At the end of all things, there will always be
You and I, dear – and our little story.

There will still be, at hand,
the time you spun me round to dance
– at the same time
I spun you round to dance –
in a little, stardusted, pocket of memory
in the black coat of the universe.

The curse of remembering, is
Our lovers’ loving curse.

It happened – we can always retrieve
Our little fairy story, the story we craft for the world,
Then leave.

At the end of it all, if we are not here
in our compact, glittering world of Each Other;
Even if my memory is riddled with
the little worms of age,
There will always be a part of my young self
Trapped in that giant’s pocket with your young self.
That spiral-bound Tale of Us
Sitting on my third bookshelf.

Miss Weirdo Jul 18

She used to live in fairytales,
With her prince charming;
But now she lies there,
Screaming under the whip of her man,
Broken by the burden of a ring,
And traumatised by the call of her only name "wife"...

Jenn Linh Jul 15

I'm in awe
Sitting here motionless
Absolutely clueless as to
Every turn has its fate
Feelings of f ea r  s
within me.
And I feel so
Just want to close my eyes and put my life in mute
.. Only can imagine you

Im needing you more than you know
Just with a prayer
May you just walk through the door
Show your face
With those eyes that make everything irrelevant vanish
Let me embrace your attention
Feel the warmth I've been craving
And without realising how much this means my heart is filled and I feel no longer fear.
Your presence alone ignites
You've made every piece of me within come back to life
I've never felt something so strong
Just pick me up
   Carry me away
I trust in you and will easily walk away from all I know
Just for you
Let me also be your escape
Inject the words of endearment and lure me through this fairy tale.
With faith in you I see only gold
As you enrapt me with the never knowing you assure me I'll never be cold
So captivated and mesmerised by the rarity you are.
Truly the pleasures mine
As I assure you with my passion so bold
.. forever capture my vulnerabilities
In sync your heart with mine

Tangle our thoughts

   Twine our memory's

Hold my hand and never let me go
Further more my forever treasured
For the day that calls I too will never let you go
And Our love may never be measured

© Jenn Linh

We can wish can't we...
Cné Jul 10

A glimmer in his eyes of brown,
a smile that warms my heart,
A flutter in my stomach
on the days we are apart.

A pair of wings that sprout within
each time he takes my hand,
These are things I feel
because he's the bravest in the land.

I do not need a magic mirror,
nor a crystal ball.
I KNOW that he's most handsome
and the fairest one of all.

A word used when you want a miracle to happen
But they only happen in fairytales
Until I met you
And that’s when I stopped dreaming and came back to life
I guess dreams do come true after all

sage Jul 8

He brought your hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss against your knuckles.

His crown that he wore always seemed so stable in his head, his blonde hair looking as if it were made of the same gold of his castle.

His smile seemed kind, but you could see the wicked in his emerald eyes.

He had been cast in a different role from what his black heart truly desired.

He tried his best to hide it through his velvet coats and admirable wealth, but you knew better than to believe in this fake fairytale.

You pulled your hand away, and ran from him as fast as you could.

Because you knew,

He may be a Prince, but he sure as hell isn't Charming.

you'd know, wouldn't you?
Justin Forkpa Jun 28

I was a lost boy,
Who wished upon a star for his prince

You woke me up from my lifeless slumber,
You make me wish for tomorrow,

You turned me into a real boy
You helped me find my heart,

You made me long for more
You brought back my voice

I left my world for you,
You became my world

You were my knight in shiny armor
You unfroze my heart

You tore off my mask
And broke my disguise

You give me strength
And brought me back from the depths of hades

You had my love... But she had yours.

Ryan Holden Jun 18

Lay your dreams where nobody else will
close your eyes,
I've travelled so far just to have one mere second with you,
I have walked fields of glass and wasps to feel your touch,
I will do it all again if it means I can pour my heart into yours,
I want us to emerge into one beautiful concoction of lust,
One mere soul, one mere dream
Isn't enough for me as my nights are full of terror.

I want to go back to the moment we met,
When you looked at me like I was everything,
Nothing else mattered as we melted into each other's eyes,
Butterflies would flutter in my hollow chest bursting from inside,
They would fly around our heads like two souls were merging,
And living happily ever after in one, beautiful, fairytale.

Simon Soane Jun 17

with every movement
the world you're mending;
as confident as a fairytale
with a happy ending.

Tala Jun 7

Barefoot silhouettes
in the sand dancing;
to the burning flames
they're not attaching.

To the lulling waves escaping;
its vibes, inhaling.
Salty splashes
our wounds purifying
into beautiful scars modifying.

1 step, closer
breathe that fire, down my neck
be you, be the western Dragon
sprout your claws.
DIG them harder;
blood, sweat, coconut oil, magical spells
this skin is FORTIFIED, don't hold back.

2 steps higher, breathe that fire
the damp nights ignite
your wings spread & stretch.
Under the showering crystal stars
My eyes and your Labradorite -
blue eyes we'll close.

On serenity's fumes
together we'll get high
transcending into orange, ruby hues.
your forbidden Obsidian thoughts LIBERATE!
the knight's sword we'll evade

2 steps down, to the warm sand-
dancing we go back.
Breathe that fire, one more time
for your princess's levity, not indemnity

Flames out, they go
the night hand in hand they took
kissed goodbye
to the pink skies, said hello.

With the sun's golden strings and his big green wings
His gypsy princess swaddled and cuddled.

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