If the end of the world were at all near at hand
who’s there around in it to really understand?

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Lydia Dec 6

when you feel like you're having a panic attack
& you go hide in the bathroom at work
or pull your car over on the road,
or duck into an aisle at the grocery store no one is in,
you know what it's like
you know what it feels like when your legs go numb,
and your vision is blurred
and your not really sure if you're breathing or not
you know what it's like when your own body has turned against your emotions
your brain is trying to shut them down by doing the only thing it has left to do,

Luiz Syphre Nov 23


I want somebody who will care for me, the same way I will care for her.  Someone who's going to call and text, just to ask how my day is going.  She'll know I'm eagerly awaiting her word and won't ignore me when I need her voice in my thoughts.

I need someone who will value my weaknesses as much as I will value her strengths.  Someone who won't hesitate when I need help as I"ll be their servant if needed.

She will listen to my tribulations and she'll understand why I sometimes weep for no reason, as I will also be her rock when she needs strength.  I will listen intently and know her life story and why she is sad or happy.

She will be half of me, and I half of her and it will be clear that we were meant to be as one.  She will make me understand why I had to suffer so much to deserve her, as I will be the knight from her childhood memories there to her rescue!

This someone will be everything I can't be and I what she can't.  We will compliment each other like night and day, like salt and sugar, like husband and wife.

She will be the one who shows me how to be wholesome and reinstate the values that I lack.  In return, I"ll show her how to be street smart and give her lessons from the school of hard knocks.  She will soften me, and I will harden her.

This beautiful woman I will adore and she will be gorgeous to me regardless of her physical.  We will reach that place in which we are so comfortable together, that our looks won't matter, however, we will look our best out of respect for each other..  

She will make me long for her touch and when we make love, it will be explosive!  She'll make me feel sexual and sensual as she will turn ill in anticipation for my touch...all at the sound of my voice.  

The earth will tremble and the moon will shine brighter upon our love, just like our union had been written in stars.

We will love each other with the greatness we have inside and remain true until our death and together we shall depart to the after.

She'll know it's me she's been waiting for, upon the reading of these lines.  I'll know of the same union, upon her presence.  

at first sight...

- Hi.  I"m Luiz.

Copyright 2017

Sneha shenoy Nov 17

Today is my birthday,
Why did you come now?
Who invited you here?
Why that sudden longing for me???

Don't weep,sing songs in sad tunes!!!
I want to see you merry..
I'm happy you came,
But by then the song was over..

I'm happy and sad seeing,
The only ROSE you gave me!!!
You are too late,
Sorry I can't have them!!!

I can't smell em ,
embrace em tight..
For I lay in my eternal sleep,
my final niche,buried in soil..

Yes today is my  BIRTHDAY,

elsa angelica Nov 15

insomnia eyes
eyes that write and never sleep
a sleepless poet

something I wrote before :0
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