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How do I tell you
That I miss your hell fire?

Cigarettes in the middle of the night
Wine by campfire light
Lakeside loops
Hula hoops
You were the whiskey in my Dr. Pepper
My now until forever
We walked through the darkness as a pair
I still make our drive but you're not there
I miss you
Amanda Dec 2019
We love eachother
At least that is what we say
If that's true why do we have to
Remind ourselves every day?
It just feels like family should be more than people you are required to love
farhan Nov 2019
Devil died.
He found himself alone.
In heaven.
Out of the misery and hatred I see all around, I see devil as the least sinner.
gabrielle Feb 2019
i love you
and you may not love me

but at least
we're on the same sky
so near, yet very far
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Funny how the people who know you
the least, have a lot to say.
Amanda Jul 2018
I love the one who
Hurts me the most, you hurt the
One you love the least
A cruel cycle
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
You sting,
but at least you
could have tried.

Your thorns
are growing,
letting me bleed.
Seanathon Apr 2017
When the newness wears off
And the distraction is no longer distracting enough
Where will you go?
In order to be reminded
That you are not alone?
To the one who will never let you down. That's where.
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