We’ll cut off one of your arms
We’ll chop off one of your legs.
We’ll hack off one of your feet.
We will then be able
To dissect your soul
In order to appease the gods!

This poem was influenced by a news article shared with me by Martin Ijir of Abuja, Nigeria.

There's a tiger in my crotch
An iguana on my ass
And I'm not sure if to stand up
Or stay put like a reptile at the sun,

I'd be better off killing those two.
And I might do it,
If not, I might end up turning into a circus house
And live like a clown.

Learning to be myself
june 25, 2017

Have you ever killed a serpent?

Have you removed the head from a snake before?

Did you notice the muscles wrenching and coiling as the head was severed?

Did you see the tongue gasp for one more scent?

Remember how the snake took one last bite in its final strike at the shovel?

Do you remember the smell as it perfused the odor of a snake?

Did you see the body of the snake squirm and curdle as the nerves died and the blood flow ceased?

How about when the black eyes of the snake became darker then black?

Removing sin from your life is the same as killing a snake. Remove the head, the source. The adversary, who is the devil, who is Satan, who is the serpent of spirits, will fight and strike to try and leave a lasting venom of guilt and shame.  The adversary does not leave peacefully. He will leave the odor of destruction, death, and war. He will gasp your breath away and suffocate you with life and deprive from you the Truth with deceitful philosophy. The Snake will slither at your feet and bite your ankle lest you see It coming.  

"Be prepared with an answer for the hope that is within you."

"17 The seventy-two returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!” 18 And Jesus said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.

20 Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”"

Luke 10:17-20
Rebecca Kinga Jun 18

Shiever in my bones
Killer dreams in our homes
Wrecking balls in my mind
Screaming throats in city drones

Cold winds in my heart
flooded eyes in the dark
Fading stars in our hands
Silence layed the sky larks

Hopes only covered in fears
Bloody drops dressed in tears
& there was a waterfall
Even drought couldn't heal

alan Jun 8

The background drumming of the washing machine humming.
The drilling of the killing of every bee willing, to make that buzzing sound.
That noisy silence that rings out your ears, and slowly eats at your brain,
and no matter how fast you wilt away, you could feel it's pain.
That is, until it's gone.

I really need someone to help me write a poemmmmm

Icy winds of terror rage
over an overcrowded nation
radicalised forces of malevolence
senseless killings of evil creation

Slaying innocent children
for what reason can it be?
for what twisted ideology
targeting you and me?

Medieval depths of depravity
festering in cowardly guises
suicidal acts of insanity
in all shapes and sizes

This 21st century catastrophe
casts all our futures in doubt
this killing in the name of hate
must end before love will out

The current wave of indiscriminate attacks on humanity are the worst and closest to home in my lifetime
Makayla Shea Jun 3

My mind is so twisted and wild
It leaps and bounds
Violence is everywhere
Its the music in the air
It sings softly and sweet
And keeps my hands folded ever so neat
It makes me laugh out loud
And makes me cry with my head in the cloud
It keeps me from going insane
Funny how it can bring so much pain
But to me its a comfort
As is this rhyme
Some day you will understand, love
All in good time
One day you will die
And then you will see
That it is not i
Who has lost my mind
But the rest of the world who kills the innocent to solve our problems
Im just the one brave enough to say
What their actions have already spoken so well.

I don't normally get into politics but all this killing iv been seeing on the news makes me really sad and i dont like how everyone seems to be defending the killing of innocent lives no matter what the reason and no matter who else is killed i dont see how killing people helps solve things, idk much about politics or anything really, i just know i hate seeing death constantly on the news and everyone seems to be so ok with it and even saying its good, and its bery depressing

Death should be the only one killing me;
Instead you're the one that's doing it.

I said I didn't want to just kill time with you.
There's not enough time left to go hunting time down
and stringing it up
and dragging it along.
You said "it's not like that."
I asked what it is like and you said
you never wanted to kill time either
you wanted to spend it with me.

It's a good thing that's true
because if you had been "just killing time"
you would have killed me too.

Robert May 20

Sometimes in life,
we're starved of time,
a bloody knife,
without a crime.

When quietly we sit and stare,
with nothing in the world to do,
sometimes we just forget to care,
and cut our lives right into two.

Now time has passed too fast for me,
if only more I could obtain,
but there's no place I'd rather be,
than at the start, again.

Life is short, what if you could start again?
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