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Mane Omsy Oct 7
Loving blue purses and cassettes of beautiful voices
But tuning the voice overs of actors as an emotion
Lurking in yellow meadows with imperfect intentions
They join the line and take the vows as if they lose, they die
All of these in vain, there's no structure in pain
Of whatever they gained, in this life
Their pointless lives, dead to them
Mane Omsy Oct 3
Peel off the pain piercing your palms
Ornaments owned out of obituaries
Elsewhere endless errands of evil
Moaning for money and medication
Mane Omsy Sep 28
The force of gravity is smiling at the stars
Someday we will join the galactic court
Where do we stand right with all the scars?
Inventing thoughts never meant to sort


The clouds ran away from men's magic
Stuck in between the winds and roars
Her aching heart blew havoc, nature's logic
It's hard for the earthlings, useless crores


Innocent killers stride through stages
Ineffective endangered species on the brink
God! Help them stride back to their cages
Millions of warning signs, where they blink
With recent incidents happening all over the world with our beautiful mother nature, we need to act on it NOW. There will be no second chances when coming to our survival. It has become a living hell to people who wonder and generations to come how nurturing and aesthetic the nature really is. #GreenPeace
Mane Omsy Sep 28
A little bit of rain
Expecting more from the lord
Just now, the right way we sway

Lighten the lost souls in the darkness
Let them wander with ease
Occasions that occur very often
A mild notion to be burned
dizziness causes to sleep very happily. Sleep tight at night.
Mane Omsy Jun 19
Some worst neighborhood is this
Lucky people draw no attention
They woooooooooooooooooooo
They rise, and
Kind words to describe my love
Kindness they enchanted in ears
Love for one reason, couldn't be
More suitable to the wooing crowd
They will retain reasons to forge
Death out of lives don't matter at all

Still, they boooooooooooooooo
Blessed are these creatures, dumb
Affectionate and passionate lust
They scream cry and laugh at times
Admire, the boooooooooooooo
To beat the mass in genocide
Life has short hints that hurts more
More than their booing in the light
They die at the very end of dark
Mane Omsy Jun 2
Stretch marks along your thighs
Stroking your legs up to the heights
Making you moan in your short tights

I love it when you grab it while I,
Enjoy the sweet melody in your heart
That drums beating harder together
Along with the sweat we making when,
We're making love under the moonlight.

Not that I enjoy scoring every night
Taking you placing where you've never been
Lust in the shore and making it sure that enjoy time
Lasting longer than Netflix and we chill
Mane Omsy May 20
Was it true love in their faces?
Kissed a long way from home
Just passing by the grieving widow
Telling stories about her love
When she wiped her tears alone
The kids were shouting, one more
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