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I met a fairy
At night that is starry
Telling our story
Like a poetry
It’s so cherry
With a scent so flowery
Now it’s a memory
I kept in my diary
Im feeling so airy!
When I read this poetry
Reminds me of a jewellery
That I love so dearly
Ash Oct 5
Cinderella did not teach me stand up against the wrong.
She did not teach me to be strong.
Katniss Everdeen did.
Aurora did not teach me that I don't need a man.
She did not teach me I am independent just as I am.
Cleopatra did.
Snow white did not teach me that real beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance.
She didn't teach me self love or acceptance.
Winnie Harlow did.
Ariel did not teach me to resist and fight.
She didn't teach me to raise my voice for what is right.
Malala did.
Ashley Graham gave me confidence.
Michelle Obama gave me inspiration.
Tris Prior taught me sacrifice.
Hermoine Granger showed me it's not only boys who can fight.
Nikita Gill taught me I am enough even without a man.
Joan of Arc showed me I can do anything he can.

Let's read to our girls stories of such badass, incredible, fierce and confident women.
Instead of stories where they are painted weak and can't do without men.
Let us teach them that they are powerful, they are strong.
And anyone who tells them different is wrong.
Let's read them stories of brave, heroic women instead of ones where they are shown weak and helpless.
Let's teach them to be warriors and not some princess.
Dedicated and inspired by all the strong, independent, fierce women out there! But mostly inspired by Nikita Gill's 'Fierce Fairytales'.
Kay-Rosa Sep 25
don't follow her into the woods, though her lantern shines bright
beneath her hood is darkness, her keen teeth catch the light
the wolf trails behind her, its tail between its legs
her basket weights down her arm, her cape the color red
it falls like water against her, its deep crimson catches the eye
even the branches curl away, nor sight of a butterfly
the entire forest fears her, yet they never see her face
just the presence of her sends shivers to the depths of this dark place
so please, watch your step, for her demons patrol the skies
never let your flashlight stray to the yellow of her eyes.
And we back, and we back
M Grace Sep 21
I had always dreamed about finally meeting my prince
he would glide into my life ever so effortlessly
right around chapter 12 
because he knew he belonged in my storybook

I would know him
not by his sunshine-filled laugh
nor by his passionate dreams,
but ultimately one thing would give him away,
his heart

because when I listened close
I heard the melody
to the song ive been dancing to since chapter 1
Sparkyxox Sep 16
If Romeo waited, he will see
that his true love Juliet was not dead but asleep.
If Cinderella waited at the bottom of the stairs,
her prince charming would never have left her foot bare.
If the young mermaid waited patiently,
perhaps the man will visit and avoid this tragedy.
If Snow White waited till the animals say
the apple was poisoned and turning gray.
If I keep on waiting for you,
will you, one day, love me too?
When I grow up
All I want is more
I want to be a princess
Have princes line up at my door.
I don’t care about a job,
I don’t care about a school,
I just want a castle
in a kingdom where I rule.
In the morning, I’ll wake up,
Solve problems left and right.
I’ll spend my day helping
Until morning turns to night.
I’ll put on a nice dress
Even though I don’t care how I look.
I’ll go to all the dances
Even though I’d rather read a book.
Some people say it’s foolish
To dream of such a time,
But I dream what I want to
Because this dream is mine.
I’ll be a wonderful princess
Just you wait and see,
There will be no other princess
As wonderful as me.
Y’all this could be a childrens book. It kinda sounds like it’s a book that dads would read to their daughter because it’s girly but I intend it more as a commentary about how everyone’s dreams and future plans involve jobs and schools and it bums me out. Why can’t I want to be a princess?
Once upon a time in a world of make believe
There lived a little girl very young and so naive

In her world, there were no tears no broken hearts to mend
For she believed that fairy-tales all had a happy end

As she grew she always dreamed that one day she would meet
A young and handsome prince who would sweep her off her feet

Then one day her prince arrived and got down on one knee
Declaring all his love, he asked her will you marry me”

Walking down the aisle to him the thanked the Lord above
For making all her dreams come true in finding her true love

Standing side by side their vows of love they say
An ordinary morning became an extraordinary day

They face a new beginning where their hopes and dreams came true
They sealed their love forever as today they said “I Do”

Fate brought them together two halves that made a whole
Two strangers who connected and found each other’s soul

Their love’s a sacred flame that will burn eternally
Nothing here can dim its glow or change its destiny

For each line on their face there is a story to be told
Each precious moment shared will be a wonder to behold

Time stands still for no one things will change along the way
But always they’ll remember the vows they made today

And as the years pass by their dreams they will fulfill
And that little girl will know that fairy-tales are real..
Eden Aug 31
i’m so sorry
that no one saw the dangers
of a sleeping sixteen-year-old
being kissed by strangers.
When they say love is blind
it is not a euphenism to justify your lover
being aesthetically displeasing.
Most of us dont fall in love with ogre's
who rescue us from barren castles.
What they mean to tell you is that
Prince Charming is who will take away your sight.
Love is synonymous with being blind.

Too caught up in his dreamy eyes
to ever break your gaze.
His lushes hair weaves perfectly in
between your fingers as you tug on it.
You will close your eyes and allow his lips ravish yours.

Closed your eyes shall remain as the bright crimson cloth waves in the wind,
you will mistake the sound for your heart beating faster.

The taste of his lips will linger only for a brief moment on your tongue,
don't be fooled by this taste,
ethylene glycol is a sweet poison.
I know it has been a while since I had posted anything but live has been rather busy lately and it took some time to find inspiration to write again
I don’t know why I want
What I want from you
As if I had no other option
Than to fall back into this addiction
As if you were the only choice
I have
The only voice
I hear
Among all this noise
I know you’re not right for me
But every time we get closer
You abuse your power
And take me over
With that influence
You have on me
That doesn’t make me think clearly
I don’t trust my judgment anymore
I don’t even care to pretend
Everything is under control
I just want to be alone
But I can’t do it if you keep showing at my door
Standing there so tall
Looking at me
A fairytale prince
That makes me want to believe
One last time
Or at least one more night
You ask me one last dance
One more chance to make it right
We could be king and queen
To rule the world
Or even this empty town
But our time has run out
The spell is broken now
And you disappeared without notice
As I expected
And all I am left with
Is disenchantment.
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