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On a moonless night
the silent disciple
and the dedicated monk
with the help of those good fairies
and the jungle goddess
built an enormous trap
inside the dark forest
so that the monster
could not escape in no way.

All heart trembles
wind stopped flowing
there was no moon, of course
shivering frightfulness was surrounding everywhere
(with the help of the wicked witch
the monster approached the trap).

No one can explain, what happened then-
as there was no light
no one could witness
the ultimate roar of the monster.

Sadly, the dedicated monk
sacrificed his life to prevail
the humanity
and hence forth
the silent disciple become victorious.

Sun rises smiling the next morning,
all the darkness vanished from the dark forest
birds were singing across all gardens
flowers bloomed throughout the horizon
rivers flowed towards the ocean
and the humanity prevailed.

The end (shortened).
Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
On his way towards the
black mountain
where the monster took shelter
he met another dedicated monk
whom he accompanied to
reach his destination.

By the way
the silent disciple feels
inside his heart that
the dedicated monk is very near to his heart
(in fact both were brothers in
their early lives and the blood bond
to them together again),
and they decided to fulfill their destiny.

The dedicated monk
in one of his early life
has done many sinful walks
and he has also taken a solemn vow
to destroy any obstruction to humankind.

Hence, both of them
took another new vow
to **** the monster
so that the humanity prevail
in this universe;
so all those good fairies.

Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
On a moonlight night
the silent disciple started
his journey to slay the monster
(all the good fairies helped him,
except a wicked witch).

He was carrying a magic sword
with which he should penetrate
the heart of the monster to ****,
but the wicked witch stole it
from him by turning into a
male thief while
the silent disciple was sleeping.

All those good fairies observed it
but they couldn’t stop
the stealing (though at the later stage
they recovered it
and gave it to the silent disciple).

He crossed mountains,
he travels through dense forests,
his swam through lakes, rivers,
he walked across dry desserts,
he sailed across oceans,
and finally reached
at the place
where the cursed monster
took shelter.

Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
On the other side of the world
in a rocky mountain
raised by a devoted monk
a silent disciple
(who took oath to remain
silent during the rest of his life)
took another oath
to **** the monster
and it was the last order
from his guru during his last breath.

The monster happened to
keep his name by killing
both of his parents
on his seventeenth birth year
on a moonless dark night
and took the solemn vow
to destroy the mankind.

Observing this cruel incident
the jungle goddess gave a curse
to the monster that
he would be killed mercilessly
by a silent disciple
and his dissatisfied soul
will remain hanging
on the shoulder of the eternity.

Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
Once upon a time
a beautiful ******
(she was the princess
of an unknown land)
met a nameless thief
in the dark forest
of a solitude island.

The ****** was left abandoned
by her own mother
(she used to be the queen
of that unknown land)
who was envied of her solemn beauty;

The thief swam to that island
after being chased by
the fleet guards of a floating sheep
where he was kept stealing
(their fates allowed them to meet).

On a moonless night
both the bodies become one
though their souls remain a part
and eventually they gave birth
to a male child
(who turned out to be a monster)
on the peak of the red moon.

Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.
neth jones Jul 6
the sleeper...

riled in slumber
         her face fevered
     cussed about the terrain
                                     of a floral breeding
  bedding patterns and the print
                                        bunched in struggles
in smudges
                     an amateur trial with sisters makeup
     primal cosmetics
            make a mock
                                ceremony for slumber

dusty and museum are her dollworks
        an amphitheatre audience
                                 overlooming her berth
    flaunting the gallery shelves
                sustained expressionist menace
Roman eyes and Victorian ridicule
stuffed suffering with Ugly Duckling down
****** sawdust and your sullied label
they bray and they brawl
         and they sluice their gull gall
    a sick drizzle
       over the sleepers form

   from the exterior
  wild wails the weather
its being
  peers fragile
at the windowpane
a raid on this vulnerable sleeper
impounded in bedroom aloft
raised to meet the jet stream

she is fumbled in dreams...

  abraded adolescent swells
judder out figments
  a bleed of vandals
     siling her muted childhood
       parading the playground
          berating old
         once loved playthings
       adopting no sympathy
    adapting in favour
      of the wild riding will
        of the direful pre familiar

into the woods...

a ***** charmed breath
       dressed smartly as boy
stoppers her pathway
       insisting a gentleman's assistance
frustrates her recitations
      of grandmothers doting
           stern teachings
         like fragile pottery
            come to harm
         broken into teeth
the quick blood beating
       this nocturnal forest
     busy in heat
      bonding death
       to refract the hustling moon

a company of wolves
    fill out the clearing
not a spell too soon
their howls reverberate
mocking their new glut
sifting followers
      from the raggle-taggle array of fools
the foolish dreamers
          rounded up
amongst them she stands
red dressed and nervous
one hand clasping
                  and sexing the other

a great jaw operates here
an excited irresponsible mastication
committed to this fairytale

...agitation in her sleep
Inspired by the movie version of The Company Of Wolves

Sile = Strain OR filter
Johnnyqu33r May 24
At this point I am absolutely aware
Birds have nibbled the whole trail
Of crumbs scattered loosely behind me
For you to follow and for you to find me

Nothing is worth measuring time
Dusk to dawn to candles burning out
Candles being blown out surrounded
By people and laughter and nothing

A dream found damaged and gathered
In my basket while on a visit to grandma
Heart ripe red and silver spoon fed to you
Only to become the evil queen at the end
Axel Apr 24
The Moon:
We meet once in a lifetime
and we kissed as much as we could,
so that love lingers around our body
when we parted.

The Sun:
He is the promise they all make,
but only me who gets to hold him
the way they crave to—
too bad we meet once in a blue moon;
but our love forever remains untold
even some people already know the truth.
a story about a love between the sun and the moon.
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