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The Pissants at Facebook think they can censor people and steal their voice. That's an eternal law violation of Rights, and their ugly swine children will die in gutters full of pus for the crime.

You don't get to tell others what to do and choose who has a voice, while proclaiming tolerance and diversity, lying hypocrite pigs. I will watch you die in fire, torn to shreds, and no one will save you.
Påłpëbŕå Oct 2020
But brought-up.
They are the adopted children of boredom and free time.
Kailey Jones Apr 2020
I've been on Earth for 5150 days
And I've come to the conclusion that
people are sick

We have stolen for only ourselves

We have killed without thinking twice

We have persecuted for thrills

We have taken advantage for satisfaction

We have tortured for revenge

We have blown up because of one man's instruction

We have terminated species for space

We have disrespected for payback

We have decimated for attention

We have walked out to lead a childless life

We have betrayed for fictional assurances

We have destroyed planets for Jordan's and KD's

We have airbourned sicknesses to control the population

It's what we're best at.
No one alive cannot check something off of this list
No matter how good our intentions are in this moment
We have humanized ourselves
I don't want to be humanized
I want to change
These are just some things that we humans have done by our natural, sadistic nature. I'm sorry.
nosipho khanyile Aug 2018
injustice has become the affirmation.
hesitation, passed down to each generation.
oblivious to how this is a cause of our own transgression; through temptation.
misleading us to our own damnation.
Crime has become a norm in South Africa and it has gone to an extent where we don't even look over our shoulders anymore but hope that when a crime comes about we still have our lives to keep. This poem not only highlights crime in my country, but the international rise in other issues such as school shootings, human trafficking, ****, sickness, hunger, mass killings- there are some issues which I haven't personally experienced in this list but am deeply moved by. This is a time to put our hope in the greater energies we believe in and not let the Enemy succeed.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
We learned that freedom of speech is
Is a privilege granted by some
For seeing the abasement of millions
And remaining politically mum.
The violations of human rights today
Are too numerous to record
And the rich perpetrators of the crimes
Grant each other the rewards.

We learned that rich people only care
About the money they make
And the rest of us can congregate
And please go jump in a lake.
If the forests are all sawed down and gone
They don’t give a stinking ****.
If they bees are all dead and we all die
They lie and say ecology is a sham.

We saw that fossil fuels are the biggest game
And they’ll **** to win and get rich
And anyone that gets in their billion dollar way
Will be a sad and sorry *******.
We know that our country is run into a ruin
By the greedy whims of a stinking few
And they care not all that much among them
For the outcome for me or you.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
They gave themselves raises
And the best insurance around.
They’re taking down medicare
To leave us on fallow ground.
They stole from Social Security
Then called it an entitlement
And plan to steal it all from us
And call it good management.

Pull up your heads
And look around.
They’re stealing everything
Even the soil in the ground.
Speak up loudly
Like you never did before.
Only offshore bank accounts
Will tell the honest score.

We’re all in trouble, people
And too few of us believe
This is the time to throw them out
And not a time for us to grieve.
Doing nothing is how we got here
Crooks have us by the throats.
We need to be angry Rottweilers
Instead of a herd of lazy goats.

Pull up your heads
And look around.
They’re stealing everything
Even the soil in the ground.
Speak up loudly
Like you never did before.
Only offshore bank accounts
Will tell the honest score.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
Lily White lives in an apartment castle
Because mansions are a such a hassle.
He doesn’t need a chauffeur or a car
And he likes things the way they are.

But Lily White turns out has ambition
And won’t confine himself to his kitchen
Or the gold faucets of his gaudy john.
No, he has plans he is insisting on.

He wants to be the king of the land
Make everything his and splendidly grand,
Well, at least in his ridiculous opinion
But isn’t that ambition’s definition?

As much as it gripes him to enlist aid
(He knows that means they must be paid),
He gathered around himself a few;
A set of seven J.O.R.F.s that would do.

Do, in this case, means what he may dictate
Whether or not it’s an ethical mandate
Because they are members on a mission
From the American J.O.R.F. coalition.

The name is an acronym, in gold ink;
When spelled out is for ******* Rat Finks
And they set about hiding behind the tails
Of Lily White, thinking they can’t be jailed.

With the disgusting plans made and done
It’s almost like they used a golden gun
To mow down the rights of the many
And fear began that we wouldn’t have any.

But, Lily White is a liar and a greedy ***.
It is our job to see that they all get some
Tar and some feathers and a rail to ride
To a federal prison with them all inside.
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