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B3AUTIFULM32020 Dec 2020
My heart is full of love
I try so hard to fit in
And it seems to go alright.
But here I am again

And yet another night goes by.
My mind is always telling me
That I don't belong.
I need something to numb the pain.
So here it is
This ******
Lost in this darkness
And I'm
Sick as ****
When will i stop?
I try my hardest
I still can't seem to be ok.
When will this all end?!
I dont want to live like this any more.
Restless legs,
And needles stuck in my arms.
Why cant I just stop this life,
And began a new one.
I'm begging myself to stop myself.
I'm tired of this dark nightmare
I want to stay all over again..
But you see the problem here is I like to feel dead.
I numb all my thoughts and my sarrow
Just By Getting High.
Ive spent over half my life..
Just getting high.
Drugs, drugs, and more Drugs.
That's all I know..
White drugs. Brown Drugs. Clear drugs, rough Drugs, Good Drugs And Bad Drugs.
They Come And Go.
I Hate this life.
I cant get my **** under control.  
I can't just stop.
Destroying myself.
Trust Me
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
I try to do the best I can
Yet everything still falls apart
I end every day with the same problems
Working their way through my heart

Talk but you are distracted
We never find a solution
Stress poisoning the air around us
We keep breathing in pollution

Just keep ignoring the damage
Acting like we are fine
Blind to fact we are tiptoeing
Dangerously on a thin line

Me pretending that I don’t notice
How close we are to the edge
You don’t seem to mind the risk
Associated with the ledge

You listen
You attempt to understand
Why I live with such fear
But can’t change the speed you move at
Or switch into a lower gear

Don’t hear my worried murmurs
Cries fall upon ears rendered deaf
If you continue wheeling and dealing
Soon nothing will be left

Destroying me one piece at a time
As you throw your potential away
Hoping in time you will see the truth
Before it’s too late to stop decay
I hate the lifestyle we live
Luna Maria Sep 2020
I romanticize the smell of cigs
because I want destroying myself
to be something beautiful and graceful.
annh Aug 2020
She offered to walk in my shoes, but hadn’t factored in the soul-destroying task of having to bend over and tie the laces every morning.
‘We're all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.’
- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
Emma Pals May 2019
How do you say,
'You make me want to die.'
Without destroying someone?
Isheanopa Zvobgo Mar 2019
You were my worst nightmare, dressed in all my favourite promises.

You are my own succubi robed in Answered Prayers,

Oh, Dear. I'll make a memory out of you.
stranger Jan 2019
How is it that
Is so good at
destroying themselves
We're all so good at ruining our own life
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