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you were just having fun,
within a day your feelings were undone,
happiness is a warm gun.
How does it feel 'killing' your feelings every night?
Is it almost the same as avoiding get in too deep all the time?
Do the residual feelings influence you anymore?
Kenneth Gray Oct 21
I woke up one day.
One cold, dreery, lonely day.
What happened that day?
I'd rather not say.
What day? That day!
I could probably tell you
But you might have to pay.

Ok, so I woke up one day.
That cold, dreery lonely day?
Yes that day!
Now someone I knew
They just had to pay
Now just who they are,
I don't wanna say.

This person -
They just had to pay
What person? I told you!
I don't want to say!
But this person I've mentioned
They just had to pay.

On this cold, dreery, lonely day
I woke up and decided
they just had to pay
Pay for what? I'd rather not say
Let me get along with the story
I don't wanna delay

So you decided this person
just had to pay?
Exactly! I decided at last
That today was the day.
I needed my vengeance.
I had no time to play.

So what did you do?
I'm not ready to say
But I'm willing to tell you
That this man was Jay
Jay was his name and
Today was his day. Today
Was his day and he
Just had to pay

Pay for what?
I'm getting ready to say
I was on my way home
Right at the doorway
When I suddenly saw him
It was none other than Jay

He thought he was sneaky
Thought that he'd get away
Little did he know
That I saw him that day.
What did he do? Put two
and two together - I think
its needless to say

So did he pay?
Yes, I'm getting ready to say
2 days later on that
Cold dreary day
I found out where he worked
So I was following Jay
I followed him til we met
In a remote alley way

What did you do? Im getting
Ready to say
On this cold, lonely, dreery day
I've cornered you Jay
And you just have to pay
You're losing your life
Over one lousy lay
That's right! I've caught you
And today is your day

Did you **** him? Its time
To say. I pulled out my pistol
And aimed it at Jay
Its time for my vengeance
Today is your day
I woke up this morning
On this cold, dreery lonely
Day. And now is my time
It is my time to slay

And that is the last time
We ever heard from Jay
On the cold, dreery, lonely day
This one was fun! My sister talked to me about my writing and said I should think about other subjects and explore different ideas. So I used that advice and decided to think outside the box and not use my own experiences. I decided to use an idea and story that had no tie to any experience I've ever had. With that frame of mind I came up with this idea. I only formed the back and forth conversation idea for the first few lines. After that I just had to keep adding to it and brain storming more and more to add. All in all, I'm happy with how it ended up. Hope you all enjoy!
It isn't suicide
If the girl I'm
Killing isn't
tia Sep 30
You took my hand into your small
Gentle fingers, yet to be tainted by years
Guiding me with rainbows and tireless curiosity in your eyes
Flowers bloomed beneath your feet
And as I followed you, I trampled them
My heart warmed at your sight
Weaving a young and delicate desire into me
And I couldn’t let go of your hand
When you turned your back
An obsession grew, violently
Your kind don’t last in my world
And I’m happy to devour the innocence
I will crush you with wounded hands that you bandaged
I’ll smile like how you taught me to
I’m simply overfilled with joy
As you smell the scent of the lilies you had given me
Your innocence turns to death
my friend said he liked it, i feel happy :)
Jenish Aug 16
Wake! Kokura to a novel world of peace
Under the canopy of dark divine clouds
A million deaths and a zillion days of sufferings
Ah! Flown to a distant land
While the holy hands patting your shoulders
Away Nagasaki crying,
… a loud ghostly cry..

When the fat boy shed fireballs from above
Flitting shadows unable to find a cwtch
Death solidified, melted to florid streams
On a boundless billowy sea of hellfire.
Murky minds killing unknown souls
Burnt alive was innocent, wicked and wise
On their knees, a nation bend
Away victory cried,
… a loud cheerful cry…

Ah! Know me first before you please
to squander guns, grenades or guillotines
At least the cognizant me die in peace,
And a better predilection for your choicest blessings.
Silent guns are a hackneyed dream
Begging only for a better aim
Away hope loath to stop,
.. a loud wishful cry…
The entire world is a mess
But there is no need to stress
Because thankfully it ain't from a war
We just got to play our part

This is a real life pandemic
But there is no need to panic
Because we all Know there ain't a cure
We just got to play our part

The protest going on in the US
Is a good thing. Just remember
We just got to play our part.
No one is going to play our part for us
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2
Killing for colour
because one is black.
Don't count on just one
because black, white
pink and brown
we all mourn.

I can't breath
I can feel the pain
on my arms, on my chest
on my legs on my back
and on my head
my heart is broken.

Because killing an innocent  
is not only Floyd in the US
is never one
is killing mankind!
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