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V4N1 Jan 25
Note of a piano
Noises from an instrument
Noises that I know
Unfamiliar to my brain.

A line of music
Noises from a song
Noises that I picked
Never remember anything long.

A piece of poetry
Words from literature.
Words that I wrote
And I'm not even sure.
Pete King Jan 20
I'm not quite sure how I got here,
Or why your stare makes fear feel safe.
It's like you can read the aura of me,
But maybe you just read my face.

You cling on tightly to my hand,
And search for secrets in it's embrace.
But, you'll find no truth in reading my palm,
It's all written upon my face.

I'm not courageous, and nor am I bold.
But hey, at least I've got your hand to hold.
polka Nov 2018
Looking down the corridor I see a
door that's being held open for a
man who wears two eye patches, a
frown seen somehow in the dark
outline of his silhouette-

I don't get how he's doing that, what? huh?

Tearing through the crowd of men looking down
I see a dent in the ground and I
narrowly step to avoid the
hollow tile, my eyes widen
I realize that he's gone-

Why was this man walking blind so strangely?

Then I see, everyone has left this place
I pace looking for a space to see
just how everyone has left me, I
can't fathom what magic, where,
where does this corridor lead?

The door reads: "To my friends I left behind."

How asinine.
messing with syllables and stuff idk
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Look, the blue sky arch
is up until now
an upside-down cup!
The juicy bit, for sure,
is down on the veiled earth.
We talked for a day
I was instantly in love
But there's no way
Is this really love

Just the thought of her
Sends me shivers
But I can't be sure
Until I kiss her
A really sloppy poem
city of flips Oct 2018
he introduces himself
saying quiet, but slipping in, firm:

“something he knows for sure,
no is no”

I, (19, f)

replying, smiling
saying louder, firmer:

“something she knows for sure,
yes is yes”

and he says

“yes, ma’am,”

returning her smile, so shyly,
while blushing, so loudly,
thinking he said something dumb,
looking down at his shuffling feet,
covered in worn out cowboy boots

I like this guy
I like this man.
vbdulrhman Sep 2018
maybe I'm exactly like you
but I'm not you
and I'm not sure
Gods1son Sep 2018
When I thought my life was going to end
You made it a glorious bend
When my back was against the wall
Your strength made me stand tall
When my enemy came and I was about to yield
You showed up as my shield
At the points of maximum stress
In You, I found fortress
When the wind was boisterous and fierce
You showed up with your peace
When there was no one to run to
You were there to see me through
When I felt totally caged and seemed to be no way
You came through and made a way!
When your sure trust and dependence is God, He always come through!
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
I’m confused.
Confused about how I feel about you.
I can’t remove my smile when you text.
I can’t help but blush when they make jokes.
I’m confused.
I’m not sure how I feel.
CP Aug 2018
I’m in the pool dancing and then I’m not
My mind is far and my body is static
I stand there but where?
I’m so lost but I haven’t moved

I’m at the bar talking and then I’m not
My mind is travelling and my body is marble
the words stop coming because I’m not here
But where am I?

I’m reading, devouring the chapter and then I’m Not
My eyes glitter over and my body remains

I travelled away but I don’t know where
Any empty true nothing
The world moved and progressed
The people around me walked and talked
But I stood there fixed
Thinking of nothing
Going anti clock wise in a wave of progression

I’m disassociating again. I don’t know why I don’t know where
And all I seem to do is glare
maybe into the nothingness , maybe into the past

I’m writing rhymes in my pad and then I’m not
the pen and the lines evanesce
I’d like to come back.
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