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Johnny walker Aug 25
I am left In no dought I had someone so Incredibly special and truly amazing Helen was one of a
Such a beautiful loving wife mother lover and best friend
I couldn't have asked for more lucky
But luck had finally deserted me when Heaven came calling for my sweetheart to leave In the brief moment
I left
But I'm In no dought she was the best thing that had ever happened to me a once In a life time never to be
Johnny walker Aug 22
I know I've  had my time with her and that time will be no more but I'm not letting go of
To much we had together that's there's just no letting go to much water
under the
And bridges I've crossed over throughout my life I've never
burned any of them when I reached the other
They're all still standing those bridges of the past lie within my memory every day reminders
of our time
Johnny walker Aug 21
The highway was once for strangers that I travelled
on led me to your door to a life I'd never known
And the stranger I once was became no more finally find found a place to settle down
with a
I once could only dreamed about the stranger who came knocking on her door suddenly became a
stranger no
I've been detached
Anxious but so
By everything around

And strangely
I'm not emotional
Numb and sometimes
So content
Just drifting in the wind

So plainly
I'm not quite depressed
Just obsessed with
The apathy
That's draining me

I've been on my own
Ending up alone in
Looking for my name
I don't actually completely hate this one.
Johnny walker Aug 19
It's only the good times I remember through the years and pain of grief happy days with my sweetheart days truly to remember of a very special once In a life time
Sunny days spent with my sweetheart surrounded by so much love I remember a comment made by my sister
on walking In our door she said she could feel the
But since the Angels took my sweetheart that feeling of love has left the house all that left Is coldness where once the house was filled with love and
If I was lucky and had a  choice to leave the UK
I go tomorrow for this country hold no hope
or future for the
Swamped by the rich of this country who get
richer by the day on the sweat and tears of the families who are paid
They punish people out of work when they no In truth there are too few jobs to go around kids going hungry while they live lives of luxury
They've labelled the poor disabled vulnerable as scroungers like a which hunt when It's they who fiddle expensive
rip people
And they want my vote to
forget about It this used to be a great country but this present government has turned It back to Victorian
days kid begging on the street
I have to ask myself have do they have no shame evidently not no feelings do they have this country Is finished all but for the
rich I have
and would rather be poor than to live the life of these pompous spoiled brates who call themselves government most of
whom where
with a silver spoons In there mouths all I say Is God help us all the poor disabled
the vulnerable and most of all our poor starving children of our once great
MicMag Jul 30
Once is never
Or at least never enough
Life can be quite tough
But einmal ist keinmal

Let's try something new
See if it rings true
That despite what we do
Einmal ist keinmal

No inhibitions, no regrets
Do what we feel like
And never forget
Though einmal ist keinmal

Take risks, be bold
Don't harden your soul
Nor grow stale and old
Einmal ist keinmal

Live in the present
Be now, be here
Have no fear of the future
Cause einmal ist keinmal

Feel this lightness of being
As if nothing matters
Our significance shattered
Einmal ist keinmal

Sieze the moment
Give it your all
Live life to the fullest
Knowing full well
Einmal ist keinmal
Inspired by recent philosophical reflections on the German phrase "einmal ist keinmal", roughly translated as once is never.
ScarletRose Jul 28
Bright and dark red
Glowing in the absolute
Expanding in the everything
All is here in one,
Together; We all are.

Flowing like a far stream
Never stopping, ever loving,
Ever living, ever shouting
Dripping down but endlessly
No one's blood, it's

One entitiy, one being.
Only a force combining matter
And Emotions;
I am once with all
As I flow down the
****** river of music and all.
I felt once with everything just now.
It was inspiring...
Michael Solc Jan 2013
Once, I was a dreamer.  
I would look into the dark sky above me,
and see an endless universe.  
It was full of mystery,
millions of stories and marvels.  
Now, I look into it and see nothing.  
Tiny pinpoints of light staring back at me.  
Wondering why I no longer ask for their stories.  
Blinking, expectant.  
And all I can do is stare back.  
I have no answer for them.  
Nothing that would not seem a lie.  
This is the end for me.  
The last of the starlight inside of me
has flickered and gone out.  
I’m left now with only the vast emptiness.  
No stories.  
No marvels, or wonders.  
Only the mystery.

Once, I was a dreamer.  
I searched for the truth in the stars,
the buried treasure of forgotten skies
and the rolling, grassy hills they watched over,
in some faraway land where man had not yet tread.  
I saw their secrets and held them tight behind my eyes,
as if they were my own.  
Knowing they were not.  
Knowing that they were no ones’ but the stars and the sky.  
But never believing that one day they would be taken back,
taken away from me.  
And now they have left me, the Keeper of nothing.  
Perhaps it was my own doing
that drove away those sacred lands and starry nights.  
Or perhaps I was selfish in thinking it was only I
that could look upon them as I did,
and see the wonders I saw.  
I lay here now,
beneath them.

When once, I was a dreamer.
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