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Anna Sep 16
Our smoke was all over the room
Oh you said it was killing you
But we were killing the seconds
Lying on your mom's carpet.

Oh, my time killer
Don't rush it
Running towards the minutes
Scaring the hours.

No need of caffeine
You had the adrenaline in your blood
You were in a hurry.

Now my feet don't touch the ground
They touch your feet
No way down, do you feel me?
The candles flicker and fumes
Rise from the wick
Into my room

A baby flame
Born at once
Took a breath and died

A mother with a coin
in her pocket chooses
poison as her diet

With gun pointing at innocents
The all say
Death for them is a child's play.......
Hi guys, i want all of you to open google and search for the brutality of indian army... Search for kashmir... Everyday hundreds of them are being massacred mercilessly...... They need our gratitude.  They want us to stand for them... Please stand for kashmir
Dante Jul 23
My eyes are painted red. Hearts over both of them, dripping into my mouth after some frantic, vicious event with you. How I long for this again, my fierce lover, how I long to **** with you again.


Julian Delia Jul 9

I know what you’re going through.
Aged nineteen, I wanted to die, too.
I can offer no consolation;
The world is messed up,
A fact that needs no arbitration.

All I can tell you is that you are not alone.
Listen to my words, ‘cause they’re about to hit home.
You need do nothing but be, just breathe;
Let love into your heart, again.
The mightiest tree starts from the humblest seed;
Let love take root, build its little den.

It is always darkest before dawn.
Life feels like you’re facing a firing squad,
And they’ve all got their rifles drawn.
Ten barrels of steel, pointed right at you;
You’ve been running for so long.
Eventually, they finally catch you.

Darling, killing yourself doesn’t solve your problems.
You won’t be around to care, but others will,
And seeing you go will turn them into stone golems.
As such, you just pass on your grief to your people.
They’ll find no relief, like they’re sitting on steeples.

Maybe, you hate the people who love you, or they’re **** at it,
So it’s more harm than good being done to you.
Very few of us have managed to figure this **** out.
In fact, many of us are straight-up *******.

That doesn’t mean life can’t be beautiful.
That doesn’t mean love can’t be bountiful.
Everyone’s too scared, though;
Trust is a taut rope,
And there’s very little hope.
I know that love and beauty can be scarce;
I know discourse is sometimes trifling, sometimes terse.

But darling, you mustn’t ever give up.
You are not crazy, nor are you insane.
The world is run by people who actually are heartlessly insane,
And they’ve built a cage to **** with your brain.
But please, don’t give up.

I hope this gets to you in time;
I wish I could say it’ll all be okay,
That everything will be fine.
But, it won’t be.
We are doomed to a lifetime of fighting back,
Either that, or just getting attacked.
I will not stand to suffer any longer,
Not without retaliating in defense, in kind.
Take my hand, for together we are stronger.
It’s time to halt the daily grind.
I'm sorry I choked up. I wasn't strong enough to say this to you in person.
Young man with your shining hair
and brightness in your smile.
Your eyes see a golden future
as long as the days are short.
When you open your heart to another
Do you pray to the jewel-hung sky?

Young woman swaying down a street
With your golden hair
Legs caper under a flowing skirt.
Your lips taste only sweetness
as new as the world is old.
When you give your body as you recline,
Do you spread your arms to the gods?

I see you narrow your gaze
at the old woman hobbling
reaching out for the dregs of life.
I hear the pity in your voice,
the sorrow for her and you think
you have a choice
to run from that image,
to say forever young.
You may even laugh at the old man
puffing out his chest
and imitating youth.
I know you're thinking
this will never happen to you.

So enjoy the brightness of your eyes,
the smooth skin and straight spine
that propels you through the spring
Let yourself believe that the leaves
will always be neon green
and the wind warm and soft.
Twirl down the lanes and
fly over mountains and seas!
For all of us did that once
and were as unwitting as you.
None of us, for all our fear,
ever really saw the gulf
of eighty or ninety years,
or certainly not the lack of breath
and the pain of each step,
each turn on a bed
that now feels hard as stone.

