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With the prettiest girl in the city
I wish that i knew her
I wish i wasn't so shy
I wish i was a bit more fly
I wish that i could tell her,
How i really feel inside
That I'm the perfect guy for her
But then maybe that's a lie
She likes a certain type of guy
And it's crystal clear I'm not that guy.
Sometimes we do not get the exact package of what we wanted, instead we get the broken piece of our many wishes, Love is blind and to get loved you need a foresight of what you seek for and have ever prayed for, love is a two way thing and it should be reciprocated, we all deserve to be loved.
janessa ann Apr 2018
She stayed at home.
probably sick.
without a ****.
she left me all alone.
now i'm cold to the bone.
I've got to go to my classes,
I'm blind like I've got no glasses,
without her.

Spanish version:

Vacío sin ella.
Ella se quedó en casa. probablemente enfermo. sin un pene ella me dejó solo. ahora estoy frío hasta los huesos. Tengo que ir a mis clases, estoy ciego como si no tuviera gafas, sin ella.
Hello Prolly Sep 22
I don’t want to want you,
but want you when I have you

I have you as I’ll never have you,
never have to have you

Want is no red lava
Have is no pink love
i know that you see yourself
as a jigsaw puzzle
that will never truly be assembled
but braveheart
life is about gaining those missing pieces
and losing them in turn
so be complete in knowing
that you are incomplete.
Esther L. Krenzin
Bede Sep 17
The bad may come in threes,
But you were not that.
Tragedy echoes not
The feelings within me.

You are the Great Third,
The final of the trio
The golden sheft of wheat
Given to the gods of autumn.

You are the shining sun
A glorious ray of light
But a cloud rolls past you, dear
Shadowing your might.

The tragedy may have been me
But twas it not you.
You may have torn my soul apart
But you can mend it anew.
If not I have a sewing thread, and that will have to do.
But it will break, may no mistake, the moment i think of you
Erin Asuncion Sep 15
I have to go,
But don't be sad,
I only left because time is all I have,

I have to go,
I'm not being rude,
I did what was best for me and you,

I have to go,
I can't wait to long,
Maybe because you hindered me to strong,
I wrote this in my room, when I finally got the chance to speak my mind again.
SelinaSharday Sep 11
Have me have me nots.
Tear drop..
for something good I have not.
Tear drops..
like my feet with no socks..
plop ploppity sloppily tossing feelings like keepsake rocks..
something cherishable something good no longer got.
I lost it Singing love me, or love me nots..
Adornments of pretty frocks..
hair curly in cute **** locks.
Forget me or please forget me not.
A position to be in brings chilly shocks...
I'm just a thought away.
I'll tease myself this way..
my friends only a call away..
a text away..
a prayer away.
Maybe someday
just a touch away..
I pray..
Oh for goodness sake..
Be just a hope away

Call me and say
oh I was just super busy.
Doing me my way..
how is your day.
By selinasharday3
Is this it.. have yah have yah not.. love me love me not..Or is it just some time spent away.. hello.. oh ok..
Will have time and enough warning to get all I need to get done before It's my turn to go my only
For this Is by far my biggest concern and not If I'm here or not would consider that I've had my
Not always been lucky In life
but did spend twenty years with my beautiful wife for she was the love of my
But Heaven decided to take her from me one day that took any reason away that leaves the question will I
have enough
Johnny walker Aug 31
Its taken a long time for me
to find a place of peace since my darling been gone where I escape the pressure of life that have become
to much to
I escape to within myself a place to where only I go
nothing can touch me safe from a world I no longer recognise or really
won't to be part
Its as If I'm In glass bubble
I see out but no one see In
hearing and seeing people
hurrying around panicking
but not getting
Retired and free of the pressures of working life free at last to do as I please which often means nothing at all but that I'm happy with
the one thing
missing my
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