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the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
word  stopped
as you gazed

it feared
to be told

and was pronounced
was  wrong

so it stopped
no word can describe your smart
Demicci May 2019
Fear, Time
Love, Death
Physical, Mental
All the existence is connected
to one single center.
The Center of the biggest,
But the slightest
Compare to our lifeless.
Today you breathe and tomorrow,
you will just drift.
This is my short version of my life.
amanda Mar 2019
your lungs inhale war
against the foundations of your ribs;
bursting bones heard from within.

lamentation conquers
with its sharp-edged desolation
leaving fragmented skin throughout

friction between you
and the false reflection
echo consequences.

you were a misled mistake
tricked of glory & feared by contentment.
you are whole and apart
and everything in-between.
Crystal Nov 2018
They’re all out
Noone can hear
The quiet sobs
You left hanging in the air

The blood drips
Down your arm
You breathe deeply
Unable to stay calm

You cry quietly
Hoping for a day
That there are no lies
Where you have to say your okay

They’re all back
Now you're scared
That they will find
What you’ve feared
With evil claws and teeth I chew the little wicked knights I slew. They enter one by one, as I burn them down to the ground for fun.
My fiery breath I breathe to melt their shields upon their feet and open my maw to eat my treats, oh what tasty meats.
Bring me more gold my shiny fearless little hunks of meat for I am to be feared the dragon which is revered.
I cannot be slain I will not be tamed for I am the red dragon that is renowned in fame.
Michael Robert Triska copyright, april 2018, this poem was made for a 5e dungeon & Dragons game
rachel huberty Dec 2017
i don't want to be a flower
something to be plucked and looked at
i want to be a groundswell, a mighty wave
or a ravenous forest fire
i don't want to be adored
i want to be feared
this poem is loosely based off of the fictional character nina zenik from the six of crows duology by leigh bardugo. heavy emphasis on loosely.
Ryan Hoysan Sep 2016
When people ask what's wrong
I'm just going to tell them it's a long story
Because I really really don't want to tell people the whole story
Because that story
Now comes to an end...
It's over. Exactly what I feared would happen did and I have no way to recover. ****...
Lark Train Jan 2016
Sudden intimacies
Old missed opportunities
And a
Woman who should've known
Exactly when I'm not my own.

She strikes like a viper,
Shoots to ****, like a ******.
And she
Quickly has disappeared
Confirming what I had most feared.
The song Clocks by Coldplay was the inspiration for this one. I used the rhythm and meter to create these two verses.
Lynn Greyling Dec 2014
I  am  a  sight  so  sorrowful
I  cannot  bear  to  think,
what  ­little  children  feel
when  they  stumble  upon  me.

When  I  n­od  to  show  them
what  my  intentions  are,
they  turn  and  ru­n  from  me
and  watch  me  from  afar.

When  I  smile  and  bec­kon
them,  to  come  to  me,
I  sadly  have  to  see
them  cringe  a­nd  cry out loud.

When  I  beg  them  to  stop
and  listen  to  my  song,
they  look  at  one  another  
and  stare  at  me  in  awe.

Oh ­ why  can’t  they  come  closer
to  see  my  beady  eyes
a-blinki­ng  with  my  tears
wherein  my  sorrow  lies?

Oh  why  can’t  they  come  close  e­nough
to  see  my  shoulders  frail,
bent  forward  by  the  wind­
and  rain  and  storm  and  hail?

Oh  why  cannot  they  see
my­  body  hanging  limp,
a  lifeless  shapeless  pity
with  only  w­ithered  hope?

A  sad  and  lonely  scarecrow
standing  in  a  lonesome  field,
destined  to  spend  my  days
­in  endless  sorrowful  ways.
Sometimes a role necessary to fulfill is not recognised by anyone as being worthy.
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