crawl into bed
coffee stained sheets
i don't fuck strangers
i don't bring tea to bed
not anymore
don't bring myself to bed
can't sleep in bed

isa Jun 24

you have overstayed your welcome
and im overdressed for summer
but its ok to sit here at this summit
and wonder, will there be another
because you know i do too
but we both feel the strain
from reaching out over mountains
to fumble at eachother
even when the sky is clear

and the wind is at our ears
im sorry ive never seen winters
sheen or autumns eyes
summer has never ended
and i cant bear another season
of tears

What is the best idea I've ever had?
Well, I made an essay template for likely lads,
So they would always be number one,
Their scholastic life has just begun,
Then I designed an adage,
Whatever happens,  I manage,
I designed a motto,
As I don't drink, nor get blotto,
"Good day to be alive, now smile!"
I'll invent something else, in a while!
So, what is the best idea you've ever had?
Let's all share, lassies and lads!

Feedback welcome.
Cecil Miller Mar 30

Yes, I've had a kiss before,
But never a kiss like this.
Never a kiss, if you get the jist,
A kiss that gives me bliss.

Yes, I've had a kiss before,
But such a kiss I've missed
That jellies my bones and makes me this.
So, really I've not been kissed

From my chimney to my spout
All my senses steam about.
All the while love is in style,
I know nought but this beguile.
My walls tumble, boundaries crossed,
Wicked wiles, innocence lost.

Yes, I've had a kiss before,
But never a kiss to list
Till I gained from your two lips
A kiss that gives me bliss.

I don't post as often anymore because I have been busy writing a novel, (romance this time, instead of gothic horror) but I hope to be contributing my poems to the great book in the weeks to come
RK Feb 20

My grandpa told me stories
When I was a little child
I listened with attention with eyes just opened wide.
I didn't fully understand I hadn't got a clue
He talked about a treasure chest
made from brass with a greenish hue.

Now can you step into my shoes and imagine how I felt
I sat in school and pondered might there be something of great wealth.
Then one day I said grandpa, please will you let me see.
He kissed me on the forehead
then told me he had no key.

When he saw the tears flow
he took me on his knee
Now let's go to the loft, we'll take a light to see.
And when I saw the velvet chest I laughed so joyously,
he said to me, "one day you'll know, magic and mystery."

I marvelled at its beauty of red and golden strands
The velvet was divine I touched  it with my hands
"Where is the key where is the key?" I yelled in ecstasy
He shook his head and said to me
"We'll come back in our stride."

He tried his best to tell to me tales from very long ago
And I just wouldn't  listen and yes he scold me so
This chest you see has been here, for many centuries
"We can't take heaven by storm "he said, "for Heaven  is given to thee."

And now this chest is in my home
It's in a sacred space
I can hear my grandpa's voice and see his adoring face
He truly is an angel who reminds me constantly
I listen to his words with attention consciously.

And still, I still imagine, the secret being revealed
And every day I create a beautiful new dream
I see the sun the moon and stars when I look inside of me.
And in joyous anticipation, in prayer I request the key.

Childhood grandpa magic joy revelation mystery. Imagination.
David P Carroll Nov 2016

O I'm alone again its only me
Alone again and lonely saddened
Forever searching for a true love but never finding her

Only sadness there was only sadness
Finding her was truly unbelievable always alone never happy

Sadness inside my heart it was always me
Dreaming of a love so strong always waiting but never finding her

My life is full of sadness only me only me crying for true love
Every day dreaming of a better tomorrow always hopeful of a better tomorrow

As I'm floating away in loneliness
Hurt heartache I'm saddened I'm truly alone

Then she comes into my life a bright smile so bright my heart feels love sent from above
I've smiled my heart racing faster than normal suddenly my life means something her love has brought me happiness and joy
When our two hearts join our love begins o I've truly found true love and it's a wonderful love never to forget I'm truly in love.

David P Carroll
I've Found True Love
David P Carroll Nov 2016

As she walks
Into my life
She takes away
My pain
You bring happiness
Sun shine and joy
O I was always in pain
I cry for your love
Never before have I ever
Felt a women's love
I'm grateful for your
Love you made me feel a better
Person in life I'm crying
For your love you loved me
Forever in life all I can say
Is I've stopped crying I'm truly in love
A love I've found in truly in love.
David P Carroll

David P Carroll
A Love Ive Found Im Truly In Love
Wyatt Sep 2016

What is the cost? What is the gain?
I don't think I'll ever be the same.
The sins in the back of my head
make me feel I am better off dead.
I've done wrong again.

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