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Idk Aug 26
sometimes i get sick and fear

the shaking in my hand

but somewhere dark i need to feel

as damaged as i am
ro Jul 2020
Haven't replied in 4 days,
Wish you would've done an effort,
To understand me.

But you didn't.
Maja Mar 2020
I breathe,
but sometimes I wish…

I see,
but sometimes I wish…

I live,
but sometimes I wish…

sometimes I wish I didn’t…
Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I want to give up. But I can't. And I won't.
Irene J Sep 2019
never it crossed my mind

that I'll ever have a feeling for you.

but yet, you crossed a line you

didn't realize.

I was in love with you

with all the time you kept saying,

"I want someone to love."

But yet you didn't realize,

there's someone in front of you

dying for you to see her heart.
It's a confession of my feeling toward a guy, who's a close friend of mine. He gives me so much comfort, until I fell for him. but the thing is, Idk if I should tell him or not.
Butterfly Jul 2019
I didn't do it
I did do it
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