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Makes my blood boil when
The partner is lazy and doesn't lend a hand
Three kids aged 1 and twins girls 2 .
I get annoyed
It's causing me to sink in a hole of depression.
Seeing my daughter suffer
Mountings of laundry
Heaps piles of ***** dishes  
No food cooked
He lies in bed all day
Stays  up all night playing an X box .
Smokes ****
Drinks beer
He couldn't  give a dam.
Often my daughter takes the kids to the park .
Her flat is very cluttered he to lazy to get rid of unwanted items.
I really feel for her.
But it's starting to wear me out.I have otharithis
And so on I get so sore very quickly.
I can't  cope .
I feel overwhelmed.
I forgot she also has to walk the dog 🙄
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2020
things she doesn’t ask...

are they things,
she doesn’t know to ask,
are they things
to which,
she does not want to know
the answers.

my not knowing the answer to this puzzle,
drives me to distraction, her Mona Lisa smile,
accompanied by her noncommittal “whatever,”
hiding the answer, nearly leads me over a blurting edge,
but for my inevitable retreat, for the true question,
has a  truer answer, that comes as well, 
in question form.  

Why do I,

or do I,

want to know?
winter 2020
Casey Oct 2020
I hate being right about things
that I don’t want to be right about

Shame on me.
Guess I should’ve known better than to hope.
It hasn’t even been a week…
Chelsea Rae Sep 2020
I don't know if I stopped writing
Because I wanted to make sure you
Never saw the deepest parts of me Ever Again
If it's because you broke me
So badly.
So deeply,
That it ripped out the deepest parts of me altogether.
You ruined me and you know who you are if you're pathetic *** is still stalking me from the shadows.
Ora Miedema Jul 2020
Being understanding kind and nice does not always pay.
Telling yourself over and and over: They must be having a hard day.
Life is unkind and people don't mind.

Usually most people really don't mind unless it's about what they can do.
Life is so unkind and people most of the time are too.
And it makes no sense what they say to me about how they care when a duck dies.
But when a young person becomes homeless nobody cries.
Yet they tell me they think every life is so precious but some people are always fighting.
Trying to do the right thing.

But it doesn't pay.
It's just another hard and terrible day.
Where you have no control and love is impossible to find.
Life is unkind and people don't really mind.
When you've seen it you will find and you can feel it when you see it.
When you've known it and how it can hit.

So then maybe you can understand.
But then it kills you when you give someone a hand.
Because you know in the end you'll have to let go.
You can't, you can't save everybody.
Some people are born to always feel lonely.

Being understanding kind and nice does not always pay.
Telling yourself over and and over: They must be having a hard day.
Life is unkind and people don't mind.

Trying to be understanding and kind.
But nobody seems to understand it is what you'll find.
Loving, understanding, caring, always daring to fight so hard.
For the people you care for, don't fall apart and together try some more.

Holy sea of waves that we're running into.
Holy sea, uncontrollable, terribly hard, incredibly magical, fresh, pretty salty and blue!
It doesn't always pay.
But play.
Play in the water, hold each other.
In the water.
Play in the waves...
crybaby Apr 2020
entwined in the altogether
he calls me baby

we soul kiss as he caresses my complexion
he embraces me, I discern I am his
during the passion, he is mine

sundered, endearment is bygone
our romance is maybe
disoriented and forsaken, my days are now rainy
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