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Eliza Prasai Sep 6
Retracing my way out where I belong,
Re road mapping the roads I walked,
Under the sun, beyond the clouds
Below the light, away from the dark
A piece of the soul,
An intensity of delight,
Stream of thoughts, forthcoming thoughts!
A puzzle solved. (Period)
Walking ways
Twisted, yet simple
Playing parts.  
A piece so small, an impact so big.
No words,
An umbrella covering the void,
Makes no sense, but can be felt
No completeness for the sake of the surrounding
Neither none or everything. ✨
Johnny walker Aug 19
It's only the good times I remember through the years and pain of grief happy days with my sweetheart days truly to remember of a very special once In a life time
Sunny days spent with my sweetheart surrounded by so much love I remember a comment made by my sister
on walking In our door she said she could feel the
But since the Angels took my sweetheart that feeling of love has left the house all that left Is coldness where once the house was filled with love and
Äŧül Jul 26
Here it goes... :-)
So, you descended from those skies,
The moment I saw those pink eyes,
I fell from grace believing those lies,
Bewildered I was seeing your eyes.

Of angels you're a priceless princess,
This is the most real fact in my life.

Unbelievable beauty met my eyes,
Of those herons you're ******,
You are my story's heroine.

Everything about you is so beautiful,
Very trustworthy & honest you are,
Often times you come to my dreams,
Loving this new journey I am to bits.

I am addicted and you are my drug.
My HP Poem #1752
©Atul Kaushal
Seanathon May 10
Dear world, dark world
Colder and older than the start of time
More lost than the downward eyes
Which seek the feet of man

How your crusted epicenter stands
As the foothills choose what is before
To walk the path of least resistance

And so

No more will I let stand beside
This burrowed unrest in my chest
And so now I say without hesitance
Dear world, goodnight
Be at Peace
I am at home in your rest
Weariness brings about a different kind of fondness for me. A fondness of sleep. Zzzzzz....
btp May 3
Cycling, all the way home
Passing, each and every stone
Thinking, feeling to the bone

Now that I'm home
I should feel better
But I still feel all alone
I should be glad
But I'm still desperately looking at my phone
Wishing I had someone to say "I'm home" to
Tried everything, what am I supposed to do?
Got plenty of smiles and laughter but no love, what about you?

Should just stop giving a ****
Should just forget about luck
Should just accept I'm stuck
Should just get another beer to chug

Here I am, just looking at my screen
Happiness disappearing, becoming mean
Maybe I'll get some love if I'm more like the Dean?
Maybe I'll get what I want with a magic bean?

Maybe I should just forget about my memories
Go on autopilot, clear all the stories
Or throw myself into some lorries
Busy every day selling Dolby's
Trying my best to make some homies
Failing so hard to reach the stars
Failing so hard to rap the bars
Failing so hard to not be harsh

But mostly just on me
Since it's all about me
Completely self-absorbed
Totally not endorsed

Please just throw me a bone
Because I feel what I feel and don't know what to do
And I'm still alone.
Thorns Apr 23
Have you ever seen something that you've seen a million times?
And still feel amazed, nearly enchanted by it
The sounds, the color, the life, and people
Every time, you're filled with wonder
You can't take your eyes off of it
It's wonderful
Wonder filled
Donna Apr 17
I laze in garden
My dogs lounge on patio
Birds sing happy songs
Thank u for all your lovely messages I’m feeling much better to what I was and to make things even better the weather here in England today is beautiful x
U n t i l   h e   p r e s s e d   t h o s e

s i l k y   k e y s ,

I   n e v e r   k n e w   t h e

e m p t y   s p a c e

i n s i d e  o f   m e .

T h e  m o r e   h e   p l a y e d ,
t h e   m o r e

I became.
The space in me
was no longer hollow
and soon began
His music filled my soul like air fills my lungs.
Deb Jones Oct 2017
I have a Army green
Duffle bag with one strap

A drawstring its only lock

One bag, just as big as me.

It’s filled to the brim with all my sins

With my regrets

With my dreams

With my sickness

With my heart

With my education

With my sons

With books filled with chapters
That I am too scared to reread

With books filled with chapters
That would tear my heart apart

With my tears

With the shadows of all my fears

With the sum of me

I put one more ounce in it every day

I pack it in tight so it will stay

Then pull the drawstring closed

I can’t empty this bag
And it travels with me wherever I go

It’s here with me now
3000 miles away from home

I love you
I don’t want to hurt you

Don’t want you to think you are unworthy

But you don’t realize I have this bag
Made up of all I am, all I ever was

You are worth more than an ounce

And that bag?
It’s filled to the brim.

This Army Green duffle bag
With a fragile drawstring for a lock.

I think....I need a new bag.
But it feels like
I would be throwing myself away.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I live In a house once filled with so much love, now a house of pain, Helen wanted to move from the house to a bungalow
sadly she never realised her dream, I had a chance to move but couldn't do It alone so guess I remain In the house
A house full of so much pain once filled with love
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