Pain is my friend
Ive seen him once,
Or maybe more
He comes often

Pain is my friend
He hurt me once,
Or maybe more
He hurts often

Pain is my friend
He was dad once,
Or maybe more
Hes dad often

Dad is my friend
He hurt me once,
He hurts me more
But dad is my friend

Tia Dec 7

For once give me a good lie
Tell me you love me
Tell me I'm worth your while
Tell me you appreciate me

For once give me a reason to breathe
Tell me I should go on
Tell me things are worth the wait
Tell me you'll support me 'til the end

For once comfort me in your arms
Tell me everything will be alright
Tell me I'm going to be fine
Tell me you'll hold me tight

For once make me feel I'm not wrong
Tell me sweet nothings and such
Tell me things that I longed
Tell me my heart is on the right track

For once, just for once
Tell me what I needed to hear
Tell me lies to make my heart heal
Tell me words that would change what I feel

We all been desperate like this right?

Nuggets here, and nuggets there
gems that appear, in time
flowing through birthing throes
upon, each and every, rhyme

Cynics and pessimists
bow down to rune and verse
succumbing to the sentiment
in this, or any, universe

They come, they go
leaving behind, mere crumbs
knowledge, wisdom, gleaned
then unto abyss, succumb

What remains, poetic thought
simple names, and simple faces
butterflies, killed when caught
as artist love, tightly

Is it possible, that once a thing is done, it is done forever?
If so, such are poems?
I dunno...
Lunatica Nov 21

Wise get fooled only once
Twice, means his absence

I guess i was not wise enough. I'm dumb.
Trevor Dowe Nov 16

Once upon a time
I fell in love with myself
I loved the way I saw the world, with an innocence now lost
I believed every lie and dreamed of rescuing dragons from princesses
I still remember the day my world shattered, and I started see the truth
An empty birthday party
A lonely slumber party
Whispers behind everyone's back
I didn't want to spread rumors, but to keep my friends, I did
And with my words, I burned bridges
How could I trust myself after telling those secrets that had been entrusted to me
Unclean and repentant, I sought forgiveness but there was none to be found
Not from myself
I tried to redeem myself by stepping away from the games, but though I hoard secrets, the dragons have all fled
There is no happily ever after here

july hearne Nov 13

Winter, winter mornings
What you going to promise, promise me
Winter, winter morning
You might have been the diamond
Wasted like a diamond,

Wasted love
Untasted love

I am walking all your blocks
Onward to hopeless
Dirty passing dirty by
An asbestos blanket to wrap the homeless
A man who knows his worth
So falsely

The cold is painful
There's a ditch with my name in it
As the sun shines so brightly

Please don't see me, you see so kindly
Your kindness kind of gets to me
I still have some things left to lose

Time numbs until it doesn't
I was but then I wasn't
It wasn't too much to ask
Just too hard to be
I didn't like me once I met me
I don't think you can help me

The harder it is to look at
The more it needs to spill out
Grace Nicole Nov 2

I once knew a girl
whose name was the same as mine
whose face mirrored my every action
whose eyes looked as tired as I felt
Then one day she disappeared
but never did I bother to search for her
never did I call out
never did I wish she would come back
Because I didn't know who that was
when I looked into the mirror
when I wrote words that weren't my own
when I heard my voice in the air
In the end I believe I understood who she was
my worst fear
my worst enemy
my worst thoughts
I once knew a girl
who told me I wasn't good enough
who told me to give up
who told me I didn't deserve the life I was given
I will not know her anymore
for the best
for my life
for as long as I continue to live

Two palms

In it- what's in it!?

Touch on touch-

Five on five.


A wall in-between

Touching not them

But concrete dust and heat.


Why was this built?

Why this to exist?

One cannot break with lonely two fists.


I only have two, just two.

And I miss.

FINV (Two Palms) v2 (10/9/17-10/22/17) by Evi Dent Halo
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