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K Oct 6
Breathe a breathy, "How have you been doing," in your white coat, Dr.
And cast blank but not wholly unconcerned glances my way.
Press cold against my chest, ask me to breathe.
Coax my blood forth-
I can't watch it fill,
Lillian May Aug 1
New flash.
Just because you are hurt now
In this moment
Does not mean
you can diminish the meaning or the reality
Of a love
A bond
A heart
A time
That’s shared.
Just because it’s broken now
Does not mean it always was.
Appreciate your past. It’s not bad simply because you’re sad now. It was once good, and you should appreciate that.
Seanathon Jul 29
So many wait
For another life
To walk into their own
Just to change the self

When really they
Are the only person
Who can pull apart the former fabric
Who can lend a mending hand to help
Change comes from within
forgiveness for self is a thunderstorm ferocious,
cracking sounds so god awful fearful
that one questions his-her sanity,
an overage so unnatural that
only nature could create it

it is a moment momentousness
when the exhalation of exhaustion,
the winner and loser, both you,
surrender ne’er knowing
which you is which,
life’s son of *****, or just a plain jane mothering version,
either way you say to yourself got to
get past that lousy stinking
love affair
win the race to clean slate,
where the end is insight where everything replaced
in its used to be placed

goaded into melted nothingness,
goaded into believing that’s a real thing,
that when you finally get there,
enough is enough,  
get out of jail ticket will work,
but it ain’t never free,
even if you paid for it in
what you call
throwing bad after good,
monopoly money,
nope, ain’t never free

no idea what to put in the second empty closet,
who needs an attached to-the-wall-tile
toothbrush holder with one extra emptying space,
where to hide picture albums in a space
outta sight, outta mind, you still can find

why you didn’t care enough to
daily mat-wipe street shoes before
riveted in place
before entering your own! apartment and no,
you are consciously unconscious immobilized by
the missing calling out of her “don’t forget”

in the car’s ashtray,
a red kissed blotted red lipstick
tissue that needs discard-action,
but you incapable of either,
those collected records and cd’s,
her teasing your old fashion ways,
reluctance to let go

so you read
“that to forgive one self doesn’t forgive forgetting”
and it hits home, home run, score to the core,
since you wrote those words on a sun rain afternoon,
a punctuating thunderstorm day
refusing to decide
haunts worse

Love doesn't cost.
It's free emotion.
Hugs, love, support.
Glance, smile, friends.
Laugh, help, kisses.
It is Love. It's cost zero rubles, euros, dollars, but so important.
Johnny walker Jun 28
Whats gone before won't ever be again for that we only get one chance so better get It right
no coming back
for there's no second time to try again once It gone then that Is
I myself haven't always got things right but what Is done can't be changed so I'll have
to live with any
desicions I know I've made but even though I know It doesn't stop the pain of
Johnny walker Jun 13
Many days have gone by
since the last time I saw her but my feeling remain still the same every night all we were together Is replayed
around In my
So many days have passed me by since the last time I kissed her sweet and tender lips or the last time I held In my arms then to make beautiful love with
To many days and missed opertunities I let slip me by thinking there would be other days still to come
then with very little
warning there were
none my
darling was
You lose a loved one and but until you lose them there always tomorrow to things right or just make more of effort but tomorrow's don't always come
Sometimes I want to be just a primitive monkey so as not to think so much.
Monkey don't think, doesn't they think?
Seanathon Mar 15
No matter how many doors or windows or walls or structures may stand to fall, on the growing wasteland of this Earth.

It's refreshing to know that it all will end, and that with that end, there is no real difference between the unearthed and earthed.

There is only the idea of time beneath it all.
Just taking a breath - Time doesn't really concur
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