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Dark Dream May 21
Yeah yeah I see it now
Your cold embrace
And sweat on the brow

Sure sure it might have been
The sleepless night
Full of wicked sin

Blah blah was your last line
Into a wasteland
And here’s my sign
Out open in a paddy feild
A kingfisher rests silent
As the vigilant eye searched
Bright blue feathers glistened

But not a prey to be found
Is he in wrong territory
Or is he just resting
On his mighty long journey

As it flew to a near by tree
Wings spreaded wide it dives
The glide resembling a perfect parabola
From a wire to a tree
It lands precise, beak straight

An eagle hunts with its claws
and dives unimaginable heights
A king fisher dives from low
And never misses

A name well deserved
with an uncompromising colour
As a king indeed he flew
saw a kingfisher bird
You make me believe in romcoms again.
You’re the one I wouldn’t run away from.
I am sure of you because I’ve never needed perfect moments with you.
I don’t need to stand underneath a mistletoe or fireworks to kiss you.  
I don’t need a romantic evening to want you.
I don’t need a weekend of activities to enjoy   you.
I don’t need a good joke to laugh at you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel grocery shopping with you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel cleaning the house with you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel disagreeing with you.
I am sure of you because of how much I love the mundane things of life with you.
"One step at a time is enough to get you there."
Nikolas Aug 2020
I cannot wait.
My lucid dreams now resemble reality as we strive to make progress,
The movement that is apparent, I have never sensed in children like us.

I may not wait.
I may just take you in the moment, if it's possible to take you dancing tonight, why wouldn't I?

I am very sure.
Time is no limit today, nor tomorrow, weeks go by yet your presence is closer, I am sure, I am here, I am there, and you come with me.

I've never been happier.
No other could change my mind or threaten me, I'm closer and always will be, we've grown up to be somebody, if one person could be two bodies.
jules kerleen Apr 2020
i’ve fallen in love
in the most wonderful, perfect and loving way with the person that simply lights up my soul
he just makes me happy in ways that i’ve never felt before i met him

but he doesn’t love me back
it’s unrequited love
how tragically romantic
he’s always confused and i know that he’s just saying that because he feels bad and I can’t do anything about that at all

there’s no way to change how another person feels
and I, in some way, just have to accept my fate that I will have to go through a heartbreak to slowly and surely let him go
that’s just a way of life.

but all the nights, all the days, all the memories that I’ve truly lived through, that I’ve grown through, they can’t just go away
someone can’t just fall out of love
colette alexia Mar 2020
He said he's never danced without music before
He tells me that he'll miss me when he'll see me tomorrow
He said in all his life he's never been more sure
That I have an ease about me that makes him comfortable
He said, "The city lights can dim the moon,
But there exist no lights that could outshine you."
I'm still learning his emotions
What it is that sets him off
He said he's been waiting for a while
But for me this happened all at once
Trying to make sense of all the feelings that I've felt
No lights ignite the path to a heart's recovery of health
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