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Cryptic 4d
They were once my family
Now, they're nothing to me

Before, I was part of them
Now, they're no longer my gems

I was happy when I see them everyday
Now, it feels like I'm carried away

They were once my happy pill
Now, there's nothing I can feel
Brynn S 6d
Blood has risin
Fallen under the demise of gluttony
Throats shutter in a flourished gleam
Spilling out their smokes; the evil stream
With closed eyes the horizon did strike
I was the one who favored spite
Invisible to eyes the mind grew thin
Wearing down from the mask of sin
Oh sweet child have you strayed so far?
In the final moment did I become a star
Ripples of triumph
I have fought death
Swimming towards light
For one last breath
Decrepit old sun burnt out and cold
Heart wondered beat less
Fortune favored the bold
a while ago,
we were
eagerly in love,
so, eagerly
we were in chains.

Once, we were members of a party.
Parts of a whole. A hopeless oath
of devotion to another, to durdle,
intimately, through the grandest lie.

Once, we were eagerly in chains.
(Now, contemptuous in disdain)
Once, we were excited to be.
(Now, that's just not what we're about)

Once, we were bonded in a gamble.

Now, we're barely willing bystanders,
no more an adventure, than it is
   a situation.
Shaxy Oct 6
here you were,
                there you are

then you were near,
                now you are far

            nothing but a pretty scar
I wish you could be as close
(to me)
as the scars on my body
GulRukh Jun 22
I fall for you
cause my heart needs love to brew
and i am aware
but i started to care
you are heavy fog of the morning
and i am of a kind that blooms in spring
I need you
to love me
cover me in this dew
I can beg you to fall
but i can't hold you at all
you'll wet everyone
but own by none
He loved someone else and I knew it from the start but I don't know why I still want him
Atli Sep 7

i don't look at you
the way that I used to
i never thought i'd ever
get over you

you were my remedy
you were my cure
you were something so
innocent and pure

you seemed to fade
once i grew up
it might have been
infatuation, but
it might have been love

i was running on a treadmill
i was moving, but somehow
i just stood still

now when i see you
i don't get butterflies anymore
you've changed quite a bit
you're not that boy
i once adored
this is for all those girls who fell head over heels for the boy they knew was never going to be theirs.
Once upon a time...
Promised myself
Never settle
For less than
Happily ever after
I now lay
Making Excuses
For the Wolf
Blake Aug 21
Child are you grieving
To words she is leaving
And though she gave
To you her own grave
You seem to not care
For what was once there
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