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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
The person you are is not right for me
No matter how fiercely you want to be
The strongest word is love
One I fear
Under it's influence hard seeing clear
You perceive me as someone better than I am
If I was
Would give a ****
I used to care but that was quite awhile ago...
Lane O Aug 2020
If I could, I would

I'd collect your worries
like water from a stream
let your rills of anguish
wash over me

If I could, I would

Your pain that festers
like a storm inside
I'd take it all for myself
let it be my demise

If I could, I would

You are beautiful
don't let my words run astray
just know you are my world
my Sun, my everything
Sometimes pain, worry, anguish, heartache, disappointment are very burdensome for our loved ones. I wish that in their times of hardship I could take it all for myself and let them be filled with happiness, but we can't "take" others emotions, we can comfort them, make them laugh, or try to console them the best we can, but we can never actually "steal" their grief, and cast it away. If I could, I would.
Luna Maria Apr 2020
I left dead flowers on her desk
will she water them?
(I didn't mean to let them die
it just happened)
kain Jan 2020
It doesn't matter
That our eyes didn't meet
When we passed in the hall
That they sat somewhere else
While I looked straight ahead
And laughed too loud
With all their old friends

It doesn't matter
That we only talk when they want to
We flirt in careless circles
If you could even call it that
We hit a rough patch
I should leave you behind
For those that care who I really am

It doesn't matter
That I always end up
Close to crying
I ought to get you out of my mind
But you remembered my birthday
And the pronouns my friend told you
Why did I ruin this
Why did I ruin this
I'm pretty sure I already named a poem after this Imagine Dragons song. Oh well.
Ithaca Jan 2020
Please don’t post spur-of-the-moment poetry on the internet where thousands of people could potentially view it...

You’re so welcome,
P.S.     Good luck with, well, you know what.
Sky Dec 2019
If you found out that I'm not smart,
Would you still be by my side?
If my parent's reply was a big no,
Would you come back for another try?
If another guy who's more perfect than me,
Or if one of your exes say's "I love you".
Would you still choose me as your life partner?
If I ever hurt one of your friends,
Would you still look at me the same way?
If we are forced to break up,
Would you be willing to elope with me?
If I were to ever hurt your loved ones,
Would you still forgive me?
If I ever break a promise,
What's going to happen?
If you found out that I've been lying to you,
Would you still have faith in me?
If I end up in a coma,
Would you be willing to wait for me to wake up?
Or would you just sign the death contract for me?
Like what every parents want, the smart and rich,
Would a failure like me be taken into consideration?
mica Dec 2019
the moon is awake
as i close my eyes for the slumber
feeling indifferent to the ache
as the year slips off from december

every minute cannot be reversed
as the memories linger
should’ve left the wound be nursed
and be wrapped with a care so tender

regret unwavering
as my mouth is full words
from then i knew i failed expressing,
my deepest feelings were watchwords

why am i even writing about you?
it’s been 2 years since you’ve gone
isn’t it that it’s still true
that i’ll choose you only when i can’t carry on?

the sad truth is that i never carried on even when you’re gone.
Irene J Nov 2019
Besides your beautiful smiles,
your foolish laugh,
your silly jokes,
and all those ways you
tried to comfort me
and understand me.

From all of that,
I fell in love with your flaws.
where nobody would,
I fell in love wanting to be that person
who can be right beside you and love you
for who you are.
Not because of your beauty,
but your flaws is more beautiful to me.
I try to reflect the reason why I suddenly fell in love with him when at the beginning I told myself not to. It was that moment where he opens up to me and told me "finally someone appreciates" him. And from that moment, I wish to give him the comfort and love he deserves. But yet, now he has left me out because... idk. I just dont get it why.
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