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James Carney Oct 21
On a ridge by the ocean, the dragon respires.
Hide rugged as the coastline, against him the eons crash like waves.
Legend enchants the seabreeze, an inbreath to a shimmering trance.
Before the incandescent glow sparks like innocence into a fire.
The crystal-eyed call this Hollywood.
I discovered you there, costumed in flames, as the discharged smoke became your disguise.
Together, we performed as if we were in the dark.
Scorching exhales fogged your glasses and stifled my voice.
They say, “When you are mad, you see nothing”.  

All saints watched us in the dark this time.
Camera lenses covered your eyes and captured the revellers.
Tides ****** my mind and erased the crime.
Until they told me that I was on fire.
Misted glasses repelled a kaleidoscope of your sublime.
So, from the stake, I rasped for nothing more than an ashen grey.

Orbs burning, you grow blind, but see the truth.
My gilded urn haunted you, gold’s sharp sting.
Fairy-dust spells your name, always sparkling.
Old glasses and lapsed cinders don’t brand you.
Only your frame in my pillows would do.
I gaze into your eyes; am I dreaming?
They say, “When you are mad you see nothing.”
But madness is what you chose to see through.
And you saw blue in eyes I thought were grey
With iridescence glowing from your face.
You tasted darker than the fruits I stole.
And I’m the secret that you won’t betray,
Fused to your body with a slumber’s lace.
See through me! For my heart beats to your soul.
This is my first poem I've published here! It's a love poem inspired by fantasy/fairy-tales and how they make you feel. Really hope you enjoy!
Carlo C Gomez Oct 19
Not of ancient lore,
or some cross to bear.
But here. But now.
No Prince Charming
at the castle door.
Only her, Miss Damsel herself.
In some paper city,
called Zilch,
where things fall apart fast.
She's trapped in no tower,
but a loft instead.
With tin-foil crown,
she climbs across
the kitchen table
to slay the dragon,
in the flames
of his own black-hearted
A dagger to the heart
of the matter,
and all is quiet again.
Then with a satisfied yawn,
she retires for her afternoon nap.
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
you can call me a princess,
but I won’t wait around
for some prince.

hand me the sword.
I’ll slay my own dragon.
I’ll fight my own battles.
I’ll be my own hero.

and if that prince shows up
trying to save me
when I don’t need saving,

he won’t be fighting someone
for my hand in marriage.

he’ll be fighting me
for his own **** life.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“What! How much good can just one do, compared to hundreds?” exclaimed the fox.
Wolves came, and Fox greeted them, telling Cat they were her friends. “Hello” said the wolves to Fox.
“It is good to see you again, brothers.Shall we eat?” the wolves agreed.
Cat, thinking of fish, agreed as well.
The wolves killed the cat, and the fox and the wolves shared their meal.And that was one of fox’s tricks.
Poetic Eagle Sep 14
Writing my own fairytale
Maybe that's where my Happy ending lies
Random thoughts
You gave me a thousand reasons why,
You made it a mandate that I be with you.
You showed patience and care,
How Could not have believed you.

You painted a perfect picture of tomorrow,
A priceless canvas that would draw so many stares,
I fell for it, And I got glue.
How did I not see that it was all just an illusion.

You drew the curtain, and I saw the dark reality
Although you remembered every word I said,
You never tried to know me,
You 'crammed' your way into me,
Just so you could forget when you had me.

Surely the joke is on me,
You got me so fooled,
You made me think this was a happy ever after,
Clearly that kind of love only happens in fairytales.
Lately I do not even know what the definition of love is. I am at my wits end with giving. The cycle I never wish to see happening keeps coming back. Maybe I wasn't meant to love but I keep forcing it. If the shoe doesn't feet I suppose it shouldn't be worn.
catsmeow Sep 5
I didn't saw you in gold and silver sparkles
Glitters everywhere, in a slow motion type of stare
I didnt saw you in magical nights
In poetry lines, or lipsticks changing the lights
Like the spotlight's on you and I

I didn't saw you picking up the roses in the garden-filled butterflies
How the songs capture our eyes, in glimpse of heaven or disguise
I didn't saw you escaping at 12 am, enchanting spells in sacred room,
Where the color purple's only for you, but you can only see blue

I didn't saw you in fairytales
But I saw you in mine
In my little, mono-lid, honeyed eyes
Between the waking and the siesta time
I saw you in my photographs filmed in my mind
In counting hours before the class start
And haunting hours when end of school year just waved to us

I didn't saw you in someone else's portrayal of how you were painted in them
I saw you in vivid lines I wrote, in feelings I have known, fore years I won't let go.

I saw you, and I didn't want to
You saw me, I know you wanted to
But they belonged to 2018 version of my life
All the tragic had happened in 2020's
I've learned pretty much not to be fine when I'm fine.

still dont know how this site works **** just putting it here incase someone reads it :") lysm
Metaphoronomy Aug 30
A yearning desire, thirst to fulfill
I look into the endless land
As I stand at the edge of a high wall
Holding back, with anticipation.
One day it shall be complete
My once upon a time
When he comes from a faraway land,
My knight in shining armor.
On a beautiful white horse
He will take me away
Where nobody will be
Just him and me.
A princess eagerly waits for her happily ever after.
M Cannon Aug 29
I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry you’ve made me out
To be the menacing creature
Lurking under your bed.

I’m sorry that my truth
Spread like poison in your veins
Too quick for you to be saved.

I’m sorry that my happiness
Has left a cavern in your heart
Only to be filled with hatred and revenge.

I’m sorry that in order for you
To be the damsel in distress
I had to be your dragon.
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