caught it strongly at my hand

i collect something at my heart
it does not escape not only by itself
but it took my heart

i search and find a wound might establish
was caused by long eyelash
love dug at heart and could not cure so easy
She wrote to her husband
Her husband was a sergeant

At the military of the greatest force
His president announced and insisted

That the president of Iraq gained
Nuclear and chemicals at his force

That was a reason to spread devil
All surroundings, all neighbors
So they must go to clear that sand

From every worst flying at all
Weather causing threading of any development
Causing threading to his neighbor
Especially his relative Israel
She sits at the heart setting

And the gulf countries which export oil
And give money if he wanted
According to his service and his guard

They obeyed him as they were feared
Of losing their thrones and also was feared
Of threatening of their worst neighbor

They paid every cost of that military job
He persuaded the public of his want
To destroy the army of Iraq force
To establish peace and democracy plans

And make Iraq advanced as they are
To get his dream achieved
Her husband was so honest
And believed in everything that president said

The army forces flew and took every weapon
They went also by sea ships
To achieve victory over that vain

They fought and made tricked
They used bad and evil plan
The wife wrote that letter”

Oh! Lover
I saw you there
Wide, wide of my look

But you are nearest of my heart
That I saw you are the greatest hero
But I doubt when I saw sad

Cover every face of Iraq people
, the difference appeared between communities
That made me happy for our nation

Want to establish the happy all over the world
But when I saw the statue of Iraq president fallen
The wealth and ancient ruins were stolen

, the oil must be exported
, their author would become according to desire
Of political author of our land
, the poor covered all weather

After they were the richest people
And the hanging of Iraq president
To be sacrifice on the Muslim's feast

As the Muslims do on feast
They sacrificed with cows or sheep
For helping poor for their God

The message sent to all of them
You have no price
, you have no aim to look up

Obey our want
Or you will be killed
Even you are very important!

My lover! Come please
We will not share that war
It is obvious bad at all

It is for money and humbled others
To do what we want without opposed
The God doesn't order that

Jesus said in his order
Spread the love all over the world
Make the peace your symbol

Islam religion in his greeting
Peace upon you when one passed
He invited you to get food

We rewarded him by killing
God does not satisfy with that
Jesus hates the blood bleeding
My lover! Return, we will build

A palace near an ocean
We will fish and hunt
Live as our god giving  
Or we will cultivate land

The plants will grow green as your eyes
The wheat sticks are yellow as your hair
Flowing the wind as my hair
Return to complain our problems

To union in one bodies
I will make you my angel
Flying in sky, dreaming with kind
Making you forgotten yourself
And getting me forgetting myself

We will unites at one body
One heart, one mind
Return soon, I will not complain
I will be your honey you want"

She closed the letter with beauty kissing
She sent him with great longing
She waited a lot but with astonishing

Her letter returned without answering
She knew that he would come
So, he didn't receive that mailing

On the day they were telling
She waited at airport for receipting
All right solders ascended

Then, the wounded were carrying
She ran to his boss
She found coffin were downing

She looked to his boss,
Who covered his face with crying
She felt overwhelming
When she was up,

She cried," why my God
You take my love
and let who made it?

the war is the awful thing in world
i say that word
she says that word

our hearts that
our minds believed that

i love you
love is the most wonderful word
He knew you are false
He knew you are faith

But when you saw her
You told every worst

And the relation between you
And him
Downed to the worst
the heart knew every atom for your thought
she said a lot
i remembered not
she screamed why not
you had remembered
what i said

i said that is a lot
to remember your word
and remarked your smart
lips when you talked

they are not
looked like any smart
they are so cute
they made me forget
the love  made the world full of roses
something to write
something to fight

at the end, i find
the world laughs

the roses open
the flies appear

the world changes
the world dances

when i see your eyes
the sun smiles

the morning comes
with the birds songs

for what?
i see your brilliant
love help us to suffer every worst
i think i will not write
but when you send your sight
the pen wrote as it is in a fight

it does not tell a compliment

it rights only and only the right
i found my heart could stand
to only your sight

at my heart and it could also write
love controls all things in human and make the world beautiful
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