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One billion stories
With thousands of pages filled
Are we but paper?
Everything is temporary
Mrs Timetable Jul 2022
Want to be
That one that
Can be
Poured into
A wound
That needs
Hoping it wont scar
Ashanti Sep 2021
Looking in all the wrong places to filled my disturbed heart
I find what I'm looking for but I'm not filled so I look for something else to take it's spot I need something stronger  something permanent to keep me from searching for something else so I found a higher greater spirit to fill my heart
I'm still learning how to depend on that spirit and only that spirit
Only God can fill you up
Dear heavenly Father I pray that who ever sees this is filled in ever area of there life, amen
love is a bouquet
filled with the bloom's embrace
of scented flowers
Everyone is afraid of a clown,
we all are acting like clowns.
Afraid of ourselves.
The year, 2020.
WE became a world filled with foolish clowns and serpents.
Now i guess we know where these clowns get their sharp teeth from.
Bite and poison the blood within, make us all sick.
Cry, scream and slowly watch us all die in sweet agony.
Thank you dear government for tormenting God's sweet world.
Greedy and selfishness has taken over life.
Tricksters too.
This world has become nothing but clowns dressed in silly suits to impress and pursuit.
the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
annh May 2020
Buttered parcels filled,
With rose hips and cinnamon;
Heartache’s antidote.

‘Only the pan knows
how the boiling soup feels.’
- Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
dailythoughts May 2020
is filled with what-ifs
trf Mar 2020
sewing time together,
we scribe our narrative,
your lace stitches leather,
like a seamstress.

failures don't forget me,
i'm their stone to engrave,
designed imperfections
and a chiseled face.

close enough to notice,
constellations are yarn,
unthreading in the distance,
these days seam apart.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
We have spent every Thanksgiving
United the past 5 years
Don't know what your plans are today
I know you're not spending it here

Looking backwards twelve months ago
The place I've come to despise
Compared to now is not all that much worse
Both are still getting high

Though at the time seemed like life
Was not anything more than broken
Feel like a fool for not appreciating
Sweet words no longer spoken

Strangely discover myself wondering
If I stayed would we be at peace?
Miss your presence more than you know
Without my heart is missing a piece

I have holes inside my heart
Kind that can't be filled with food
And shame instead
Of turkey being chewed
Written last year on Thanksgiving
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