Kaede 5d
He once kissed me on my forehead,
A kiss that I know won't last.
He once held my waist when he tightly hugged me,
The best feeling yet he loosened me so fast.

Unmutual feelings filled the empty room,
He was staring right into my brown eyes.
T'was a birth of chance yet also a doom,
My heart is in agony and it cries.

I should have never hope for more,
But it was everything I asked before.
Yet, I hold on and I am sorry if I did,
Even though I know it was the kind of love
That the moon will never forbid.
This poem is for my the-one-that-got-away. I hope I can give this to him!
Danial John Mar 12











Lylock Feb 24
I'm high on the anonymity
Twisting and shifting outside my sight
But it's fine
Because I'm drifting
Past lighted windows
And lamped streets
A million people
Have all done this before
I will not be the first
And I will not be the last
How many people
Will I only ever see once?
Medusa Feb 5
Heated jewel, I writhe beneath your hands
Still wanting more & you give it, fiercely,
We create impossible contortions
Again, &  now, again.

Turn me about like your ship at sea
We grasp, slide and skid, not gracefully
Into forest's floor: banging, bruising

Trees, but not flesh
Our lovely flesh
Vining together

Different ceremony
For another night.

Playful carnivores, we let it loose
No fears can enter here tonight
Just this delicious shiver

Rising inside me
Reflecting back the gleam
Of your hooded, feral eyes

They promise a surprise demise.


copyright a.wild
Wish it could always be so straightforward. So innocent.
protean nucleic processes polemic yield
   explosive diversification
   punctuated diversification
   Stephen Jay Gould
   paleontological hypothesis

   spawning sudden flora and fauna
   competed against diametrically
   opposed diatribe
   pairing diehard religionists
   versus doubting Thomists

   which creationist advocates
   threatened non-believers
   with damnation and eternal punishment
   brethren of god thru tongue did wield

   pompous empiricists
   fire and brimstone sermons
   excruciating punishment of soul
   claimants who refute
   intelligent design theorists
   will meet scimitar and invincible shield!
Poetic T Feb 3
I was clipped at birth,
         never meant to fly..
Only to crawl before I walked.

Shamed to crawl on the filth
        of those below me..
never wording, only splurging nonsense.

But when I learn to crawl,
        I leant morality.
Morality was my chain clinging closely.

And I learnt I fell from nowhere,
             to a point of a momently breath.

Glad that l lived in the now,
                not the extinguished breath
of what had already faded to nothingness.
mercy party Jan 18
like a mirage fades for a dreamer
in a sinking ship
what's right is always simple
then you're a dirty trick

you say you need a day to play
but only to reflect
standing over your machine
and another cigarette
promises haven't been holding up these days
like aces and spades

you say this isn't me
enough with the insanity
of this catastrophe as it goes down
your actions doom like clockwerk
your heart stops but it won't hurt
you've gone numb

and you went running
i find it funny
that you hid your face in the crowd
and tore off your emblems
i'm sorry to tell you

...the war is over
Poetic T Jan 13
We only live once,
           the question is are we living
          or sleeping through
                           the wonderment of life..

Never run through life walk it slowly..
                    Don't sleep through it,
open your eyes and look at what you can see
                                     when you look closely..

                     You'll see more
and enjoy the walk
because we can only walk a path so long...
Rick Dec 2017
Pain is my friend
Ive seen him once,
Or maybe more
He comes often

Pain is my friend
He hurt me once,
Or maybe more
He hurts often

Pain is my friend
He was dad once,
Or maybe more
Hes dad often

Dad is my friend
He hurt me once,
He hurts me more
But dad is my friend
Tia Dec 2017
For once give me a good lie
Tell me you love me
Tell me I'm worth your while
Tell me you appreciate me

For once give me a reason to breathe
Tell me I should go on
Tell me things are worth the wait
Tell me you'll support me 'til the end

For once comfort me in your arms
Tell me everything will be alright
Tell me I'm going to be fine
Tell me you'll hold me tight

For once make me feel I'm not wrong
Tell me sweet nothings and such
Tell me things that I longed
Tell me my heart is on the right track

For once, just for once
Tell me what I needed to hear
Tell me lies to make my heart heal
Tell me words that would change what I feel
We all been desperate like this right?
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