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Mane Omsy Sep 24
sickness from life
alive and well, they say
you are your own destiny
they said

I stepped on the stage
and showcased my talents
rotten tomatoes they share
believe, in your self - they taught
Mane Omsy Sep 15
when the tides rise above your passion
and your hips above the mountain
when the slightest touch of your hunger
and your breath weighs and wonder
how the magic flows through my veins
you created,
will glow in my everlasting thrive for you
I dare not to believe it will ever slumber
the love for you with skin, tears, and laughter
brings me enlighting energy from the stars
that could nourish and bring life to mars

- beloved
Mane Omsy Jun 17
You played Tetris
Saw everything as wits
Between worlds, far away
Held a grudge, held on it tight
Things we say to stay away
Lost the appetite for a bite

Grab on it as it never will go away
Take the stand and never let it go
I don't ever want to make promises
That will lead me to my self-destruction
Mane Omsy Mar 22
Take me home
Whether the weather is harsh or long
Place me down
Six feet underground
Pray for me while I decompose
Raise your voice and strike the force

Loose the chains
To prepare for changes
Mane Omsy Mar 18
Coffee brown lit light skin
Silk rolled glowing lights
Heal my heart, mere smile
Shining through berry lips

Rose petal imprint on my cheeks
With a racecar engine
Beside fantast filled lungs
Her warmth touch, current spikes
Melodies, vocals can't compete

Here hear my heartbeats sweetheart
With a kind response, patting kisses
Mane Omsy Mar 17
Push the words with your hearts
Never let the brain do the work
When the doves die whilst their flight
Sizing every little problem in your house
In the midst of a pandemic, hell to the no!
Build up your promotions on occasions
People die, hell on earth, the resemblance
Devils rule the world; war against the good
See the truth with a **** on your hand
When the innocent help the hope & help-less

Religious outbreak and battles over a place
Feed it to your ego, Mr. and Mrs. COVID
I see "leaders" in their vacation plans
Give them the finger to heal their roasted brains
Every penny stacked for the tax exploited
For a stupid statue standing straight up to his ******

Man stop, we're just animals
But you're a mad dog, a monster
Neither fame nor fortune can tame
With a fire burning in your eyes
For a calamity to happen in your way
For a better future phasing from your burrow.
Mane Omsy Mar 17
I have,
Fallen for a fallen angel
I see her eyes caring for me
I have not been any grateful
To marry a soft and lovely,
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