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I'm lost
In a wonderland a world I’ll never remember where I'm going or the way home.
The mad hatter laughs at my scrunched up face and the cat smiles pierce my skin.
That slimy smile that greatest laugh, I'm lost in wonderland, could I be lost with you.
But no your in neverland flying in the sky fighting pirates flirting with mermaids I think I’ll go and hide cuz the queen is searching for my head and I’m close to being dead. But tweedle dee and tweedle dum har far for my sight searching for the rabbit who is all shades a white. But white has left this place and all I see is read until the queen with finding me and sure will have my head.
nightdew Mar 14
you were my picture perfect fairytale,
and i'd die a million times just to see you,
in my dreams by my side.
xoxo dearest lover
There once was a boy,
Who fell in love with a girl
An incredble story
Inspiration for all

But you never can tell
What is hiding beneath
Inside each fairytale
A dark truth underneath

So the boy had his deamons
From life lived long ago
He kept them as a secret
So the girl won't find more.

But as time passes by
And the secrets revealed
And their fairytale life
Seam to rumble downhill

In this darkest of times
Almost all hope is lost
This boy suddenly finds
A flame covered in dust

Worming up by the fire
Watching it be restored
Come alive with desire
To swollow the world

Thou unique and refreshing
This bond ran its cours
And with renewd ambition
The boy got on his horse

He came back to his home
Where the girl built their nest
Face to Face with their deamons
They woav a bond built to last.

And somewhere in the desert
The flame dances her dance
Glowing stronger then ever
Breathing in every breath

And althou far away
Never really appart
Since the flame and the boy
Share the same unique heart
Helena B Mar 7
I built us a house in my mind
Imagine us sitting by the fire and looking into each others eyes
Like a cheesy romantic scene from a 50s movie
I swoon over you and let you consume my whole world
But life is not a romantic comedy
And the fairytale ending I created for us shattered
When you told me you didn't love me like that

I'm on my knees
Trying to pick up the pieces and I cut my hands but I still try and put us back together

A screen hums
And I turn to see it playing back all the times you made me smile
And of us laying down on a dock, listening to a song that reminded me of you, and staring at the stars deciding which one we would call ours
And of me listening to your heart beating as you slept and feeling like I could never love anyone like I loved you again.

The hardest part of getting over you is the remembering
I want to remember the bad things
Like the first time you made me cry
I want to remember why I left you in the first place
And why didn't you try to fight for us

And I sat there and squeezed my head with my hands and screamed
As you turn to you leave
I catch a glimpse of your face
It was as if a switch turned off in your head, it was soulless
I feel a tug at my neck as you walk away with a rope in your hand
Oblivious to where that rope ends.
“Once upon a time”
The age old fairytale
About each perfect little princess
Finding her perfect little male
From birth into adulthood
We read about princes and knights
We’re promised a perfect match
To join us on our plight
So we sigh and sit and wait
Or sit and work and sigh
Always quietly wondering
If our prince has passed us by
Then with each lunar passing
And each trip around the sun
Our age brusquely informs us
That our prince may never come
No knights on noble steeds
Ride up to right our wrongs
There is no handsome nobleman
To play us his love songs
Except for those of course
Whose love proves insincere
The ones who leave us jilted
And actualize our greatest fears
With each disappointment
Another petal falls away
Slowly killing any magic
Leftover from our early days
Until one day an unassuming
Handsome man appears
Offers a ride on his white horse
Then promptly disappears
Blake Mar 2
The old and faithful Spriggan
As dark as the vast cold Stygian
To where his body lay beneath
With all his love to never bequeath
A love as pure as the white sweet alison
Though always to deny, this eternal malison
The lady they loved bore wealth of gold
Though soon she too would never grow old
MAYBE I'll ask the Sun to stay high
Atop its perch for a little while,
So its rays may bathe you in a glow,
A radiance, with not an inch of shadow
To hide the elegance that's stood before me.

MAYBE I'll beg the stars to hide,
Take a night off from lighting the sky,
For your smile brings about the brightest shine.
Or implore them to do so with more vibrancy
So that we may dance beneath such beauty.

MAYBE I will do all of this, create
A day that will never fade, never age,
Capture just a fraction of the passion,
That raw, tangible attraction and affection
Into what MAY BE that one single moment,
That everlasting, timeless memory -
The very essence of
You and Me.
The by-product of planning a surprise for the muse.
You're magnetic, so attractive.
You're hypnotic, so seductive.
You're angelic, majestic,
All kinds of fantastic.
Unbelievable and inconceivable,
Your grip on me untraceable
And your presence is irreplaceable,
Truly inescapable.
Wouldn't try even if I was capable.
Adler Feb 22
I feel like Pinocchio
made of wood,  held up by strings,
hoping to be a real boy
but never reaching my goal.
Wishing for my own fairy godmother.
To be saved from the whale inside of me.
This darkness in my soul
Devouring every good thought.
And every speck of light.
I have water filling up my lungs now.
No land in sight
I am driftwood,
Floating in the sea
I strain to see past the darkness
Still wishing my impossible wish
Hoping to be a real boy.
I'm ftm, and I'm having a bad dysphoria day. I feel like I'll never be who I want, and Pinocchio seemed the the best metaphor.
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