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It's Tea!
Wake up!
Here is your tea
in your favourite cup,
now don't stare at me!
Get up!
Don't snuggle!
It's my last warning! I'll shake it and drink it
if you won't take it.
4:18 AM
Clark Apr 30
no matter the day
no matter the time
i will always shake.

in fear i will tremble as a willow tree
in strength i will roar as an earthquake

as an addict i will shake in withdraw
as a friend i will shake with laughter

in silence i will shake
in din i will shake
i will shake in darkness
i will shake in the light

i will shake near and far

in shaking i will move

i will never settle
N Mar 10
My lips are worn out
from the unspoken words

My eyes dully ache
from the unshed tears

My heart burns for
its desire to be loved

My wrist bleeds,
it longs to heal

My leg shakes,
it wants flee

My soul weeps,
so I set it free
Äŧül Nov 2019
Massage it,
Shake it,
Think about her.
Massage it more,
Shake it till you blast,
Experience the ephermal joy.
Avoid premarital pregnancy.
My HP Poem #1796
©Atul Kaushal
liv bennet Sep 2019
if the sun sets today,
will i be able to see?
if my heart breaks tonight,
will i have time to grieve?
if i stop breathing tomorrow,
will i still feel the air?
if i die in a week,
will i even care?

now my heart is broken and
i cannot breathe, and the
sun has set and i cannot see, and
the air is cold and i'm numb
inside, and i'm crying out god
let me die.

but the broken and the loveless
and the blind all hear.
they take my shaking hands
and lead me from fear.
original poetry written in august of 2019
The Nine Doubts Sep 2019
I wish you knew that the thought of being replaced makes me shake
There are so many others who you'd be way more interested in
It's okay, you can go... I'll be here, working through the heartache.

please don't go, i need you. i'll do anything...
She gets messages from so many people who are better at conversations, better at not being awkward, better at showing their emotions, better at making her interested... She has no reason to talk to me anymore... I wish I could tell her how afraid I am of her finding someone better. I hope she knows...
Erian Rose Sep 2019
Your poison seeps into my veins
Crashing in like hurricanes

Every bone numbs and shakes
By the sound of your name

When you see my face in scattered rains
You end those hurricanes
Don't you hate when
You google
And someone
Else comes up first
"If you are not first
You are last"
Ricky Bobby
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