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K Balachandran Oct 2021
Bursted tyre, alone,
She tasted 'highway despair',
Lift offer, uplifts!
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Make heart too heavy to hold
Beautiful thing to burst
Nobody else has the power
To break if you do first

Today the day to take control
It may be too late
Worried about romance failing
Proof of eventual fate

I am not just repeating words
A sock puppet limp and hollow
My opinions are my own energy
Do not trust other instinct to follow

Gentle reminder is not good enough
Gentle with only your hands
Let voice have authority over yourself
Answer no commands
I always always expect the worst to avoid disappointment. It's working out pretty good for me actually haha.
Mixing light with darkness, and seeing the corruption of the world. Inspiring to be one of the greats? What are we all living for? Manifesting, our dreams into reality, as we see our thoughts. Come alive right before our very eyes! This is what we believe to see. This is our reality.
My first poem came to me, when i was standing on the beach, watching light and dark mix in the sky.
Kayla Gallant Aug 2020
Fill your body to the brim
With everything that feels good
It never ends
More and more
Never satisfied
The day will come
When your vessel can take no more
The seams will tear
You shall burst
Greedy little beggar
Open your eyes
If you still can
Look around and see
There is more to life
Than having everything
Success to the Excess
Irene J Mar 2020
Do you know how much pain I need to bear?
Living in a life that never a bit consider your existence.
How much tears I sherd inside my soul, just waiting for it to burst.

Not only the world that has it own space,
but I do.
A space where I can completely stop ruining myself.


The darkness has already pulled me.

And the world was never the same.
I get it the fact that a lot people are going through things that a lot harder than mine. But it doesnt mean I shouldn’t feel pain.
Yanamari Feb 2020
Claw at my chest
Raw flesh in my breath
Scream in the pressure of my tongue
Leave me be
For I am one.

Skin under my nails
Shrieking wails echo against
The walls of my brain
Leave me be
For I can barely handle one.

Dark room
Silent room
Empty room
With the exception of me
For I am one.

I am one;
So why is human nature
Burdened by the need for more?
In my desire for nothing more, that is what I have achieved, nothing more. Sans feelings, sans beauty, sans life. And yet life ensues.
Moholo Kawahi Jan 2020
The burning truth of a depth of sva
Ire, ired sire
Your dire dier dyes the dice of my dreadless houha!
Houpla! blah, bam, splash, crash and dive
Pointed target of all the curvatures of highness & strife
Noble trouble doubled and cobbled with the paths of endless lives
And the ultimate sweetness of a hard, endless and unquenchable fire

There's no beginning to Truth & Expression
There's no end to Beauty & Passion
There's only love, Love, LOVE... and Love...
And all the Treasures under, around, before, after, beyond, below and above.
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