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Maia Vasconez Jan 26
I keep thinking about the night he sat across from me
eating a pomegranate with his hands but
I couldn’t stop seeing it as a bleeding heart.

He put his lips on
My lips but
It just felt like he was trying to eat me.
Star BG Jan 17
I eat poetic words for breakfast
and spit out poetry.
I let my coffee jump start my day.
with muffin dipped in
waves of verse.

After eating lunch,
consisting of a jargon filled sandwich.
I start again writing from a full stomach,
as dust revels itself on banks of sky.
What happens when writing on an empty stomach. LOL
One of the best feelings
The first bite of my favorite meal.
It's hard to decide if it's hunger
Or anticipation.
All of this savored in smile.
The spice of salt, pepper among things
The aroma coming from plate to spoon,
The simplicity of it all.
I live for this feeling,
This warm cozy feeling,
A tight hug from meal to lips.
Theres no better feeling.
Tight hugs
Followed by her kisses
I saw the story of creation unfold before my face,
voices of masses screaming vows before the lord.

like the last meal, this is how the end began.

With words like stones exchanged between families in a divorce court.
Stanley Wilkin Dec 2018
Silently, shadowed by night,
Its eyes shining like tears,
It pads through the desolated undergrowth
Listening for sounds in the grass
The tripping of feet, the scampering
Crunch of paws. Lithely stepping
Through the trees, a mile further on
The fox sniffs the air. The stubbled moon
Flings down its steel-like shafts
Of thin even light, stabbing through
The gloom.

The stream flows around the dying plants
Breaking the bank. The River Vole slides down
Into the labouring water, older than the
Landscape it bites through, and it pounces
Grabbing the voles neck in its maw,
Ripping the flesh apart. The cat throws
It into the air, catching it again,
Its teeth rending off flesh. It pads back into the dark.

Nose delving into the air , the fox sniffs blood.
It turns towards the water
Breaking the bank, turns towards
Its slow sibilant sound, muzzle aloft
As if drawn upward by slithers of string,
The playful moon moving smoothly with the clouds.
The cat is shaken by its presence.
The grouse gabble in their fear.

The fox pounces, caught in the air
Floating as if in a snapshot
Held there by silvery light,
It lands with untroubled finesse
As the cat screams.
The stream blanches, the moon seems smug,
The night closes as the fox eats.
Shilpa Panigrahi Dec 2018
Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
Cherisse May Oct 2018
one less spoonful.
i repeat, and eat less.
one less kilogram.
i repeat, and eat less.

as i look at my own reflection in the mirror,
as if to mock me,
it's all the same;
i am still not enough.

one less craving.
i say, as my stomach grumbles.
one less meal.
i say, as the bile comes rushing in, forcing its way out.

one less spoonful.
i say, as i head to the comfort room after a meal.
one less kilogram.
i say, as i force my fingers into my mouth, expelling the contents of my own stomach.
i need help.
CallMeVenus Oct 2018
Today it became crystal clear why no one has ever wanted me
I drag so much bagage
and am constantly followed
by demons I gave birth to

In fact some would say
It's a good common sense
to stay as far away from me as possible
Yes, maybe my fingers have the potential to do magic in the light or in the dark, doesn't matter if you are the right one
But is that all you are looking for?
Because, for once I'd rather be the full course than the cold leftover
stopdoopy Nov 2018
Getting soaked to the bone

Until some kind people stopped

And offered me an umbrella

A hot shower
A warm meal
A cozy fire

And a new home

Don't come knocking on my door
When you've seen I've found better

Because the rain has stopped

And all I have left to give

Is a scorching heat to burn you with
For this Thanksgiving I wanted a poem that was happy but I decided to post this one instead and i chose it because maybe it by itself isn't happy but the stuff behind it is. Dedicated to my friends who've helped me, and honestly are just there in my day to day life, you guys feel like my family and I love you all.
Marthin Sep 2018
Magising ka sa ganda ng umaga ba
Pero babe, mas maganda ka parin,
Tara kain gud tayo, kainin ko yang
ngabil mo at inumin ko katas mo,

At kung gutom ka rin, pwede mo man
kainin tung pandesal ko,
kung gusto mo samahan mo na rin
konti ng bear brand ko,

Labas tayo mamaya, ang kinis ng ulap
pero mas kinis man kamay mo babe oy,
Gusto ko tikman talaga ba
yung mala marshmallow mo gung kutis,

Pero, hintay muna tayo ha
hindi paman gud lunch,
Pag alas dose na ay pwede na kita kainin
ay este pwede na tayo kumain,

Ano gusto mo kainin?
Yung mga egg meal o yung akin?
San rin tayo magkain?
Sa lamesa or sa bed natin?

Mahirap man mag pili babe oy
Gusto ko sa sala pero bad man gud ba,
Di man gud yan tinuro nila mama
Dapat man daw na kainin kita sa lamesa,

Baka gusto mo dessert?
Busog ka na ba babe?
Baka pwede na tanggalin yang skirt?
Naka feel pa kasi ako ng crave,

Kain tayo ng pina sosyal-sosyal sa dinner
Yung may pa wine-wine tayo,
Yan lang gud kailangan natin
Basta bukas ha ikaw naman ang cleaner.
Davao-Tagalog poem.
It's a bit sensual
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