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Yashu Jaan Jun 8
बेहद ख़तरनाक कविता यशु जान  

सपना देखकर अचानक उठना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
ग़लती ना होते हुए भी झुकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
दुश्मन के मुँह पे हंसना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक
बैठे - बैठे ही थकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक
पुलिस को देखकर छुपना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक

नेवले का सांप से सामना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
दुश्मन के दुश्मन का हाथ थामना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
सरकार के साथ यारी,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक
और लाइलाज बीमारी,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
चलते - चलते एकदम रुकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
सपना देखकर अचानक उठना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक

रूह का बेहद तड़पना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
किसी की याद में भटकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
रिश्ता नया बनाना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक
फ़िर निभा ना पाना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
अजनबी का घर में घुसना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
सपना देखकर अचानक उठना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक

इज़्ज़त को ताश मानना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक
ख़ुद को बूज़दिल जानना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
यार को घर बुलाना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
घर का सदस्य बनाना,
है ख़तरनाक,
यशु जान ग़ुरबत में ठुकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
सपना देखकर अचानक उठना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक,
ग़लती ना होते हुए भी झुकना,
है बेहद ख़तरनाक

यशु जान
यशु जान
Johnny walker May 27
I've seen days I thought to get through easly at leased that how you hope It will be but just how wrong could
I realy
for nothing Is easy In life
I've seen days as child I thought would never end
but of cause they do but you're desperate
those days to never end that you cling on every hour, minute, and second of each and every
I shared days of love with Helen as man and wife  days I thought never to end often think of our wedding such beautiful sunny
If I Could make that day last longer never thought she'd be taken from
Oh how sad life can be sometimes It doesn't show any mercy can be a very unforgiving
Life can ar times be very cruel and most unforgiving In this world that we live
Arianna May 23
"Dream and reality split,
and the ghost of fear walked away
still lying by my side."
The subconscious can, on occasion, be quite blunt.
Johnny walker May 13
Sat here In my local cafe reflecting on life In general coffee In my hand
the window on a new
day a beautiful sunny day
not a cloud In the
Such a perfect day makes
one feel good to be alive I'm
how lucky I am to
have found love twice In one lifetime truly that Is
To have won lost and then to win again with my dear lady
who lives In Conroe Lake Texas who helped me so much In my struggles with grief
I thought
myself exstreamly
lucky to have saved an Angel
once that of my sweetheart Helen
but to be saved by Angels twice In my life that Is something truly
Then to saved a seconded by Terry from Texas Is amazing
read one of my
poem dedicated to my wife she had a feeling of wanting to help me  
and although far across
the pond many thousand of miles apart she reached
out to find me and now we are
"Friends Till We Both Go Home"
so sweet she Is to me
Helen would loved her and would thank her for looking out for me and
bless our friendship for Helen would have wanted me to find a friend because she's know at the end of
I will
rest beside her In my rightful place where we will lay on sunny days warm
together to hear
singing their beautiful tunes feel those cooling summer breezes and our
will lay beautiful flowers at our feet Helen and I will be together again this time never to be
So lucky I am to loved by two Angels In my life so amazing
almost unbelievable In one life time I'm truly blessed
Helen truly was my hero Inspiring so Incredibly
brave she was right till very end the pain I've
Helen put with up
needles tubes sticking
Of her body everywhere but never once
In Hospital she was  loved by all the staff there was one Doctor whenever he passed  would always wave to
Goodbye my love and
true friend you I have known from age of
eight although we
went separate
ways we were
always destined
to meet
My true love and true friend remembering
when I married you all
my dreams did come
true so beautiful to
me you were and
you'll be
In my
You find true love you also finda friend for life wife mother lover and best friend
Osiria Melody Apr 24
With a surreptitious glance, a crosshair of attention placed on his bound-to-bleed crown,
With nerve-wrecked hands, ammunition of fear,
this woman of 29 years—

He's been hers for 10 years, met her at 19
She's been his for 10 years, met him at 19

Cradling the newborn pistol in her hands, she wraps her blanket fingers around the trigger,
Aiming for his bound-to-bleed crown,
Baby trigger screams and a bullet of tears strikes his crown as he turned to lock eye contact with her heart

His bloodied crown guts spill out quickly like their first kiss
His blood streams out of his head like their first argument, intense
His limp body fell to the ground like how she did when he first struck her with his abusiveness

She's not his anymore
He's just a memory now
A scenario played out in my mind. A couple was together for a decade. Although everyone believed that this married couple was happy, no one knew that the husband was abusive to his wife. The wife was pregnant with their first child. He was about to strike her, but she decided to shoot him in defense.
Johnny walker Apr 24
There were so many
times In my life didn't realise what I had
she was gone, but not realising I was to lose Helen far too early In
Always thought there would be a tomorrow
but sadly that was
to be, I had run out of
all my tomorrows now
to sorrows I do
And of my life without Helen, I had ever
planned for, never
this coming thought
we had years still ahead, and
never thought this would happen to
Every day passes by another without Helen
all I do now Is
now alone, such a strange disorienting feeling so much emptiness so hollow
Inside my
But except I've had my time and that time has now gone, never to
In my life see Helen
anybody else going through this will
just what I mean no way can you cure the pain you feel Inside, for It Is
day and night you go to bed with them not being there  you have to start your day
they not
But you have all your treasured memories of lovely days spent
together times never to
forgotten of sunny days In each other's arms
kissing cuddles on the settee sadly never to be again but If you're
you will have dreams of your loved one to carry through
the rest of your
To know I'll never see her again Is hard to swallow
even after nearly 2 years
It still feels surreal
12 nerves that connected with the brain.
Okay, okay, okay
I)The first one is Olfactorii .
Do you ever smell the trash?
Yes, I always smell the trash.
Say thank you to Olfactorii.
He is in charge.
II)The second one is Opticus .
He said that I don't need a glasses.
But I'm exception from the masses.
III)The third one is Oculomotorius.
Up, down, left, right.
It's eye's direction accessory.
IV)The fourth is Trochlear.
It also had controll on eyeball .
V)The fifth one is Trigeminus.
Divided for the three.
1. Ophthalmicus - scapl, forehead, nose, upper eyelid, cornea sensory.
2. Maxillaris - upper jaw, teeth, gums; palate, nasopharynx, nasal cavity ; lower eyelid, lip , cheek skin.
3. Mandibularis - lower jaw, gums, teeth ; 2/3 anterior tongue ; mucous membrane of cheek; skin of lower lip ; auricle ; temporal region; mastication's muscles controller.
Do you see how easy it is?
VI)The sixth is nervus abducens.
Again eyeball controls.
VII)The seventh is the Facialis.
Taste of 2/3 anterior tongue, external ear and palate.
Mimetic muscles, m. stapedius, m. digastricus, m. stylohyoideus.
Submandibular, sublingual salivary, lacrimal glands.
VIII) The eighth is Vestibulocochlear nerve.
n. vestibularis - balance sense.
n. cochlearis - hearing sense.
IX) The ninth is glossopharyngeus.
1/3 post. tongue taste; sensory of pharynx, palatine tonsils, middle ear, carotid sinus and carotid body.
Upper pharynx muscles controls.
Parotid salivart gland controls.
X) 9 - Vagus.
Lower part of pharynx, larynx, thoracic, abdominals organs sense.
Muscles: soft palate, lower pharynx, larynx.
Glands: thoracic and abdominal organs.
XI) Accessorius: m. Sternocleidomastoideus, m. Trapezius,
XII) Hypoglossus: muscles: intrinsic, extrinsic tongue; floor of mouth (m. geniohyoideus), neck (m. thyroideus).
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