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If only had one chance to a say farewell to you my darling but knowing now what I didn't a year
That you were dying and this was to be the very last farewell I would held you my arms and never to let you
go kissed your sweet and tender lips and begged to
never leave me for I was frightened to face life all alone
And wish I could have gone with you my love so I didn't have remain In this life here all alone one last farewell to my
But know this will n
  ever be, but It will never stop me from dreaming to where I hope I'll say my last and final farewell to
you there
Having never got to say my final farewell hope at least to
dream of you to where I can say my final farewell
she didn't mind the temptation
because it gave her attention
she was everything
to the one thing
that made her feel something

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
tumblr: wordsbykatrina.tumblr.com
We could have been love


I didn't
Desire Dec 2018
I didn't
get to say
goodbye :(
Wyatt Nov 2018
I thought up
the perfect poem
in my head
to describe how
depressed I am,
but I didn’t care enough
to write it down because
nobody likes a poet
who’s brutally honest.
Ivy Leigh Sep 2018
Big and full
and so lonely.
I want to break this circle
return to play
and the way things were
at the beginning
of my new birth.
Craving and empty
words come out of my mouth.
The beauty sits in my ****
or at the bottom of my stomach.
I'm beginning to think
its only tangible form is in my writing.
For it isn't in the relationships I share.
They are not there.
This feels to me like a first page type of poem.
Xaela San Aug 2018
      I was

           mean it.
Ten word story
James Lloyd Jul 2018
I saw the stars and think of you
Your perfect and its true
I saw the moon and think of you
You shine bright when I am blue

But this is only what I've saw
I didn't knew
That I'm falling in love with you
And that's a wrong move to do
credit: micc's

he is so dope
I love his poem so I change some of it.
Regan Jun 2018
Fix this emotion
Many things cause this pain
It sneaks up on me.

© Regan
just over looked me
that small

she did make my head big

with imaginations


we haven't even talked

she wrote to me

then it was like she thought I had girlfriends

she was confused

that's ok

we get confused sometimes

is this an poem

are your ******


she probably

she her'd
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