Lilly 4d

No, mother, I am not
The fairy tale girl with vipers sliding from her throat;
But rather, the vipers coil
In the pit of my stomach where my anger would rot;
So I dip my words in their poison
Lest it eats a hole in my skeleton;
Lest the world should see
The viper's nest inside of me.

Little red, little red
Why do you cry?
You should’ve know the wolf lurks in the sky
Little red, little red,
Why do you try?
We all know how the story ends
Invite the evil in
Expect it to plant a seed.
Breathe in the bitter air
And don’t expect life to play fair.
The child walks the thin path
And the wild walk on no path
So look what you hath done.
These problems that you’ve created,
Cannot just disappear
You have to face your own demon
Not play it by ear.
Sometimes the truth hurts, little red
Sometimes life is bigger than fairytales.
Sometimes you have to think the bigger thought
Sometimes you have to learn the lesson that needs taught.
Little red,
Learn from goldilocks.
She learned too quick
That sometimes, it’s so hard to pick.
Life is never three options,
Life doesn’t ask twice
Life can’t give a potion,
And make everything okay.
Wake up now,
On the road to the house,
Because one day,
You’ll be dead as a mouse.
Little red, little red,
Why do you pout?
Little red, little red
Stand up and shout.
There is a world beyond the wolf
Little red, didn’t you see it coming?
Don’t you ask the pigs?
Don’t you ask the bears?
Don’t you ask the storytellers?
So by the time you deliver the package,
You’ll be invited to a lifetime of suffrage.
Welcome home!
Welcome to a never ending story!
Welcome do depression,
Where everyone expects to live a fairytale.
Life’s no fairytale.
Life isn’t a mother at the book
Life isn’t a father who cares,
Life isn’t a family who misses you
Little red, little red,
Please go now
I cannot continue to warn you
About the dirty things around.
Word spreads fast!
You won’t last!
Little woman!
Look at your feet
They’ll take you places far away,
Places that you’re safe to stay.
Little woman!
Walk from the evil
Come to a better place, and end it here.
Little woman!
This is your story,
Why can’t you break the chain?
This is your story,
So make it end in glory!
Little red, little red,
Carry your basket,
Swing it from side to side.
Watch the world ‘round you
Cause the pied piper will play his tune
Sway you from side to side
Until you collide
With reality.
Little red, you are not reality!
Go, escape.
This story ends here
The story has to end now.

Will be a song

Long time back ,
When I was little ,
I read a story ,
A fairytale

Once upon a time
They lived happily ever after
The End

And my young mind believed
That is how my life will be
when I'll grow up .

And then I realised
this is not how
Realtale ends .

'FairyTale' is the word I found on the eighth page of my book

when I was a child I thought I was beauty
when I was an adult I thought I was the beast
now that I am old I realise I am both
in perfect balance
and its okay

Ivory Apr 3

Softly positioned beneath the opiate sky
Mongaloo rubbed his sore belly,
Picking the moss bites out of his naval
And ingesting them
In his heat stricken misery
Oh gloomy am I when forces to bare witness
To such abysmal stupidity.
You Catch are truly a tragic reminder
Of the need for infectious disease,
Or another global disaster.

Catch rubbed his eyes and moaned a bit
Then replied to Mongaloo with much certainty
That it was in fact his mothers fault
For being such a dreadful slut,
And raising him so poorly.

I am not here. I hear them talk, but
 their words do not reach me. I hear myself talking like
a theatre actor learning a play's lines. I am
 faraway, beyond the light and into delightful days, where the
 highway does not bring me home, but where I do belong. That
 place is a faraway land, full of fairies and leprechauns and
 knights in shining armour... they don't need to know
 that I exist. It is a land where I will go beyond my
 body, beyond reason. Because my tensed body gives me reason.
 I can feel every muscle in my body full of that faraway land
 energy, and every blood vessel in it is full of the dream of
 having it devouring my imagination. I feel blind. I am not
 able to see, nor hear the voices in my throat. But they are
 there, so close to my heart that I could breathe them
 through the lungs and spit them back to where they belong,
 back into my heart. I am not here. I feel myself, but beyond
 their reach. They will never touch me, as I have put them
 there, where they belong - in a shadowed corner of my ear.
 There they will not be able to hear the sound of the fairies
 wings, nor the laughter of the leprechauns. They will never
 be able to smell the tar on the back of my knights. But so
 be it. Let them smell fresh rain on hot concrete and hear
 the cracking of elders bones. As this is who they are and
 who I am.

Zoe M Cripe Mar 27

There's nothing happy about what I'm about to say,
So here's your chance to walk away .
  Go read something that ends happily,
   Because this fairy tale focuses on reality .
    Brown hair,
     Blue eyes,
      A girl
          By a thousand unnamed guys .
           A boy pushed down but got back up,
            Decided he'd keep this toy for good luck .
             He said he wanted her,
              And she got her hopes up .
               Before you know,
                She fucks everything up .
                    He likes it  s l o w,
                     Didn't she know ?
                      He broke free from her grasp,
                       Promised things that would never last .
                        He left glass shattered in his wake,
                         He ran from the shrieks ripping from her lips .
                          She didn't want to hear that it was all just fake,
                           She wanted someone to
                         ­      Her but they always just take .
                                A gun
                                 A bullet
                                  A trigger
                                   And a thought,
                                    Nothing in her body fought .
                                     A tear
                                      A moment of hesitation
                                       A bang,
                                        And no one even bothers with a grave .

M Harris Mar 23

Sacramental Elixir & Illuminated Blues,
Experimental Flauntings Of Her Midsummer Hues,

Radioactive Eyes & Her Fairytale Lies,
Seductive Abuses Across The New Divide,

Vivid Intersections In Her Phenomenal Rage,
Shatterproof Reflections Splattered Upstage,

Midnight Passions Of Her Perplexed Lust,
Starlight Rains Glittering Hybrid Dusts,

Transitional Paradigms & Engineered Moans,
Theatrical Concoctions In Her Symphonic Tones,

Flirtatious Illuminations Under The Darkest Light,
Stained Animations Igniting Kryptonite,

Palisades Of Her Collated Reflections,
Cascades Emitting Her Sedated Projections,

Contraband Infatuation Resonating Magnetic Love,
Raving Constellations Provocating Atomic Dove,

Divine Catharsis Of Her Cupid Amour Eternity,
Valentine Bliss Mystifying Her Restrained Insanity,

Charismatic Futility & Sexual Binge,
Cinematic Tranquility Emanating From Her Bulletproof Sins,

Neon Subways & Fragile Foreplays,
Sensual Arrays Of Her Red-Light Decays.

- 03:53AM -

Remi Leroy Mar 21

Lost in my thoughts, lost in my fairy tales
Blinded by fairy lights descending from forest trees
Petals glow and magic flows down the glittering stream
A clear turquoise mirror of my hopes and dreams

A flash of lightning, a clash of thunder
Rain starts pelting down on me
Lost in the woods in the dark I cannot see
Reaching ahead, there's only a silent grin

Fear and trepidation infused with hope and exhilaration
An adventure I've always imagined!
A tantalizing waft of charisma caught my nose
Following it through the darkness, losing all my senses

The rain is getting stronger and I am getting colder
The wind makes me shiver despite the warmth of my blood
I can barely keep my eyes open in the darkness
Should I let down my guard and let you guide me through this chasm

A hand took my hand
I gave you control

I heard your voice calling my name
I give up control

Tentatively I opened my eyes
It had stopped raining
It was quiet
There was no fairy dust

The forest is gone and so is the stream
Perhaps finally, I've made it to reality.

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