We gaze from windows
As you gambol past,
And know you fear to be alone,
Not seeing that at last,
We say good-bye to wind and sky,
that everyone sinks into the earth,
Leaving the power, in our last sigh,
We invoke another birth.
Inspired by the song "The Killing Moon", by Echo and the Bunnymen. I like the phrase and the song has many references to the cosmos, birth and regeneration.
Edited on July 9, 2019
Johnny walker Jun 28
My heart goes out to our children that this so government denies that
go to school and they are hungry their parent having to work zero
For their parents bullied
Into poverty by a so called Government that has no compassion to busy linning their pockets with their greed and
One of the riches countries  In the world but we leave our children staving we are one of G Summit countries that brag of their wealth but do nothing to help the poor of our
So glad that I'm of the age that am for at leased I won't have to see much more suffering In the time  have left unlike the MP of
all political
who seem to be able to sleep at night with no quilt of the suffering but I'm glad that I have feeling that I can see what going on that this  Government Is out to destroy all
but the
I say to hell with them
all  for they think they will get away with there evil policies but they will be called to account for their crimes against Humanity but probably not before they've killed us
John Arthur Jun 12
You were like the brightest star I saw at night
Your smile was like the sunrise I saw as I woke
You moved like the ocean smooth and unstoppable
Everytime we met we were like ying and yang
Your eyes saw through me like a mirror to my soul
You were to me like the air I breathed but yet
you were poisonous like the apple of eve
Why did you scowl when I smiled at you
How could you betray me when all I showed was loyalty
All I wanted was to be with you but you didn't want me
With your face like a fallen angel so beautiful and decieving
All my love you threw away
All my kindness you laid to waste
Everything I cherished you burnt to a crisp
Even from my heart you stole a beat
How could you leave me to rot in sorrow
You were the reason I yerned for tomorrow
My love for you was the death of me
But even in my grave I will brave this sea
Perhaps one day you will meet with me
Until then my love will flow as the ocean breeze
John Arthur Jun 12
Allegorique- You were a star that shined brighter as the night darkened
Metaphore- A sun amongst moons
Metonymie- Your brown skin had won my heart
Synecdoque-The power of love
Hyperbole- 1000volts ran thgough me as you touched me
Pleonasme- This ancient ritual, from long ago
Personnification- Your eyes spoke to me and conveyed your intentions
Gradation- You were dangerous, so dangerous and threatening
Anaphore-  Breaker of hearts, breaker of love, breaker of lives, now you've broken me  
Exclamation- Liar! deviever! Traitor!
Anacoluthe-with all my love, you decided to...
Hypallage- Your beautiful face was so decieving to the world
Antithese- Your mind was with me, but your heart remained elsewhere
Comparaison- You poisoned me, like the apple of Eve did Adam
Inversion- The death of me was my love for you
Question-  Why was it me ? Why was it us ?
A little project I worked on in French & Eng Lit. I used the opportunity to make this. I will add the complete version as well. ( in Eng only)
C Cavierre May 29
white noise...
so bright...

closed eyes...
too much...

white clouds...
vast skies...
bound here...
can't fly...



so weak...
so sick...
so meek...
so wrong...

"be busy"...
"be something"...
I get it...
I'm nothing...

nowhere to go...
running away...
I wish for...
a gentle place...

end this...

"move on"...
"can't die"...
who decided that...




what's the difference
Where are the voices now?
Where are the people?
Where are the documentaries?

Now, when silent holocausts in Yemen, Uighur, Syria, Rohingya

Or are these things merely reserved for after their souls have been ripped from their bodies
Where are the human rights?
Where is humanity?

What is the world doing, donating charities and leading protests by the thousands, yet turning a blind eye on the worst forms of torture?
Just Why? Why is there NO way to help them out? Why is this allowed to even happen?
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