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A leaf in the wind
Free from the tree that bound it
But carried by hard winds
What is freedom to you? At what cost does it come?
Alaska 4d
When's the last time you looked
at me?
Like really looked at me.
Nobody looks at each other
we always look down at our
phones instead of looking at
the people we
love and care
Look at me.
Why is that so hard?
We don't have to say anything.
We can speak and feel
with our
Look at me.
Inspired by Marina Abramovic' s ," The Artist Is Present".
Show me a world
In which I’ve slowed myself down
To the point where I can see my own point of mind
My own line and where it ends
And when
Laughing at myself. Receding. Smallness of mind.
**** that smile
Reminds me of the beach
Bright hot sand
And clear open waters
Gets me swimming with butterflies
And delusional with heat

The uplift of his lips
Something so simple as a boyish grin
Wraps my thoughts around beds!
Beds and blankets...
                  Doritos and a series of comedy shows on screen

Just to hear him laughing

That would be ****** illegal for my heart
His laugh
His star fire eyes so full of life

Like a deer caught in the headlights
All so new
That's what he does to me

And I don't even know his name
He's real, but he's like a dream, my little secret
Kelly Reagan Nov 3
Who’s soul is left for your to break
The 2 you crushed for your own sake
Away from you, away from me.
peace and space they are free

You tore him down piece by piece
You ripped to shreds all his needs
Meek and small but bold and alive
Now she is gone, do you cry ?

I bet you do when others see
Looking for any ounce of pity
Searching out your next attack
Who’s left the break in your sack

It won’t be me, I’ve learned to soon
You dead to me, soulless lagoon
When you finally depart this place
You existence will dissipate

We won’t worry about seeing you again
Without a soul you will never begin
To the sociopath who has hurt so many people in this world
Bakit balewala na sa akin ang pagkalunod?
Bakit sa tuwing nahihila pababa ng angkla'y nagpipigil na lang ng hininga?
Bakit tuwing nahuhulog ay hindi na sumusubok lumaban
At sa tuwing may kamay na kukuha pabalik ay pilit iniiwasan

Isang araw ay nagising
Nang 'di namamalayan ang mga luhang umaagos sa mga mata
Ganito pala sumagot ang sariling katawan
Na paulit ulit nagsasabing hindi na sapat ang paglimot
At di na rin sapat ang pagsisinungaling at pagpapaniwala sa sarili
Na ayos ka na
Dahil hindi pa naman talaga
At akala mo lang noon na handa ka nang bumagon ulit at magsimula

Kaya bumalik na sa himbing ng pagtulog hanggang sa makalimot muli
Always Ally Nov 2
It's the calm and stillness
To make me realize how
Stormy I am inside
Thunderous and crashing waves
The kind that wears away at
The cliffs and change the landscape
I feel like I'm being worn
By my own sea
But even still
Waves of emotion are better than the
Calm, the quiet
That's what really rips at my roots
And tears me from the soil
From which I got my nutrients
I'm starved of oxygen
Yet to be free of my restraint
Inside the ground and hugged by the waters
I don't mind this peace
I'll let it fade me away
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