A busy gun takes lives
Silent leaders do worse
Voice your pain or get blessed with a curse
Blood shed Schools
We elected fools
Wrong leaders to lead us
Pushing useless agenda’s
While feeding us propaganda
Halls covered red
thousands of innocent people killed
At the expense of gun reform laws
Watching news with dropped jaws
We sit in silence
while the voiceless die for peace
at least one shooting every week
congress & president mild and meek
whatever they might do or say
no blame goes to the NRA

that keeps abusing the 2nd amendment
     who needs militias today?!
and thanks to that sleazy arrangement
more students weekly fall prey

to psychopaths in our states
whose weapons open the gates
to free indiscriminate killing
thanks to our politicians unwilling

to forego all the boons
they receive from their insane tycoons
The recent high school  shooting in Santa Fe, TX, is the 20th school shooting in the 20th week of 2018 .... who tf wants to attend (high) school in the USA any more?!
When a stroke killed their own
A shadow from afar
Left a tiny gray spark
Kid hanging from his feet
Begging for mercy
Begging for life
Blood bursting out of his veins
While wings of murderer spread in delight
While his face, paralyzed with fear
And others crying in panic

His heart stopped beating
His lungs ran out of air
His body stopped fighting
And nobody tried to dare
I was your fuel

You were my drain
I was your blessing
You were my lesson

I was your cure

You were my disease

I was saving you

You were killing me

- I was calming your soul, you were stirring mine
Bryce Apr 27
I load my silver tongue with brass
crass and hollowed-points may be my nature
Cock my thoughts, take aim
and with plosive sputter,
sling my brain
with metal hatred

Fling my words in forked contention,
misattribute my cold-hearted intentions,
with passion a fervor holds convection,
'Till pride produce the bituminous heavens

But still,
with marksman's gaze will you free my lies,
your scope of view between the ghostly sights
and trigger a sensationalist enterprise
for which all my lies will bleach
From red to white,
Tartarous sheen

There are words severed from man,
and as they hang their heads for the guillotine,
has any body stopped to ask,
"What do they mean"?

But the wheel cannot cease revoluting,
just as the rifle cannot beget its shooting,
Without the fatal trace of careful phrase,
fingered around the triggered maze
These words will fly
hot metal and lye
Awash the bloody floor of dissident
and acidic representation

Till all the light of spoken rhyme,
will dine upon the littered flames
SelinaSharday Apr 27
Action ..wrong attraction
It stopped my working, my interactions..
My satisfactions.
It stopped my eating my sleeping. my wanting my being..
His pain left blood stains.
And shuttering crashings deadly kinda pains.
Wrong companions
left children calling. heart beats stalling.. families falling
Tender hearts reaching..
Love ones seeking..
Justice bleeding..
dreams misleading.
He killed her after he had loved her..
The actions..unfair.
Didnt he care.
He was internally bleeding yet no one was seeing.
Didnt stop the bleeding.
Now we all are bleeding,
we all are crying.. more hearts feel like dying.
Killing kinda connections..
use of weapons.
Slayed by guns.
Bad attractions.
by selinasharday rose..S.A.M All rights reserved
A families loss..A son with a weapon in bleeding hearts hands. Boy loves a girl it falls apart. children left with out a parent, a mother grieves a son/daughter.
how do we see tragedy before its too late. How do we save a broken heart from deadly decisions.
Sasha Raven Apr 26
With you, every day, I am just killing loneliness ...
Have to go, why you do not believe in His Holiness???
Now, feelings are buried, like a dead body in a tomb,
was even ''lonely'', when I was in my mother's womb ...
She has turned all my emotions into the cold stone,
do not need your ''venomous'' kiss, I need to be alone ...
An ''angel'' and ''goddess'', you deserve so much better,
if you want, we can stay in touch with a weekly letter ...
You are almost like she was, unique and to me so kind,
but afraid, such a person, in this life, I will never find ...
Try to understand, that this from me would be so unfair,
not to give you an attention, yes, I am filled with despair ...
haint gonna mock ridiculous science
     asper to be bled
dark practices to leech out mailer daemons,
     not so laughable nor in cred

double, when oppressed diabolical  dread
oompah loompah fealty l'chaim fled
as hand grenades explode within my head
mettlesome monsters

     make mercuric chrome dome feel like a led
zeppelin with fractured stairway to heaven in stead...
delivers me zombies, where angels fear to tread  
cuz, the devil and psyche did wed

shotgun Swedish crow did house mafia style
wrenched, wrested wretched
     mental state most intense (no croc) dial
shattered, slewed, splintered sanity,
     thus practitioner with "FAKE" know how aisle

apprentice Aunt Roadie,
     who will skewer me evil spirits den da deuce
till I beak home one sacrificed overly cooked goose
a burnt offering shish kabob

     no longer able to raise cane on the loose
like a red bull
     rocky on the shoals of a frantically angry moose
livid with rage
     (akin to diary of mad a housewife)
   entropy written, where death will be only truce

pyromaniac qua ramshackle shanty (tinderbox)
     unleashes wicked zeal
hellacious incendiary juiced ride
     up plies noisome rubbery odor,

     sans hot wheel
along the outer limits of functionality explosions
     precipitate like drops of molten steel
routing hunger, searing nostrils,
     tearing tenuous fragile tethered tendrils

     self cannibalizing via tooth and nine inch nail      
     linkedin with nauseousness as thine meal
exemplary asper full blown panic attack
     lodged within mine genetic blooper print deal.
I can get everything back.
I can learn to love again.
I can trust someone again.
I can get into another relationship.
But I can’t get my virginity back.

And I think that’s what’s killing me.

                          With love,
What is it about food
that I am eating life
killing their existence
and feel nothing.
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