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jules kerleen Apr 18
i’ve fallen in love
in the most wonderful, perfect and loving way with the person that simply lights up my soul
he just makes me happy in ways that i’ve never felt before i met him

but he doesn’t love me back
it’s unrequited love
how tragically romantic
he’s always confused and i know that he’s just saying that because he feels bad and I can’t do anything about that at all

there’s no way to change how another person feels
and I, in some way, just have to accept my fate that I will have to go through a heartbreak to slowly and surely let him go
that’s just a way of life.

but all the nights, all the days, all the memories that I’ve truly lived through, that I’ve grown through, they can’t just go away
someone can’t just fall out of love
He said he's never danced without music before
He tells me that he'll miss me when he'll see me tomorrow
He said in all his life he's never been more sure
That I have an ease about me that makes him comfortable
He said, "The city lights can dim the moon,
But there exist no lights that could outshine you."
I'm still learning his emotions
What it is that sets him off
He said he's been waiting for a while
But for me this happened all at once
Trying to make sense of all the feelings that I've felt
No lights ignite the path to a heart's recovery of health
When you get bored
I won't blame you for it
Instead I'll remind you of what once made you sure
Tori Danielik Dec 2019
My temple is now tainted
With pretty white roses and a new fragrance
Don’t worry dear,
It will be gone soon

Isn’t it funny how black and white it was?
And now with the sunrise comes gray foggy mornings
Holding your breath as you hold in your stories
And immediately let them spill out

Suppose it were a key to the new you
Or I am just finally free of myself?
You still miss the white roses
But you won’t say that anymore
The sequel to, “Untouched.”
sunshine Nov 2019
blocked, deleted, trashed, and gone

these are the things so far I've done

to take you out of my life for good

because God only knows just what you did
never sure
always unsure
but I did it anyways

Masha Yurkevich Oct 2019

It's ok to make a

It's a
not to try.

AvengingPoet Oct 2019
Promise me this,
My breath is shaking,
An unwillingness to grieve,
One, two, three times,
Won’t get em’
No they won’t

Spirit of fairness
No we don’t have that
Cutthroat attitudes for a Pretty Penny
Morbid Grand Displays

Material world is unsanitary
My breath is shaking
An unwillingness to grieve
One, two, three times
Won’t get em’
No they won’t
Promise me this.
lovelywildflower Sep 2019
i'm unsure of a lot of things, but never you. i'm sure about you.
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