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joren's 1d
so my common sense
expands past
common expansions
this trance is
a prison my sentence
i'm risking
Gaining time here i
wont die here
i try to hear the guards
i lie here
constructing and tinkering
but i fear
my concious and thinking
are not clear
This is a mess. I can't really explain it, theres just a line you cross between normal thoughts and ones that involve actual thinking.
Rain 1d
It’s a city from the outside,
Shining on a hill
But from the inside looking out
It’s just another jail
It sometimes feels like the city walls are pressing in, suffocating me, but I can’t leave, at least not yet. Soon, though, I’ll be leaving; soon... I just have to remember to breathe long enough to get there.
Eberhardt Feb 11
Sometimes I imagine standing beside a river
And slipping.
I’m swallowed by the water
Dragged by the current to the edge of the cliff
Where the river dips
And I can see nothing beyond it but a mist
Like gates guarding the entrance to whatever lies beyond
I’m just about to scream when the river
Covers my mouth with its cold hands
And escorts me through the gates
Penne Feb 10
Rough, sandy
Malodors of Brandy
Unlimited space
Yet strangling

Dark, hollow
Look again
Fell deep in the hole
Cannot breathe in this loophole

Wind wafting through its cardboard
The more I think about it
The cooler it gets

I had one similar
When I was just a mere familiar
Horsing around it as if it was my home
What made it comfortable
It was always locked
It was always not a liar

It was better than anyone
I do not know what kind of sorcery it used
But it always eased my fuse
When I am confused, in a ruse
I can breathe after all

You can imagine anything there
Flap its sides as if you are in a plane
You can paint animals, forests anytime
Unlike reality

Turn it into castle
Or a storage of treasure
A hideout
Military base
Safe and sound

Quiet, does not shout
Does not turn angry
Cut, it will not yell
Not misunderstanding
Attachment syndrome with a non-living thing
So are these ghosts surrounding

My philosopher's brain is no match for society
Add that with my dash of absolutism
I played along with the appropriatey

But why, did it betray me now?
The more I stayed
The more I get scared
Tsunami of bad dreams slapped me
Cannot get out
But nowhere to shelter to

Feeling I do not need aid
It is better to sabotage my faith
On my own
Than admitting that I am terrified
Sensitive like the morning flower
Than to be hurt by the outside
Than involving anyone
Since everybody around me are dunces

So stay
Once more
Get this occupied
Even if it is already roaring to break free

Where no one will see me
See me be myself
Abnormal self
Weeping, childish self
And come back again and again
I have a sentence to life
And the warden is Death.
Ian Feb 6
theres an unraveling feeling building in his gut,
he sits in a cell, trapped amongst towering machinery
guts churning at they run idly against the walls
clinging to the voice on the other end,
spelling out despair
the grinding of metal becomes almost deafening
desperately trying to drown out the words spoken
but they ring ever present
things would be forever changed

its not a wonder things should be so very this way
the twisting thoughts of demons hanging overhead
one fears that if they get to close they might strike
rather dangerous when they cling so tight
what can one do but stand to help
against another's constricting shackles

maybe the dream will be enveloped in the mass
splitting the seems and rupturing the chaos
the cell could erupt and the future could lay bare
but maybe ever still
this place will be where it stays
Peter Balkus Feb 5
Reality is like a high-security prison -
so hard to escape from.
Even if I sometimes do,
not long my freedom lasts -
the guards follow me
and chase me down.
They put me back to my cell and say:

You want to break free? No chance.
Stop dreaming, you fool.
Dreams don't come true.
Forget about it. Okay?

I say: Okay...

But I don't give up,
I secretly try to find the way.
I know one day, sooner or later,
alive or dead,
I'll make the great escape.
Behind iron gates
You can't Escape The Fate
The karma catches up with you
Punished for a crime you didn't necessarily do
Your fans wait
For an album date
From the band that left you behind
But it was bound to happen, it was only a matter of time
We still love the YOU we know
The only person who can be in prison and grow
Just had a crazy dream about all of "The Beatles" members in jail, I HATED IT!
kate Jan 31
got out of my skin
threw it on a chair
tried to burn it
but instead i burnt my fingertips
and my house and hair
creating agony in my heart
creating space between the bars
yet i couldn’t climb out
i’d rather stay in this burning prison cell
because facing you
is worse than burning
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