halsey 4d

We knew
that our eyes had not seen
such a view
you were looking at it
i was looking at you

Elin Roberts Jul 26

Sippin' on that liquor to feel better 'bout yourself
While I get lost inside a beat because it's better for my health
I ain't got no reason to stay mad at you, or follow through
I'm past excuses, it's just I'm feelin' useless

i love this song
Lure Pot Jul 17

Ray my sweet Ray
Looks like the jay
At the blue bay
On the green ley
Loveless feel fey
You're my life key.

Ray hey sweet Ray
Really can I lay?
In your heart
You are my day
You are my say
Please, don't hurt!

You are my night
You are my bright
Let me your part...

Where the trees arch over the road way
And meet, just above the dusty street
The road which never was called upon to be modern
As the whirling winds and tempered dust stares back at me
This is where you will find my heart
At least for one week out of every summer
Lost among the wild things, and memories
Although I will never be as tall as such trees
I will try and grow, for more than me
The former me

I'm trying. I'm always trying. Hopefully my future counterpart is doing the same.
Paul Jones May 10

Pages of our days     flicker on the thumb;
when you are open,      I might see within.

22:10 - 10/05/17
State of mind: contentment, happiness, comfort.

Thoughts: from observation - Looking at my notebook combined with a memory of flip-books.

Question: when I am open, what do I reveal?
Marsha A Jul 5

You say that I look at you like you're magic.
Perhaps, there is magic in you after all.
If you can cast a spell on a person's heart;
then you will be magic indeed.

- James M Vines

Thank you for this beautiful paragraph, James!
Lure Pot Jul 4

I have seen in the Halloween
She was wearing Snow White
It makes her look like a teen
She's just full of delight
It was Ray beauty queen.

Her smiles were shining
Like the sea moonlight
Her mood was charming
With the Snow White
It's for the Halloween.

Truly, I have seen Willow
White black blue red yellow
Snow White was her fellow
And opened up her window
Looking for the Halloween.

Renee's at her room
Looks like a broom
And she's at noon
Likes silver moon
Enjoy the Halloween Night.

To many thoughts invested with the reflection of It all in sight where I know my affirmation won't reunite..  Tell myself marty what the hell is wrong with this picture...  But with the liquor was the last glimpse  of her,  an now your a ghost in her reflection​. ..  Due to such immature aggression   instead of your true intension..  Now that hands of another will soon behold your entire world while your here to wonder if being strong the only option is exactly worth the time..   Pretending its all fine..  Seeing your whole purpose behind your existence is missing due to your pathetic  excuses..  An mistakes..  Now everything you love forsakes you. The painful truth In whole. . so everyone is else take this advice..     Take her or him to greatest heights. . cause it worth the fight dont do what I did..   Cause there are only so many chances until its all gone. An i buried myself alive until I die.

Just embrace  what means  that most to you
Amanda May 30

he calls me love when he's mad

his sweetheart when he's sad

he calls me a wilting flower in the sun

a fragile broken piece of glass when we're done.

He brings me blossoms in the spring

in the fall, always nothing

in the winter he leaves my toes cold

but my heart is always a bit too bold

and in the morning it reaches out

and is left to wander home a different route.

I lay in bed, lost at night

not knowing if his love for me is right

for when the morning comes and all is light

I never miss him, or his plight.

im not good at rhyming, im sorry
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