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The confessional between my body and the world
is in my hand
Ruheen Sep 26
Halfway there
Then I turn around
Start walking west
But I hit the ground

And I don't get back up
I turn to my side
Elbow underneath
As the I watch the Sun pry

The gravel digs in
I turn on my back
Lie on my arm
Make it all pitch-black

I keep 'em open
When I hear sounds
Engines revving
It's about to go down

I crawl outta the way
My palms scraped and ******
Was lying on the dirt
But my jeans got muddy

Lights fly past
They show me a way
So I tie up my hair
And start walking straight

I'm still halfway there
But I turn my feet
Start walking north
Now there's grass underneath

How could one find me,
In this mess of a field?
Amanda Sep 12
I never listen
Never remember details
I am never there
I try to be but it feels like I am never enough
Noaki Aug 8
Most of my lonely nights
I sit by the window side
And look up and smile at the stars
Cause I see you up there
Valerie Jul 27
''And that night, I came home pale and broken. My heart was broken in leaving you there with no answers. When I looked at you for the last time, confused and disappointed, it was as if the brightness of life had been extinguished. There was only sadness for months. Any trace of your memories weakened my body. You liked coffee, I stopped drinking it. You pedaled your bike, and I lost my balance. We were in that bookstore and I was never able to buy there again. What if I forgot you today? It would be a gift. Now you are consciously raw, and I am inconsolable sorry''
I'm too old for that
Fifehanmi Jul 23
She was there when "her" fiancé left her in the middle of the night a week to their wedding.

She was there when "he" came knocking on her door in the dread of the night seeking solace and a place to lay his burden.

She was there when "she" came seeking for help and a shoulder to lean on.

She was there when he needed someone to listen to his bitter tales and offer comfort.

She was there when their world came crashing down, she built a better place for them.

But when she needed them to do the same for her, they weren't there.
rosie Jun 13
don't count on me being there

wherever "there" is

and don't hang onto the idea
that people stay forever

but remember you'll always have
someone there

perhaps not I, but someone different,
someone better
People change, it's sadly inevitable.
Soni May 6
I wish to heal, not get burned again

I wish to not re-open my wounds,

But rather let old scars fade

I don’t want to be unhappy

I have the privilege of knowing where my happy place is

Alas, there I cannot go, here I must reside
sometimes our safe haven is temporarily closed, so where do i go?
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