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But it is your story
It’ll be as you write
Love in itself is a fairytale
if you play your cards right.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
Jeremy Betts Mar 27
This "fairytale" I call life is Brother Grimm, too messy for Disney
Separate the good, the bad and the ugly
Or lump all three together and just label it me
Who or what is responsible for this travesty?
That's easy
Place me in font of a mirror and you'll see

I am happy to hear you are happy

I love happily ever afters

You deserve fairytales

Like we had once upon a time before midnight struck and switched everything back to ****
Not every person gets a happy ending
Jade Jan 18
I’m confident that if all the King’s Men
were women, Humpty Dumpty
would have survived.
Jellyfish Dec 2023
Tricky sentences flew after moonrise,
A battle commenced under moonlight,
Swings and beams chased eachother
Like fireflies dance around lovers

It was a sight to see unlike any other
I enjoyed the chase as if I were further,
To be honest I didn't realize it was such a fight
until I saw my hand disappear to reveal the moon.
Reimers Oct 2023
When butterflies no longer take their flight,
The vibrant hues turn dim, day turns to night,
In the fairytale we thought would never
True love awakens as the mundane descends.

That's where the real journey will commence,
Hold your beloved, let your souls' recompense.
When your heart beats calm, steady, and true,
That's when love's authenticity shines through.

Do not fear, embrace this honest reveal,
Facing the truth, emotions raw and real.
Only then, deserving of the love we earn,
To a deeper, lasting fairy tale we return.
Odd Odyssey Poet Aug 2023
Once upon a time a kiss,
in a land of feelings, and desire
Lived what we thought was the perfect kiss,

Our very first words, of tasting one other,
and a journey of potential love;
finding our likes and dislikes, we soon came to discover

Cinderella kisses- at a time you and I had a ball,
waking up from such a lucid dream, as kids
And being so innocent and pure as a Snow white,
still skipping stones along a stream of our dreams

Never telling our parents of this young relationship we had,
and of all those secret places you and I had kissed- our neverland
As I was losing my fingers in all of the curls of your hair;
I climbed the towers of kissing up your neck with steady kisses;
to impress myself on my Rapunzel of no other compare

As I imagined you, pricked by my passion;
a sweet endless dream of beauty, with my resting head
on your bare chest; you were always such a Sleeping beauty
Sleeping in all of our cuddles, I was waiting patiently
to wake up another morning with you

Even to this day, I wonder if we could have ended our story
with a happily ever after final kiss
Sigh, it was all a fairytale,
just made to help me reminisce

                  ...the end.
I was a bit tipsy upon writing this
unknown Jun 2023
You always wanted to be treated like a queen, like a princess.
Be in a kingdom of love, faith, hope, care, respect, and honesty.
Acting as if your life was filled with fairytales, filled with possibilities.
Drowning with the thoughts of battling with once upon a time and happy ending.

You once painted him as your knight in shinning armor.
Described him as your light in a place that's filled with darkness.
You wrote everything perfectly, but on what reason? What purpose?
Were you just overwhelmed by fulfilling the thought of being with him?

Two different paths to take, one choice to make.
One choice to make.
One path to take.
And without hesitation you choose him, over and over again.

Little by little you started to wonder,
What was really the purpose of doing this? Of being with the knight that shined light?
Was the light made everything clear? Or did it just blinded you?
Still you've got no answer, you're lost in your imaginations.

Your knight in shinning armor? Did he really saved you?
Your light in the darkness? Did you really see everything?
The path you took? Was it really the right path?
You should be saying yes, but why are you gloating?

Didn't you want this? Didn't you prayed for this?
Didn't you waited for this? Didn't you work hard for this?
The story you created for how many years just to make your life magical,
Yet you're stuck in your own fairytale that has no spark anymore.
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