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Touch me Jesus lest I die,
Touch me once a thousand times.
Touch the perfume of my soul,
sanctify my every thought
and for thee I shall live an eternal dawn.
daph 4d
here we go again
you made me write once more
though empty, bleak
static, I see comfort—I abstain

the night asked a question
"have your thoughts wandered?"
I stopped,
I stared,
I realized,
the night's blare
you made me write, once more
poem about going through poet's/writer's block. c:
apple juice Nov 7
do you ever have
two poems
running through your mind
at once
and you can't decide which one to write down
and you cant write them both because they're happening
and by the time you write one you'll forget the other
but the time taken to try and decide
makes you forget both
J Oct 7
Indeed, she’s a
shooting star;
fleeting, cutting
through the
night sky.

What joy to
have seen
such fire.
What misery
to know she
will never
be mine.
Butterfly Aug 4
Eventhough I'm a bit young, I just want to feel loved for once.
Mrs Anybody Aug 3
just once
i want to be
the one

just once
i want
someone's eyes
to light up
when they
talk about me

just once
i want
my feelings
to be
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Everything just happened for once

Enjoy the moment
Cause everything happens for a reason
Just something on my mind
Ken Pepiton Jul 15
I woke remembering a kiss.

When you get old, if it happens,
like this, if you recall a kiss

like this one, I can't forget;
you'll know such things
do happen after
you get old. If you are lucky
or blesst with one such kiss
you do know:

there are kisses worth getting old to get.
First thought caught, before I whistled it away,
Satvik gupta Jun 30
They : Are we together  in this ?

Me : yeah , sure why not !

My inner self : I guess  , i m with them just like stars .
Appearing too close virtually  , but light years in reality!
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