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Dr Zik Apr 2021
Come towards my Lord!
A Zinet to escape from Covid19.
Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Blue coloured eyes she has ,
which takes me away from this
colourful world into the depth of the blue sea ,
indicating the depth of her love and affection towards me.

Talkative eyes she has ,
which takes me away from this noisy world into the depth of the conversation ,
indicating the depth of her care and thinking towards me.

Shining eyes she has ,
which takes me away from this glamour world into the depth of the shining stars in the sky ,
indicating the depth of her hope and expectations towards me.
This is my first published work from my school magazine.I owe this to my English Teacher , " Mrs. Namita Shridhar " , who approached me by herself to give her any of my written works for the school magazine.
And when I handed over my work to her , she just asked me that ' have you written this by yourself ? ' and I replied , ' yes ma'am ' and she then didn't even said a single word.
keneth May 2019
do you stop and wonder
why youre always so empty
but did you try to look for answers
or you just always let it be;
a storm with its quiet thunders

if you say you're happy
why do you feel just cracks
instead of smiles

pacing in the wrong places
trying to fill in those empty spaces
make your heart walk
and let the feet talk
our feet will always walk towards happiness whatever shoes we put on
Mehek May 2019
Running makes me obscure
like the lone wind on a shallow shore
limbs rumbling
heart clenching
I feel alive.
why is the only thing that makes me want to die also the thing that makes me feel  alive?
Colm Apr 2019
I am a bubble fluctuating
On its way to the surface, evaluating
How it will be to be one with sky again, once I am out of the sea
I’ll be bursting free and culminating into a timeless cloud
Into the air which was always meant to be me
Yes, towards the surface I go to be free
Free - Bubble
In life you go through changes
You can either grow with them
Or you can stay the same
No matter what you gotta grow and maintain to make change
All change matters
JJ Inda Nov 2018
The vast expanse
is worrisome.
The search is futile,
in the end is all very foolish.
Knowledge allows the proposition
that there’s a lot we’ll never know.
While ignorance is loud and obnoxious,
completely unaware of it’s shortcomings.
The struggle
takes place in between.
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