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anomalous change
suicidal atoms
we fuelling
Global warning
Global warming
Moji K Jan 13
she was a person
not your honour
your pride
she begged you not to
but you burned her alive
there were tears in her eyes
when you snuffed her life out
and you sold your soul
when her light flickered out
her fear will be yours
on the day that you stand
a sinner before his Lord
she was a human
never yours to sacrifice
so cursed be your honour
and hollow be your pride
there is no honour in killing.
Chris Jan 12
My watch is made of iron,
Her watch is made of gold,

Now truth be told if they were sold,
Her would fetch a hefty price,
But when telling time, it's the gears inside,
That count and they're always steel, of course.

My gun is made of iron,
His gun is made of gold,

Now, to tell the truth if I could choose,
I'd take his rather, to be real,
But when killing a man you must understand,
The bullet is what seals the deal.

So even with all the advantage,
That gold gives to fat rich swines,
I'm prepared to take my chances with killing men, and telling time.
Watch the silent fire,
Watch me scorch my battered heart,
Ashes cannot burn.
Chris Jan 4
Skin is but a thin, thin leaf,
Flesh is meat, and meat is good,
Bone is hard, but bone is sweet,
Under that, who knows, who could?

Blood is sour, blood is blue,
Veins are stringy, tasty too,
Heart's a muscle, not the soul,
And I don't mind even lungs at all.

Nerves are tender, tender things,
Pluck them, and make for spicy meal,
Play them as they were guitar strings,
And see how gourmet that soup would feel.

Eyes, oh eyes, exquisite blue,
(Brown and green as well will do,)
Look if what they see is true,
Look before I eat them too.
About human tendency to destroy others and enjoy.I am no different.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Killing time before going home, lemon pie and coffee and sat watching
the world go
People watching to pass the time they all seem having a bad day trying to get there shopping
Christmas over a new year
to begin wonder what the new year has In store for me anything has to better than the year thats just
Sat killing time lemon pie coffee In hand watching the world go by people watching
Inked Quill Dec 2018
How you became
When you wanted
To hurt me
The souvenirs
On my skin
Red, purple
And black
The truth is
I would have
Worn the bruises
As a jewel
Gifted by you
But not anymore
As I pulled out
All the stuffing
From inside of you
Like a rag doll
And rested you
Dani Nov 2018
Whiteboard and students, classroom with desks
Who knew, here could be something so grotesque
Lit up bright, full of supplies
Art and math, science goggles to protect your eyes
Who knew this is where fear could live
Shouldn’t it be a laugh and a love note to give
Wouldn’t it be nice if this was a sacred place
Could you imagine if schools were all safe
Instead of brightly lit fluorescent lights  
We see gun fire in the halls and fist fights
Worst of all we see children dead
In the ground we put to rest their head
Bully killed bully, maybe it was someone mean
Becoming the bully is worse! LISTEN to me this is keen
Love your neighbors, love your friends
End this hatred, or it will be all our ends
Speak love or do not speak at all
Believe in yourself, and believe in others …
That is all
. . .
No!! There is so much more to be said
This isn’t working, our kids still wind up dead
What needs to change, what can be done
To love your daughter and son?
Yes of course, love is important
But we need change, can we be absorbent?
To soak up our mistakes and our flaws
Turn it around look at what's wrong, take pause
Address the real issues, we don’t need more pep talks
We need a reconstruction, all the way down to the bed rocks
kivel Nov 2018
death's dark gates welcome you warmly
but don't lose track
of the bright star you will hold.

go forth with confidence
and never lose faith.
feel better. don't let it bring you down
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
Look and stare
Look and stare
That's what you do best over there
Look and stare
Look and stare
Like a beast caught in a snare
Talk, and laugh, joke about me
But coming for you I will be
I am the monster under your bed
The nightmare in your head
Take one last look around
All you hold sacred
Is just another reason for me to fight
Look and stare
Look and stare
The last thing you'll do
Is stare at me tonight
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