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onlylovepoetry Aug 2018
would cry
being loved,
when even such tinkling
comes of the loving?

Grasses” by Alfred Kreymborg

we all make lots of love
in the same way as billions of others

grunting huffing noises of neural tissues torn and reborn

but the notes and noises we make, keep, unique no one else’s

the bored and the low thinkers saying “honey, you just wrong,”

the tinkling sounds are the silent mitosis of cells splitting
and then rejoicing rejoining, definable only as unique

so we both weeping, side by side, only we together can
hear the sounds of our life becoming and being,
no one else quite can be so specific
you could be there and still not hear the heat of our love making

would cry
being loved,
by the creative silences we have just written?

we would.  we do.  we are the noisiest lovers ever.  tinkling laughter. creating.

Johnny walker Apr 10
Here finally began a new chapter In my life, through the pain of loss I've found happiness with my dearest friend
she who has helped me so much through my struggles with grief
has been here ever since she read one of my
poems of Helen she read, she felt
compelled to email me that she wanted to help me and so grateful I am that Terry did email
for she gave me the will to want to live again put back the fight for survival In me and we've
Friends ever since how strange this world does work In until one reaches the final
In life there still new chapters to be read and that we never stop learning about life It's self I now know the meaning
of my life and to where It towa not to take It to amazing In that found happiness a second 9oround
and that Helens approved
with my friend one thing for sure, If Helen didn't approve she'd sure find a way of letting me
I've believed I've managed to find  happiness a second and that Helen Is giving her blessing on both Terry and I
Sunshine Apr 9
i wish you didn't look at me like that
i wish my friends understood
i wish you would just text me back first
i wish i could drive far away
i wish the lights could hide my scars
i wish you didn't tell me you loved me
i wish for things to change
but some things will never be the same
I had 3 wishes
and I used them all
on you

I woke this morning with a  smile on face for had a dream last night that my sweetheart was laid beside me
her head resting on my pillow and although I was asleep I could feel Helen laying behind
and I'm sure I could catch the sweet smell of her beautiful perfumes she used to wear I'm sure I could see an
on the pillow where her head had laid or perhaps all but a dream that I
just haven't awoken from
All a dream but  seemed so real to me that Helen laid down beside with head on my pillow
I loved to take a  brush
to Helen's freshly washed such
beautiful smelling
and to so gently run the brush through
Helen loverly hair
just simple
like this truly do I miss to stoke Helen hair with hands this she loved me to
releasing her tension of her very often stressful days caused by the pains In her
she suffered If I could one more time bush and
****** Helen hair
smell Helen freshly washed and scented Hair
If just one more
I would wash Helen hair I would love to smell her loverly
hair run a brush though Helen's hair then to feel her hair with my hands
Johnny walker Mar 29
Laying with Helen on a beautiful day I whispered naughty but nice In her ear and responding to the
I had whispered to
her with true passion
Helen turned on my naughty but nice words
grabbing and holding each
In a loving embrace kisses so passionate that took my breath away caressing her beautiful body with my fingertips exploring
every curve of ***** body then back to kissing her lips so sweet to whisper more naughty but nice In her ears oh so sweet Helen was to
Helen excited by naughty but nice whispered In her ears Helen would then take my breath away with her in so passionate  kisses
Johnny walker Mar 24
Lying by her side I would watch Helen sleeping a restful sleep to where she was totally unaware Iwas watching
I would think to myself of what do dream of me my darling and to where do go In your dreams at dead of night
I am Included In your dreams do take me with where ever you go In your dreams or do go It
Just thoughts when watching my wife asleep In the dead night when I was unable to sleep did she dream of me did she take me to where ever In her dreams or did she go it alone
Gaurav Mar 24
We're like day and night ,they say.
And we will never meet, they say.
       But they forget day and night,
    Meet each other during twilight.
Johnny walker Mar 24
I was laid In my bedroom
all day waiting for a phone
call that I thought hopefully would change my life forever at precisely 6 am the call came
on the end of the line was the girl of my dreams she Invited me to her house the phone box was just up the road from me I could see It from my
when I put down the phone If I had run any faster I would be there before her to put the kettle on to make the tea
as ran from my house I saw Helen coming out if the phone box we got together eventually she became my wife
Helen phoned precisely at 6pm
Invited round for tea If I had run any faster I would been there before her to put the kettle on to make the tea
Johnny walker Mar 12
Goodbye to me Is often
the hardest to say for sometimes goodbye can
be so final never liked goodbye at any
Sometimes It can be till
we meet again or goodbye
I'm off to work or going out for the day see you later when I get
But hardest goodbye of all
Is saying a permanent goodbye to a loved as It was for me to say a final goodbye to my
Saying goodbye to your loved one's life knowing Its
the final farewell to know you'll never see them again  In this life but hope there's another
to where you may meet again If any of this Is true we won't know till we die but even If there's nothing at the end of
life In order to survive our
It is necessary for some of us to Invent an afterlife as comfort to
In our daily struggles with
I there were no afterlife It would be necessary for some of us to Invent as a comfort In our every day struggles with grief
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