Marta 5d
I don’t write
That implies some creative act
I catch the thoughts as they pass by
Bottle them into shapes
And display them
Hoping for the oohs and aahs

I don’t write
That’s too peaceful
I  stalk the words
I wrestle with them
Hold them down
For posterity
And for fame

I don’t write
I beg
For acceptance
For appreciation
For validation
For me
liv Mar 12
i believe it is wrong to say "it's not about how you get there, its about the end result" because when you finally make it to where you want to be will you be proud of what you have done, when there's no where to go, not even back.
idk if this makes sense just a thought
lib Mar 7
you don't even know me
i catch feelings too easily
i really really do
it's a weakness of mine
Polka Mar 6
The truth brings you a pain I don't wish for you to suffer;
Lie to me and tell me I'm beautiful, for I will readily accept it.
Anne Mariz Feb 28
Was I in your heart when you found this girl?
Searching for treasure like the thief you are.
Is she the diamond while I am the pearl,
Choosing her like she's your precious north star.
Unfaithful love, is that your final choice?
Wasn't loving me part of the option?
Did your decision even hear my voice?
This proves your true love is half a portion.
You look at her with the same eyes I knew,
Our dreaded old past I swear not to tell.
Burning the memory of your "I love you",
Even the time when I loved you and fell.
I was not surprised when you could not stay,
But tears of love flooded me to this day.
They say if you love two people at the same time, you should choose the second person because you wouldn't fall for the second if you truly loved the first person.
how could I ever
get over what he just said
he is so rediculas
he thinks

just look at him laying here
making all his words

he think he is so smart
what does he think he is
who does he thinks he is
what makes him
park his
Harley Davidson



does he take me for an fool
does he think
or should we write
a imaginary kiss

yeah well we just wanna know
who does he think he is

what makes him think
he can do this to me
done it

now we are really bleeding
what wiil we ever tell mother
we wish he could see me
bet he would be sorry then

give me
how could I ever

what post man
was never
Saint Audrey Feb 24
It was less than half an honest moment, but
I could still feel our minds entwine like roots
Forming, out of sight, out of our thoughts
Beyond our narrow scope, and I could feel the
Tendrils weaving around the core of me
I could feel _ spiraling down from above
Through feet of clay and mud so apologetically removed
By layer

Numbered, if formed at all, I
Arranged them all so carefully, but...

And then it was over
Roots having bred through it all, and survived long after
To this day
Cana Sterl Feb 23
Its Friday night in the ramshackle city
The sweaty bodies writhing to to soco beat
Drugs, Drink and Debauchery and Cigarettes
Let go.
Erik McKee Feb 19
What will it take?
Must we all die, leaving no one?
Will the world be a giant crater before you see,
that despite your prayers, despite your promises,
a gun will not grant my little brother safety?

A gun won't stop the bombs from falling.
It won't keep the flailers from flailing.
And it sure as hell won't bring you peace of mind,
because that's not what you want.

I know druggies, and I can see the signs.
You're a bunch of addicts, you can't kick the bullet.
It's lodged in your brain, and damn it feels good.
Every shot is pure heroin.

There's more to say about this issue.
By God, I won't let this conversation cease.
I won't let your addiction kill my little brother.
I won't fucking let you take him too.

                                    a very beleaguered Texan big-brother
                          I'll die first.
Needless to say, I'm not in a great mood.
Dances in the shower,
Oh so late at night.
Blasting the music loud,
swimming in the soft light
mouthing the words
eloquence thrown out the door
no need to wear a mask.
When you just don't care anymore.
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