You did something
that you were
told to do.

So why
are you
awaiting praise
for doing something
you should have done
in the
first place?
If someone is being kind and saying hi
You should at least have the decency to look them in the eye
Wud up is all I got... Some people man some people...
sheetal sharma Dec 2018
Have faith
Look above
Don't get lost
Stay positive
You have to deal with it

*** gives you second chance to change it
don't let him down , he knows you can do it
Johnny walker Dec 2018
What I had was not a
dream It was real
but now she as gone
seems to me so surreal
nearly year as passed
me by
But still feels like
yesterday when held
her In my arms kissed
those sweet lips and told  her never would I leave her
I never thought not for moment at only 62 years old Helen would die, for she was stolen from me, taken much to
Life Is so very cruel for Helen deserved so much better than she got all the pain disabilities mental health Issues her Quality
of life was so
My girl who had so much
love for everybody, who suffered all I can say why? I admit I have no love for this world
Fell out of love with this life when my wife died, its to
cruel this life we live It
stole the love of my life
BA Khan Dec 2018
"Where flows the ..Ganga,
I am from there too,
By its banks I gaze at stars and the moon too
You see I am no different from any of you
If you know what I say, gaze at the stars too
The moon will shine the same on me and you too.'

(BA Khan)
This was for Pradeep Chattopadhay .. who has mentioned that he lives not far from Ganga
Joz Dec 2018
Have you ever loved someone?
And the feeling of those butterfly-things appear out of nowhere.

Have you ever been crazy about someone?
When every topic of discussion is connected with that someone.

Have you ever been so excited when you just woke up in the morning?
Because you are about to have a quality time with your one on that day.


Have you ever lost those happily-silly things?
Like you are starving of those feelings to appear again on your days.
Monday, 17 December 2018
Johnny walker Dec 2018
An Internet friend that
I can have but regards a relationship, Helen will always remain my only one
Never will there be another, could never replace the time that we had or even want to
Too many memories and dreams that I have they
need to remain my only thoughts, for special they are, so an Internet friend Ideal for
No commitment necessary
but just to be friends to share our different culture's
And over the Internet when feeling a little bit lonely just to be able to chat
Want to be Independence I regained but It wasn't by choice It happened this way but there was only one lover and she has gone although I'll move on there never will be another, my Internet friend Is fine
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Where have you been
when I needed you the most?

Where have you been
when I needed a hand to hold?

Where have you been
when I cried myself to sleep?

Where have you been
when I was so scared and weak?

Where have you been
when I need your help?

Where have you been
when pain was all I felt?

Don't come back now;
I do not want you.

You weren't there
when I needed help to get through.

Don't come into my life
if you weren't there in the first place.

I don't want you.
Stay away.
Caged In My Mind Dec 2018
Two pages
Of feelings never felt
Of cards never dealt
I wrote them both in less than an hour
But they both have words never spoken before
I dont know what I’m doing
Don’t know how to act
All i know is that in the end you’ll
Hopefully smile and laugh

December 11, 2018
ryan rose Dec 2018
the sun sets in my rearview mirror
as i drive away
you told me not to leave you
truth is i wanted to stay
i cannot turn around
because i know its wrong
but i never told you
i wanted you all along
because you mean to much to me
but if i tell you the truth
what will you think
wanting someone you can't have
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