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Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
With the ****** Virus,
continuing it's Live Concert
on Earth
and Hell stacked,
with all Our Devil's.
I for One,
am keeping My Fingers crossed
and Praying........
that Heaven will Host Me
on their Premises.
Frankie Gestone May 2019
You know you are a parasite
But I will let you feed off of me
Sometimes I desire the poison
And a little dose is healthy now and then
Because what I have is also yours
And I live for you, I eat for you, I survive for you
Your primary host
They say you will destroy me from the inside out
But I lured you in, I consciously made you part of me
You did not come uninvited, and that is the point
You came willingly
So I feed myself you as you nourish yourself through me
A symbiotic relationship
For I do not go where I am not wanted
Through good and bad times we (d)evolve together
A true matrimony
Now forever covalently bonded
neth jones Jun 2019
We meet at the Museum
hours after it has closed
Dressed - Impress
- Costume ;
All of our Art exposed

We'll feast upon The Security
the mousetrap
and The Ghost
We'll chew upon the wiring
We're the party
and host

                                             - a child in love
#1 Silly-silly / Set Siren to our Prances / Petty Chime to our Dancing Vice / It would make a Tabloid Musical #3 Silly-silly / I wish to take you grotesque places / We’ll wear our masks over nasty faces / For now my immersion lies in cruelty / Of the results I shall form the most lavish jewellery / Together we’ll master a theatre of tomfoolery / I am most grateful for jest / Your breath / And / Above all / Your company.              
- a child in love
Avery Glows Nov 2018
Is this evolution we call—

Ppl becoming things
(so that)
things become of people;
Ppl becoming parts
(so that)
parts come tgt to
become people—?
Is that not what
all there is to life...
An act
parts masquerading as wholes
as hosts mastering over themselves
as us
at the center of this all
is the substance of reverie


at the core of this bawl
is the call of life.
Nov, 2018
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Xenia stands for
Guest and stranger, why did we
Separate kindness
Zach Hanlon Feb 2018
the parasite
and the host
eat, eat
feast on decay
eat, eat, eat
i'll feed you, parasite
eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
consume me
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I haven't felt love anymore...
Much less being liked.
No one wants a deadbeat valentine.
I didn't think twice
Saying you were right
You weren't.
There's some core fault within me
I blame myself you see
For all of our mistakes
I'll hate me

Are you fueled by pain?
In love with my stains?
Hating a broken reign?
Loving I'm slain?

Your Host:

Who doesn't want a broken, dead inside, psychopathic low life...

It hurts more than it should
The nothing I am.
I'd bury you I would
The nothing I am.

What if it was costing us both...
I don't want to miss the most...
Just being lost in your ghost...
There is nothing to boast...
Feeling overdosed...
I am, your host...
I hate you pretend not to see me
And I pretend to still be free
Ilunga Mutombo May 2017
Who knew that there was a society of writers
Blind authors, who embrace one another
Hello poetry a bank of words mounted on a site for all to see
Hidden truths in words so powerful, emotions expressed like a waterfall
Hello Poetry to some it is a remedy
to others its pure therapy
Hello Poetry a book for all to see
tears shed full of empathy simple words fill spaces that are empty
These words I display would of been buried with me
But this place allowed me to fornicate with these metaphors  
and birth words so beautiful,
these words now live in the minds of readers and silent poetry lovers  
As you read my expressed emotions
remember that Hello Poetry let me nurture my emotions
before letting you see a part of me no one has ever seen
Saint Audrey Mar 2017
Under the mantle of this world
The thickness of the storm clouds
Perpetual, thorough
Meeting the foam crest of the waves
Dark enough to hide intentions

Walking along the tired rocky shore
A stretch common, tasteless to all but the vaguest sense
Some spray, felt deep along the sides of the tongue
The sobering corpse, I found
Still clawing at the stones

I can feel the tears well in my eyes
There is nothing I can do
Empathetic thoughts blow through my mind
Cold strains of tainted breath
His voice is cold air, so dissimilar
And with every trace of dogma
Such overused platitudes
Yet I hold fast to that stringent emotion  

He knows me
He knows what I used to be, and what brought me to who I am
I watch him

He tries to pry, bone exposed at the fingertips
Why did this come to me
Filled with pity, I bend down
I comfort him

The host burst
And now I feel it
Moving though the back of my skull
It's tendrils become rooted
The eyes see though my own
And it swallows what It will

The desperate remains inside me scream at it
But it's just rotten flesh

And there's nothing left for me
Now and forever
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