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Mane Omsy Mar 2021
I confiscated many things
That don't belong with me
I tried to return my sins
Even now, they haunt me

I seeked the better life
People posted on their stories
All illusions makes memories
For always what I thrive

Legacies where heroes die
And pass on through centuries
I shot one to the moon and sigh
One day, as I die, leave memories
  Mar 2021 Mane Omsy
Sharon Thomas
What you call love;
I call weakness.

Don't mind my bleakness.
I wasn't always this way.

Monsters make monsters,
I've heard somewhere.
I guess I am one,
with no love to spare.

Love makes you feel all kinds of things;
Yet not warned are we
'bout people
whose actions sting.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if that's love for you and this is for me,
I guess all it did was make me
Mane Omsy Nov 2020
Broke into my house, and
Laid by my side, in bed
Caressed my hair and said, in a sweet voice
Wake up sweetheart, I'm here
Don't sweat with fear, I'm near
Let me sing a lullaby, sleep tight
Embrace my body,
I will let you calm down.
And she hummed all night long
Her face buried in my chest
She unlocked all my pain away
Just listening,
Just inhaling her perfumed hair
Just absorbing all her warmth
She robbed me of my troubles
And then we...
Mane Omsy Nov 2020
Hello world
Tell me something
(clears throat)
Afraid of a little cold?
Tell 'em I'm not affected
Squeeze the checker harder
37 and going down temp.
No Sir, no admission now
Yet the whole squad passes through
Let my normal fever in
I assure no one will be sick tomorrow

Emergency evacuation!
Residents, clear the floor
Nurses coming through
Catch a small fever with cold
We won't let your sick *** in here

Let go, it's obvious
Death is not painless, Sir
Mane Omsy Sep 2020
sickness from life
alive and well, they say
you are your own destiny
they said

I stepped on the stage
and showcased my talents
rotten tomatoes they share
believe, in your self - they taught
Mane Omsy Sep 2020
when the tides rise above your passion
and your hips above the mountain
when the slightest touch of your hunger
and your breath weighs and wonder
how the magic flows through my veins
you created,
will glow in my everlasting thrive for you
I dare not to believe it will ever slumber
the love for you with skin, tears, and laughter
brings me enlighting energy from the stars
that could nourish and bring life to mars

- beloved
Mane Omsy Jun 2020
You played Tetris
Saw everything as wits
Between worlds, far away
Held a grudge, held on it tight
Things we say to stay away
Lost the appetite for a bite

Grab on it as it never will go away
Take the stand and never let it go
I don't ever want to make promises
That will lead me to my self-destruction
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