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Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
I share my thoughts with you
The world's weight on my back
Romantic delusions spin
Afraid to face the facts

Staring you down as you frown
Gaze right to the bone
Will sing you a lullaby
It makes you feel less alone

And nothing fixes my brokenness
Will exaggerate my claims
It will make me feel better
About the monster I became

The dark days drag their feet
Weeks blur into one
Time my greatest weakness
Will suffering never be done?

Even more sorrowful than usual
Bitten by love
Now I'm shy
You give me hope for happiness
With glimmer in your eye
Terrified to get hurt again
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, everyone dreams of a movie life that they never had:>

'do you have a movie idea?' she is asked
my piano's stuck on notes that made a blast
'what is your absolute dream?'
no clue!!! I scream
now with that blood reaches my knees when I lie
and shattered glass stains a cry
but one selfish day
of a one grey warning day
on a Storm
out of Vivaldi's norm
I'll make November's violins
spin the veins under my skin
when an alarm's clock won't erase history
nor dust the ink in black poetry
the purple eye
would know a who and an exact why
when a sudden mother's scream won't defeat
the eclipsed expressions or invisible heart beat
nor the recall of empty lines
things that used to be an impossible of possible defines
when a sun's light won't make a memory in sleep swing
nor the unnotice of a summer autumn winter or spring
wouldn't keep the pen's color on a compass' tip
on an adventure of a lost ship
east kills west north kills south
when the kissed would be a clear mouth
to live for the hope of it all
the said would be spit on a train station's phone call
the fall would reach the death quest
the unknown would be unraveled for the moment in rest
but the dream's missing pieces has nothing to do with the recorder
and that is why I would record ONCE then put the puzzle in a folder
**** the ones who saw
burn the **** machine after created in raw
I did title 'Waste Before You Taste' a long time ago surely
some greed changed my idea of mercy
a question to be answered is jeopardy
when no human shall know of there will be misery
when a heart of glass would be dropped and broken
when the darkest thunder of the dream was golden
once the ought to be a secret would be a wonderland stolen
I warned it would be a selfish day
yet you listened and now the death penalty you pay

                                                            ­                              -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the faint of the heart is the vision of blood on a love's dart:-/

mine to love
like a broken bottle of wine trickling from above
mine to lose
the death of leaves with an odor to choose

nerve visions times of sadness
like books left unread and ghosts of madness
the radio silences the alone
the heart of blood grew a heart of bone

speaks in gazes
like a reach of hands before a car crash embraces
stares in orange roses
the lost up space the past dream exposes

all too well prefer rivers not seas
like when the window winds shuffled with car keys
green grass shades and shields
the depressing autumn can be the golorious of all fields

bestest trees of lights in luminaire
like the colors of stolen Augusts and the Jupiter
before the shot of a wounded summer
the listen of violens and the heard bird hummer

now empty lines on empty pages
like a no remember of the highlights of the faces
with the drawn pencil a smoking scent evoked
expressions painted in coffee and lost letters in the cold  

                                                        ­    -------ravenfeels
I was awakened by a story once,
Still gives me chills, though
it’s been months,

I know I have come far from
it somehow,
And that I have nothing to worry
about it now,

But the quiet sleep I lost that day,
Follows me endlessly till this very day,

While I am still here, patiently
waiting for it to come back,
Still at the place, to which I have
completely lost track…
July 2021
Garrett Johnson Jul 2021
No reason until.

Reassured and measured.
You take off your buttoned shirt.
Smothered in dead dye.
Left confined, smiling, once.
A murmur.
No place.
Left wanted.
All streaming in haunting.
Let go.
As the back of candles remember, the brain that coursed in
The drip.
The flow.
The pit.
In the stomach.
Just, still.

Garrett Johnson
Ehh, yeah.
-elixir- Mar 2021
Loneliness shrouds me,
as I walk along this path
once again.

The unknown air of silence,
grips my mind,as I close my eyes
once again.

I hear the waters at the end of the chasm
as I dream of drowning,
once again.
jia Feb 2021
once again i fell into the pit
as the darkness vibrantly hit
my consciousness as well as my wit
were taken as i was forced to submit

once again it swallowed me
chains on my wrist as I'll never be free
vision slowly becomes hazy
please let this not be my reality

once again i screamed so loud
no one heard me, not even the crowd
speaking silently with no sound
my eyes seek for the blue sky amidst the cloud

once again I'm in this pit
but these feelings i cannot admit
agony filled me as it seethe
once again the darkness bit
D Jan 2021
Isn't it funny,
Looking back through the words,
That once held so much meaning.
Listening to the sound,
Of your own voice,
That once held so much conviction.

You were once a child,
Had no earthly understanding of the world,
Of it's exhilarating highs,
And bottomless lows,
The world was not black and white,
But a rainbow of grey's,
Each meandering into one another.

Has your once perfect vision,
Been slighted and skewed,
With the realities of the world,
The shattering understanding,
That love does not conquer all,
And sometimes isn't enough.

Once time has stopped,
The clock can not be reversed,
Your actions hold meaning,
Your words can hurt and hope,
Once more seek the truth,
Empower it and set it free.
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Standing outside seeming lost
Striding circles with confusion
To the side by waves I am tossed
Sea simply an illusion
Losing self I've always known
Chasing light that is fading
Where sun once brightly shone
A river of shadows I'm wading
Forever rise to fall to knees
A cycle of mocking memories
Reminding me I was used
The ascending sun seems further away
Round the earth slowly spins
Harder feeling its warmth every day
Scattered like bowling pins
It's taking a toll on welfare
Screams of peace of mind
Louder as life strips me bare
There is nothing good left to find
This silly sadness spawned space
The emptiness consuming my soul
A powerful demon wearing the face
Of person who once made me whole
Why did I ever let you mean so much?
Days forgotten, the ones
Which we, once lived
Fast and thoughtlessly, well thought out
A few months ago

Life slowed down
And the process has led to
Fast escape, to avoid contact
Leading to loss of contact

People these days
Want to meet and greet
To re-establish, what was lost
To concur and live once more
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