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I know where I'm heading for, I know my goals now In life, for they are so very clear to
Where once I couldn't see
blinded by my grief but now at least I see a
Sometimes In life one
sadly has to go through tragedy to then find again
of still belonging for
you feel left out In the cold when your loved passes
You know life will never be the same but you have to move on with your
But still keeping all your memories and all of those
lovely dreams
carry on through all of your remaining days for once truly loved to never to be forgotten
When you have been truly loved then you'll never be forgotten true never dies true love dosen't have an end
I never thought to love again but two ladies In one lifetime  both equally
I never
have thought to be Terry In this life, and Helen now In the next, but It true, Oh yes It's
For Terry had a calling she said didn't know just why but needed after
a tribute poem written by me to wife, she felt her the need to look out for
But I think now I have the answer Helen sent a message to Terry from somewhere out afar
saying I can no longer look after my
Oh Terry please look out him cause I love him so, Oh yes I love him, Terry and I have become
such good
so naturally, It seems as If friends we were meant to be until we both go
Oh yes until Terry and I we both go home, forever friends that what we shall forever be, until
we both go
This Is actually more like
a song a tribute two very special ladies In my life
both have saved me from a sad and what have been a very lonely life
is playing on
the radio. I don't
know why I'm starting to
get tears in my eyes. Perhaps it's
all those things that you said
when you used to pull
me close and

I love you more than ever.
while the debate goes on and on,
as to which country has the longest, continuous
democratic parliament, have it on on good authority
that the subject above,
is it better to love your kids too much than not enough?
was the first among all temporal discussions ever held,
despite periodic tabling, the debate remains unresolved,
the question unsettled even after 1000 years+ of argumentation

when over time, Universal Adult Suffrage finally came to be,
the debate became renewable, enflamed, divisive most contentiously,
various coming down on each side of a point of view topically

since mother, father and child, i.e.
pretty much everyone, definitionally,
claimed total expertise,
and sparing the rod was deemed by most to be illegally,
no plebiscite, amendment or ballot initiative was resolved resolutely,
the beat goes on continuously as new children reach voting age, sagaciously repeating their view, personally

my view?

I’ve tried both and failed equally
so I’ve little to contribute,
so let it be stated in manner unequivocally,
the sweet sensibility says too well,
but helicopters crash and monied snowplows
run over other both their own and others better deserving,
leaving all of them buried in snow piles street side,
while those who blame their faults on insufficient love,
are later most demanding more attention than any,
having becoming painfully hardy, by being treated hard about,
******* themselves and worse to others

everyone knows the answer to this question for themselves
but I’ll leave you with this,
permitting a child to fail is a winning strategy,
as long as there is no legal limit
regarding the amount or frequency
on lifetime hugging
fo SY
Seanathon Mar 15
Better than any disconnect
Any night of sleep
Any day of unease
Better still is the pouring of water
On an eventual seed
Which will turn with the sun in the sky
Into a creative tree
Which grows and thrives above my eyes
Better it is than any of these
What It's Like
Kamimi Mar 12
Lost in space and whine of mind,
Too much to feed this limited time,
Shattered like lightning when it touches pine,
Cage closing in, reflection colder than crime.
memoona kazmi Mar 11
here you go,
take a sip of your words,
chew them with patience,
swallow them,
and now tell me,
how do they taste,
salute me,
i have been swallowing them for such a long time
*** to me Is not a good word It means getting what you want regardless of your partner needs
But making love now that's two words but words that says It all making love means shared tending your partner
what pleasures them regardless of your own needs you first please your partner then you reap your
because then you both  have your pleasures together just as should
so to me making love Is the perfect two words to describe what Is truly beautiful
Two words rather than one making love as posed to *** meaning getting what one wants making love shared caring about each other pleasures no selfishness
Saint Audrey Mar 6
Stay true to your mind
Inner calm, inner calm
Buckling under pressure
Stay true to yourself
A few minutes
All these questions



Inner calm

It's cold
It's too ******* cold
It's getting worse

What's that?
I think it's the door
I focus on that little worming, niggling voice
In the back of my throat

There's no point.
No one can take my dreams, for they are
more like dreams of
my future
I'll take Helen with me she'll always be with
me In spirit for
I know that Is the way
forward for me and
since that decision I'm
much the better for
I start a new life but
with Helen with me
In all I do I'm smiling
as I write, my decision made
It's almost a release for
me, In truth we never really left each Helen
was simply the best I would rather
move forward with her memories than to move
forward with nothing
at all
Better to have loved and lost than not have loved at
No one can take away my dreams but my dreams have become more like dream of my future Im keeping Helen me In spirit and happy
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