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"No one can help me"
The words echo in my mind
Louder than ever

It is the first time
I miss the silence that once
burned my ears

It is the first time
I realized we are alike
in too many ways

"No one can help me"
She screams at him in pain
Tears stream down her cheeks

Let the silence ring
piercing but familiar
better than the screams
The older I get
more the reality smothers me
All the pain I've felt
nothing but the curse to stay alive.

Living in a tiresome roulette
Bending every rule that's out there.
Walking away from blind perception everyday
Alone I stand. Alone I stay.

I'll look down where you're all standing
All I see, herd of sheep!
All those lies you let it surround you
burning your lives with what you don't have.

This world rejects me
Or is it the other way around?
I don't believe what this world is about
And then this world threw me the **** away
I'm not the one to fall in line,
but this world's gonna have to pay!

Something inside of me
just screams out loud.
This thing inside of me
don't belong in your crowd.
The older I get
all your ******* lies bother me.
And all that I've felt...
the agony to watch this whole world burn!

I am what you can't see.
I am what you failed to understand.
Someone you hate to see right.
Something you won't believe.
Yet I am your burning desire,
someone important!
And you know
I am the future!
Some what damaged. Some what broken.
Yet a better whole than you!
my interpretation in how the common people feel against world leaders and their imbecile followers...
my lips are dry
and cracked
not forming the words
i want them to

nothing but silence
on my tongue
mocking the screams
howling in my
Ince St. Child
by Michael R. Burch

When she was a child
  in a dark forest of fear,
    imagination cast its strange light
      into secret places,
      scattering traces
    of illumination so bright,
  years later, they might suddenly reappear,
their light undefiled.

When she was young,
  the shafted light of her dreams
    shone on her uplifted face
      as she prayed;
      though she strayed
    into a night fallen like mildewed lace
  shrouding the forest of screams,
her faith led her home.

Now she is old
  and the light that was flame
    is a slow-dying ember . . .
      What she felt then
      she would explain;
    she would if she could only remember
  that forest of shame,
faith beaten like gold.

Published by Piedmont Literary Review, Songs of Innocence, Romantics Quarterly and Poetry Life & Times. This is an unusual poem that I wrote in my late teens or early twenties, and it took me some time to figure out who the elderly woman was. She was a victim of childhood ******, hence the title I eventually chose. Keywords/Tags: child, abuse, ******, fear, night, faith, prayer, screams, shame, beaten
Her Preference
by Michael R. Burch

Not for her the pale incandescence of dreams,
the warm glow of imagination,
the hushed whispers of possibility,
or frail, blossoming hope.

No, she prefers the anguish and screams
of bitter condemnation,
the hissing of hostility,
damnation's rope.

Keywords/Tags: woman, female, preference, dreams, imagination, possibility, hope, anguish, screams, condemnation, hostility, damnation
A mist clouds over my being,
Saturating the lungs that want to sing,
I feel tears that yearn to come out,
My entire body just wants to shout.

But quiet tears remain within,
With words trapped—a voice grows thin,
What is this mist that surrounds my heart,
******* it, I just want to tear it apart.

To rip myself open and wide,
And hear my soul that has cried,
What is this mist clouding within,
Stifling myself, my feelings therein.
Grey Dec 2019
The shadows creep into the corners of my vision
Cave in and surround me
as I let out a silent scream,
a final plea for the help I know I will never receive.
I bury myself in blankets,
lose myself in words,
dull my mind with glowing screens.
And yet, the darkness still draws near.

As my puffy eyes fall closed for the first time
in so, so long...
My mind slows and calms, the barriers falling
the guards leaving at the end of their shift
before the horrors arrive.

It's not long before I can feel the snake
slithering into my slightly parted lips
And sliding down my throat.
Red-rimmed eyes shoot open
and my gaping mouth chokes for air
as it smirks, eyes glittering with pleasure.
The monsters twist around my gut
nibble at my heart
lick their lips with delight
and eye their new victim's soul with desire.

They gently caress my stomach with their claws
leaving red gashes oozing with blood.
And just as I think I've found relief
in your worried blue eyes,
the puppeteers twist my face into a smile.
I feel myself nod and say, "Yes, I'm all good"
as I beg for somebody to hear me,
to stop this pain.

I'm answered with the infiltrators,
now massacring my happy thoughts
and filling my brain with fears.

"They never liked you anyway"
"They wish you were dead"
"Just leave already"

A chant,
a mantra
buzzing at the back of my mind
like a song on replay
always on the radio, no matter
how many times you switch the station.

Thoughts are spiralling
Kicking up the dirt
covering the casket
already set in the ground for me.

And on the tombstone,
"Death by a merciless enemy --
Aseel Dec 2019
You scream
I scream
And still
No one can hear us
I can’t hear you
You can’t hear me
I can’t hear me

We scream:
- you did
- No you did
- You broke me
- You hurt me

We turn our backs
We cry on the walls chest
We crawl back
To each other
I hide under your shirt
And continue crying

We cry and
We want to be
What we’ll never be:
Only the walls can hear us
The Dybbuk Dec 2019
I was reminded,
in the hush of existence
Of fire, and blood,
and the terrible screams.
And I? Responsible.
But in my moment of complete failure,
I resolved to something strong,
and died.
Now, in another life,
or mine still, I suppose,
I think to myself
"It's such a beautiful day."
and decide, in silence, within and without, to go for a walk.
I also wrote this after taking DMT. Wacky.
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
I am shaking
Fearful, as the shouts grow louder
Every breath leaves me aching
The hourglass has begun to fall slower and slower by the hour

Reality has crumbled into mere dust sliding through my fingers
Wordless, soundless, screaming
Avoiding the empty, shattered mirrors
Left to pace between thoughts, as my hands do the cleaning

I cut my arms on glass, but I'm not seeing the bleeding
Dripping down my arms from my veins are jokes gone wrong
Sitting, in the glass poured over me, I'm leaping
It won't be too long

I've done a bad thing and I can't be forgiven
I am smiling at the spots in my vision that look like stars
I'm dancing, swaying, to an unknown etheral rthym
The whispers are seeping through my gray walls

Words have become a mush of meaningless *******
I hear the floors loosen and soon I am falling through
Ego tandem videre stellas
Ad astra per aspera
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