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Melanie 1h
School weighs us down all the same
All this info leaves my brain
Is it worth it tryna play the same game?

Go here
Go there
Do anything anywhere
With a degree like a brand, take much care

Congrats, you made it

Welcome to this big, big world
Salary says your worth

Who am I to blame?

Rich or poor, south or north
Take my compliments and shove them through a door
Get tough my friend
You're not enough (if you got no degree)
How sad

School weighs us down all the same
All this info leaves my brain
Is it worth it tryna play the same game?

The game is being like ev'ry one else
Do well booksmart to be the best

All of these thoughts circulate my mind like a whirlwind.
I'm in HS and I feel a little intimidated about going to college. I'm not against the education system. I was describing how I feel inert, how I feel unmotivated, how I feel dormant about furthering my education (for now).
I now have happiness strangely within sadness I've been set In this mode so long I longer hurt so much

I fear reality more for
because that's uncertainty I'm used to the sadness I can deal with Its a reality
that's the problem

I've been trying to learn what I can cope with, and what I can't, and I've found Its reality I can't deal with I
feel I have no place In reality

But sadness there's a place with my wife but In truth, It's the physical side her not being with me In this
life that the sad part

So all my dreams and memory of Helen Is to where I can be happy again so why would I
want to move
Moving would mean putting all my memories my photos of Helen not write poems of her just to please someone else that I can't do

If anyone can understand
what I'm trying to say then
I will be pleased because I'll know I'm correct all I know Is If I try to forget the past

I hurt too much my dreams memory fantasies of Helen I'm a happy man so It's to there I'll stay happy writing my poems of Helen
It strange but feel better already God bless
Strange but I feel safe In my sadness It's reality I fear
If there is
a way
to happiness
I will do whatever it takes
to get there.
Over mountains and lakes,
oceans and trails,
I will get to happiness
no matter what
it takes.
It's somewhere out there...
He's a stranger
But not really
We're the closest
I tell him literally everything
He does too
We saved each other
From a black hole
Am really happy
He's there for me
I never felt this attached to someone
And for what he did for me
I will always do my best
To never let him go
To never let him down again
To never leave him alone
To always be there for him
To always comfort him
Whenever he needs me to
I have nothing to offer
But my love
And care
And attention
I will do anything for him
Just to make him happy again
Just like he did for me
I've never been this happy
Because of someone
And it's not love-love
But it's real
Cause i never cared this much
About a random person
May you always stay with me
So i could make a change
In you, your life
Just like you did mine
Johnny walker Feb 10
I'm Drifting through lives everyday troubles by the
Memories of my once sweetheart and
my dreams that will carry me through the struggles of this ever-changing world
I'm closing my eyes for I no longer want to see the way we are destroying our world along with the future of our
for we are leaving them nothing but a polluted world a planet that's days to the end are closing
I'm closing my eyes and remembering how my life as a kid was so different for me not the pressure of present-day
we're kid had time to play as kids but now pushed to learning far too early In
So they won't grow up with  the memories as I did playing as a kid guess I'll go back to drifting through every trouble of
with memories and dream of Helen to escape from reality and the uncertainties of a life ruined by the very humans
who live
A world were the days of end are closing fast
Born like other
I also have Mother
i am teacher
i am teacher
some call me call teacher
Some call me cheater
Do u know I also am sweeter....
Some call me weird
But to make your son best
i always tried
To imped evils
from the side of devils....
I saved your sibling from waste
I am the Teacher I never Haste
I never Fuss what money I get
I give u my life and U BET !!!
I nourish your son
When you yourself shun...
Still you treat me like a best !!!!
You Slaughter my Heart and Cook your feast !!
Still never mind
Teacher  preacher
Arianna Jan 23
We meet again! One last time,
My dear Parallel Line,
Exchanging shy smiles.

You hand me the tea,
As I hold out the money:
"Nah, it's on us today."

But I put all of it
(And then some)
In the tip jar anyway.

Your kindly, sincere grin,
Still brings a warmth to my skin,

And I wonder if you realize how brightly
The quiet gentleness of your demeanor

Ay, ay! Guillaume, if only
We'd been friends
Earlier, back then...
Visited a favorite haunt earlier and was fortunate to briefly catch up with and say goodbye to someone I still wish I'd gotten to know better when time really allowed. I have written about this person before in two other poems: "Guillaume (Café du Matin)", and "Crescendo con Moto".

Hélas, mais c'est la vie... :-)
Quiet Justin Jan 22
DarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDa­rkness Darkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arkness Darkness
                            There is always light in the DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness Darkness
Johnny walker Jan 21
Sat at side of my wife Hospital bed sat holding her hand for last
Desperately trying to hide my tears hidden behind shaded glasses trying my best to comfort
through the final hours of life twenty she had been my wife gifted me a wonderful
Then slowly feeling the grip of her hand slipping away my darling was falling to endless sleep never to see her no
but hope she made It to where she heading the last time I saw my darling
Last moments of Helens Life
hope she made It to where she was heading the last time I saw
Sweety Jan 18
Rain can not wash away my love for you..
Sunset can not take away your shadow from me..
Wind cannot take away your breath from me..
Bruises cannot take away your touch from me..
Wine cannot take away your memories..
Time cannot make me forget you..
you are always with my every smile, in my every tear, in my every thought, in my every feel.. in my every hope..
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