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I don’t know who
I’m supposed to be
Who I am
or who they want me to be
The answer’s not
so easy to see
Not well known
There's an uncertainty
Knee-**** answer
is to be
wholly free
I'll explain
in detail
Paint a picture clearly
A tutor's not needed
No need to study
No higher degree
With candor
I’ll speak

Let me tell you about
so-called “un-pleasantries"
The list is quite lengthy
A few;
maybe three
Gonna rattle them off
What's been mentioned to me
Not the worst of mistakes
but a category
May irritate some
To others
‘let be’
Saying that’s who I am
and as such
accept me
A minority group
not the majority
and by far
and by few
They are lost in between

Some say I’m intense
and can be
quite chatty
a talker
‘Verbose’ tendency
Don’t deny what is true
But not always guilty
The day in
and day out
doesn't constantly stream
Not sustained
They can change
Just like who
we will be
Not robots
Not copies
or placed on CD
Live a life
of routine
but not one
on repeat
Even still
I must say
there are worst things to be

Empathetic and kind
I give generously
All I have
My last dime
Will donate
each penny
I'm not searching for credit
Approval don't seek
Like to make others happy
Inside, I’m complete
When I focus on others
No discrepancy
I’m not dwelling
or thinking
of my tendencies
Please don't offer
your pity
or give charity
Try to bend; compromise
don’t perceive me
as weak
I'm the chivalrous type
Will get down
on one knee
Not walled off or closed up
Bare my soul
Give freely
But there's more
locked inside
So when time comes to speak
It’s a flood
a deluge
There's an intensity
Give too much
Give too quick
Try to stop
inside keep
I can bottle
it up
but sometimes
it still peaks
Little may trickle out
it will seep
If an access is given
in a heap
When I love
I dive in
You may think I’m a freak
The emotional type
Tug heart strings
and I’ll weep
Not a blubbering fool
my emotions
run deep
A calm hand
I can sooth
In a crisis
I’m strong
This unfortunately
is something
that I know
But don’t wish on
to speak
Life presents me
two roads
With both closed off
to me
Feel locked up
in a cage
while I look
to be free

A locked door
Here I stand
desperately for the key
Wanting answers
A new found decree
Need a mantra
A mission
That systemically
affecting systems
The true stem
of what’s me
My core
Sprouting roots from a tree
Happiness from the Sun
or beneath canopy
Not about
getting answers
Away goes the fee
Hamlet asked long ago
If 'to be or not be'
I know that it's different
Just work with me please
My point
is the question
In life, what to seek?
A life
that’s authentic
or society
We conform
and adapt
What they want us to be
If like me
you're unsure
It can drive you crazy
Take a chance?
And be pure
Live a life that's taint free
In return
you'll endure
Side remarks
and critiques
Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Be like them
or unique
Written: September 22, 2108

All rights reserved.
Shreyas c9 Aug 7
I’m missing someone who probably doesn’t exist,
And yet I hold on to the fantasy of an amazing tryst;

I’m homesick for a place that doesn’t exist,
It was just a house with people who coexist;

I’ve been pretending to live a life that doesn’t exist,
Then how can I find the strength to still persist?

I’ve kept up the façade of being a person that doesn’t exist,
Yet I can feel my true impulses becoming impossible to resist;

I think it finally may be the time that I should not exist,
The people who would miss me is anyways a short list…
Just putting in words whatever you've been feeling is an amazing thing. And that is the beauty of our HP community
Ivy lynn Aug 1
when will you learn/
money doesn’t buy love/
and sit & notice/
I’m sick and tired of/
this life we live/
I’m now passive/
to all these words/
that I’ve heard/
from here on out/
I will not rout/
goodbye to the girl/
who once was/
hello to the woman/
who now rises above/
hate people sometimes
lilheathen Jun 24
I know, I
Cannot keep you from being sad
I know, I
Can only show you the route I had
The way I found
A way out of the dark
Closer to the Light

I just hope you know
That if I fail
I promise
I will catch you when you fall
Cat Lynn Mar 26
If I allowed my hand to get acquainted with a calm blade
and allow them to work together to have my grave made.

It would be so much easier

If I gathered all my possessions and left the challenges and callings
and ran away from all my troubles and problems that won't stop falling

It would be so much easier

If I took a bullet to these warm feather breezed feelings that stir up the winds
and forced unwanted emotions to take command, and avoid the punishment of being mentally skinned

It would be so much easier

If I gave up my fight... and simply lose the battle of my individuality
And accept their Labels of Lies and give them the right to make me wear a mask that is beautiful but beastly.

It would be so much easier

If I accepted my fate in depression and abuse and allow it infest inside of me
and be as dark and gruesome as I've always been tempted to be

It would be so much easier

If I chose to ****** all the things I've worked hard for
By throwing them over the wall of rejection... and watch it shatter onto the deep floor

It would be so much easier

If I ignored all the beloved people who surround me and would do anything
And focused devouring myself back into the past until I'm nothing more then bone and ****** strings

It would be so much easier

But Just Because It's Easier...
It Doesn't Mean It's Right...
I won't lie, there are so many temptations out there that can cause me to drift away from the will of ***. There are so many things that would be so much easier to do.... but just because it's easier it doesn't mean it's right... Sometimes we need those struggles and challenges to make us stronger, to make us better. These temptations are so addicting I'm sure to many of us. An easy path can lea you to a path of destruction and misery

May *** Continue to Guard my Heart and Direct my path on the path of Life, Light, and Wisdom...

Cat Lynn ///
3/24/18 - Progressive Dinner
JoshuaX Feb 24
Sometimes I wanna thank *** he let the devil be with me
So I'd be aware on whoever loves me
Why didn't I notice
I Should've known this
I should've seen this I am turnin like her
I'd take the risk
Everyday it's her that I miss.
Jaycee Jan 5
It's never fun,
banging on the heart of another  
trying to get in when the key just, never really fit.
How can you love someone correctly,
when you're so angry over another?
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