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Once In a life a time true love you may find you'll know when you found
for the love Is strong
that nothing can break
The bond that will Carrie you through the rest of your life the day you make her, make her your
And to be together the rest of your lives living forever man and
The joys of true love once In a life time maybe you'll find but you'll know when you've found It
For all the water which poured out slow
And was wasted on such hollow words
I should not wish for myself at least
I should not waste
I should wish for her
Gosh... Finding this... Remembering this. Really makes me happy. (:
For she was the one who turned my life around for
without I wouldn't know to where I'd be right now this girl who turned my life

For she came to my life when I was at my lowest
bringing the radiants of her love to my life this girl who turned my life

Bringing happiness to my once lonely life and accepting my ring and proposal of marriage this
girl called Helen who turned my life
Helen the girl who bought happiness to my once lonely life who agreed to be my wife
sky Jan 30
The spell you have on me
is so powerful
Your name need be mentioned once
and I feel as if everything will be okay
rooprahkleja Jan 27
do it for YOURSELF
forget the society
remember YOUR dreams
remember YOU
Johnny walker Jan 18
Got bored trying to watch something on tv found
Myself watching House
of Parliament voting on
a Brexit deal
In truth, It was like watching a bunch of unruly school children
In the classroom arguing
over which sweets to
Can't believe this Country
of ours being run by such
Incapable people who call themselves
unbelievable In 9 years they've managed to destroy a once great Country
along with Its people that of the ordinary working class people and the most vulnerable of our society shame on
9 years of Conservative Government rabl
Karijinbba Oct 2018
I am the first on earth..
the second in heaven
I appear twice in a week
though you can only see me once in a year! What am I?
( Am i not a letter??
can you name it?
I'm not the same person
I used to be since Helen's been gone I'm reverting back to my former
Hear what I want to say and think what I feel for I'm now my own boss
again go where I want do what I want and that's just
what I'm going to
Former life my own boss go anywhere do anything
Johnny walker Dec 2018
All that I had, to all that I have but nothing compares to what we had
for we had a gift of true love
A love you don't find every day something, truly
a special one of a once In a lifetime
Never to be repeated, again not In this life and maybe not the
Thoughs once In a  life time
opportunity a gift of love we had special
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