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Holding on to my wishes
I've never felt so.... alone
Sometimes I wonder
About the ways I do things

If this doesn't make any sense for you
Let me go
Let me die for no reason
But as a sacrifice for a blind purpose

When you believe I worth something
I'll be long gone
Time lapsed so fast, I counted just one
You and me in a plane to merry land.
writer omsy Feb 3

Are all these one?
writer omsy Jan 24
You have become my nostalgia
Standing in the brink of my memory lane
Leaving behind clouds of tension
As my passion grew younger for you

If the time rewinds itself,
I would close my eyes and embrace you
Again, to leave me with scars
That won't heal soon

The first memory of smiles and giggles
Is the worst thing that hurts me more
I hate to admit to being addicted
To your curves and bountiful heart
writer omsy Dec 2018
Take a saw
And cut me down deeply
Starting from my head
Through my heart,
Down to my sick belly
So, I could feel the agony
You poured on me
Vengeance might be a way
But I will settle down for a say
Like a boiling water on ice
Dripping the pain into my veins
You shall succeed being a monster
A stranger after all we did
Together, snitching out on me
Being suspended from work with my friend snitching on me (lies actually). There is nothing but pain for what he had done after all we have been through.
writer omsy Dec 2018
Long across the grains
Watching the hills float
Screaming till he faints
A droplet in his throat

Straight shooting arrows
Vaporized his proud entity
Raising both arms in sorrow
He cried his eyes empty

An attempt to beg forgiveness
Fell on his knees and rose
When hope struck the witness
On a lost mirage long across
writer omsy Dec 2018
Stressing up the nerves
Where they have some levels
Where pride will fall off
And the righteous always lose

There were many wrongs
To be corrected, to be proven
Neither they will nor us will learn
From the deeds we have entertained.
writer omsy Nov 2018
Leverage for an escape
The fearest of them all
Last time he wore a cape
The dearest of them all

Perished, in dirt and blood
Vanished, from hearts and hoods

You witnessed nothing but the lies
Impossible to believe,
Still awakening the witnesses
They don't seem to believe.
Having said that the impossible matters are hard to believe, here, I remind you that's what it makes a man a hero. Several years after when the hero is no more, people tend to forget their effort. Just the slight memory of his existence makes most of them wonder what he was as a person and judge him from that perspective.

Heroes are always heroes. No matter the time or place.
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