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John McCafferty Jan 2021
Pale fading jaded moon
Echoes of the same old routes
Subconscious fed what we are read
Some consume such hazy fumes
Supposed repeats become belief
To each eye is dry and empty
When disorientation looms, Jesus
Our efforts count when only viewed

Hard to shake off the grey fog
As the pace of life seems lost
Host a place for creative minds
Build upon what you've been taught
Changing layers of further thought
When heavy clouds pull into view
Energy depletes inside over time
Should you stand affront or wait anew
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2020
Astonish the world with humanity.
Amaze it with acts of kindness.
Stun it with creativity.
Shake it with exceptional ideas.
Bewilder it with compassion.
Astound it with forgiveness.
Reveal to it the best of being.
Surprise it with a soft heart.
Impress it with generosity.
Light it up with optimism.
Guard it against abuse and injustices.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
When she felt
she felt strongly
those emotions
and feelings
tightly wound
cut the wrong cord
and her whole world
will shake
lua Oct 2020
it's a vibration in the air
that leaves tingles in the back of my throat
as my hairs stand on end
it's the electric currents in my veins
the magnetic pull of all that i touch
which draws me in
and yet
it's like a shiver down my spine
a hot mist through my nostrils
with a scent and stench
as drool and blood dribbles onto the floor
from the corners of my lips
when i wheeze and cough
and it comes in waves
that shake my knees,
my hands
and the flesh that binds me whole

a craving.
Vampirecadence May 2020
It's Tea!
Wake up!
Here is your tea
in your favourite cup,
now don't stare at me!
Get up!
Don't snuggle!
It's my last warning! I'll shake it and drink it
if you won't take it.
4:18 AM
whoever Apr 2020
no matter the day
no matter the time
i will always shake.

in fear i will tremble as a willow tree
in strength i will roar as an earthquake

as an addict i will shake in withdraw
as a friend i will shake with laughter

in silence i will shake
in din i will shake
i will shake in darkness
i will shake in the light

i will shake near and far

in shaking i will move

i will never settle
Bardo Sep 2020
Who are you people ?
What is this place??
It's's incredible... it's amazing !!!
The most amazing thing I've ever seen
   in my whole life
Ha! Ha! Ha! It's mad...yea! it's crazy
It's Night...right!! But here! Here! a
   whole City in broad daylight
People going about their business...
   faces I've never seen before
What is this place! Who are you

I'm asleep but... but I'm awake, wide
   wide awake
I'm here! Now!!! Looking out... at this
    right here before me
It's strange...'cos I don't feel like I have
   a body or a face
It's like I'm just an Eye looking    
But look! I can move, I can move
And I'm tired, tired of these dreams, I've had them before
What good are they, yea! their
   fantastic and all that
But their useless, quite quite useless
You know what I'm gonna do,
I'm gonna go up to one of these guys
   and I'm gonna grab him
Gonna shake him! Shake him hard!!! Make him help me.

So I go up to one of them, this guy, and he turns and
   looks at me
He looks right at me...
"Back in my world", I say, " back there,
   I work, I suffer, I struggle
Every day trying to keep body and
   soul together
Can you help me? Won't you help me?
   Won't you..."
And... and he looks at me with these...
   these anxious eyes
With real fear in his eyes
I say "What do you see when you look
   at me.  What do you see ?
(A mortal man from the world of men)
Why do you suddenly look so afraid ?
What... what do you see !!!"
I get funny dreams at night sometimes (if I quiet my mind for long periods), I call them "conscious' dreams, you actually wake up in your own dreams, become completely conscious in your own dreams or maybe a place beyond dreams themselves. Their amazing to look at but unfortunately they don't help you in any way, don't give you the Lotto numbers or the name of a winning horse LOL. This is a poem about a time I was struggling in life & got one of these dreams and was so annoyed at their seeming unconcern that I decided to go up to one of the characters in the dream and grab him and make him help me. Quite Twilight Zoney this.
N Mar 2020
My lips are worn out
from the unspoken words

My eyes dully ache
from the unshed tears

My heart burns for
its desire to be loved

My wrist bleeds,
it longs to heal

My leg shakes,
it wants flee

My soul weeps,
so I set it free
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