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Maja Mar 13
I breathe,
but sometimes I wish…

I see,
but sometimes I wish…

I live,
but sometimes I wish…

sometimes I wish I didn’t…
Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I want to give up. But I can't. And I won't.
Irene J Sep 2019
never it crossed my mind

that I'll ever have a feeling for you.

but yet, you crossed a line you

didn't realize.

I was in love with you

with all the time you kept saying,

"I want someone to love."

But yet you didn't realize,

there's someone in front of you

dying for you to see her heart.
It's a confession of my feeling toward a guy, who's a close friend of mine. He gives me so much comfort, until I fell for him. but the thing is, Idk if I should tell him or not.
Butterfly Jul 2019
I didn't do it
I did do it
Yenson Jun 2019
The Roman empire has fallen
sadness weeps bitter tears
how the mighty became poor old waif
and the west held their jamboree without ignominy
For once they were carried on shoulders in sedan trains
in pomp and ceremony the masters sought safaris and ruled lions
from Goa to Timbuktu the whiff of toast on marmalade n Darjeeling
jackboots and clipped voices rang in plantations n hymns in churches

The Roman empire has fallen
Tea two anti-depressants please  
Oh no no how have the mighty fallen
unwanted unloved we cry diminished glory
no invites to Continental parties no lovers in Casablanca
the dusky maidens as footstool are Doctors at the corner Surgery
those hunky dark torsos ferrying cocoa to steamers heading Cardiff
are now earning two hundred thousand grand a week and drive Rolls

The Roman empire has fallen
now we just drink Bitter all the time
the mighty s of the universe are now *******
come see the bullies in the school playground playing the Raj
let me show you a place where four in ten cannot spell enterprising
did you know when not in the Tropics some go for weeks un-bathed
shock and awe jealousy n envy is the new black making them so mad
old n young no self respect, no dignity and now only sad mad bullies
People of Romelu Lukaku.....joke...haha....Grow up you cant always have your way, stop being a spoilt self indulgent bullies, its a new world now. Stop blaming others for your mistakes and excesses, stop projecting your neurosis and complexes on others. stop being cowards, grow up and accept the fact there are others who do things better than you, stop your childish jealousy and envy, Bullying is cowardly, cheap, base, uncivilized and it demeans you and confirms that you are just weak and pathetic. There is no justification whatsoever for bullying. Improve yourself instead of resenting those that do.
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