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Spriha Kant Oct 2020
Imbibing books is far more easier than imbibing humans.
Àŧùl Sep 2020
The absurdity of modern poets.
They don't use the rhyme scale,
But they use many cuss words.
And they think writing suchlike,
They look cooler than their peers.
My HP Poem #1885
©Atul Kaushal
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020
I heartily say thank you to my mother...
Who gave me surprise gift of hello poetry...
My soul is so much happy today...
I want to express it in my 1st poetry...
Thank you my dear mother...

I left my poetry...
And deleted my account...
Due to my aim...
But poetry is my passion...
I don't live happy without it...
I cried loudly after deleting my account...
But my mother couldn't see to me depressed...
So, she gave my surprise gift of hello poetry...

Thank you mummy
thanks a
the biggest gift of my life
i promise to you on today....
i will give you all the happiness of your life
Balaguer Jul 2020
No one will ever know how much I miss the rays of the sun
Give me the square root of pi,
there is an approximate estimate.
You will never believe that I love you,
how sad is it that my life has to go on?
If I had one wish for my entire life,
I would skip this life to see you again.
when will you leave my heart?
my heat,
I received your sunlight like a violet
where are you?
Your passion for me made
the grass zephyr,
I am the grass,
withering away.

I lost sight
May. 7th, 2015 02:09 pm
Left Foot Poet Jul 2020
my cutter,
my body, her cutting board

sliced by tongue and fingernail,
any handy human implement,
she sculpts me to
her eye's reconfiguring delight

grabs my wrist,
and my face
in her hands grasp-embraced

unblemished once,
now becomes all scarred tissued,
no guise, no lies, no bearded mask,
no disguise - all forsaken

hidden hardened skin,
speckled red/white translucent,
she kisses with adoration her
heart designed
objet d'art

no better blade than she,
with every cut,
transformed, she becomes
my devotee,
I, her escapee,
I am her, she is me,
inseparable, my every command,
she obeys

for our love
cuts both ways
InkHarted May 2020
a man wonders why
like a cage a single meaning is trapped
to a symbol of many faces
like moonshine being time for a romance
for it is also when the predators hunt,
a man wonders why like a fox the world is written
and like a rabbit we fall for its snares
people ignore to see our symbol of peace
murdering a wee lil worm,
how is it a prison is meant to keep things locked inside
when its actually keeping people out of our reach
how religion breaks war
and love fosters hate
why are we blinded like bats
and why are we deafer than snakes.
by showing forth even the poets blindness to his own usage of symbolism as he uses similes and metaphors to show there are no such things proves the theme of the poem as a paradox and self-contradictory piece
Light Feb 2020
If the tip of your nose freezes
on the walk home tonight,
embrace the pain.
Don't wish it away.

It just means that
your nerves still have endings
your skin is thick enough
your body isn't pretending

it still gives a f*.
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2019

I'm ending this day
knowing that my
are higher than my

I'm not hungry, and I'm not cold.
I'm not homeless and I'm not alone.
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