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hazem al jaber Aug 2021
There ...

there ...
my heart was live ...
there ...
it traveled ...
there with you ...
sweetheart ...
i live with a hope ...
there ...
is my silence ...
there where my love....
reveals about the passion ..
that i can hear ...
only about you ...

there sweetheart ...
i 'm living ...
and feeling the love ...
with you ...

i'm always ...
traveling ...
wherever you be ...

good morning ...

hazem al ...
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
There ...

to there ...
there ...
where no one ...
there ..
where only me ...
and my words ...
and your shinny eyes ...
which it bright up ...
my dark lonely night ...
to dream of you ...
as our dream ...
that we together ...
dreamt ...
to be both always ...
as the promise we took ...
to spend the whole life ...
there ...
lonely ...
just ...
me and you ...
to enjoy only ...
our love  ...
as we always ...
talked about ...
and as my all poems ...
which i wrote ...
only for you ...

here i am sweetheart ...
writing ...
and waiting for you ...

hazeem al ...
Khoi May 2021
I see birds fly
from this concrete predicament
faces in ****** hands
I hurt and I cry
my hands are wet
on Pilates plateau
a place where bugs die.
Someone hear me -
now that he’s gone,
he’s gone for good.
Someone see me
through this airless night,
for the monster I am when I turn out the light..
Someone believe me...
when I say my thoughts are stark,
treacherous and dark.
Someone tell me,
a kind word or
a soft humming song.
Someone hold me -
back from tempting abuse,
for I’m dying to cut loose.
Someone give me -
a half arsed wave or a fraudulent smile,
a ******* reason to stay alive.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2021
Shame stalks me like shadows
On my heels
Put myself through so much torture
Must like the way it feels

Blame you for depression
I know that isn't true
Because I already struggled
Before I lost you

Words you whispered walk through skull
Play phrases on repeat
Conscious of fact I'll never hear them again
Whimper in defeat

In midst of motionless self-pity
Chaos indetectably brews
Conflicted between sticking up for myself
Or withstanding more mistakes I'll excuse

A stillness appeared a moment
As quickly as arrived it is gone
Built on instability
Cannot trust pavement I tread upon

Rippling across distance
Wind melodic
Fabric of time and space silky soft
Not quite as soft as your skin

A trail of kisses leads to
By my moseying mouth
In turn undress me til body is bare
Slowly work your **** sin south

Bars of piano play symphonies
Resounding from the middle of my mind
Waves rolling in and out with the current
Notes are far more tender and kind

I let myself bask in bittersweet glow
Melting due to warmth of total bliss
Voice has never sounded so smooth
Collision never like this

My being joining in rhythm
Tangling until we are one
We remain connected by flesh
Some time after we are done

Eventually guilt emerges
Torn between directions
Why must head and my heart
Inhabit different sections?

I long to be with you
I'm afraid as soon as you know I care
Feelings will fade when I close my eyes
Open them and again you won't be there
Its the same thing over and over again
Man Jan 2021
i open up to you
though at times, you make me regret it
we're friends, it's true
and yet, every now and then i forget it
you're here for me
and i'm here for you
so i wish your love for me
weighed as heavily
as the pain and trauma
July Gray Dec 2020
when I look in the mirror
i'm startled to see

I scrub off the pen lines
odd bits of makeup
all that's left is me

I stand there
bare and trembling
these are the pieces of me
and maybe I'm starving

but at least
I can feel myself smiling
these are the marks of my survival
so this how I've gotten this far
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Stars twinkle above the mess both have made
As if unaware of destruction
Dawn will arrive without fail
Enhancing our deconstruction

Unavoidable pain
Birds mock with their cheerful song
Own voice hardly croaks a hoarse whisper
When I speak words all sound wrong

Sweet memories comfort briefly
Blown up in my distressed brain
Soothe the open wounds I nurse
The sorrows still remain

My heart continues beating
Noise the only indication
Suffering from the devastating effects
Brought by sudden desolation

On a desperate quest for understanding
Roads I walk lead to nowhere
Promised to stay and love me forever
I need you most and you're not there
What's worse is you pretend like you still love me and care but if that was true you would be here
Maria Etre Oct 2020
The confessional between my body and the world
is in my hand
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