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I used to wonder
Spend my time daydreaming
Wishing she would
Reciprocate my feelings
But now I know
Now I have no doubt
I know exactly
How she feels about me now
It's pretty clear. It's pretty **** clear.

If only...

if only,

if only,

if only.

But it's always

more than just that.

Amazing how time has just passed me by all my past fast falling away all now seem's
a life time away another world
The older I get time goes faster than the day before memory not so good so many things In my head beginning to fade fast
Childhood memories are becoming quite vague seems a million years ago almost
as If another
And to what I do remember I'm left wondering to where did all the rest go every time I fall to sleep memory fade
a little
And soon I guess there will
be nothing of memory left at
all I can't think of anything worse than loosing one's
Johnny walker Aug 22
Tomorow just another day for now days that do no
more than come and go with very little In
Coming days soon to be forgotten lost In the passing of time not much to do or say
In a world now filled with almost
total silence for now there's only me often find I'm talking to myself often unsure what to do In world now full of madness
Dharker Aug 21
Have you ever left yourself
On and on, the thought keeps
It reoccurs every so often
That then
When we get distracted
you loose sight
of that particular moment
It occurs then
maybe it wasn't as important
As you thought...
Yet you can't help
but wonder
why you thought it once was
a thought now gone...
Left Foot Poet Mar 2017
She, my cutter,
my body, her cutting,
with tongue and finger nail,
any handy human implement,
she sculpts me to
her eye's configuring delight

she, grabs my wrist,
and my face
by her hands embraced,
unblemished once
now becomes scarred tissued,
no guise, no lies, no bearded mask,
no disguise -
all forsaken
hidden hardened skin,
speckled red/white translucent,
she kisses with adoration her
heart designed
objet d'art

no better blade than she,
with every cut,
transformed, she becomes
my devotee,
I, her escapee,
I am her, she is me,
inseparable, my every command,
she obeys*
for our love cuts both ways
Osiria Melody Aug 15
Pulverise me, please
Suffering relentlessly
No need for a warning sign
I am a danger to society
My eyes ignite a phantom
fire of agony against my
I want to ****** them all,
tear up their flesh to

                                                 Your enemies are not your “friends”,
                                                 those toxic voices that deem you

Nothing’s wrong with me
My definition of ethical
doings lay in obscurity
Call me the one who
wronged you all,
But you all wronged me,
for neglecting me
What is selfish about
standing up for what is
important to me?

                                                What’s important is that you’re still
                                                 breathing and I know that this world has
                                                 left you disheartened

Me, me, me, I could go on
forever until fiveever
You cannot stop me, for
I am hurting
I just want out of my peril
Please, pulverise me
Just come on
Do it right now
I want to die

                                               No, I will not let you leave
                                               I am no therapist, but you are therapy to
                                               Your sorrows affect me as well,
                                               But you inspire, motivate, push me to ****
                                               Until strength is the only thing that I can
                                               turn to
                                               This world will always be unforgiving,
                                               But you complete me

—                                                           ­                                         
Melody                 ­                                                                 ­         
(Please read this poem in landscape if you're on a mobile device.)
This piece touches upon the hopeless voice that I once had, which is on the left. My hopeful voice is on the right. Ironically, my internal enemies, which were my dangerous thoughts, evoked my positive voice and made me stronger. I'm always here for anyone who needs someone to talk to. You may talk to me about anything.
Do you think
More people
Will start
Shuffle for
Tarot readings?
Seanathon Aug 7
I miss the way we used to sit
How you'd fall asleep on my shoulder cold

How you quietly would look at me, and I at you, because we'd know

I miss the everyday secret things
Which we used to do and could've been

With a oneness and once unified breath
I miss these more than anything
Missing miss
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