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Nylee 14h
Do I belong to the place
That screams,
I do not.
Wayward Jan 17
Screams all around me,
There's chaos I cannot control.
Yet there's a subtle calm inside me,
Because I don't get into trouble.
I watch the flying words of hate and anger,
Curling its hands around the throat of its victim.
They don't know, you cant choke someone who doesn't breathe freely
Amidst the noise, my cry for help is still the loudest.
If only someone were to hear me.
I don't know. There were fights around me and I wanted to be the better person and not respond to any of them. Hence this lil piece was born.
Samara Dec 2020
if i confide in you
i know that you will chide me
find blame in me
for what happened
that hurt me

so in time i learned
to trust no one
and to hide in a
dark closet corner
where i won't be seen
cowering or choking
on my screams.
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
Everyones all alone, silent for all but the sound of families hearing bad news.
Those are the real screams, the screams that ruin the joy you feel on the rollercoaster with but a memory, the screams that stop films with worry for someone no one worries for.
The screams that all def men fear, and the hearing will never truly hear. those screams, I pity those who have to hear almost as much as I pity the rain, the family, the winter.
I walk alone tip tapping through these drained white halls, with cold floors, closer doors and frigid screams sending chills through my mind.
And there she lies, alone on a bed that might as well be a wet floor,
It's so ***** with the bleached out stains of the lives it lost and the ones it took for more.
Those consistent beeps, all that's left of her voice that grows colder and colder, a cold ******* sholder And winter Winter grows closer, like a rabbit to its end.
A string with a single beep on a screen,all that she left was thoselong red streams of strings now they falter my wrists.
And oh, those screams.
Made by the rich yet poor, left in winter alone without a coat and they keep screaming and screaming until they run out of air. And even then when they cough up their lungs and they don't know what to do. They still scream a sound that only the blind can hear, all alone in the cold it grows closer to frost. And yet they make the sound that chases off autumn and frosts out the dents left behind by the maggots and hope that their sound will escape soon from winter.
i dont know how i feel about this one feedback is always welcome
dailythoughts Nov 2020
my screams were so silent I could create the music you like
Tylor Oct 2020
I sometimes feel the need to be loved
To be taken care of, to be heard
To be free from my notions clouded with misery
Sometimes all I urge for is a stab of sympathy

So immersed in pain I am, it has almost ripped my soul
I have cried the tears of blood, silent screams have now torn me apart
I sometimes wish for the pain to glide out of the thick layers of my skin and evaporate
I am no longer left with the power to feel the emotions in my heart

Even if I can sense the pain evaporated, for now
I know above my head, it has formed clouds
The ones that in no time will rain on me
Harder than in the days gone by. Helping the stifled anxiety to arouse  

I am so lost into my mind, I can hear nothing but the winds whispering
Tickling my bruised body, inflicting agony. Obstructing ecstasy from quenching my thirst.
I can now feel a subtle hint of pain in all my bones
In between the chaos, my passions have succumbed to dust
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
it’s been years, and I still scream
halfway through the night.

I still wake up drenched in sweat and tears,
feeling his grip around my wrist.

when I take a shower,  I find myself
still trying to scrub him off me.
I’m still trying to erase the
cigarette burn on my right hand,
the one he gave me when
he was drunk and angry.

sometimes, I scrub my skin until I bleed. not intentionally, of course.
I don’t want to hurt myself.
I’ve hurt myself enough over the years,
and I have the scars to prove it.

all I want is to scrub him off of me.
I want to feel clean again.

but no matter how raw I scrub myself,
the fingerprints and bruises still linger.
Quixotic Sep 2020
I hear your voice
Breaking with the deep breathes you take,
The ones you claim you don’t
Then a silence
I thought you were gone
A sob cuts through
Our hearts —
So what if I can’t see you
I can see your tears
Across miles
Leave, I whisper
Silence storms
Leave, I beg.
Her cry infects my bones.
A scream resounds
And you crumple like paper
Your sorrow, my anger
I see red
Where is that girl
With a laugh like the lights
That brings a songbird alive
Your pain, intangible yet near
It eats you like dust
I can only stand and watch
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